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Clarity Center

Towson, MD


Clarity Center

Towson, MD


I am a Psycho/Behavioral Therapist with over 20 years of experience in helping individuals and couples who are suffering from health and mental issues. I trained at both Johns Hopkins psychiatry department and McGill university center for cognition and medicine.



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I think the first thing in building a relationship is establishing trust. I want my clients to feel that when they come to see me they can say whatever is on their mind without any fear. I am open-minded, compassionate, and I helped many clients resolve their issues and achieve their goals.


Overcoming Grief & Lost Part of our human condition is to love, connect with other and develop relationships. When that relationship ends we feel a sense of loss. This sensation is called grief and can occur from any perceived loss". We all experience grief and loss at some point in our life, and it affects each one of us differently. This group will provide its participants the tools they need to confront their own personal experiences and losses and be able to overcome and move on in an appositive positive way

Ask yourself if your medical/mental condition is getting in the way of things you used to love to do. Does your medical illness create anxiety depression, fear or anger? If this is the case for you, please join me in one of my upcoming group. Treatment Orientation: Mindfulness Gender: All Age: Adults Skills taught: Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Time: 1.0 hour, eight-week group

Do you find yourself binging, purging, or refusing to eat when you are stressed, unhappy, or anxious? Do you feel it is affecting all areas of your life? Do you find yourself obsessing about the way you look? Do you want to stop but are unable to . If you answered yes to all these questions than this group is Right for You. You will learn how to take control over your life.You will learn strategies to manage stress and anxiety, improve your self esteem and bodily image, and thereby helping to create long-term success.