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Eve L.

30 October 2018

Claire Xu is an amazing photographer and professional. My husband and I hired her last year for our wedding 2018. I am so glad we took our time to pick the right photographer and well trusted. The package came with the engagement photos along with the wedding photo album, and the website to download the photos. Claire is very friendly and created, she's reliable person and has ​strong communication skills​​ and reasonable prices​. She goes above and beyond with helping me before and during our wedding. Claire is so talent and patient​. We love all our photos came up the ​excellent job. I thank Yelp.com to have good top professional, contact services to hire for any occasional events. Yes, I would highly recommend​ her for any weddings, quinceanera​a, baby showers, or other personal events.Thank you,John & Evelin More...


Brian B.

2 June 2018

Claire is the best. I got engaged at an airbnb in the hills of Malibu. Much of the drive was up a dirt road along a cliff and Claire drove up without any complaints. She gave us over 400 picture files, which no other photography would do for me. She did it at a price that was substantially lower than most others. Two photographers I talked to wanted twice Claire's price and would only let me chose 12 photos file.  I would use Claire again without hesitation and recommend her to everyone. More...


Huiwen J.

20 November 2017

Claire is the best photographer I've ever met. Had went through quite a few photographers for our wedding at the wayfarers chapel, and finally decided to go with Claire. The photos are so natural and Claire understands every idea that we wanted, and the final photos are so lovely. Such a great pleasure to have Claire record our wedding and all those sweet memories. More...


Stephen S.

28 October 2016

For those of you out there who are in need of a professional, talented, and kind photographer Claire is a diamond in the rough.  We actually hired another photographer after doing a lot of research, just to find out that he wasn't any of the things we thought he was.  Don't be sold by flashy sales gimmicks.  Claire is worth every dollar and more.  Her photos speak for themselves.  I can't say enough about her artistic eye.  Thank you Claire for some of the best photos I've ever had of myself and family! More...


Yun S.

22 August 2016

I decided to have Claire for my maternity photos at the beginning of my pregnancy. Not only because I'll feel more comfortable to have such shooting with a female photographer, but also Claire's photography works are so amazing! Each of her photography tells a story. Facts have proved that Claire is a great photographer. The experience was so great which has exceeded my expectation so much! First of all, she is always ready. She has all apparel, props, decoration and any other stuff that you may need in a maternity photo. I don't want to buy clothes just for the photo shooting. As she has everything ready, it saves my money and time. Second,   she makes the shooting full of fun and relaxes. I was a little bit nervous in front of the camera and my husband too.  We have no idea how to pose, how to smile. She teaches us the best poses and relaxes us to show our smile from heart. Also, she is open to communicate and respects my thoughts, before, during and after the shootings. It makes the shooting progress very smooth. Now, I have got all my photos. I look so beautiful and happy in the pictures. Super satisfied! Thank you, Claire! Thank you for helping record this important moment in my life, in such a wonderful way! Highly recommended! More...


Amy T.

30 March 2016

Claire was fantastic to work with. She spent time understanding what we wanted in our wedding photos and getting to know us as a couple so that she could capture the perfect photos of our big day. She was very patient and easy to work with and all our guests thought that she was very nice as well. My husband and I still hadn't chosen our photos for the wedding album a year after the wedding, so Claire offered to meet us one day and work with us to choose the photos in an afternoon and then get the album done quickly. She really went out of her way to meet our needs. Aside from her personality, her pictures were exceptional. If we had to do it all over again, I would hire Claire as our wedding photographer again. More...


Stefan C.

12 November 2015

Claire did an amazing job with our wedding.  Her work is artistic and her products are beautiful.  She is very responsive via email which was extremely important for me during the planning stage of the wedding and the waiting period after the wedding.  She was very patient and flexible throughout the entire process and on the wedding day itself.  My, then, fiancee and I first met her at her house/office in order to peruse her work and we were very impressed.  After discussing our photographer choices, we decided to go with Claire because she just had the best products hands down.  We were supposed to meet her in Sherman Oaks (the approximate halfway point between my place and her place) to sign the contract, but she got caught up in another shoot with no cellphone service, so she wasn't able to contact us until about fifteen minutes after our scheduled meeting.  She contacted me through text that night and apologized for cancelling the appointment on such short notice, and she scheduled a time on the next day to come all the way over to my place to make up for it.  Claire has an unteachable knack for catching certain moments, which was apparent in how she photographed our first dance.  Because we choreographed our own first dance (and Claire's first time seeing the dance was in real time), I was afraid she would not get certain parts of the routine.  To my astonishment, she snapped a photo of every single pose/move we were hoping she would get with her top-notch equipment.  She captured so many wonderful pictures throughout our wedding day, so it was extremely difficult to choose from the array of photos she provided us.  To our surprise, she did not make us choose and she generously provided us all the lightly retouched photos (on a CD by mail) even though it exceeded the amount we had agreed upon.  Although it took a while to receive our detailed, retouched photos and the final album due to personal reasons, she did make it up to us by mailing five free, gorgeous 8.5 x 11 printouts (all of which are on display at our place).  Overall, her work is incredible and if we could do it all over again, Claire would be at the top of our list of vendors. More...


Heidi C.

6 December 2013

I had Katie from Claire Alyse Photography come to my house and photograph my 2 girls and husband.  She gave me  beyond what I told her I was looking for with the pictures.  She knew how to encourage my 3 and 5 year olds to do exactly what I was hoping they would do!  I highly recommend her for family pictures! She worked so well with my kids!  I got more than I expected-- Katie DELIVERED!  Thanks a million! More...


Hsiao-Yin C.

5 November 2012

Claire was the photographer for our pre-wedding photos. She is very professional and sincere to her clients. She took our opinions very seriously, discussed with us many times to make sure what kind of photo we wanted, and also provided useful suggestions. She was very responsible through the whole process, from visiting photo shoot locations, the shooting to final photo retouchment, always with nice attitude. Highly recommended! More...


Li C.

19 July 2012

Claire shot our son's birthday pictures. They are gorgeous. She and her assistant were very patient and creative, took their time and made sure every shot was set up perfectly. Lots of work were put into Photoshop as well. Definitely talented and professional. More...