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Full Stack Development.

Web Design and Development. Frontend, Backend and Server Side Experts.

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4 December 2018

TJ and his team were far and away the best experience we’ve ever had with web design. The intelligence, creativity, and work ethic of Civilized Savage made for an enjoyable process and a finished product well beyond our expectations. Our new website and UI has made a tremendous difference in our business and it’s all because of TJ and his team. Thank you! More...


A great website makes a powerful impression for your business, celebrity or entity. It stands out from the crowd but serves its purpose; allowing visitors to navigate the site easily and convert into sales/followers/leads. Mobile is everything today. Responsive screen sizes and fast load speeds are a must.

Tell me about yourself/your business. What's missing from your current website? What functionality do you need? What websites do you like in terms of functionality and design?

I feel strongly about our clients engaging with myself, our designers and our developers, the whole team, from start to finish. This means constant communication and collaboration. We give you full access for feedback throughout the build.

Design discovery is the first phase of development (unless you're brand new in which case we do brand discovery). Design discovery includes discussion and screen sharing of your model sites followed by mockups for all of the pages on your website. We iterate mockups until you are completely satisfied and then we move onto html5 integration, where we slice the design files with code.

A complete project description so that we can lay out deliverables. The client's particular needs will determine where we begin in the creative process.

I love working with entrepreneurs on a variety of projects. It's always a thrill to help some succeed in their dreams.

I worked with other development agencies and saw firsthand the lack of customer care and transparency from their management down and knew that I could deliver a better service.

You get access to a full stack development team at an incredibly affordable price. But our value extends beyond our technical skills. We believe in constant communication and absolute transparency, offering a client relationship that feels more like a partnership.