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Karis Dowling

17 July 2019

Great piece of mind for a family/small business to use while on vacation!


Elizabeth Bishop

31 May 2019

Citadel Intelligence is the best private security company and I highly recommend them.


Eric Douglass

17 May 2019

Awesome guys! Super reliable!


Steve Ellis

10 May 2019

Greg Douglass at Citadel really helped our company. He provided on-site training for our international travelers so they can be more aware of their surroundings and how to protect themselves. THANK YOU CITADEL!


Jason Elsasser

7 May 2019

Citadel is top notch for any of your security needs I have never seen a company take the time and explain all aspects of corporate security. All retired law enforcement and SWAT. Greg Douglas is 5STAR all the way. More...


Braden Cheek

7 May 2019

If you are looking for top notch security, Citadel has you covered! Best customer service out there!



7 May 2019

As CEO of Eagle Energy I highly recommend Citadel. They saved our company thousands of dollars a month for a prolonged period of time combating a rampant copper theft problem at our remote locations. The copper theft resulted in extensive equipment damage. this problem was completely eradicated on their watch. The subsequent owners of these same well-sites did not use Citadel and the theft/vandalism immediately returned to the previous levels. More...


Bobby Collinson

7 May 2019

Very professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable about what he is doing.


Nathan Alessi

7 June 2016

Citadel Intelligence is the best private security company in the state. They provided security officers to our location on a very short notice. They are the most professional organization I have dealt with. I highly recommend them. More...

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