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John Burns

30 March 2019

This store is open!! They have fresh flowers and great customer service!


Nicole B.

27 July 2017

Cindy was SO KIND to answer my phone call after her store was closed and too the time to fashion a last minute beautiful bouquet for my parents' anniversary. She delivered the flowers to a LB Steak for me and I was able to surprise my parents. Her bouquet was lovely and her gesture meant so much to me! Thank you, Cindy. Many Blessings. More...


Jill Hawkins

15 May 2017

I ordered a Mother's Day arrangement fairly last minute. Cindy was glad to do it and was helpful on the phone. When I had some concerns, Cindy answered and returned all my calls, and the flowers were delivered Mother's Day morning and were beautiful.


Meral S.

12 May 2017

I live on the other side of the bay and needed flowers sent for my best friends birthday today. Being that I live out of the area I googled a bunch of random places and came across Cindy's. I explained to her I knew it was last minute but I needed something delivered today before 3 before my friend was going to leave her office. This weekend is Mother's Day and she was swamped but was able to get the flowers to her at noon (way before my deadline) my friend sent me a picture and the arrangement was beyond beautiful. Thanks Cindy! Will def use this service again and again. More...


Troy F.

2 March 2015

I have no idea how some of these reviews go negative about this floral shop.  CINDY is amazing and prides herself on the most creative and beautiful arrangements.   She takes to heart your event or occasion and prides herself in making your flowers speak your love and care for any event.  I'm very hard to please and have the highest of expectations,  and I can honestly say Cindy's flowers will never let you down. On the peninsula I will never go anywhere else. More...


Kirsten H.

17 July 2014

The best flower shop around. Customer service is always great. We have used them to send out and we have also been the receivers from Cindy's. The delivery person is always so wonderful. I too wouldn't go any place else for flowers. This is my go to flower store. More...


Erin P.

17 October 2012

Cindy is by far my favorite florist to work with! She did all of the flowers for my wedding and far exceeded my expectations!! All of our guests commented on how beautiful and lovely the flowers were. My bouquet was perfect, the centerpieces amazing, ceremony pieces gorgeous and she was fantastic to work with! I really appreciate her working with me to create my dream vision and then some - thank you so much Cindy!! More...


Vickie K.

28 May 2012

I had the privilege of being a temporary delivery person for Cindy's this Mother's Day, May 13, 2012 using my RV.  Knowing that the delivery's needed to be made between 1-5 p.m. and in a area from Redwood City to Palo Alto, I needed them to have the directions complete and securely attached to the flower arrangements.  I was able to accept the quota that I felt I could deliver and make the deliveries within 3 hours.  The arrangements were beautiful, fresh and the only one that was not home I was able to secure within one of the delivery boxes behind their porch furniture and leave a card.  Although Cindy had several workers' there and it was caos, I was able to quickly get the items for delivery and she was very ethical in my payment which is more than I can say about other Craigslist.org "gigs" I've done in this terrible employment economy!  I would send flowers from Cindy's anytime! More...


Elaine M.

16 April 2012

Once again,, Cindy has provided me with a spectacular centerpiece for my dinner table. She has never failed to create truly beautiful flowers for me, whether for my table or for a gift to someone else. She follows up to make sure everything is as I want it to be. She knows my preferences so well. Yesterday, she called to see if I was satisfied with a centerpiece that an assistant had delivered. It was very pretty but more pastel than I really liked. But it was okay. Darned if Cindy didn't come right overwith some bright Gerberas and, in five minutes transform the arrangement intoa glowing masterpiece of bright colors. It was perfect. People to whom I hvae sent flowers always rave about the freshness...roses that last a full week, etc. SHe's the BEST!!!!! More...


Michelle B.

13 April 2012

I haven't seen the actual flower yet but the ordering process over the phone was VERY easy.  I called a total of 3 times, once to give the order, once to change the color and once to give my credit card.  All three time, the customer service was excellent. More...


Ed P.

28 February 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 came up fast and furious.  Wanted some especially vibrant flowers for wife this year (none of the supermarket specials).  I stopped by at 6:30 AM and picked up an amazing bouquet.  Was a bit pricey for what I was used to (think supermarket $10 dozen).I now know the difference - the term "you get what you pay for" applies to Cindy's!  Exactly 10 days after Valentine's Day, the flowers were looking just great and wife commented on that!Thanks to Cindy's for helping make our Valentine's Day 2012 a happy lasting memory.  Get in here and buy your flowers - sticker shock, yes but, happy wife, happy life is BETTER! More...


Mike R.

28 January 2012

Cindy's offered incredible service and a quality arrangement on a very tight schedule.  I was also surprised at the low cost for the service/product provided.  I love the shop and stop in when I'm in town. More...


Susan L.

3 August 2011

I called and ordered a "Texas colors" arrangement for a friend and was very pleasantly surprised when I dropped by the next day and saw how lovely the arrangement was...and how nice it smelled!  Kudos to Cindy for delivering quickly and professionally. More...


Joan P.

5 May 2010

Cindy's Flowers is a Menlo Park institution. When I lived in Menlo Park twenty years ago, I would get flowers there. Even though I don't live in Menlo Park anymore, I still travel there to get flowers. What I really like about Cindy is the extra care she takes in making certain that the arrangement is very special. If you take the time to explain your house colors or your mother's favorite flowers, she will customize your bouquet. As a result, her arrangements are not same-old, same-old that you get at a supermarket. I know that some people prefer traditional arrangements and Cindy knows how to do those if you ask for them, but I think Cindy is at her best with her unique and unusual arrangements. Her flowers sometimes cost a little more than what you can find in a supermarket but they seem to last a lot longer so she offers great value. More...


Eric G.

28 September 2009

I stopped in around 6:30 one evening on my way home from work and asked them to deliver a bouquet to my wife the next day.  I left it to them to figure out the arrangement (not at all a strength of mine) and they did a great job.Basically it comes down to three things for meService - they did a great job, go it there exactly when I requestedQuality - my wife love the arrangement and they look great after a few daysPrice - seemed a bit high but happy to pay a bit extra for quality and service More...


Caitlin H.

3 July 2009

I am surprised people had such a bad time with this business.  I received a bouquet for my birthday from them.  When they delivered the flowers, I was not at home, so they were unable to enter my apartment complex.  They called me to tell me that they left the flowers outside.  I retrieved them and they were beautiful and smelled great.  Later, a duplicate bouquet arrived because I think they were worried I had not received the first one.  Of course, this suggests they might have been a bit disorganized, but both bouquets were amazingly pretty and smell incredible, and I appreciated that they put in the effort to try to get me my flowers. More...


santos e.

8 May 2009

i was doing flowers shopping for my loving grandma for mothers day i walk in to a flower shop in palo alto on Emerson and they was really disrespectful so i didn't buy nothing i was really bum. I eating in menlo park. i was walking to the bus stop and i seen Cindys flowers so i walk in the store and the person that help me out was so kind really respectful they even made me a beautiful arrangement. thank you Cindys flowers u made my grandma day the flowers was really all some so beautiful they mead my grand mom cry thank u i will be seen u soon More...


Thee M.

6 January 2009

Cindy is the most wonderful, caring women I've ever met. And I'm sorry to those of you who can't see that. most of the bouquets she does by hand herself. Most of the flowers are hand selected too. This woman works her a$$ off!! And you know what? Safeway doesn't do wedding receptions.50 dollars will buy you low end arrangements --true. And if you can't afford delivery, then don't!! She gets over her head in orders every day. She is dedicated to running that shop. If you guys are too stubborn to see that, go back to Safeway. I know I am not alone on this.  She has many loyal customers that come back year after year. More...