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Landscape, cityscape, travel, portrait, event, wedding, engagement and sport photography.


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It depends on the subject of the photograph. For landscape and cityscape photography, patience for the right light is key. For event and sport photography, the key is anticipation of a moment meant to be captured. For portraits, helping the subject relax and be more natural makes for a much better memory.

Again, it depends on the subject, but in all types of photography I try to gain an understanding of what the client is looking for in a finished product.
Are the photos for a special occasion or to update family photos?
What do you or your family like doing together, such as hobbies, vacations, etc.?
If it is landscape or cityscape photography, what theme are you looking for?

I love capturing the moment and creating a final product that will be cherished.

I have been 'into' photography for over 37 years. I decided to make a business out of it so I can branch out and offer my services to others.

I take pride in my work and am a very picky person when it comes to editing my photos. Because of this, I only deliver the photos of the highest quality. I also keep my pricing reasonable to be able to meet the needs of my clients while delivering a superior product.