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Choice Global & Choice Digital has been on the front lines of e-commerce and logistics since 2015, helping retailers and brands connect with customers, optimize operations and grow sales channels. We are an ambitious company in a young and growing global revolution — with hundreds of clients and millions of dollars in transactional revenue flowing through our platform every year.


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Ada Posey

24 September 2019

Thoughtful, good advisors with comprehensive services I need to get started with my business.

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A website should be able to accomplish one thing: to provide the basic information to the user. The basics, in my opinion, would at least include an informative homepage that explains what the business is and what it does. As well as a contact page, because if a prospect doesn’t know how to reach out, they probably won’t. To take things up a notch, a good website should also include a pricing page, social media buttons, and a good knowledge base. When things are made as easy and user-friendly as possible, everyone wins.

1. What is your ideal website?
2. What are you looking ti accomplish with your website?
3. Are you looking to sell product online?
4. What industry are you in?
5. How soon are you looking to launch your website?

Just being able to help like minded entrepeneurs and business owners create an online brand and succeed.

I love being able to create and take a simple idea and build it to something amazing.

Because my company doesnt just build a website m, hut we are building partnerships with like minded entrepeneurs and business owners that sees the values in our solutions.


We a certified ecommerce web design partner of the worlds 2 largest ecommerce platforms (Shopify & BigCommerce). If you are looking to an online ecommerce store we are your number one choice. Shopify Partner BigCommerce Partner

$1.75 All picking, packing, shipping, storage and product return operations are the sole responsibility of your fulfillment center. Though these processes are very significant to your company succeeding, Choice Global offers the key piece to completing your fulfillment needs. By partnering with us, we will make sure to customize our solutions to your specific order fulfillment requirements. Our necessity to surpass expectations will be coupled with your company’s drive to excel.

Whether you are looking to ship a single package or you are getting ready to fulfill your largest Purchase order, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Our E-Commerce shipping software integrates with all the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces. In just minutes, you can easily connect all of your online selling channels to Choice Global's Webship. Once connected, we will provide you with over 55% DISCOUNT TO SHIP with FEDEX AND UPS and we’ll import all of your orders for you and we won’t charge you an extra fee if you want to connect to multiple selling channels.