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Ashley Rosa

25 April 2019

This place is fantastic. We use them several times a year and they always do a superlative job. Lovely flowers, prompt delivery. Trust them so completely that we just give them a price range and tell them. Generally what we want. Love Chicago Flower Company. More...



24 February 2019

Ordered online and received the flowers as seen in the picture. Delivered late (understandable because of Valentine's) but received on designated date.


Jonathan Garcia

24 February 2019

Fantastic service. I came 1 week before valentines day and placed an order for delivery, however my girlfriends work schedule changed and I had to cancel the delivery and pick them up. I walked in to their shop and they had my order ready and credited me the delivery charge despite being swamped with orders. They're my go to guys for flowers from now on More...


Kimberly Mosberg Chicago

25 January 2019

They are amazing. Full stop.


Marcel Ritchey

27 October 2018

The flowers were beautiful for our October 4th wedding. Wendy Skrocki, was great at communicating, and even with a couple of bumps in the road, my wonderful bridezilla at times, everything came out amazing, from my boutonniere, to the chapel and the reception! Thanks so much for everything Sam, Crystal and Wendy and her staff! I would definitely recommend you consider the Chicago Flower Company More...


The B&C Family

27 September 2018

I ordered last night flowers for my mom for her anniversary with my dad because he asked me too and she got them this morning delivered to her job. Great service! Flowers are beautiful and note said exactly what I put for the message. I give 4.5 stars only because when I called this morning the person who answered the phone was a little rude. But just a little. More...


Julie Kritz

11 May 2018

This florist is the best. I have always had the most positive experiences. Creative work and great prices. I can’t believe anyone would have anything negative to say about them.


Ally Lever

24 February 2018

I asked for a bouquet of peonies with greenery to be sent to my best friend, who lives in town. (I live in a different state.) Chicago Flower Company did an amazing job. The bouquet was beautiful and the price was affordable. I will use them again when I need flowers in Chicago. More...


Millie Charik

31 August 2017

The Chicago Flower Company made saying "Congrat's" to my daughter easy and beautiful! The arrangement is incredible! Thank you.


Mig Armstrong

5 August 2017

I've used Chicago Flower Company for so many occasions, including my wedding, and every time they've not only given me the freshest flowers, but they've always give me the most stunning arrangements. Today, I needed a last minute arrangement for my mother, and not only did they do it 15 minutes before closing, they made sure I wasn't skimped out on anything! The will always be my go-to flower shop! More...


Luke Bishop

24 July 2017

We ordered the corsages, boutonnieres & bouquets for our wedding on the July 15th. Everything was set and confirmed for delivery early (8:30am) for our brunch wedding. Delivery guys gets there, he is friendly, and professional. We look over the flowers, and ... the bomb drops. We had ordered the wrap to be in 2 different colors. Some were to be wrapped in green & others in blue. We had gotten green & PURPLE. Not good, but also not their fault. Long story short, it was a 100% legitimate mistake. We talked with the delivery guy & he called the shop right away. They ensured us that they would get it resolved. Boy did they ever!! Wendy came to Navy Pier (we were getting married on the Odyssey), ahead of us, I might add, and waited till we could get them to the her. She stood there and wrapped each one, made sure that we were happy with the outcome and then, and only then, did she head back to the shop. She was friendly gracious and sweeter than we could have asked for. She made them look perfect, not rushed or half done. They were perfect.
Everyone from Chicago Flower was a pleasure from the very start, but Wendy was the hero of the day. WE LOVE YOU WENDY!
Thank you Chicago Flower Company.
You are now definitely OUR florist forever!!


Erin Steller

6 April 2017

Great customer service, super creative and easy to work with! Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They are our florists for our upcoming wedding, and from our first contact to final ideas, it's been a breeze. Thanks!


Jerome Tyler

24 February 2017

I Love this place. First I come from the far south side whenever I wanna buy flowers for my wife. Second the prices are great. Third, Wendy and Steve has the greatest customer service and customer can experience. Wendy always sees my vision and execute it. Thanks yo u guys. I will never buy flowers from another store. More...

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