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Columbia, Missouri, Boone

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Chews Your Health, LLC

Columbia, Missouri, Boone



Chews Your Health, LLC was founded in 2009 by Amanda Lucas. The company's focus is on personalized health using strategies that bring about lasting change. Corporate Wellness and Personal Health Advocacy are core services of Chews Your Health.


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Lindsay Martin

21 March 2019

I first reached out to Amanda at Chews Your Health because I was desperate to find a new alternative to the way I was eating. With surgery’s, food sensitivities and food allergies all over the place, I knew it would be no easy ‘walk in the park’ for her but she came through! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the way your body works, how food is grown, and different ways food can be cooked. Amanda goes above and beyond, however she can help, offering words of encouragement, sass, food alternatives and I was amazed at the options I could still eat, even with all my limitations. We have texted, called and even facetimed at the grocery store. Amanda will be as invested in your health as you are. She cares about you well-being and your life. It has been a pleasure working with her and calling her a friend. Thank you, Amanda! More...


Mark Lucas

1 February 2019

When I moved my dad from Pennsylvania to Missouri Amanda led the way in caregiving for my dad‘s last year of life. Without her, my dad would have been locked in a nursing home and subjected to so many medications She provided much-needed love and care and I’m so grateful


Christine Auer Meacham

10 January 2019

Amanda is amazing, Amanda took care of my sister and kept her spirits high no matter what she was going through. Amanda took her out regularly for an extended period of time to give joy to my sis. Amanda was instrumental in my sister having a wonderful end of life experience including her sweet energy, care, good food above and beyond anything I have seen in my life to date. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is fortunate enough to share their life with her. Love you Amanda and thank you! More...


Elaine MacDonald

4 January 2019

My wonderful sister, Mary Michael, had a difficult couple of years prior to her passing this past July. There were so many times that Amanda and her group were there for her. The degree of effort and number of obstacles she overcame for our family was unbelievable. I cannot say enough to express how helpful to us all she was and of course, to my sister and her husband, Jack. Amanda is that rare person that goes way beyond what is required to help in whatever is needed. She was a light in the darkness and a forever friend to our family. More...


Steve Concannon

12 December 2018

Great company. The personal service is outstanding.


Johnny Wingate

12 December 2018

Personally customized service to accommodate all your unique needs.


Amy Rebecca Messner

12 December 2018

I have been working with Amanda and Chews Your Health for several years now. She helped me train for my first 10K. She is an inspiration! She is personable, motivational, kind-hearted, knowledgeable, and tough when she needs to be. I have since sought advice on food choices for a kidney and bladder sensitivity and now she is helping me with a new meal plan for a healthier, leaner me! The change has been pretty easy because Amanda isn't extreme in her meal plans and gives me a lot of delicious options! I feel amazing and I see real results! I've never been more confident! I moved across the country recently and she is still helping me stay fit and healthy! I highly recommend Chews Your Health and Amanda if you are interested in becoming more health-minded, fitness-aware, or if you need a lifestyle change! She will help you do it!! More...


Randy Norden

29 November 2017

Our Association has been contracted with Chews-Your-Health for the past six months and have found them to be the cutting edge source for personal wellness! The key component to Chews-Your-Health is that they provide you PERSONAL wellness coaching and not just generic good words for everyone coaching...it is coaching created for and aimed at YOU, personally. The staff is very passionate about what they do and they do link to you in a familial way like no other. More...


Melanie Schaller

27 November 2017

Chews your health is owned by Amanda Garrison and she was practically a member of the family when my dad was very sick in the hospital. I live out to state with small children and was not able to be in the hospital with my dad. He was admitted for over a month. Amanda had worked with my dad in the past and became a very important part of his recovery. She was able to be there for him almost everyday and track his progress. She helped me communicate with the doctors and gave me several updates nearly everyday. She is very attentive and thinks of the "little" things that seem to make all the difference. More...

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As a Corporate Wellness Consultant, I can help your company identify areas of concern and help you problem solve through a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s workforce and work environment. Using the results I can help you develop solutions to resolve any deficiencies or problems. I’ll teach you effective implementation of these solutions to benefit your company while improving employee health and safety.

When a health crisis hits you or your family, the questions and emotions can be overwhelming. You want desperately to understand a complex diagnosis, procedure or treatment plan. You want to ask the right questions and understand the answers so you can guide yourself or your loved one through the crisis. As a Personal Health Advocate, I can help you navigate our complex healthcare system, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on your family’s health.