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Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier by simply carrying the load you’re not supposed to.
We allow you to focus on doing what you’re excellent in doing so that we can do the same for you…just like the beautiful human body operates: every organ designed to carry out its specific function.



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A great website, a well-crafted website, at least meets, but ideally exceeds the client’s original expectation, particularly in representing the essence of his/her business and accurately representing his/her vision to the intended audience.

Equally as important, is that the website serves the client’s primary purpose in having it in the first place; whether that be something as simple as having an online address and presence, or gradually more complex like scheduling appointments or selling merchandise.

Also vital to a great website, is that it be pleasant and attractive to look at including its key aspects like layout design and color scheme. A great website is easy to navigate and very intuitive. It is easy to read with clearly labeled sections. And in today’s day and age, a great website loads easily and quickly, formatted to fit all devices.

A few examples include, but are not limited to:

• WHY are you in the business you’re in? What is your vision as you go about owning this business?

• HOW do you conduct your business? What are some of your standards and expectations for yourself and your employees or coworkers?

• WHAT service(s) or product(s) does your business offer?

• What is the look and feel you want for your website, which includes things like colors, shapes, structure, etc.?

We begin with a video conference with the client where we learn the details described in the following section. Our designers then create a logo (if needed) based on client specifications.

Based on the abundance of information received, we delegate content writing to a copyright writer with the very specific task of maintaining a client’s “why” power and vision throughout all the written material of their website.

As we very specifically instruct the writer (what to focus on, what to describe in detail, how many words, etc.), we begin to design the web pages already envisioning where content will be arranged in an attractive format.

Once the content is finalized, we pair and arrange it with the most fitting quality images and layout. We continue formatting, verifying, and tweaking until we are completely satisfied with the result.

At this point, the end of our 10-day production period, we present it to the client for feedback.

• WHY are you in the business you’re in? - We’ve noticed that most clients we work with don’t really have a clear vision of WHY they’re doing business. We have this conversation to help them carve out their vision more clearly and use it as motivation as they go about buying and selling. This way we empower them to gain their own loyal customers based on so much more than simply a price point or a service or product offered.

• HOW do you conduct your business? - We ask precise questions in order to gain genuine answers that reveal the client’s strongest character traits, which we then emphasize in the content of the website. As potential customers browse the website, they should be able to get an accurate read of the business owners and their character.

• WHAT service(s) or product(s) does your business offer? – This of course is the nuts and bolts of the client’s business including what they do for and offer their customers, their processes, services, etc. This content should be clean, easy to understand, and straight to the point and would also include details like the business name, contact information, pricing, etc.

Helping people, solving their dilemmas, and simply making life easier is what we love most about this business. We love opening business owner’s eyes to see their business and customers through a different lens so that they can connect on an actual value-added exchange rather than just some dollar sign symbols.

As a bonus, we find the creative process fun and are especially satisfied with producing the final product: a well-made website.

As the primary business owner of CheetaDo, I’ve always had a knack for collaborating with others to solve problems and have consistently been able to do this by producing quality work without compromise.

As an employee for other business owners, I realized that my input was valued by those managing me and my work and they would often implement many of my ideas into their processes thereby improving their business.

It was when an employer of mine, whom I admired and respected, tried implementing positive change into the workflow and was obstructed by his superiors thereby hindering the potential growth and well-being of that company, that I decided to start off on a new trail as my own business owner with the power to keep the first things first and in check.

I’m proud to say that I’m now part of a team made of integral people who are of the same mind and accord, sharing common goals and values none of us is willing to compromise on.

Very simply put, we’re not chasing after people’s business nor do we feel the need to “beg” for jobs. We are keenly interested in working with those clients who are eager to use our services because they also see the value in what we do and in what we offer.

We are transparent and trust that those clients who are meant to be ours understand the genuineness of why and how we do what we do. Otherwise, let’s not waste either one of each’s precious time.

It is our absolute pleasure to give to and to bless our clients through our services, expertise, time, and talent. We know the value and quality of our work and all that we invest into it so that it is of the highest standard, able to add tremendous value to their lives, both in business and personally.



WordPress, Shopify, .NET, and more.

iOS (iPhone), Android & Windows App Development

Logos, Business Cards, Stickers, Stationary, Merchandise, T-shirts, and more.

TV Commercials, Motion Graphics, Documentaries, and more.

Record Productions, Mixes, Pre-Mastering, Radio Commercials, and more.