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Katie Marie Unger

8 August 2019

Had the reg. grilled cheese, so toasty, buttery and gooey! Wish I was hungry enough to try the entire menu!


Margaret DelPlato

27 July 2019

I had THE BEST Cuban from them. I was doing dairy and gluten free for months. I recently stopped and have regretted it except for the day I had their sandwich. It was that good! Service was excellent. More...


Sandy Shaffer

10 July 2019

Omg amazing thank you for coming to Lifetime Care that was literally the best lunch that I have ever had.... ❤️ Cannot wait for you to come back.... YUMMMM


Robin Hooker

21 May 2019

The roasted red pepper and goat cheese grilled cheese is divine!


Melissa Landis

3 June 2018

Thank you so much for coming to the Devin Snyder memorial ride today! The cinnamon apples on the apple bacon cheddar are amazing and the pulled pork I added was scrumptious!!!! I own a catering business and I was extremely impressed and hope our paths cross again- I would give you a 10 if I could, i heard nothing but excellent reviews from everyone who stopped by to see you- my only "complaint" is I wasn't able to get back out for another sandwich More...


Michelle Wetherbee

20 October 2017

Absolutely love their sandwiches. Anytime I can buy from a cheesed and confused truck I do!


Kasey Richardson

22 July 2017

THE BEST FOOD TRUCK! Andy and his crew rock! This is the only way to go when having a party!


Bryce DeSantis

8 January 2017

The best darn Mac and Cheese that wasn't homemade! Smooth cheese without being unnatural, firm pasta and great breadcrumbs. Please keep coming back to the McQuaid XC invitational. More...


Kacie O'Mailey

27 August 2016

Incredible menu - I didn't know what to try! But, I settled on the cheesy sweet corn bites and the classic with american, provolone and tomato. Both delicious! Can't wait to try the rest! More...


Heath Carder

16 August 2016

Mac & Cheese Pulled Pork is something special! If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out. Drove out from New Hampshire


Mike Slane

15 August 2016

I had the pork and cheese sandwich at Avon Corn Festival.It was really Good :) Thanks Again


Cameron Copeland

14 August 2016

Great food. Great employees great service with a smile. Can't wait to get more!!!!


Mike Crean

4 August 2016

Bring a few friends so you can spit sandwiches, too many great choices, and corn nuggets must come from the Fryer of The Gods.


John Kerr

30 June 2016

My wife knew about this place; I didn't, but I love it. Had a Mac and cheese on whole wheat with American cheese and roast beef with grilled onions. Yummmy!


Ashley Shanahan

14 October 2015

My son doesn't eat bread at all (I mean EVER) and he demolished the pork & mac sandwhich! Yum!


Sandra Gasserlick

8 October 2015

It was the best apple, cheddar and bacon grilled cheese sandwich! It was so yummy!


Carrie Feder

1 October 2015

I loved it at the Naples grape festival, my Apple and bacon grilled cheese was packed with food and perfect. The one tonight at the food truck rodeo wad disappointing. It was stingy with ingredients, not evenly spread, and the cheese wasn't even completely melted. More...


Sara Haight

24 September 2015

Best food truck ever! Their sandwiches are amazing and they serve tots!


Michelle 'Betts' Chamberlain

7 August 2015

It's a difficult decision every time I go to the cheese truck, I say this because it's so hard to choose which sandwich I want, my old stand by my absolute fav is the Italian Mmmm yum. Andy and his crew always do it for me, thanks guys. More...


Geoffrey Staley

29 July 2015

Best food truck around ! Service is excellent ! My favorite sandwich is the prime time .


James Gillis

22 July 2015

The food on this truck is crazy delicious and fairly priced. I recommend that everyone find this truck and order their bacon apple and cheddar grilled cheese.


Jill Reynolds

8 May 2015

DELICIOUS!!!! Looking forward to seeing them around this summer!


Maureen Congdon Orban

8 May 2015

My favorite food truck!! Looking forward to seeing you this summer!!


Lisa Ballowe

13 October 2013

Awesome! Look forward to it at Letchworth every year.

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