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Chatalbash Studios is a freelance video editing company on Long Island that will tell your unique stories through fresh eyes! Experienced video editor Tom Chatalbash will edit your short films, home video, weddings, montages, trailers, music videos, and so much more at an affordable price!


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What I love most about video editing is putting all the miscellaneous pieces clients have given me and arranging and setting them in a way that enhances their respective stories and delivers the most compelling, wholly satisfying content possible. Telling stories is an immense passion of mine and being able to enrich those of my clients makes me genuinely happy because I not only want to enjoy these videos myself, but deliver a package clients will relish and appreciate themselves.

I have a constant hunger when it comes to my editing work. I love to stay busy and continue doing what I love as much as possible. I wanted to create a company in which I could take the proper time and care necessary to deliver the best content to prospective customers. I don't want to rush videos and sacrifice their overall quality as a result. I work briskly, but I'm also a meticulous editor and I make sure every minute detail is to my liking. Starting my own business in order to enjoy these benefits was a no brainer.

There is a bevy of video editors to choose from, but more often than not they will overcharge customers for subpar work. Unlike most editors, I don't pay by the hour or take my sweet time delivering a video to a client. I make sure their videos are worked on as soon as possible and that they feel assured that they are in good, capable hands. Also, I have experience editing a wide array of content, ranging from music videos to short films, montages, trailers, wedding videos, home video, and more! I think if a client chooses to hire my studio they will get a product they'll be proud to share with friends and family.


Editing of complete wedding videos and highlights.

Editing of music videos.

Editing of home video footage set to music and enhanced with transitions.

Editing of trailers for feature length movies, short films, or events.

Montages of photos/video clips set to music with clean, crisp transitions.

Editing of demo reels for actors, directors, cinematographers, etc.