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Challenge Your Body

Weaver Creek, Indiana

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Challenge Your Body

Weaver Creek, Indiana


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Renee LeDoux Barker

12 September 2019

A very positive place and faith based. love it here!!


Alisa Gillespie Finklea

13 August 2019

Awesome workout for anyone just beginning a journey of moving your body. Jacquie is absolutely wonderful and so helpful and encouraging!!!❤️


Bev Howery

18 May 2019

Challenge your Body is an amazing, welcoming fitness center that focuses on everyone feeling welcome to begin a fitness journey! This place is like family


Ashley Kearby

3 May 2019

This place and the people in it are amazing! I feel challenged at every work but also supported even after I leave the building. The staff is so encouraging and it’s nice to be able to work at your own pace. Michelle and Jacquie are such blessings to my life More...


Vonna Money

25 April 2019

The place is great. The people are even greater!


Lisa Lane

13 February 2019

trainer to member ratio. there are 3 sometimes 4 or 5 people. any more than 5 people, the trainer, in my opinion, has a harder time recognizing your technique and is not able to assist as necessary. love cmb


Shari Lee

26 December 2018

Great place and great people!


David Creel

6 December 2018

Caring staff and family-like atmosphere. People work hard AND smile a lot!


Lana Beers

20 September 2018

CYB Is a very welcoming place that has a staff that accepts you where you are at & are extremely encouraging. They have been a huge blessing in my life!


Sherry Morris Gould

28 August 2018

Love CYB! They treat you like family!


Dorina Flesher

7 August 2018

First time gym class experience A, Members A+, Trainers A++, Not just saying it but doing it and they make me feel so proud!!! Highly recommend CYB. IF you are on the fence call any one of them and you will feel what you need to in order to give you the empowerment to join and commit!!! More...


India Dean

25 May 2018

Had a awesome defense course.


Stephanie Glassburn

16 March 2018

My trainer is the bomb!! The boxing is top notch! Classes are awesome!


Jody Leavitt Loney Bingham

15 March 2018

Great place to work out! You can work at your own pace.. everyone is very encouraging!!!!


Joy Caldwell Clark

27 October 2017

CYB is a wonderful place to workout! The facilities are great, but more than that, it is a judgement free zone to achieve your fitness goals. The staff is caring and attentive!


Mandee Sears

22 January 2017

The whole gang at CYB is AWESOME!!! They really work with you to achieve your goals. The personalized service is second to none! They made me look forward to working out again! Thanks Sarah Johnson and Jacquie!! More...


Sandy Breedlove Shively

8 June 2016

It's a safe place where real people with real issues and real goals can get help. So many places are filled with uber athletes that can make a person feel self conscious.


Laura Lempereur

29 March 2016

This place is the BOMB. Jacquie is freaking AWESOME. Everyone is so friendly.


Kerrie Boarman

17 November 2015

My favorite people work here and work out here! Come see where results happen.


Amber Christine Macy

4 October 2015

There's a lot to adore about Challenge Your Body! So much more aside from the great equipment, fantastic classes, well maintained bathrooms, showers, lockers, and floor space! It's the owners and trainers that really take it to a whole other level. Jacquie and Kevin are two that I've worked with and they both care about all of their clients - genuinely. Everyone knows exactly what they're doing and how to help modify for those of us that need a lower level to start out at. It feels like family in a way and people feel so comfortable there. It really does NOT get any better than this gym and these people! More...


Anne Majewski Dailey

20 March 2015

Want to get on an entirely new journey in your life...CYB will provide the support and encouragement you need. You dont have to be ready...you just have to be willing to start. Take a chance. Do it...even though you may fear it. Do it! More...


Linda Harper

23 May 2014

Great owners and trainers, who encourage you every step of the way, and provide modifications if needed. Fun place to workout!!


Hilary Eppert

23 May 2014

You won't find more knowledgable, passionate and personalized training anywhere else! Jacquie and staff are amazing and will work with you to push, encourage, guide, and see you through every step of your journey! They want you to succeed almost as much as you do and sometimes more! Put the time and effort in and you'll see results. More...


Chris Xanders

15 March 2014

Hands down the best place in town to get REAL results!! I would know, I work there!!


Amy Anderson Hillen

27 August 2013

Results, redemption, renewed, Ryan, results!!!! One on one and small groups and more. A gateway to a healthier balanced you! This place can get you started and keep you going! More...

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