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Hello! I'm Chris Gagnon, a freelance designer & endurance athlete born out of a small coastal community in beautiful southern Maine. I'm here to give you and your business a unique design experience.

With a blended background in art & fitness, I focused and improved my craft while attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.



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A great web site is:

- Easy to read
- User friendly
- Fully responsive (resizes to various device sizes; mobile phones & tablets)
- Clutter free
- Speaks to your users/audience
- Describes your services without overwhelming the user

Are you selling a service?
Are you selling products?
Are you going to post regular blog articles?
What is your timeline?

I work for myself, therefore can be competitive with pricing compared to larger design firms who have multiple tiers of staff to cover. My design process is clear, detailed, professional, ahead of schedule, and effective. Talking with the client and identifying any potential road blocks ahead of time is key to a smooth working relationship and project success.

My process from start to finish looks something like this:

1. Consult: Talk with the customer, understand the problem you are trying to solve, and gather information.
2. Ideate: Gather great ideas to establish features, functions, and any other elements that will allow you to solve the problem.
3. Prototype: Produce a number of scaled down versions of the product or specific features found within the product.
4.Test & Deliver: Rigorously test the complete product using the best solutions identified during the prototyping phase. Final hand off to customer.

I would need basic information regarding services you are providing and/or any relevant likes/dislikes with regards to other similar business marketing efforts.

Having lived and worked in Boston for the past 20 years, it is nice to now live in the wild Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and be free thinking, draw inspiration from nature, and design something that rewards the business / end user.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and thrive on the challenge of taking on my own work.

I make sure the client receives a strong initial handshake and that they are taken care of throughout the entire process.