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North Farmington, Michigan

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North Farmington, Michigan


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Mary Barnett

8 August 2019

After I retired I was out of shape with limited range of motion and mobility. I tried other workout places, but lost interest quickly. I felt I was alone in my quest to become strong and fit.I found an ad for CelyFit in the Birmingham Eccentric newspaper. I was attracted to the ad and decided to try out a class. Now I have become a member (since 2017) paying a monthly fee. Best Decision - value for your dollar!!!!!!Cely is wonderful. I cannot thank her and the other instructors for their encouragement, knowledge, and patience in helping me achieve my fitness goals.Cely has truly provided a safe atmosphere to workout. If you have any health issues let her know and she will provide you with a safe way to workout. She is always watching. Sometimes she will see me or others doing something incorrectly, she will caution us, and offer an alternative way to make that move. Cely offers several different classes - Zumba, Circuit Training, Barre, Tabata, and Yoga. All of them offer a complete balance to your workout goals.In addition to all that Cely has provided me, she has made her studio into a community. I have met so many interesting women that I would not have had in a larger workout setting. I encourage anyone that wants to become physically fit to come to one of her classes. You will want to come back. Hope to see you! More...


Vanda Farias

30 June 2019

We can workout and have fun at the same time at Cely Fit. Cely is amazing, lots of energy!! I cannot forget to mention about the others trainers, they are great too!!


Angela Khalifeh

29 July 2018

Such a cute place with great spirit and amazing music. Also very clean, spotless bathroom, clean equipment (very important to me). The owner, Cely, is Brazilian, very apparent in her sexy smooth movements. Easy to follow for beginners, and inspirational for more experienced dancers. I went for the first time today and had such a good time! I have membership at lifetime and do Zumba there, but this place is worth an extra membership. I’m very picky and don’t give five stars easily, but I honestly loved this place and Cely!! More...


Deborah Dapkins

29 June 2018

I was in Farmington hills for a couple of days and was looking for a Zumba class near my hotel. Celyfit was across the street so I went in an was immediately greeted by Cely. I asked if I could participate in her Zumba class as a drop-in and she said yes! The class was high energy from start to finish and the music was nice and loud just how I like it! I felt welcomed immediately and got a warm friendly vibe from all the instructors (3 of them) and other Zumba participants. More...


Ron Ben

25 May 2018

Fun place for fitness and dance!


Itzi Saar

25 May 2018

Great workout,very good energy.
The music along with Cely,is a perfect match.


Gricelda Aguilera

25 May 2018

Since I moved to Michigan I was looking for something like CelyFit to keep me in shape but, Cely exceeded my expectations. She not only helps you stay in shape, she makes you feel welcome and Cely cares for each one of us in a personal way and integrates us as a great family. It's incredible but CelyFit revitalizes your soul, body and mind, all this while you learn South American dances and have fun.I love ❤️ Celyfit More...


Suzi Terebelo

25 May 2018

CelyFit shapes your body and ignites your soulA warm nonjudgmental community of incredible instructors led by the brilliant and effervescent Cely Maria Diaz Come check out what everyone calls their private escape from winter blues Home away from home


nicole altiere

25 May 2018

This is a great place to workout! They offer an array of classes and everyone there is so nice and welcoming. If your one who doesn't love the gym atmosphere but loves taking classes and being inspired by others this is the place for you!


julie golowesky

25 May 2018

Great place and great class!

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