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Our goal is always to achieve five star client reviews and earned repeat business to set us apart from most in our field!
Named a 2019 TOP PRO, FIVE years running on Thumbtack.com!
This is awarded to less than 4% of Thumbtack pros for any single year, based on consistent reviews of 4.



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When our clients express their over the top satisfaction and feel they've received a great value from our services!

The need to be an entrepreneur, be my own boss and create something that provides superior customer service . Also, countless negative experiences with "retail" bartenders who were rude, inattentive and inefficient. I could never understand how so many people who work for tips could give such mediocre service. I vowed to make customer service my number one priority to set our company apart from the norm and earn repeat business!

For the time and effort we put into every event detail our rates are very reasonable while providing unmatched customer service. We believe serving with a smile is not a cliche' but the way we choose to do business.


I love being an important part of a couples memorable day! I use my intuitive knowledge of people and anticipating their needs from over thirty years of customer service careers (my 15 years of theater acting, directing and producing doesn't hurt either :) My goal and my role is to be the consummate professional, courteous, sincere, enthusiastic and with a smile. My job at the head of the venue is actually pretty straightforward regardless of ceremony details. So I'm rarely ever needed at rehearsal which will save you money and be a real value. Main question is if you would prefer me stationed there already or walk up aisle when you designate? Fee is typically $150-$175. I'm here to make you and your fiance's day special and stress free! You can leave all traditional ceremony script text to me or give me any input you desire! A $50 deposit in my Venmo (CraigDane) CashApp (craigdane61)or Paypal (cdaneger@gmail.com) account reserves your date (gratuities are much appreciated if earned but never mandatory). Thank you!