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sabrina decuire

4 December 2018

Cathy is the best. She worked hard to get us in the house we wanted. I would recommend her if you plan on buying a home.


Samantha H

4 June 2015

We have been working with Cathy Wahlin for about two years. She helped us in buying our house. We were very impressed with the amount of help and support she provided us it really made a difference.


Andy Love

4 June 2015

Cathy Wahlin was right on target! She was so dedicated to different accounts. We had tricky needs and she certainly did her research!


Tammy Jacobs

4 June 2015

Cathy Wahlin is a fantastic realtor. She did a great job and we had a fantastic experience dealing with her and the team.


Dean Lowe

4 June 2015

Over the years I have bought and sold a lot of houses. Cathy is at the top of my list of realtors that I have worked with. She's excellent.


Jenifer S

19 May 2015

Cathy did a great job walking me through all of the steps needed. She provided me with professional and sound guidance. I am so very happy she was by my side during this process!


Ella Mackenzi

1 December 2014

If you are looking to buy or sell a real estate property in King county then I would highly recommend Cathy Wahlin. I ha e worked with Cathy multiple times, she knows the market really well.


Michael Kime

7 November 2014

Cathy Wahlin at Windermere Real Estate PSK is a great real estate agent. She stuck with us throughout our search for a new home. She wanted to make sure we found the perfect house. We really appreciate her hard work! More...


Georgina T

17 September 2014

Cathy brought ease to the whole house buying process. She did the research to be able to provide us the best options in the area. She went above and beyond spending more time with us that I had ever expected. She is an amazing real estate agent. More...


Beth H

14 August 2014

Cathy is an awesome real estate agent! We had to leave our house abruptly and she was able to help us expedite the process and make sure we were well taken care of. She helped with all of the paperwork and made sure everything we needed was done. I would definitely call her again for any real estate I needed to buy or sell. More...

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