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Carlson Animal Hospital

Ridgeland, Illinois

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Carlson Animal Hospital

Ridgeland, Illinois


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Marsena Dufresne

7 September 2019

I recently went to Carlson Animal Hospital because my cat suddenly became paralyzed and seemed to be in a great deal of distress. I didn't have an appointment and wasn't a current patient, but they saw me immediately anyway and never made me feel like I was inconveniencing them or causing them to fall behind on their scheduled appointments. Dr. Cheryl and her team were compassionate and so very kind as they confirmed that my cat was indeed dying. I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to them for helping me on that terrible day. They arranged to have my cat's ashes spread at a cemetery. Again, I'm so very grateful to them. If I ever get another cat, I will most definitely take him or her to Carlson. More...


Sarah Horn

31 August 2019

They were great with my new kitten! He was anxious but they helped him feel at ease. They were also extremely friendly and informative. The office is very clean. I’m very happy with my experience here and I’ll definitely be going back for a long time! More...


Laura Rogers

26 March 2019

Everyone on the Carlson animal hospital team is wonderful. When my dog was sick, they saw her in the office and diagnosed her right away. For her yearly check ups, they are very thorough and take plenty of time to answer my questions. More...


stephanie bretz

24 February 2019

I am very happy to have found Dr. Carlson and his team for my cat Titi. Dr. Carson is very knowledgeable and thorough. I couldn't be any more pleased with his service. Thank you!


Helen King Winter

25 January 2019

5 Stars Amazingly caring Drs and staff. Incredibly informative - everything is explained in detail. Top notch care. They have truly helped make an anxious difficult time easier on me and my best friend Callie.


Bob Condon

25 January 2019

If you care about your pet as much as I do and especially if you have a difficult case, Carlson Animal Hospital is where you need to go for treatment. I can't adequately say just how highly I recommend him. My dog has had serious and difficult health problems. When I first went to Dr. Carlson, 3 other vets and a specialist were unable to diagnose why my dog was rapidly losing weight. Dr. Carlson found the cause on the first visit and and he recovered immediately. I have complete confidence in Dr Carlson, his associate vets, and staff. Dr. Carlson has 35 years of experience. When you meet him and see his methods, you will know that he is a true professional who has seen it all and knows what to do. I consider him brilliant in his knowledge and I know from years of him being our vet that he is dedicated to be current on what treatments are effective . He is thorough with testing and at least in my experience, misses nothing. Sometimes that requires more testing than another less competent vet would do. I don't want anything missed and to lose my dog because of it. That was what was happening when I first went to him. He has also consulted with expert specialists when needed, most recently a 5 star eye surgeon. Finally, He and his entire staff are incredibly caring and treat my dog as if it was theirs. His staff are extremely competent. When you call, they and know who you are, and what the details of your treatment is. They don't miss anything. They are not only the best veterinary practice that I have been to, they are the best medical practice that I've been to. More...


marni herman

26 December 2018

Words can't describe how fantastic Dr. Carlson and his entire team are. Carlson Animal Hospital is by far the best Animal Hospital we have ever been to. Everyone at the hospital is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. Annie our dog was having frequent urinary tract issues .My friend suggested Annie see Dr. Carlson. After seeing Dr. Carlson and running tests we had a answer and a treatment plan. Carlson Animal Hospital treats the whole family ,they are very thorough and have excellent follow up skills. We feel so lucky to have found Dr. Carlson and his staff. More...


Tess Balzer

26 November 2018

We have taken our animals to Dr. Carlson and his team for more than 10 years. He has saved our dog's life on more than one occasion, most recently, from the dog flu. The staff is amazing, kind, and understanding. Dr. Carlson and his fellow doctors are extremely detail oriented and knowledgable. Our dogs are an irreplaceable part of our family, because we love them so much, I will only trust Dr. Carlson and Carlson Animal Hospital to care for my dogs! More...


Amy Daleiden

26 November 2018

I'm not sure words can come close to describing how WONDERFUL the staff at Carlson are (especially Dr. Traci Lazar!) but I will try my best! Carlson Animal Hospital came into our lives when our pets truly needed them most. Most recently with our kitty Harold. They went above and beyond for us. The sweetest cat in the world was given extra time with us because of them and I could never say thank you enough!! We love you all! More...


Sam Hertenstein

27 October 2018

Everyone at Carlson is fantastic! They're so friendly and careful and they always take their time with my cat and me. The facility is very clean and I've never had an issue scheduling an exam or an emergency appointment. Highly, highly recommend!!


Dimitra LeFevre

28 August 2018

Dr Carlson and his entire team welcomed and addressed our dog's health issues with care and attention to detail. We are thrilled that Dash has responded well to the treatment plan and continuous to improve with great energy.
Thank you Dr Carlson and team!


Christy Walker

10 August 2018

I cannot say enough positive things about the staff and doctors at Carlson Animal Hospital. I am a crazy dog mom with high expectations but Carlson never fails to exceed them! We have visited Carlson for the routine visits (annual exams, vaccinations) and allergies, oral surgery, stomach issues and even hospitalization when one of our dogs became VERY sick with the canine flu this year. I really appreciated that Carlson did not take advantage of the canine flu outbreak to push the flu vaccine like many of the other vet practices out there. They took their time to really research the virus instead of over-vaccinating dogs with a vaccine not even designed for this strain! One of our dogs is a terror during nail trims and Carlson is the only place he remains calm and collected. No, they don't sedate him…I truly believe it's the compassion and love they show all of their patients. Our dogs always get excited when we arrive at Carlson. I highly reccomend Carlson for issues that you have not been able to solve for your furry children. We had gone to two different vets for one of our dog's allergies and stomach issues and did not find a solution and proper management program until we came to Carlson. More...


D. Nicole Miller

10 August 2018

We've been going to Carlson Animal hospital for 10 years. Compassionate care based on the latest science is the reason we trust them we our loved ones. Highly recommend!


Amy Michelle Daleiden

9 April 2018

Seriously the best veterinarian care my animals have ever received. Dr. Traci Lazar is absolutely amazing, compassionate, and understanding. Finally found a place I trust with my fur babies. More...


Julie Scott Tappan

8 September 2017

These are the most caring people I have ever met. They are Just phenomenal at caring about pets. They have me all the answers I needed on the wellness of my pet.


Colleen Langan

25 May 2017

I cannot say enough good things about the staff and my experiences with Carlson Animal Hospital. They truly care about you and your pet. I have, on a number of occasions, seen them drop everything for me and my dog and by the end of the visit I always feel better, and I know we are in good hands! They can tell when you are worried about your pet and take everything you say to heart, all while making sure their care is complete and thorough. I have never had a doctor be so thorough in their examination (including my own). I am always appreciative of their explanations of each test they recommend, why they recommend it, and then following up on the results. They really make sure you understand what is going on with your pet. The compassion that every member of the staff has for you and your animal is so comforting and touching. You can tell they love what they do and really want to help. They care about your pet's best interests. More...


Gabriella Collinsworth

28 April 2017

So sweet, responsive, and accommodating. They helped us on the hardest day in memory, and made us feel like welcome friends though they'd never met us. Because of their exceptional gentleness we'll be bringing our puppy to them for all his upcoming visits. More...


Ian Coxworth

28 August 2016

We brought Zoey in confused. Without repeating a long story the answers had we got from our local Vet were not working. Our Shih tzu was lathargic, not interested in her food and losing muscle in the shoulder area. Dr. Rich Carlson's high tech instruments matched with his highly skilled interpretation of the findings revealed a very sick dog. Zoey got 4 days in the hospital, the proper antibiotics, a total remake of her diet and the addition of probiotics. She was a very sick dog. Thirty days later she is better than she was before and well adjusted to a diet of dry food, fruits and vegatables. If you want...need the best and love your pet...Carlson Animal Hospital is the place to take your loved one. Ian Darien, IL More...


Martin Walles

11 August 2016

Thanks for taking care of McMuffin and letting me know about all the latest dog treatments. I am very satisfied with the staff I met with today.


LA Tiersma

10 December 2013

I have been a client here for 8 years and I will never consider taking my pets anywhere else! Carlson Animal Hospital is hands down the BEST place you can get medical care for little furry ones. My first experience here was with my little 14 year old shih tzu, Gabriel, who was was in kidney failure. I was originally going to another animal hospital for his routine care when we found this out. Their treatment options were only limited fluid therapy and after the second time he was hospitalized, they recommended euthanasia. My dog was still very active and was not showing any symptoms other than urinating more so, I was not convinced that I should be so abrupt to end is life. I was able to get a second opinion with Dr. Carlson and I am so glad that I did! He found that my dog had an adrenal tumor, a potassium disorder and high blood pressure along with his kidney issues. Dr. Carlson was very thorough and took his time to explain everything to me in detail and educated me on what treatments would be best. I already knew that kidney failure was not a curable disease but, Dr. Carlson and his wonderful staff gave my dog the best treatments to keep him comfortable and happy. I had 2 more years with my wonderful little guy and I could not thank them enough for all of their compassionate care within that time. I definitely would not have had that if I stuck with Gabriel’s previous animal hospital. I have also seen Dr. Swindell, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Richerson for my current cats and dog. I can’t even count on my both hands how many times they have been more than accommodating when my pets have gotten sick, to squeeze me in on busy days and even staying late when I have had emergencies and never once feeling rushed. I feel lucky to have found Carlson Animal Hospital and appreciate all they have done and continue to do for me and my pets. They truly are wonderful and care for your pets as if they were their own. More...

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