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Caring Companions Cleaning Services

West Point


Caring Companions Cleaning Services

West Point


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Kathy Malcom

21 August 2019

After a slightly "bumpy" start to the day, the service provided by Caring Companions was great. Very sweet, caring lady--really great driver!!--arrived to take me to my appointment. Everyone in the office was very helpful and considerate. Prices were better than other agencies I called. I would definitely recommend Caring Companions. More...


Haley Jenkins

2 August 2019

Compassionate company and the staff are super helpful & personable!


Emily Theron Sealock

16 July 2019

God provides servants for others.


Lynn Webb

12 July 2019

My Caring Companion CNA takes great care of my mother, and I would highly recommend this service to anyone with an elderly parent who needs home care or companionship.


Kawana Devereux

18 May 2019

The most genuine home health agency I've had the privilege to work with. They REALLY care about their clients....and staff!


Jennifer Cramer Carson

11 September 2018

Wonderful Company and staff, like having an extended family!


Ricci Spires

28 August 2018

A few weeks ago I sprang my ankle and fractured my foot. The pain got worse and worse so I went to the urgent care to find out what I had really done to myself and that is when I found out the bad news. I thought that just by using crutches that I would be alright and could make it on my on. I was wrong. I wasn’t able to really make it around my house. I have known Patrick Cramer and Rick Dews now for some time. Patrick told me to call Rick and he could send someone out to help me after I expressed how it really was hard trying to take a shower on my on for the fear of falling. I’m 48 so I thought that I didn’t need home healthcare. I thought that I was “To Young” for that sort of thing. Boy was I wrong. So I called Rick. He sent a lady out a couple of days later. She helped me to get to the shower. She assisted me so that I would not fall. I expressed to her that was my biggest fear since I had did all this to my foot because I had already fallen once and was so fearful of falling getting in or out of the shower. She reassured me that she was there with me and that she wasn’t going to allow that to happen. She was so professional. She helped me to my living room. She washed my bed sheets and then remade my bed. She washed 4 loads of clothes and then folded them. She placed them in their proper places. She swept all the floors and mopped them as well. She also moved the living room furniture and swept behind them too. She offered to cook for me but I expressed that my son was going to bring me something. God has truly blessed this company with this lady that they have. I forgot her name but they have it on file. If ever I need home healthcare again I will ask for her. I can’t express how much I would recommend this service by Caring Companions to others. I’ve told several people now how I was treated with loving care. The treatment I received reminded me of how my mom and grandmother always took care of me. WITH LOVE. Use them. Try them out. You will see for yourself that you or your loved one will be treated with the same love and professionalism that I received. Ricci Spires More...


Zericka Whitmore

17 August 2018



Ricci Spires

13 August 2018

Several weeks ago I sprang my ankle and fractured my foot. Was in a lot of pain. I have known Patrick Cramer and Rick Dews now for some time. I expressed to Patrick that I’m having a hard time getting around in my house even with crutches. He told me to get in touch with Rick and that he could send a lady out to help. He sent one out a couple of days later. Very professional she was. She helped me to the shower so that I could take one. She washed my bed sheets and remade my bed. She washed 4 loads of clothes. She swept and mopped my floors. She even offered to cook my food. I would recommend this company to anyone that is in need of a care giver or know someone that is. Strong Christian company with strong moral values. No one will go wrong with their service. They are truly blessed with the young lady that they sent out that is with the company. Ricci Spires More...


Merrill Hudson

29 June 2018

Very reliable and organized company. Excellent communication app. Lovely, reliable and well trained caregivers. Able to get care on short notice. Highly recommend