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Manteca, CA

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Caliber Mark

Manteca, CA


A Financial Consulting and Coaching firm, Caliber Mark provides financial services for individual and business clients with expertise in setting and achieving financial goals.

We do that by making the role of Chief Financial Officer accessible both in the personal and nonprofit space.



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Working in two distinct areas of financial management, personal and nonprofit, we offer clients large and small services that fit their needs.

Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping:
We’ll keep track of transactions on a monthly basis for proper reconciliation and categorization. We’ll conduct all month end closing procedures.

Regular Financial Reporting
We’ll compile critical reports with detailed notes that you can use to keep your finger on the pulse of your personal and business finances

Objective Based Financial Management Strategies
We will work together to craft the financial management goals that your family or organization has in both the short and long term. We will become a thought-partner with you in designing a plan to reach those goals; monitoring progress every step of the way.

Budget & Forecasting
Critical to every financial plan is the ability to put together an effective budget and forecast cash flow. We will work together to compile these components to provide you with a better understanding of your financial capability

Fundraising & Development Operations
Fundraising and development is a big piece of the revenue generation for any nonprofit. It’s imperative that nonprofit executives engagement in building revenue channels. However, difficulty arises as many times we don’t know where to begin. With our Fund Dev Ops We’ll help you develop a system that is scalable to make your revenue generation easier.

Tax & Legal Compliance
Filing the appropriate paperwork can be challenging for any nonprofit. We aim to help carry that burden for you helping you file the necessary forms at the correct times so you can get back to the mission. No headache necessary.

At Caliber Mark, we strive to make the task of understanding your nonprofit’s financial picture easy and actionable. From setting up your accounting environment to crafting objective based financial management strategies, we believe that great organizations have solid financial management processes and systems in place to help them reach their short and long term goals.

We are dedicated to providing value to our clients and that is what we value most - people and progression towards their set goals

Matt is a long time nonprofit executive with a life goal of bringing business process to impact personal and business financial management. His story is a unique one having started his financial management journey in ministry with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies & Bible to gaining his MBA in Nonprofit Administration and Management. Matt is a licensed financial coach with extensive professional experience in nonprofit operations and finance. With his experience and passion, he launched Caliber Mark to make the role of Chief Financial Officer accessible in the personal and nonprofit space helping you design and achieve your financial goals.

Our clients walk away from each engagement confident in their financial outlook with clear action steps towards their goals.