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Business Computer Services has been providing small and medium-sized businesses across the United States with IT support and services more than ever. Although based in Northern California, our reach and customer base has extended into more than 30 states.



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We love solving I.T. problems and helping our clients become more efficient. Also respectfully educating them about the ever shifting I.T. landscape is a passion.

Actually I was losing my job as the head I.T. Administrator for a Large Architect firm that was downsizing. They were my first client, and from their I grew to love the challenge of being not only I.T. but business itself.

3 Simple Reason to choose us:
1. Extremely Fast Response Time, We understand your technology runs your business and work to minimize any downtime you may ever have.

2. If your frustrated with your current I.T. situation becasue they are slow to respond or condescending. We know I.T. has a bunch of jargon and we'd rather you understand your I.T. investment by talking in plain english then talking "tekkie language" so we feel and look smart. We respect you as a client.

3. If you're moving offices, having a slow network, want to protect your data or recover it after a ransom ware attack, Setup Printers, Computers, Network or move to the cloud, these are just some of the I.T. services we provide


One of the easiest things any business can do to protect itself is establish a consistent and reliable back up process. The recovery of files allows companies to fight back in a world of everyday natural and man-made disasters. This allows Business Computer Services to provide focus efforts on IT systems that back up your most valuable data, provide companies with peace of mind through thorough backups and development of a disaster recovery plan.

Business Computer Services brings voice communication and multimedia session costs down by providing enterprise-level VoIP phone support and outsourced IT management services at a fraction of the cost of handling it in-house. You can now transfer images, videos and text while speaking and sharing during multimedia sessions. With VoIP, you can also set up full conference calls with multiple people, without being restricted to only two parties.

Your servers, computers and personal devices are the backbone and heart of your business. Business Computer Services is comfortable with all your desktops, laptops, work stations and operating systems. Our specialized team is ready to manage and maintain them all. Allow us to keep your drivers, software and licenses up to date while integrating new equipment with old. We ensure your environment is optimized for both PC and MAC. In the end, your businesses IT running smoothly is our benchmark and what we stand for. Managed IT. Simply Delivered

Every network is unique and consist of a lot of moving and intricate parts. Allow Business Computer Services to manage everything that keeps you and your business efficient as possible. Trust BCS to optimize and manage everything from servers, firewalls and routers to load balancers, VPN devices, switches and much more. From the simplest designs to our most complex environments, we are prepared to keep you running at all times

Allowing quick, descriptive and direct communication, email has become a staple for most businesses. As one of the most valuable tools to aid business efficiency it is imperative your email is sufficiently protected. Spam, phishing scams, malware, viruses and other attacks all feed into hurting business productivity and driving up cost. Business Computer Services can provide both email and spam protection allowing our customers the peace of mind with a reliable and protected email platform.

Allow Business Computer Services to host and manage your Microsoft Office 365 services. This cloud based email and supporting software allows you access everywhere. This service will meet your every need with top notch security, 24/7 reliability and productivity with low tiered subscription prices based on user head count. Business Computer Services is your one stop shop for all Office 365 services, from migration and implementation to support and management.

Managing and maintaining a virtual server has never been easier! Allow Business Computer Services to host your VM (Virtual Machine) today, reducing your physical costs, consolidating current servers and optimizing the overall environment. Having a virtual environment provides your business with a cost effective and adaptive solution to grow with your business.

Is your technology taking up valuable office space, making it difficult to implement new I.T.? The solution is virtualization support from Business Computer Services. We enable you to separate your I.T. resources from your in-house environment. Your technology will be delivered to you via the Internet instead of taking over your office allowing you to do more with less. Virtualization techniques can be applied to all aspects of your business I.T., including software, networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications. Our services enable your business to reduce the cost of downtime, leading to an increase of productivity and sales, as well as enhanced security.

Is worry over malicious attacks from hackers, malware, and viruses preventing you from moving forward? What about the possibility of internal threats and accidents including lost or broken USB drives and laptops? We powerfully shield the vital information of your company with our total Computer Data Security solutions, so can put your worries aside. Our Network and Data Security solutions, along with virus removal, malware, and spam protection services protect you from all that’s out there. We deliver first class Wireless Network Security solutions that free you from the worry over your company’s safety. No matter whether your organization is in need of security consulting, powerful network firewall, wireless network security, virus removal & prevention, computer data & PC security, internet security, IT security consulting, or data security management, you can count on us.

Let’s face it – moving can be stressful! We fully understand the complexity of moving sites and the potential strain on your productivity. Business Computer Services has the experience to coordinate the move of your technology, secure and re-institute your technology and help strategic growth plans in your new space. You can count on us to handle all your structured cabling systems, cable management, technology relocation, equipment/server racks, communications and network cabling needs.

When your business is in need of replacing old servers or switching to new systems entirely, Business Computer Services is there to help. Our specialists safely handle and manage your data and documents when it is most convenient to your business. Our project management team includes an outlined process to deploy and handle installing new hardware, software and configurations through testing and desired performance.

At Business Computer Services’ we house dedicated cable installers. We have the ability to design, implement and adapt your cabling infrastructure, meaning we are flexible enough to provide support for multiple data, voice, multi-media and video lines. Our ability to adapt to every potential issue may face allows us to best serve our customers’ needs and ultimately their success.

Technology doesn’t always find the most convenient time to fall short. When you need help we are available, simple as that. There is a reason we list our directors contact information – its accessibility and ease of use. Whether your business requires PC technical support, software help and upgrades, full PC diagnostics, hardware repair, online computer support, computer help, PC help, solving computer problems, I.T. assistance, online PC repair, or remote/on-site computer support services, we will be there for you

Files been locked by Ransomware we can help

Need to become HIPPA compliant? Need to fix a violation? We can help. We are experts at HIPPA compliance and can help your office be ready for any inspection or audit.