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Lisa Tomacelli

22 June 2018

Great place for drinks and cigars.. air quality is amazing. You don't leave smelling like a cigar bar. Employee's are friendly and awesome service. Fantastic selection of wine..love it !! More...


Corey Solberg

21 June 2018

Very cool place, well worth checking out. Love Rocky Patel Cigars and unlike minnesota, you can get a good drink to go along with the cigar. Service was fantastic.


Shawn Mrochko

5 June 2018

Love this place!!! Friendly people great atmosphere! The humidor manager Jonathan was very accommodating. Happy hour every day and a great Rocky cigar. I will be back!!


Manuela Pena

9 May 2018

The smoke from the cigars is very controlled. The atmosphere is very relax and friendly. The cigars have different prices. We enjoyed our visit and will go back soon. God's blessings More...


jordan wenner

7 May 2018

A higher end cigar lounge that has great happy hour specials during the day, at night turns more night life like and usually has live music or a Dj most nights.


Dante Guida

8 April 2018

Im here sporadically, nice atmosphere. Gotta like alcohol and cigars.


Pedro Pardo Jr.

8 April 2018

Great atmosphere and exceptional service. Great Happy hour and late night entertainment ☝



7 April 2018

One of the best places out there to grab a cigar and drink. Great freindly knowledgeable staff.


Kimberly Croxville

28 March 2018

First time at a cigar bar and loved it! Went on Saturday which is ladies night so there was no cover! They have a cigar shop in house where you can pursue a large selection of cigars ranging in prices that can accommodate everyone. My gal friends and I bought a small one for $7 to share and it was plenty for us. Atmosphere is sophisticated yet wild, and there is a beautiful lighted bar. Drinks are pretty pricy but they also have a small dance floor with good music. Overall, we loved Burn! More...


Tracey Tarquinio

16 February 2018

I am a woman who likes a good cigar lounge but staff doesn't really pay attention. The waitresses are to busy trying to land a man n the guys unless you are a regular don't stop to see. If you want a drink. If staff would pY attention to who's sitting right in front of them they would make twice as much n do 3 times the business. Love it v here but flagging down someone for a cocktail gets exhausting More...


R. Scott Akins

1 February 2018

New plane was loved at Burn, bartop allowed for successfull takeoff!


Darrel Hollins

23 January 2018

Awesome cigar lounge. World class. A must stop when in Naples!


Edna Dotson

5 December 2017

Very classy. Good environment for holding an event of this caliber. Staff on point!


Kathleen Dill

30 October 2017

This is the most awesome place I've ever been! I am definitely going back! The manager Jerry is one of the finest people I've met on my travels. Best wishes to you Rocky and the staff at Burn!! More...


Charles Imondi

24 September 2017

Awesome place. Best happy Hr in Naples but at night on weekends cover charge for men and drink prices ridiculous but great people watching spot.


Kimberly Font

22 September 2017

A group of my friends and I visited for the first time on my birthday. Music was great. Staff was wonderful will be back when I visit Fl. in March.


Nikki Thomspon

14 September 2017

Alex was hands down the most friendly bartender I've ever had at Burn. I came in after the hurricane, he was running the place by himself and doing a great job. I know he is usually in the humidor but I really hope to see him behind the bar more often. He definitely deserves it. More...


Jason Marshall

29 August 2017

The service here is always great... helpful humidor managers and experienced cocktail bar. It's more of a nightclub in the evenings but, nonetheless a great spot to enjoy a cigar for an evening. Half of the humidor is Rocky Patel cigars, the other half is a small variety of well known cigars such as Padron, My Father, & Drew Estate... would like to see a few more boutique cigars available such as Tatuaje, Romacraft, Warped, and Illusione but, I was happy to see they've added La Palina. Worth a visit. More...


Travis Caldaro

18 August 2017

If I could give it 6 stars I would. Best cigar spot in America


Ryan Trapp

22 July 2017

Supreme staff. Suggested several awesome cigars and the bar staff is excellent! Had a great time.


David Swazey

30 June 2017

Ashley and Ash are both awesome! Not only beautiful but outstanding at their craft!!?


Shawn F

14 June 2017

Super-cool place with great live music at times. Extensive bar and walk-in humidor with helpful staff. I always take the time to learn more about cigars while I'm there.

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