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Sam Werbel

17 July 2019

Burlington PT has helped me repeatedly recover from injuries from my high-velocity life, and has given me tools to help keep me out of their office for longer periods of time. The healing methods they use are varied and effective, and the recovery protocols are thorough and tailored to specific needs. I can't give enough praise for the impressive work that Sarah and Brittany do. I highly recommend their services! More...


Max MacDonald

30 June 2019

I couldn't recommend Burlington Physical Therapy enough. I have had the fortune of working with Brittney on and off for the past year. Here attention to detail, knowledge and treatment keep me coming back. If your body is in need, do it a favor and give BPT a chance to help it out. You won't regret it. More...


Nicole Duquette

4 May 2019

Sarah and Brittany are amazing! I've been treated by both of them for specific issues with my back and ribs, and I've also gone to see them for more general body maintenance and recovery sessions. They really understand body mechanics and alignment so they are able to quickly diagnose and treat injuries with a variety of different tools and treatment methods, including massage, cupping, dry needling, and Graston. I leave every appointment with new stretches and exercises to help me strengthen and maintain my body. More...


Sam Horchler

25 April 2019

I have complete confidence in this practice. I've worked with Brittany twice now, she is professional and pleasant. I'm impressed by how quickly she was able to diagnose my pain each time and work her magic; I've learned a lot of great new stretches now, too! Currently leading a very active and pain free life thanks to BPT! More...


Megan Ayers

25 April 2019

I've worked with both Brittany and Sarah on a few issues with my shoulders. Both of them have impressed me with their knowledge, expertise, and thoughtful approach. I do CrossFit regularly 3-5 days a week so it's great to have such an amazing PT practice readily accessible for the aches and pains that pop up. Highly recommend! More...


david mendenhall

25 April 2019

I’ve experienced a lot of PT in my life, and these ladies are two of the best. They know how to get you back to action; through varied approaches and modalities, they work with you, toward your goals. They are impressive athletes themselves, so if you count yourself in that group, you can trust they understand your performance needs. My knees and shoulder have benefited greatly from my visits. More...


Joshua Patch

25 April 2019

I've been treated by both Sarah and Brittany at Burlington Physical Therapy and they are both great at what they do. They understand the rigors of strenuous training, what it can do to the body as well as how to keep it running smoothly. To top it off they are both friendly and fun to work with. More...


Jennifer Childress

25 April 2019

Sarah has been amazing to work with! She is helping me train for an endurance event while I continue to recover from an injury. She responds to my texts and emails promptly with answers to my questions. Her knowledge and expertise have made me feel confident that I will meet my goal and recover fully. Sarah is always friendly and engaged which makes the experience even better. More...


John Hrindo

25 April 2019

Brittany and Sarah are both super friendly, approachable, and really know what they’re talking about! I’ve walked into their office, pointed at a body part, and said “this hurts and I can’t make it better.” When I leave, not only am I certain that our session effectively targeted and neutralized that pain, I also have a list of exercises to do at home or at the gym to help rebuild strength in that area and keep from gettting injured again. Their focus is to keep you OUT of their office! More...


Eli Campbell

24 February 2019

Sarah was awesome to work with! I've had several ACL surgeries and was beginning to feel some knee pain but was unsure of how to take care of that on my own. Sarah immediately knew what was going on with my knee, and I was really appreciative of the 1-on-1 for an hour session and the attention and care that she provided me with. She gave me some exercises to work through on my own, and I've seen a huge improvement since. She also recently checked in to see how I was doing, and I think that communication captures how awesome BPT's work is. Highly recommend. Thanks BPT! More...


Jameson Halnon

4 February 2019

I went to see Brittany for my ongoing shoulder and hip issues. I found her diagnosis, and recommendations to be extremely helpful. The treatment and professionalism was top notch, and I have significant less pain, and more use since seeing her. More...


Tasha Ludovici

4 February 2019

I have been working with Brittany since 2012. She has been an intrical part of my rehibilitation for my shoulder, knee and hips. She has given me so many tools and advice to keep my flare ups at bay. She is extremely professional and takes the time to help you understand each part of the recovery process. More...


Rob Cummings

4 February 2019

I was referred to Britt by a friend when she was located in the Worcester area. I had a possible undiagnosed torn labrum. I couldn’t do any wide grip overhead positions.

Britt did some manual therapy, dry needling, and corrective exercises. Over the course of a couple months and multiple appointments I was back in the gym snatching and doing overhead squats.

Britt is an extremely knowledgeable and personable practitioner. I would recommend her to anyone, she is fantastic.


Jameson H

27 October 2018

I have been to Burlington Physical Therapy for a few different ailments such as movement restrictions and pain. Through the diagnostic and treatment periods I was treated professionally and Dr. Annis was very helpful. I’ve been to PTs in the past where I didn’t feel like they were concerned about my injuries. Here I felt the opposite, the care and attention to detail is outstanding. I would highly recommend to anyone, and will continue to do so. More...


Vanessa Matos

27 October 2018

Brittany saw me through an acute injury this summer and is currently helping me address movement imbalances that I've ignored for years. I couldn’t be more grateful for her knowledgable and innovative care with both of these concerns. She takes my physical therapy goals seriously and allows them to guide our treatment sessions. I can happily report that I’ve noticed improved athletic performance and less frequent injury flare-ups since starting to work with Burlington Physical Therapy. Highly recommend! More...

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