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Master Fitness Trainer and Sports Performance Coach. I have trained thousands of people and teams of all ages. My unique approach to cross training has given countless individuals the results they are looking for. If you want to reach your Fitness Goals contact me today.

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Dong Hui Kim

29 November 2018

I loved this place a lot, but found that crossfit isn't the best form of exercise for me because of my health problems. Nonetheless, the instructors really knew what they're doing, were very good about teaching you the proper forms, and were super friendly. Definitely worth trying out for anyone who wants to try something new. More...


Tony Klarich

30 October 2018

I've worked out at exactly 33 CrossFit boxes in the last 7 years and OCCF is my current gym, and I hope to be for years to come. OOCF is one of my all time favorite places to get fit. My wife is in her third month after two other CrossFits and she is so happy with OCCF because the coaches help her scale the workouts. We so enjoy getting sweaty together! She is getting real help while she takes her time getting stronger. Perfect box for both of us. Look us up it you stop in. Team TK More...


Jeff Hull

30 October 2018

One of the best drop in experiences ever, awesome box, awesome crew, everything I love about CrossFit. Brutal WOD...and on a Sunday.


Redmond Ramos

30 September 2018


This gym is simply perfect. The owner is an amazing human being and every single one of the coaches is fantastic.


Devin Garrett

1 August 2018

By far the best gym experience I’ve been apart of. The owner Kyle has a well oiled machine in OCCF, he knows how to run a gym and continuously finds ways to improve the experience for his members. Culture here is phenomenal, quality equipment and machines, great coaches and great members. Would recommend OCCF to anyone no matter what their fitness goals are, you will immediately find yourself at home. More...


Greg Moore

2 July 2018

We were traveling to an out of town training and my home gym recommended dropping in to OCCF. When we came in the coaches, athletes and facilities were great. We had challenging workouts and the coaches treated us like we were members. I would highly recommend OCCF to anyone in the Orange County area. Thanks for the good workouts. More...


Albert Franco

2 July 2018

Myself and two coworkers from Sacramento dropped in to OCCF while we were in Orange County for a business trip. We were welcomed by the coaches and made us feel at home. Their facility was professional, their coaches were very knowledgeable and gave good feedback. I will definitely be visiting OCCF in the future. More...


katrina patapoff

28 May 2018

I have been at this gym for about 3 months now and I never want to go back to a regular gym. It’s a little intimidating to walk into a gym like this and not know a ton about Olympic weight lifting or gymnastics moves but the instructors are fantastic and break everything down for you. They are encouraging during the workouts and the camaraderie you get with the other members is awesome. More...


Anna Ricci

28 May 2018

I joined OCCF in May '17 and love it. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and, most importantly, the coaches are knowledgeable. I enjoy the classes and coaching/instruction and really appreciate the open gym time. There is a wide variety of equipment so your workouts never get old. More...


Shaun Hare

28 May 2018

I have been going to Orange Coast CrossFit for several years and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to push their fitness to the next level. Their coaches are all top-notch and will help you to get the results you are looking for. They are all super knowledgeable and friendly. Their facility is the most spacious out of any CrossFit box I've attended. They are always making improvements and keeping the equipment up to date. The community is full of positive, encouraging people that will make you feel welcome whether you're new to the sport or a veteran. Thank you OCCF for all that you do! More...


Peter McKernan

13 March 2018

I have been going to this gym for three plus years and the day-to-day culture and community is what keeps me coming back for more! This is a great gym and houses a great set of coaches! More...


scott lynch

25 November 2017

Hands down the best gym around! I’ve been a member at multiple Crossfit gyms over the past 5 years and this stands way above them all. Awesome coaches, tons of equipment, clean and almost always open. Strongly recommended! More...


Daniel Simon

24 November 2017

I signed up about a year ago. I've never done crossfit before. Great team and coaches. The classes are fun, every time I come here they make me work my ass off. Don't worry about how old or fit you are, these guys take care of you!! More...


Jay Kerber

29 July 2017

Did the crossfit classes as a drop-in for a week while i was traveling for work. Great box!! Owner and coaches were top notch. Great community. I highly recommend it. More...


Lars Komorowski

24 June 2017

Dropped in two mornings this week. Extremely welcoming group. Encouraging coaches. Good eyes for detail. Fun WODs. If you stay or live around John Wayne Airport don't hesitate to go there.


Kris Elftmann

26 January 2017

When I met Kyle he asked what my goals were: I wanted to look leaner, get stronger and feel better in my everyday activities. It's only been four months but I have made fantastic progress. Following Kyle's fitness and eating plans, I've lost 2-3 inches in my waist, lost 10% of my body fat, and I'm far more flexible than i can ever remember being. And the comments from friends have been amazing.

I have a long way to go, but i would never have thought i could achieve what I have in such a short time. Kyle clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness, he kicks my butt every morning, and he is a great motivator who is truly committed to helping me succeed. Oh yeah, he's is a really good guy! (The other trainers seem pretty damn talented as well.)

OCCF is a serious place for people who "Love brutal workouts," but it is a pretty welcoming place if you truly want to get fit.


Ashley Wong

25 January 2017

I have been here a year and a half.. There are well-educated & experienced (& fit !) coaches. It's a supportive team with a competitive atmosphere. All class workouts are well run with programming that just.. works. If you are new, you are recommended to take Crossfit 101 before you take classes on your own to ensure you know how to execute the movements safely and effectively. Its also a damn good lookin' box. Find out for yourself. More...


Fernando Luna

24 January 2017

It's amazing how you can just walk into a box not knowing anyone there and by the time you leave you feel like you have been accepted into their family. More than a box an awesome family to meet them,Thanks for the great Coaching and all the members of this awesome family!! More...


Blake Cottrell

9 February 2016

I love this gym I'v been a member at OCCF for 4 months now ( down 12 pounds!) , clean environment , very knowledgeable helpful and friendly coaches always pushing you to do better !! class schedules are great if you have a tight schedule. I've made many new friends at this gym and love every day that I train there , The owners Kyle and Kenny are always setting up fun events and holiday parties for the members. I highly recommend joining this gym if you're looking to start your CrossFit fitness and health goals. More...

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It's pretty simple. Piss poor planning creates piss poor results. We will create a nutritional and fitness goal based on the individuals needs and then execute.

The secret is how you perform in the gym is how you perform out there in the real world. If you give half ass effort in the gym, your likely to have a half ass diet as well. If you bust your ass and follow your trainers plan you will most likely have a stellar diet which will then in return leave you with that body everyone wants.

I love showing people what they are capable of. Watching people do things they didn't think were possible. Teaching people about Mental toughness and showing them that our bodies are a lot stronger and more capable than they think.

When I left the Marine Corps I knew I wanted to be in the Fitness industry. Becoming Fit changed my life in every way and I want to share that with the world.

I am honest, I will hold you accountable, and I am committed to my clients goals.