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Ishan Desai

24 July 2019

Very friendly staff, helped me find everything I needed very quickly.


Roger Q.

3 July 2019

This family run lumber and hardware store is top notch. They have fabulous service (they will cut lumber to size), a great selection, and reasonable prices. Lumber, hardware, decking, siding, windows and doors. They have it all. Go see your yourself. More...


Obi U.

5 June 2019

This is a great place for any professional or amateur person trying to purchase lumber. I spoke with one of their team members Noah and despite their good prices and customer service, Noah is the reason they get five stars. Actually everybody in the company was super helpful with my order not just picking up the phone to sell wood but finding out what I needed it for and how I was going to be constructed and using their experience and know how to guide me in the right direction for the perfect product. I wish I can give them a six star this place is great I was suggest using them over any other lumber supply store in the Southbay. More...


Jim P.

26 May 2019

This place is a lumber yard but also includes a moderate sized hardware and garden supply store.  Inventory is a bit limited but they likely will have what you need for more home / garden projects.  Most important for amateurs like me... the staff is patient, helpful, knowledgeable and staff.  Kind of a weird location but easy to get to once you know where it is.  Easy parking. More...


Anne Marie C.

26 April 2019

Purchased window with Danielle for kitchen remodel. We had some issues with the two window sashes. Danielle contacted the company for replacement under warranty. They ended up replacing promptly with no charge.I have been working with Danielle for years for my window needs. She is knowledgeable, always professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to use Bruce Bauer in the future and highly recommend Danielle. She is the best! More...


Malcolm Slaney

25 April 2019

Nice people. Great products. Thank you!


Todd Francis Macdonald

25 April 2019

Very friendly and had free donuts and coffee when I went


Kiyyah Rasheed

24 February 2019

I was greeted by each member of the staff as soon as I entered the shop. Each of them offered to help me find what I was looking for, and once I did they carried my items to the front of the store. Great prices and excellent customer service! I highly recommend this business. More...


Ben Stoltz

26 December 2018

It's so nice to do business with a place that has the right people, tools, and materials.


Edward Johnson

26 November 2018

Friendly folks and very helpfull.


Mike Cummins

27 October 2018

High quality and very nice, helpful folks.


Matt Hoying

27 October 2018

Only place I go for my lumber. Great selection of various grades and much less expensive than the big home improvement stores. Decent selection of tools and fasteners as well. More...


Patrick Riesch

27 September 2018

I've shopped here for the past 40 yrs. Always great help, lots of stock and stock you don't get at big box stores. Quality outfit


Bob Campbell

28 August 2018

The best place for all your lumber and hardware needs


Kris Brandyberry

20 August 2018

Great service people are awesome and the Lumber is 1st Rate!


Alison De Geus

20 August 2018

If you want personalized, knowledgeable service and quality lumber. Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply is the place to go. This is a local, family run business that treats everyone like family! Want to inspire the our next generation of wood workers? They are wonderful with children. We had our classroom of 24 children visit, ride the forklift, see their display on antique tools, sample Saturday morning's donuts, check out soft vs. hard wood and explore the isles with tubs, full if washers, nuts, bolts, screws, nails and springs of every size! And the tools! Magic to the little ones. A local treasure trove! More...


Spenser Soares

20 August 2018

If your looking for lumber, supplies, and excellent customer service, Bruce Bauer is the place to go!


Matt Lebowski

20 August 2018

Knowledgeable, personal service with a smile. It always feels like family is assisting me.

And hey, they helped me make a great beer pong table and planter box, too.


david kurtzman

29 July 2018

Excellent service and general knowledge, and if they don't have it in stock they can order it. Best quality lumber in the local area and great prices for a privately owned shop.

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