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Leslie S.

16 February 2019

A huge thank you to the Brothers cleaning team for always exceeding my expectations!! I have been a loyal customer for almost two years now and I must say they are quick, efficient, professional, and my home is ALWAYS squeaky clean and well taken care of whenever I use their services. Besides their friendly, optimistic attitudes, my favorite quality is their attention to detail! They are the best and most trustworthy local cleaning business I've worked with here in Las Vegas :) More...


Dianne B.

29 June 2018

Excellent job done by two ladies. They were finished in 1 hr 45' but could have probably done a little more...they worked diligently and thorough. I have all tile floors on the first level and asked them to mop with soap and water instead of a Swifter. They were fine with that! If their good work keeps up I plan to use them weekly. I have just recently moved into Las Vegas from out of state  and working full time so needed the help. More...


E.J. M.

25 May 2018

I have two vacation rental houses and have been using Brothers cleaning service for over a year.i use them 10-15times a month. So this review is really based on over 100 services I've got from them.  Over a year, I notice their service has been improved in many areas. The office people are friendlier & more prompt. Also they got returning customers on file, so they don't have to ask same questions repeatedly. They are always willing to work with you to solve any issues. Their maids are on time always and follow the instruction much better. I do not have any complaints about their cleaning job. They are the best cleaning service with great price. More...


Amber L.

26 September 2017

Carolina and Lety did an amazing job cleaning my house. They were on time, friendly and cleansed extremely well! I am very happy with their services and will use them again!


Evelyn V.

13 March 2017

Ana and Dora are the best !! Ask for them 2 !! They throughly detail every single thing!! I'm surprised at the amazing service. This is the third company I literally have gone to all the other ones sucked and I guess 3rd time is a charm !!! Definitely a keeper  they do your dishes and do your bed !! AMAZING!!  As bad as my house is with 2 dogs !! Great job ladies !!!! More...


Lucy W.

27 December 2016

Absolutely amazing! Being on bed rest during my pregnancy made it super hard to clean but Brothers Cleaning did everything for me! I wasn't expecting much but they cleaned things I'd never even cleaned before! Can't beat the price and they are quick. Definitely recommend to everyone.  Brothers Cleaning Service is perfect! More...


Rita S.

12 August 2015

The service was excellent.  The 2 ladies, Lordes & Adriana worked extremely hard and non-stop the entire time they were here.  They were very professional and well qualified to do a great job.  Every corner of our house was cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.  We were very pleased and more than satisfied with the results.  I will definitely use them again in the future. More...


Ashley G.

4 July 2015

I called brothers cleaning at 9AM this morning to have them clean my empty apartment for move out SAME DAY.  I was not expecting anyone to be available that last minute on a holiday weekend.  However they could get me an appointment time of 2:30.  I said sure and to let me know if there were any earlier cancellations.  Nicole was nice enough to call me an hour later and said they did have a cancellation for the holiday and were available at noon and there was a half our arrival window.  I was delighted.  I had cleaners at my place 3.5 hours after I called on the 4th of July!  Two ladies showed up at 12:30.  After reading some of the other reviews about them being late, I was happy that Nicole had positioned an arrival window of 12-1230. That being they were on time.  these two ladies worked HARD.  I know it was a mess and I know the frige stunk like garbage.  They did an excellent job making this place Move-in ready.  I will be using them again for my new house on a regular basis.  Thank you so much for the last minute fantastic job. More...


Andrew V.

19 June 2015

I love these guys!  I've called twice now, they come the next day, and the cleaning is amazing for a great price.  I expected floors, mirrors, counters, etc cleaned.  Check and check, but they go way beyond.  My bed was made.  Clothes I left on the floor were neatly folded.  Dishes I left in the sink were washed.  I almost didn't want to walk on the carpet because they somehow vacuum it so it has this perfect triangle pattern.  I'd recommend them to anyone. More...


Jill O.

26 March 2015

Very happy with the Brother Cleaning Services. Called 1 day ahead and was scheduled 9am the next day! Came in on time! Best $ spent. My husband was really happy with the service too. Will definitely use them again in the future. More...


Jason T.

17 November 2014

I own a property management company and we use Brothers Cleaning Services all the time. They even clean our house. They have been quick and always done a great job for us. The first time they came out, they did not clean everything perfect, but we told them what they missed and they got everything. I'm very happy with them. More...


Sky B.

10 September 2014

I have used them twice and two different homes and they have ALWAYS given me excellent service. Extremely friendly staff & I have never had a problem. I was referred to them by at friend who uses them and I will continue to use them. GREAT SERVICE! More...


S R.

20 February 2014

Just hired Brother's Cleaning as per a friend's recommendation. The girls came on time, were extremely attentive to our needs and cleaned the house extremely well. After they were done, someone called from the office to ensure we received good service. I already have scheduled for them to come out again. Highly recommend them. More...

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