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Cyndi Jefferies

12 October 2019

I am VERY pleased with our decision to use Brenda’s House Cleaning! I have the SAME girl each week, not a new person entering my home each time. This is HUGE for me! Kim does an amazing job. More...


Nancy Hamby

10 October 2019

Brenda's does just what you want them to. The girls make good use of their time, and do a good job. They seek out other tasks if they look like they are going to finish a little early.


Carol Keiter

7 October 2019

I am completely satisfied with my cleaning experience. My cleaning lady is very responsible. She takes pride in her work and does a good job. I don't ever want a change. Thank you to her and Brenda for this. More...


Ken Adler

7 September 2019

For they charge I find the service good.


Susan Lovell

31 August 2019

I’ve been with Brenda for over 20 years. Excellent Christian company!


Dan Reardon

24 August 2019

We are in our 3rd month with Brenda's. The job is being done very well each time , and we get a lot of cleaning for the money. Highly recommend!!!


Jay Mexico8

25 April 2019

Could not be more pleased with the services rendered. Very professional and Pleasant conversationalist.


Candace Sprick

26 December 2018

Brenda's Housecleaning is a wonderful service! The cleaning staff is always on time, thorough, and quite pleasant. The office staff is cheerful and as accommodating as they can be, given the nature of a tightly scheduled business. And Brenda, the owner, is very customer service oriented. As a small business owner myself, I know that you can't promise there won't ever be a problem, but you can promise to fix whatever may arise. Brenda does just that. I highly recommend Brenda's House Cleaning! More...


Tanya Smith

27 September 2018

Ivory was amazing. Did way more than what I asked her to do. Loved how well she did and how quickly she worked. Loved that she was able to do my whole house in less than the four hours. Loved that she was very personal and able to talk to even with the craziness that goes on in my very full house. More...


Shannon Mortimer

28 August 2018

Renee was very kind and did an amazing job listening to the specifics of what we needed done in our house! Her work was thorough and done with excellence! We would definitely recommend her and ask for her again! More...


Austin Trejo

29 July 2018

Don't let some of the bad reviews impact your decision about hiring this company. The customer service was amazing and they were happy to answer any questions that I had. The service itself was top notch. The ladies showed up on time, were very polite, and went above and beyond what I asked them to do. Would definitely hire again. More...


Brittany V.

9 June 2017

I bought a Groupon and everything went smoothly. I made an appointment and they showed up on time. I had a list of everything I wanted clean. They spent probably an hour on the bathrooms and then an hour on everything else. I had two cleaners for two hours. It wasn't the cleanest ever, like completely spotless, but I could tell they had cleaned everything I asked for and it looked good. I wouldn't pay top dollar, because I noticed one or two spots, but for a Groupon this is an amazing deal. More...


Danelle Chapman

25 May 2017

This was my first experience using a house cleaning service and I was very impressed. They worked efficiently and cleaned my home far better than I ever could. I have happily signed myself up for regular monthly cleanings. The rates are perfect very affordable and totally worth it. More...


Gladys H.

28 January 2015

We purchased a groupon for 4 hours of cleaning and were very satisfied with the quality of work. Scheduling was quick and easy, and our house looked great at the end of the 4 hours. I would definitely use Brenda's again! More...


Belinda C.

27 January 2013

I recently used this service after purchasing a groupon.  The ladies did a great job on the house. They were very thorough in many areas and only missed a few spots.  I prefer them over the service I had previously used (Merry Maids). If I ever get in a pinch again, I would not hesitate to give them a call. More...

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