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Cooper T.

4 September 2019

This review is going to be lengthy, so bear with me, but let me start off by saying this: Brandon is absolutely life-changing. Due to the issues and incidents I had experienced with my little guy, I was running out of options and times to remedy behaviors that were creating incidents that would result in me having to put my dog down if things did not change. Brandon, in the span of a day or so, completely changed my life and my dogs. My little guy has a new lease on life now thanks to Brandon's amazing work. Let me get into that below with my preamble now complete. I adopted my guy (Berto, an American Staffordshire Terrier) from BARC shelter in Brooklyn. At the time they told me he had previously had some incidents with other dogs but it was not totally clear the full extent of what I was dealing with. Fast forward a few weeks and I found that I had a bit of a situation on my hand. My dog was seemingly pulling me down the sidewalk, dominating myself and my roommates, and getting more and more out of control by the day. I ended up seeking training for obedience purposes and found a traditional trainer who used a prong collar and very simple No/Yes marking of behaviors. I saw a change but my little guy would always revert back to the bad behaviors when confronted with a stimulant such as a small animal (squirrel, etc.) other dogs, or other people even. My dog would pull, whine, etc. Fast forward a couple of months and I begin to see the issues come to the surface. My dog began a streak of incidents over two years resulting in 1 dog bite, 1 dog fight (with a dog who he had previously been more than fine with) and 2 human bites (both bad enough that they necessitated a trip to the hospital and stitches for the victim).Obviously all of this was incredibly scary and became harder and harder to manage as the issues started with just dogs, and then quickly moved into human aggression. I felt guilty, trapped, helpless, etc as my dog continued to exhibit the aggressive behavior, and seemed more difficult to reign in by the day. I felt I was losing control each day and would inevitably have to surrender my dog. I was looking at a number of dog training services in LA and found the good dog dog training and Brandon. The good dog was very much in line with what I had expected, prong collar, e - collar, etc. Training focused on the behaviors, no involvement of other dogs in the rehabilitation etc. I was trepidatious to use there service as this had previously not worked for me and I was running out of time and money.I found Brandon and reached out and spoke with Cathy who was so incredibly nice and understanding. Not only did she make me feel like I was not in a helpless situation, she made me feel heard and understood. She was quick and responsive to all my questions and inquiries and walked me through every step. I signed up for the boarding and evaluation after reading other reviews but I was still nervous and had my reservations as all trainers say they can help you but most choose a different method than Brandon and often charge triple his fees. I dropped my lil guy off and had a brief chat with Brandon at this time. I was immediately floored and convinced that I was in good hands. Fast forward to the end of my boarding and my evaluation and I was met with results that seemed nothing short of a miracle. Berto was a changed dog. Not in the way that had previously happened with other trainers (a slight change in the specific behaviors but no change in his overall level of calmness, anxiety etc. He always remained very clearly alert and on edge despite the other trainers). The Berto I got from Brandon is calm, subordinate, sedate, and most importantly, uncaring of the stimuli that previously would have set him off. Brandon helped educate me on all of the things I had been doing to exacerbate the issues that were happening and helped educate me on the actual way that dogs learn/perceive/ and go throughout the world. By explaining how my dog was learning and perceiving the world, he helped me understand how I was misleading my dog and making more issues. Brandon armed me with the tools I needed to curb my dogs behaviors and help him understand that I was the pack leader and his anxiety was unneeded. Today, my dog is able to walk, interact, play, and generally enjoy life with both dogs and humans, where as before he was siloed, sequestered, and alone, unable to enjoy anyone else. Brandon changed my life and Bertos. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the work that Brandon has done. He truly saved my dogs life. If you are even considering using a different service, give Brandon a try. He will find the issues that are plaguing your dog, figure out how to work through those, and make a noticeable change, all within a day of work. Most trainers take weeks to acheive what Brandon can do in a day. This is not marketing, this is not a paid review, this is pure simple fact. More...


Jessica M.

27 August 2019

Let me start this review by stating that I am a grade school teacher. I work with kids of all ages every day and learn to adjust my teachings to different learning styles. That being said, I was in no way prepared to do and had certainly not considered doing the same for my 1.5yr old pit healer mix pup, who CLEARLY requires a different way of being educated. Brandon helped me realize just that.As much as she'd loved it in the past, for months we have been afraid to take our pup, Blue, out of the house to socialize with other dogs. We live in an apartment in Santa Monica, without a yard, so walking her multiple times a day is necessary. While once a super friendly little pup with all creatures and humans, Blue had become randomly aggressive with passer-by dogs. Some she'd wag her tail at, and some she'd lunge for barking as if possessed. This all began, we believe, after taking her to the dog park almost daily as a puppy. She LOVED romping with other dogs, and had that been her only experience there, I believe we may have never found any pressing need to reach out to Brandon. However, we don't live in a perfect world, and on several occasions, Blue was ganged up on by dogs at the dog park, which - we didn't realize at the time - was progressively making her more fearful. Where we'd thought pulling her out of the situation or allowing her the choice to ignore the other dog's behavior (depending on its severity) was the right approach, Brandon helped us realize that we were instead allowing her to learn and so believe that we couldn't protect her, which ultimately escalated one day to the point where Blue seemed to think defending herself was the only available option. For the most part, we've been avoiding all contact with dogs, walking to the other side of the street, and bribing her with turkey to avoid her losing it when other dogs pass. She seems to turn into a manic, growling, stiff, unwavering animal, filled with rage, when she meets certain dogs. Her world was shrinking....until we met Brandon.Having tried several other trainers who used positive reinforcement as their main approach, we were curious about Brandon's methods from the moment we found him. He came highly recommended by a dog walker we encountered who'd faced a similar challenge with his own dog. He claimed that Brandon changed his dog completely. After reading several more reviews and slogging our way through the swamp of is-he-too-good-to-be-trues, we made the call and within a week, we were walking through Brandon's door. Immediately, his energy had us captivated. The knowledge he has about animals in general is impressive, almost hypnotizing in its simplicity and resonance, and the parallels he drew to raising children really hit home for us. We spent almost 2 hours with him, discussing Blue and how we've been living with her up until now. He then excused us, took Blue back to his dogs to evaluate her, and recorded everything (which we enjoyed watching later). When we returned after Blue's evaluation, Brandon gifted us with a new way of interacting with our sweet girl. He let us know that to feel comfortable and safe, Blue needed our behavior to change. He had us alter the way we walk her, the way we call her to us, and the way we love/praise her. We don't have to lay a finger on her, use prong/choke/shock collars, or entice her with treats and the best part for us is that we can still love on her as much as we want!Brandon changed the way our dog views the world in a single day. We took her home with our newly learned tools and by that night, she was calmly walking behind us, no longer pulling on her leash, and best of all, she did not have a care in the world for the dogs we walked past. She's also not chewing anything in the house when we leave anymore!We are currently a little less than a week out of our training and are checking in with Brandon via phone every day for the 2 weeks recommended. He wants to know how our days are going with Blue, and if any questions arise for us (which they have), we can immediately receive answers. He has changed our life for the better, and rather than Blue's world shrinking, it is now growing exponentially, because we can take our sweet, social girl out with us and trust her reactions, because she now has complete trust in us again. We are forever grateful! More...


Lisa C.

26 August 2019

Let me begin by saying that I am a very skeptical person, but I figured that a conversation was worth a try.  I have an 18-month old English mastiff (currently just at 140 lbs) and we live in a tourist destination where there are literally hundreds of people on our streets from cruise ships every day. Thus, I worked with her from 8 weeks old to socialize her in large groups of people. We interacted with them every day for a year and she grew to be affectionate with all dogs, people, children - no issues with constant golf carts and scooters or skateboarders going by, and everyone always wants to pet her. We have two other smaller dogs who she adores. At 16 months she began to jump at anything that whizzed by. Then it went to barking and lunging at anyone carrying something or a noisy shopping cart or wagon going by.  Then she started being the same with random people walking by- not in any group. Still, there was zero dog aggression and if a person had a dog, she was fine - rolled over to meet them. I was so devastated that what was a dream dog made such a 180 change in just a few days, and I had no idea why.  I had trained her very young for all the sit/ stay etc. commands and she still did all those things fine when alone with me. I had huge anxiety myself about taking her out at all but I knew it wasn't training I was looking for- it was behavior modification which is different. I also figured there were things I needed to be doing better personally.SO, I called and talked to Cathy and she told me about the various price structures and said Brandon would tell me what was best for us. How in the world could a phone consult without ever meeting a dog work?  Seemed laughable. I had an intro call with Brandon, where he asked a lot of questions and told me he probably needed to see her.  However, that would entail me getting on a boat and renting a car, etc. so he said let's try a phone consultation and see how it goes. This was the least expensive option and I felt was pretty reasonable. Certainly nowhere even close to the $$$$$ others charge.The next day we spoke for over an hour and he gave specific instructions based on my dog's issues and personality type. These instructions sounded nuts, probably a scam.  However, his logic regarding WHY was not.  He spoke about secondary fear-imprint stages and hormonal retraining based on the behaviors of animals in the wild.  The specified instructions included a very gentle, structured interaction, not hitting or yelling, yanking, etc. My family still thought it was garbage.So day one, I very nervously tried what he said, in a quieter area of town. People walking by carrying things. She is bigger than me.  She was very nervous too and seemed a little bewildered but did not lunge or leap. Had another over an hour conversation with Brandon regarding the things that happened and more detailed feedback.Day two, people, more noises and barking dogs. Seemed to be getting better but I was still daunted.Day three (today) wow what a difference.  Cars whizzing by, skateboarders, dogs barking through fences, people walking by, plus the trash truck making all that noise with cans being loaded and banged around with a lot of yelling. She barked one time only at the trash truck and she was nervous but I used the techniques and she immediately calmed each time.  She was cautious in passing by, but then went on smelling things and wagging her tail. I talked with Brandon again for an hour and have been given the ok to move on to larger groups in a small setting this afternoon.  When that is good to go, we will move to our crowds. All only after a conversation each day.He also helped with some tips on her behavior at home.I am seriously a convert.  I don't care what other trainers say.  This is not a fake review- and those others that were bad reviews were not actually from people who worked very closely with Brandon and followed instructions exactly.  It sounded stupid, made me super uncomfortable to do so (I was worried about the omg what if she does something awful while I'm trying this), but it ended up not being all that hard and I have a lot more self-confidence already.I am going to write a follow up, as the days go by.  I'm just glad she's getting back to being herself.Lisa & Bronwyn More...


Brittany O.

16 August 2019

The beat thing that every happened to us. My sister adopted a pit lab mix from the pound at the end of July... the next morning she was ready to take him back.... our beautiful dog was a little monster. He was highly aggressive towards men, any time we tried to reprimand him verbally he would jump and snarl in our face. Highly leash aggressive, are through 3 harnesses and every time we would take him out he would try to escape his collar or harness and jump at men. Several times my sister wanted to take him back but the shelter told us if we waited 10 days the dog will go to a training facility at a prison.. the day finally came where we could send gambino off but they as my sister brought the dog they decided against it. We were stuck with this dog. I searched for rescues that would take him, making calls.. it was going to be impossible for 2 girls to take care of this 70 lb 1 year old. I finally stumbled across Brandon who got me in right away. Wow. The morning we took gambino to him he was trying to lunge at Brandon, barking, snarling and being the dog we had dealt with. We left gambino there and returned 6 hours later.... we went through videos and what I saw shocked me. Gambino was cuddling with a complete male stranger. How could this dog who seemed like he wanted to eat everyone could be so tame and loving. My sister was a little skeptical that we could maintain this at home. We did exactly what Brandon said for the night and it was heaven... the next day a trainer from the facility that was suppose to take gambino came. He was talking about how he wanted us to put a spike collar on him. Use the leash as discipline and to distract gambino while people walked by. In the matter of 30 minutes of this trainer being here and never once touching gambino, the dog was right back to being aggressive and jumping up in my face, barking and snarling. It was at this moment we said thank you and continued following Brandon's advice. We have a man living in the house whom gambino would go after but now they are coexisting quite nicely in the apartment. I believe in Brandon saving this dog and our relationship with him so much I even went back to the shelter I got gambino from and told them they should have every person that wants to bring their dog in for aggressive behavior to Brandon first. More...


Bret L.

16 August 2019

Brandon's methods helped transform the way we interact with our dog. Within a week of our evaluation,​ there was no more leash pulling, no more barking at dogs that walk past our yard, and most importantly​ no more aggression​towards​d strangers that enter our home. Thank you so much, Brandon,​ you have given us the tools that we needed to have a beautiful​ relationship with our pup! More...


Alyssa L.

8 August 2019

Life-changing.Since adopting Cassidy (my 3-year-old pitbull) 10 months ago, we've gone to dog companion classes (positive reinforcement), worked with 3 trainers in-home, and watched lots of videos on Youtube with slow and non-substantial progress. She was leash reactive to other dogs and had a ball/fetch obsession that became worrisome at dog parks. After working with Brandon just for 2 days over phone consultations, I feel like I have a new dog. While working with Brandon, there were huge behavior and perspective changes from both me and Cassidy. He took the time to understand our situation and the specific goals I had in mind. He gave us daily homework tasks and the results are night and day. Although I wasn't able to see him in person, the phone consultations were really great to give/get daily updates and feedback. The more honest and detailed information you can give him, the better feedback you will get. You should not be afraid to tell him about your situation and how you're feeling.Before working with Brandon, going out in public with Cassidy was very stressful and I was always afraid of what could happen. I didn't know there was any other way to live with her. Now, that fear and stress is something I don't even think about. We have a lot more to work on but with Brandon's help, I feel I know the next steps and that I have the support when I need it.Brandon and his assistant were both pretty easy to communicate with. If I was ever unable to reach them via call, I'd leave a voicemail or text and they'd get back to me quickly.I highly recommend Brandon and have already directed many dog owners towards him. More...


Shelby C.

7 August 2019

Nothing short of a miracle. I brought my dog, Oliver, a Mini Aussie, to see Brandon two days ago. It wasn't the first trainer we had tried. After spending thousands of dollars on training and having seen no results, I wasn't sure that this would help our poor, aggressive dog. Oliver's social life was zero. He would attack any dog on sight, even big scary looking ones. He was chasing our donkeys and our little rabbits had to be penned safely away. His barking was out of control. I was losing my mind. We met with Brandon at 9:30 in the morning, 2 days ago. He spoke to us  for an hour and then took Oliver for about 2 hours. When we picked up Oliver, Brandon spent another couple of hours talking to us about our dog. When Brandon suggested bringing a dog into the small room I was a little worried. However the dog entered the room and Oliver didn't pay any attention to the dog. Then we went for a walk and Oliver ignored the other dogs completely. I thought it must be Brandon and that I couldn't possible make this work at home.It is as if I have a new dog. Oliver has totally relaxed. He doesn't pace at all. He has stopped barking. He actually touched noses with a rabbit and walked on. He ignores the donkeys. But most amazing: he is walking by the neighbor dogs and ignoring them. Instead of trying to kill them. More amazing: we walked by a neighbor's house this evening who has 2 friendly huskies. I hadn't expected them to be out of the fence and the ran out to the street and up to Oliver. I was sure this was going to end badly. However, I did what Brandon told me to do and it stopped the little aggression that Oliver exhibited. We spend 1/2 hour chatting with our neighbor as his 2 huge dogs walked around Oliver. This isn't training. This is something I can't describe. I have a new, happier dog. I have high hopes for his future. This is only day 3 of the new ways. I want to add that my 2 other dogs, who are not aggressive at all, are now paying strict attention to me and they noticed the changes in Oliver and me right away. My neighbor has already asked for Brandon's phone number! He said, "This is NOT the Oliver I know, WOW!" I agree. Wow. I still have 2 more weeks of checking in with Brandon every day, giving me new, small but important challenges. Best money I've spent on Oliver, ever. More...


Vicki C.

31 July 2019

I wouldn't have believed this if I hadn't seen it for myself!Brandon completely transformed our dogs behavior in just 4 hours. Our rescue dog was fearful and aggressive with humans and was extremely protective of our house. When people came over we had to put her in her crate and she would bark constantly while visitors were in the house. She would go crazy when the mailman approached, and any time she heard a knock at the door she would bark hysterically, she even tried to nip our guests on the occasions when we let her out of her crate. It was really stressful and was having a negative effect on the whole household. We took her to 'reactive dog training' and had a trainer come to our home, but nothing worked. A friend recommended Brandon and we took her to see him hoping that he could help us. He spent a couple of hours with our dog and explained to us how we needed to change our behavior to make our dog more comfortable. Everything he said made complete sense and by the end of the day our dog was a completely different animal. Yes - it was that fast. It was incredible, and friends coming over the next day couldn't believe it when they saw the change in her. Our dog is now happy and content and our house is quiet and relaxed. Thank you SO MUCH Brandon - I only wish we'd known about you 3 years ago! More...


Victoria L.

23 July 2019

I was at the point of returning my dog to the rescue I had adopted him from. I couldn't bear to do that and looked into Sean O'Shea at first, but they told me it would cost me $4500 to board and train my anxious dog for four weeks. I couldn't afford that. I didn't want to give up on my dog so I reached out to Brandon and got on his waitlist. I waited about a month to see him. My dog has a history of biting and breaking skin. He's been in and out of daycares for being aggressive with humans. He's rude to other dogs but when he gets time outs he will start screaming. I thought he had separation anxiety and isolation distress. It was really bad. I was always with my dog and if I wasn't, he would be at daycare. Everyday I would be scared that I would get a call from the daycare to come pick up my dog.I thought that my husky had separation anxiety from being a stray and being in the shelter for too long. However, Brandon showed me otherwise. He classified my husky as a beta with an edge. My husky is the kind of dog who wants to be the leader but lacks the leadership skills to do so. My dog needed a strong leader, and I wasn't giving that to him. Brandon taught me how to change the dynamic I had with my dog. It has seriously saved my social life, peace of mind, and even my dog.Prior to seeing Brandon, I was working with a CSAT trainer from Malena Demartini. This was for his separation anxiety. I saw some improvement in the triggers (keys, doors, etc), but just a little bit. I could only leave him alone for a few seconds, and I could NOT crate him as he would get destructive and I was scared he would hurt himself.After seeing Brandon, I was able to not only crate my husky for the first time in complete silence, I was also able to leave him alone and take a trip to Target for TWO hours. This was the day right after I saw Brandon. What a miracle. Honestly, it is what you do with Brandon's advice that really gets you the results you want. I told Brandon I wanted to be able to leave my house and get my social life back, even if it was just for a few hours. Brandon really listened to me and coached me. In order for your visit with Brandon to be worthwhile, you have to accept that you have a lot to learn, that the dog world is very unregulated and sources and trainers out there all have their own way of thinking, and that your dog will change only when you change. You have to be committed to your dog and open to trying a new method in order to see results. Every kid needs different treatment depending on how naughty they are. In my case for my dog, he just needed someone to show him who is boss. Positive reinforcement can only get you so far to get the dog to do something. It is only through negative reinforcement that you can get your dog to STOP doing something.I am so thankful for Brandon. It was the best $1200 I had ever spent. My dog now listens to me SO much better and I can see that he respects me and sees me as his leader (definitely more than he did a week and a half ago when I saw Brandon). My dog didn't need long-term training. I know that my dog is really really smart and picks up things quickly. The fix can literally be in a few hours once you earn the respect of your dog and he sees you as his leader. That is what Brandon teaches you, and that could very well be the solve for all of your problems as it was for me. My dog listens to me now when I tell him to leave it, off, up, on... he responds so much quicker than he did before. Training him to do tricks now is going to be so much easier now that he respects me.Brandon would NEVER hurt your dog. Why else would he specialize in aggression? There are so many opportunities for him to get bit and to get hurt, but he's here to help owners tackle aggression and dominance issues. Dogs are attracted to weakness and will control you if they sense that in you. Brandon is a charismatic person and while I was so doubtful of my dog, he was someone I could lean on for support since he is so confident and strong. I wish I was able to get into his schedule earlier! He would have saved me thousands of dollars, the frustration I went through with my husky, and he would have saved me from the time that I spent trapped in my own home because I could not leave my dog alone. Brandon gives me confidence that it I keep doing what I'm doing with my dog, I'll get the well-behaved dog that I want. And that would save my dog and keep him out of the shelter. It is the dog that pays the price at the very end for biting someone.Thank you so much, Brandon. I have three more days of check up calls with you and I wish I could check in with you more often to get help whenever I needed! Thanks for making my wishes come true! More...


Rebecca T.

8 July 2019

My boyfriend and I adopted an 8 year old Chihuahua named Jellybean in April of this year. He is well-behaved and loving toward people, however he was aggressive toward dogs. He was aggressive on and off leash: lunging, pulling, growling, trying to bite. The more we went on with his dog aggression, the more we saw human aggression take place, such as nipping at us if we tried stopping him from going toward dogs, barking/growling/lunging/nipping at people he didn't know who came to our house. He was in a trance that he could not snap out of when he had his target on other dogs. No amount of yelling, pulling him away, or commands would get him to snap out of his focus. We tried everything! We went to group training classes to teach him commands like sit, stay, leave it, etc. We tried exposing him to more dogs and more often to see if he just needed to get used to other dogs. We tried the spray bottle which worked temporarily, however he would go right back to his aggressive behavior as soon as we stopped spraying him. We tried walking him for extensive periods of time to tire him out. My walks consisted of being on high alert for other dogs and crossing the street every time someone with a dog was a block down coming our way.Jellybean had severe isolation distress. He did not have separation anxiety and did not need a specific person to be comfortable at home, however he needed someone there with him, or he would shriek and our neighbors would complain. He's completely crate trained and we would try to give him toys and chews to keep him happy and occupied, however we soon as we would leave him home alone, not even 10 seconds later, he would abandon all forms of entertainment and run straight to the front door to beat us to walking outside, and once we got him back in, he would sit by the front door to wait for us to come back, shrieking the entire time (we put up a webcam to spy on him). These were not wimpers. These were shrieks of bloody murder, like someone was hacking off a leg, type of shrieks. Our solution to this was bringing him to work with us every single day, or asking my brother or my mom to dog sit for us if we were gone on the weekend, or had an after work engagement planned. My mom lives an hour away from us and also has 2 dogs, which Jellybean has bitten both, and my brother works long hours so often we would drive 2 hours round trip to my mom's, or skip our plans if my brother was unable to help us. Both my boyfriend and I work in separate offices in the same lot, and both are dog-friendly. After a couple of months of doing this, my boyfriend and I were exhausted, and not to mention the other dogs present in the office would trigger Jellybean to act aggressively, and we received a strike that if he acted up 2 more times, he would be kicked out of the office and unable to return. We were desperate. I bit the bullet, signed up to get Jellybean and us the help we needed with Brandon, and Cathy set us up for our appointment. I couldn't wait, but I was also skeptical. Brandon observed Jellybean, talked to us prior to us dropping Jellybean off for the day. We explained our situation. We left Jellybean with Brandon, and waited pick him up after Brandon was done with the evaluation. When we came back, Jellybean was a different dog. We saw videos of him around other dogs with zero reaction. This dog typically is never even relaxed enough to sit, let alone lay down on the ground when we are not at home, and the first thing he did was lay down on the floor when we were sitting on the couch in Brandon's office. Brandon explained what type of aggression Jellybean had. Brandon walked us through exercises that we needed to implement, and brought out another dog to help us run through it. Zero reaction! The two weeks following our evaluation with Brandon, we saw amazing results. We called Brandon every day to tell him about our ups and our downs. We implemented everything and received feedback to make sure we were doing everything correctly. Fast forward to almost 10 months later, Jellybean is far less aggressive toward people and dogs. We have some ups and downs when we slip up (not Jellybean), but he is good 99% of the time and it has drastically improved.We have also since gotten another dog and Jellybean loves being around her and has no aggression toward her! More...


hely g.

28 June 2019

First and foremost, thank you to Brandon and the Fouche way! We were at our wits end with our dog before we met Brandon. For years I dreamt of taking our dog to work and out socializing but refrained due to problems with aggression. After taking Bender, our 4 year old Lab/Pit mix, to Brandon and working with him, we have a brand new dog. Within the first week we were able to have a normal experience at a restaurant with Bender and I've been taking him to work every chance I get. We know there is still lots of work to do, but every aspect of life with the dog has changed for the better. He's even ignoring the cat! We learned a lot from this experience and can not thank Brandon enough. Highly recommended if you are having problems with your pup and feel like you don't know what to do. More...


Renee M.

11 June 2019

I took my exuberant boxer girl to Brandon for training and in one day he has given both of us an attitude adjustment.  My girl had been lunging and towering over other dogs during our walks, making it very unpleasant to get enough exercise with her.  Plus other aggressive behavior.  After explaining her point of view to me I understand what I need to do.  It's a matter of practicing with her every day and making sure that my paradigm shift with her imprints on both of us.  Brandon is available every day for a check in and reinforcement of the learning.  I'll keep at it and post again with further information and results. More...


Dumont D.

17 May 2019

The Fouche Way has improved my BORK! Dog Walking business enormously in just a short period of time! In consulting with Brandon, I've been able to get all of my dogs to be relaxed on their walks, walking behind me, and paying attention to me. The ones with triggers are much less reactive. Their owners have been very impressed with the improvements as well. I highly recommend Brandon! More...


Laurie Y.

9 April 2019

This is not training, this is harmonizing and balance. I was told by many other trainers that nothing can be done in one day for such an aggressive dog. I had quotes for a minimum of 3 weeks and $$$$$ In one short day Brandon evaluated our dog and gave us a super simple method to use. As soon as we applied it to our dog, ALL of his bad behaviors stopped, it's  like a paradigm shift. This easy method saved our dogs life and put harmony and balance in our home. In 6 hours!!Brandon is saving precious lives. This is the only "way" More...


Bea S.

3 April 2019

Fourth Months after seeing Brandon my two babies are still getting along great. Life is good!!!!


Christina L.

21 December 2018

Knowledgeable, passionate, SO talented and most of all has an excellent philosphy towards problem dogs and our ability to have positive and meaningful relationships with them - no matter their issues.  Brandon has been instrumental in helping me with my 2 new rescues and I can't recommend him enough to anyone who is interested in getting the best out of their dogs. More...


Michele K.

30 October 2018

Our very dominant, unpredictable, high-energy, leash-pulling 2-year-old male pit mix rescue dog had gotten kicked out of doggie daycare and had been in several "resource-guarding" fights with our other (smaller, female, older) dog, the last of which led to her having to go to the ER. We tried other dog training classes and they didn't help. His behavior seemed to be getting worse. We met with Brandon, essentially, as a last resort. We filled out the online questionnaire and made an appointment. Brandon met with us for about an hour in the morning, asked us a lot of questions, and videotaped the conversation, then we left our dog with Brandon for the day. When we came back in the afternoon, we sat down with him again, he showed us videos of our dog and we talked some more. By the end of one day with Brandon, our formerly aggro, leash-pulling dog was WALKING BEHIND US, politely, on a loose leash. Incredible.Through Brandon, we learned we had previously been allowing our dog to be the pack leader in our household. We were not setting the rules in our home in a way that our dog could understand. Brandon gave us a plan of action to follow to 'reset' the structure and the hierarchy in our home. He showed us how to greet our dog and interact with him. We threw out the toys our dogs had been fighting over. For the next two weeks, we had daily check-in phone conversations where Brandon made sure we were on track and not slipping into past behaviors. We felt supported. The results were instant, but lasting: It has now been about two months since we met with Brandon, and our dog is still walking on a loose leash without a harness. He's no longer barking at the doorbell, jumping up on people, or "mouthing." Overall, he's mellower and more predictable and our house is much calmer. I can't recommend Brandon Fouche enough. Thank you, Brandon! More...


Antoinette K.

14 October 2018

I have a 2-year-old brindle pitbull called Shuri. Impossible to walk due to her excitement when other dogs approached. We experienced 3 incidents at a park involving other dogs. After that we decided to keep her in the house. One day I looked for dog behavior specialist and I found Brandon. The best experience ever. He was really calm, took the time to see our interaction with her. We left her for 6 hours and picked her up. She was another dog. What a change. Neither my husband nor I could recognize our dog. We have followed his teachings for a week and my dog has not gone back to the old ways. The key is to follow what he teaches. The best decision ever. I will highly recommend this investment. I am excited about the new future with our new pet. Thanks Brandon! More...


Scott E.

7 September 2018

I am a trainer up in Oregon, and I am so grateful to have been able to connect with Brandon over the phone (and will make sure to connect to him in person one day as well to continue my education ). The reason I contacted brandon was because I found his content online and it resonated so much with me I wanted to reach out to try and confirm somethings. I had been doing obedience training, playing the games, doing the positive reinforcement for behaviors I like, and so on. I was feeling very conflicted and frustrated in my head ever since I became a dog trainer because I initially never even wanted to do the obedience, to play the games, to reinforce behaviors I liked with treats. I wanted to teach dogs to be social, and to understand what I did not like about their behavior so we could just experience and enjoy life together. But I was advised against this by a trainer I had met right before becoming a dog trainer. I thought that I should listen to her because she had been working with dogs for 15 years, and I litteraly was just starting. I also wasn't seeing anyone really thinking the same way as myself( Cesar Millan being the closest). So I took her advise but it was not really satisfying working with dogs in that way, I didn't really care for the results although I was helping people. It felt time consuming, exhausting, and not productive at achieving what people really wanted. What everyone wanted was a social dog, that was calm, and that would listen to them if they did not like something their dog was doing. The relationship between the dog and human also felt robotic and stunted, and that was so far away from what I was looking for in the relationship with dogs and humans to be like. I ingnored my intuition for years although Cesar Millan kept me somewhat connected to my roots, it wasn't until brandon who I fully resonated with and made me feel I could go back to my original plan. I am so thankful for brandon and for him speaking out against traditional training, and helping me connect back to my roots. The phone Call with him was so valuable to me because it allowed me to confirm what I had been thinking for years. If you are a trainer please give Brandon a call and learn more about what he is talking about.Thank you so much Brandon! More...


Patricia B.

26 August 2018

Brandon Fouche and Cathy! Compassionate, caring, thorough, honest, experienced beyond belief with dog behavior and just as importantly, dog owner behavior. Cathy set up the appointment and could not be any more responsive, patient, thorough, kind, supportive and professional. Brandon! Life changing experience for my son, his beautiful rescue dog, and my husband and I. Brandon spent a day with my son and his Bubba. He begins with a person/dog discussion and evaluation, then several hours observing Bubba spending time with other dogs who have been saved to see dog on dog interaction, and finally a discussion with my son on my son's behavior and how to discipline his dog in the appropriate manner so that our Bubba does not try to dominate and understands that my son is the leader. The surprise of this encounter is that the evaluations were video taped and sent to all of us for review THE NEXT DAY! My husband and I spent the day reviewing these tapes so that we are all on the same page. Boy, did I learn some lessons! It gets better . . . Brandon will spend the next 2 weeks consulting with my son on a daily basis about both of their progress. Look no further! Brandon Fouche is your go-to guy. Many thanks to our new family friend who recommended Brandon who has worked with many of her dogs over the past several years! One last note - this is my first Yelp review! I was waiting for an opportunity to submit a review for a well deserved and positive life-changing experience! More...


Lauren H.

31 July 2018

This is life-changing. I adopted a rescue dog named Jax when he was 5 months old. Prior to my home, he had gone from family to family because of his fearful, skittish, and reactive tendencies. All of those families had given up on him. I already had another dog at home that required my full attention when I made the decision to adopt Jax, but I couldn't just walk past this guy. I knew Jax needed someone who could see his potential, someone who could understand and commit to him. Over the past two years that I've had him, it's been challenging to say the least. I knew what I signed up for but I didn't know the extent of his fearful, skittish, and reactive tendencies. It has been a constant, daily struggle to walk him and my other dog together let along just walk him by himself because I needed to put all my focus on him when walking. I eventually had to walk and run both of my dogs separately which was very time consuming. Anytime Jax and I were near humans (especially children and men) Jax would lunge, bark, and growl sometimes nipping the air. He is good with other dogs, but only when they aren't around me or his toys. If any dog came close to me or his chuck-it/chuck-it ball, he would growl, lunge and nip. I had to walk him at the crack of dawn when other people weren't out. I had to plan routes that involved no interaction past humans. My head was on a swivel and my world evolved around his fearfulness. I became anxious and my energy shifted because he was unpredictable and I was struggling to get through to him. I sought out various methods of training to include e-collar training and that only aggravated the problem. He became more reactive and fearful. I researched, read, and reached out to people over two years I've had him about his behavior and what I could do better to communicate with him because there was a very obvious disconnect. Colin, from Colin's pack walks in the L.A. area, met Jax and suggested I reach out to Brandon because he too had a dog that was successfully rehabilitated by Brandon. So, I setup an evaluation and the rest is history. The evaluation started at 9:30am when I met Brandon. I brought in Jax who was wearing his muzzle. Brandon started asking me about my goals with Jax and why I was there. We talked about Jax's behavior and how badly I wanted to help him. I entrusted Jax with Brandon until 4pm when I came back and got the download from Brandon. When I saw the videos Brandon took throughout the day of Jax starting off wearing the muzzle then him taking off the muzzle and Jax coming to him when called I was astonished. Jax would NEVER let a man, who he just met, get that close to him or pet him. Brandon was able to pet his face and his back which is a VERY sensitive area for Jax. He was able to understand how Jax thought. I was a believer in Brandon's methods right then and there. I was and still am amazed that in a matter of hours Brandon could turn Jax around. After reviewing the videos that Brandon took during that day and talking with Brandon I came to understand how to communicate better with Jax and most importantly how his mind works. Brandon and I spoke for three hours about Jax's behavior and how his mind works. I was blown away at what I learned. All the research, reading, and reaching out I did didn't compare to what I learned that day. After talking with Brandon, he had me take Jax outside on a walk to show me what I need to do. The walk was totally different. Jax's full attention was on me and he wasn't pulling, lunging, or reacting to the sounds around us. He was a completely different dog. My walks with him now are wonderful. He is paying full attention to me, isn't reactive, and walks right by people on sidewalks without a muzzle, with no reaction. Brandon's techniques really do work. He handled Jax when other people couldn't. Brandon has helped rehabilitate various dogs including my own and I'm proud to recommend him and tell my story to others who are going through the similar challenges that I experienced. "Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen." More...


Talia P.

23 June 2018

Thanks to Brandon Fouche, my dog Luna and I are living a new life. Brandon saved my dog's life and in the process, saved my life. Before I worked with Brandon, my dog was a prisoner due to her aggression, and I lived in constant fear of her biting another dog or person. Where are we now? We have a new life, one that is liberated, free from fear, exhilarating and balanced.How did we get here? I worked with Brandon, I talked to him for follow ups, I followed his advice to "seek knowledge", and I began to change my thoughts, actions and behavior. It was a process that required me to follow instruction, face my fears, discard what I thought I knew, and open my mind. The process healed MY mind, and healed my dog Luna's mind.The shift happened recently, and it was subtle but so amazing. On a long journey from California to Montana, LUNA and I became one. We merged. Her aggression VANISHED, and my own fear dissipated! NOW I understand what Brandon was talking about! For months, Brandon would tell me what was possible, that we could heal and be free together, and I believe him, but I had no idea how we'd get there. Then, after months of seeking knowledge, Luna and I began experiencing and LIVING the truth of what Brandon had promised. Luna and I now LIVE, liberated and balanced, free from the fear that haunted us both. Now I understand, in some way, what Brandon feels. Even a bit of it. And as Brandon says, "Once you get a taste of this freedom, there's no going back." Brandon talks about being in the space of "not knowing". Having this open mind, this teachable mind, is essential. When I stopped "knowing", I started listening. And when I started listening, I started experiencing!My gratitude is immense and I am speechless. Brandon has given me my dog back, and he has given me my own life back. And he is right: we've tasted freedom now, and we are living this freedom, and there's no going back.As Brandon says, "Keep going forward, with all your heart." Amen to that!! Dog is God spelled backwards, or in a mirror. Brandon Fouche gave me a Divine mirror, he became my mirror, and he saved my dog's life. In doing so, my own life was saved and LUNA and I are healing together in leaps and bounds.Brandon helped me save my dog's life, and my dog has saved my life. I pray that others can experience the glory that LUNA and I are so blessed to experience. So I say run, don't walk, to Brandon Fouche. Keep your mind and heart open. Listen and learn. You too can save your dog, and experience the Heaven on earth that Brandon always said was possible.For me, Heaven on earth is having a liberated, happy and balanced dog, who displays zero aggression towards dogs or people, can be handled by others, is free to run with other dogs, cats, and horses, and I thank Brandon for the supreme gift that is our life now!!! More...


Bailey S.

12 May 2018

We have a blue nose pit bull and know he's not a bad dog just super hyper , jumps on everyone and would bark nonstop. Since taking our dog to Brandon, all of it has stopped. We got rid of all the toys , starting disciplining him like we should and realized it wasn't our dog that was the "problem", it was US. Saint (our doggie) is a completely different dog now. He's mellow, rarely barks and we can finally have people over without saint wanting to jump all over them . Now we want to go back and get some tips on walking him because he pulls like crazy. That's the next lesson ! Highly recommend Brandon , you can tell he's passionate about what he does and really teaches you why you're dog is acting the way he is. It was a great experience More...


Bliss M.

8 May 2018

Brandon Fouche changed my life and my little rescue chihuahua Hilary Swank's. I now have a understanding of how my dog thinks, what she needs from me and vice versa. Brandon speaks of dog psychology in a way that make sense to me as the only logical approach to train and discipline my dog. Brandon has taught me that whatever is learned can be unlearned. Together Hilary and I are breaking bad habits, while learning and growing. Our relationship has never been better. I can't believe it has only been 4 days since our evaluation with Brandon and Hilary has become the dog I always knew she could be. I just needed some help and guidance. This was my first rescue dog and I wanted to make sure Hilary was in the best hands. After speaking with Cathy and seeing the videos online of Brandon's approach with rescue dogs, I knew that he had the answers I needed. Brandon is so incredibly knowledgeable and miracle worker. He has been there every step of the way and showed us how to handle each situation that was a challenge for us. It has been a wonderful process to see such immense improvement and joy in my dog and myself. Today Hilary went to the little dark park and was able to play with all the other dogs while I was able to relax and socialize myself. She walked on the leash the whole time without any trouble. She did not bark or nip at anyone or anything. She was confident, not nervous or aggressive as she was before. Prior to our session with Brandon, Hilary could not walk on a leash, she was not good with people or other dogs making it impossible to take her anywhere or meet anyone. Brandon gave me the confidence to work with Hilary in a way she understands so that she can shine. Thank you Brandon! Our family cannot stop smiling. We are forever grateful. More...


Brittany B.

8 May 2018

Brandon is different.  Brandon is not a trainer.  His website says that and you'll read it and think you understand, but until you meet him you really won't understand what he's about.  Because he specializes in aggression I think he gets down to business quickly about what is going on with your dog and how your very good intentions can be leading to negative behavior.  He assesses you as much, if not more, than he does your dog.     He requires that you challenge yourself and your reasoning of why we have our dogs in the first place - what are WE looking for vs. what your dog NEEDS from you.  My husband and I have abandoned some behaviors that we thought were fun for our dogs but really were more fun for us.  That has been TOUGH.  Once we adjusted though, and been consistent, we've seen great results.  Our story (the short version):  We adopted two large breed dogs from the South LA Shelter.  One was a calm but pushy to get affection 6-year-old male and the other was a scared young girl.  Neither of us had ever had two dogs in the home so managing two was very unfamiliar.  After about a month at home they started fighting.  The first few fights could be written off as issues about food or toys but soon it became persistent and we figured out it was about affection/attention from us.  The boy is around 100lbs and the girl is about 85lbs and they are both VERY strong dogs.  Witnessing and breaking up these fights was awful, not to mention, damn near impossible.  We needed help.  I scoured the internet and read about a some options (Brandon being one of them) and talked to a few people but none of them seemed quite right.  Finally, it was a neighbor who recommended Brandon who really put my mind at ease.  So we took our dogs to him for the one day evaluation.  (Oh - not sure how I forgot this part but our calm boy had snapped at a few people and bit my mom once in the arm!)  Our appointment started with Brandon asking us questions and him listening to our responses and then asking us more questions.  He then took each dog and evaluated them separately and then together.  When we returned in the evening they seemed calm and we were given serious homework as to how to make this work.  We implemented his program - full disclosure, they, and we, have had hiccups while changing course - but overall the dogs have adjusted and so have we and we are all living peacefully under the same roof now.  It is constant work and it doesn't end but it's worth it.  If you would like to message me directly about my experience with Brandon please feel free to reach out. More...


One Thousand Skies B.

3 May 2018

I was hesitant at first due to the financial commitment...but once Captain and I met Brandon I could not have been happier. I saw results in the same day! Captain was calmer, happier and easier to manage - something I had been working on for MONTHS!!! I cannot say enough about Brandon - he truly understood Captain and my relationship and gave us the tools to be even happier!!! More...


Mark L.

29 April 2018

Unbelievable claims with unbelievable results. We knew that we had a ticking time bomb with our pitbull. She is fear aggressive. Brandon's techniques have given us a dog we can live with and not be scared that she will lunge at and maybe hurt or bite somebody. She has never bitten, but it was going to happen if we did not do something. Other training had not been successful. Brandon's is like magic. One day with the dogs and the way they act towards us and more importantly the way we act towards the dogs has changed the dynamic completely. There are two dogs, both pitties with four adults in our house. Colton's dog is eight years old. He cannot believe that we picked up the same dog that we dropped off in the morning.It is work. And a change in the way that we interact with our dogs that is working here. There is still much work to do after you get the dogs back that day.I found Brandon recommended on Angel City Pits webpage as a trainer to stop dog aggression. Mostly the last resort for these dog's owners to save and keep their pet. Happily it is working that way for us and our dogs.Brandon had our dogs on Thursday. I am writing this three days later. If we stay true to Brandon's methods, the dogs will never revert. It is that obvious. More...


Emma T.

18 April 2018

Hands down this experience has been the best thing to happen to my new dog! I adopted a 3 year old pit bull, Dodger, in December from my local shelter. The first few weeks he seemed to be settling in to his new home perfectly he absolutely loved people and attention, but I noticed around other dogs outside of the house his tail would go between his legs and he would try to run away. I found this strange since he was doing fine at home living with my 13 year old chihuahua mix. I decided to hire a trainer once a week to help me socialize Dodger with other dogs. Instead I paid $100 an hour for this guy to tell me to keep my dog as far away from other dogs as possible because he's a pit bull and very unpredictable. After keeping Dodger away from other dogs for a few weeks he went absolutely crazy every time he saw a dog on a walk barking and pulling on the leash to get to the dog. I knew I couldn't handle this on my own and thats when I found Brandon in one day he transformed my view on my dog, he made me realize my dog could be around other dogs if I just changed the way I handled him and since we left that day Dodger has been a completely different dog, I can walk by dogs no problem and he even hangs out with the other dogs in my family and I couldn't be happier! I never thought one day could make so much of a difference but I was so wrong, this process is truly amazing. Definitely worth every penny! More...


sydney s.

17 April 2018

A MIRACLE!  That is what I needed and it is happening!I have 2 Australian Cattle Dogs: Phoebe and Tangle. Tangle has been with us from a puppy and is now 4.  Phoebe is 3 and she is rescue that we've had for about a year.  Tangle has always been a barker, but very sweet with people and dogs. Phoebe is the reason I contacted Brandon. While she gets along well with dogs, she has some real aggression with people at home and in the car - her territory. She will allow new people she doesn't know to pet her, give her treats and even hang out for awhile. However, as soon as they get up and move around the house without me, she charges them and bites them in the calf or heel. Now, the people she has "accepted" into her space (me my husband) there are  no problems. But even friends that have come over multiple times and she knows, this behavior continues. A frightening situation for me and my friends - so much that I either don't have people over or lock both dogs up. When I lock them up, Tangle barks some, but Phoebe throws herself against the door while barking non stop.  In the car, Phoebe barks and basically attacks the window when she see any person or dog. An uncontrollable situation.I contacted Brandon less than a week ago, reviewed the issues and listened to his method, which was very different than other trainers. I had my doubts, but once I really listened, it made complete sense.  The very next morning I did what he said and on the FIRST try it worked!! Both Phoebe and Tangle stayed outside and barely barked (and didn't again when I corrected them) and allowed my housekeepers to move around the house in full view of them without throwing Phoebe herself against the window trying to get at them. I was absolutely STUNNED.  I couldn't believe that changing my thought and method of dealing with the dogs could have such an affect.  I had been going about it all wrong in the past.It's Day #4 and a new friend came over that is never been here before and we are going about the house with the dogs sitting quietly outside.  It's like having different dogs - but I know that the reason it is working because of what I learned from Brandon and implemented. Ultimately, it was all about how I was handling the dogs, not them.  There is almost no more running up to the door and barking uncontrollably when the doorbell rings and I am having people over without incident - and in only 4 days!Two notes:1.  I was very skeptical about Brandon NOT making a house call and meeting the dogs.  Now I know if he had, the dogs would have responded to him, but I would never have learned the lesson and been able to do it on my own. You do NOT need Brandon to make a house call (but you do need to be willing to do the work yourself) !2. Make the follow up phone calls to Brandon everyday, as instructed. Whether it has been a good or bad day with the dogs, Brandon needs to hear this as he may pick up something about your dogs' actions that you might not have.  So important!!!So grateful and excited to continue with Brandon! More...


Olivia S.

22 March 2018

Loved it and my dog is a new pup - it's quick and efficient - Brandon is great - just do it


Jamie L.

14 March 2018

I have had my chihuahua mix for four years now and while she has been great with me, she is HORRIBLE with strangers. In the house, she bites people. At the animal hospital I work at she is very kennel aggressive and will absolutely bite people. I have trained her with a remote training collar, I have used a prong collar, I have ignored her, put her in her kennel when people come over but she barks and barks!!! I knew there was something I was missing. I follow Gary Cassera online and saw an interview he did with Brandon Fouche. I watched some of Brandons youtube videos and I was hooked! I signed up for a phone consult, we created a plan and, I'm not kidding you, in less than one hour I was able to have people over, in my house, without my dog barking or biting. I was having a normal/boring conversation with my boyfriends brother and fiancé, but I was SO HAPPY to have them in my house with my dog QUIET!!!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am to have contacted Brandon. In the past they weren't even able to be in the living room sitting completely still without my dog barking and barking and trying to bite them. But after one hour, I was able to have them talking, laughing, moving around freely in my house. And my dog was quiet! It has been three days now, and I can knock on the door, ring the doorbell, open the door and she's not reactive at all. I am so excited to keep up with this. If you ever wonder if there is anything else you can do to help your dog - Call Brandon. More...


Gin J.

4 March 2018

Working with Brandon was the best decision we could have made for our dog, Peanut. Peanut is a 5 lb chi mix and we got him as an adult. He became incredibly aggressive after a few weeks of having him and we were afraid to bring him anywhere. He bit and tried to bite several people.Brandon analyzed what type of aggression Peanut had and figured out how much was genetic and how much we could change. Turns out, we could change A LOT.  Brandon used the rules of nature and how animals are in the wild to help us understand what was going on with him and what we needed to change.When we picked up Peanut at the end of the day he was noticeably different. Brandon shared with us videos of what he did with Peanut to teach us what we needed to do. It absolutely works. The daily calls with Brandon helped a lot too, to help us with situations that came up throughout the day and reinforce what was important.I absolutely recommend Brandon to anyone who is struggling with an aggressive dog. He saves lives. More...


Kendall A.

26 February 2018

This is a long over due review, but Brandon has healed my dog and it's made me a better person and dog mom. I adopted my female mix breed of 38lbs, 2 years old, back in April 2017 and she was shy but sweet with people and a little leash reactive with other dogs. A month went by and we were doing positive reinforcement where I spent thousands and nothing worked but made it worse (see Don P.'s comment on here about that - I agree completely it does not work at all for aggression/reactivity). She then started nipping at people, growling, not letting anyone come into our house and definitely not greeting anyone or dog on or off leash. The positive reinforcement trainer told me she would be like this the rest of her life. I obviously did not believe this and discontinued this training and started to google behaviorist, and this is how I found Brandon like many of you.Setting up an appointment was easy and Cathy is the best. We had a consultation with Brandon before dropping my dog off for the day and she had a muzzle on and used her flight or fight response/was afraid so snapped at Brandon. He then took her for the day and took videos of her. When we picked her up she definitely understood now that I was her leader and you could see in the videos he took of her that she was slowly letting her hormones chill out with the other dogs. She was dominant and didn't see me as her leader before because all I did was love her and never disciplined before meeting with Brandon. Anyways, it has now been about 7 months now since we met Brandon for the first time and my dog is actually "normal" now. We started to see results the first 2 weeks, but it obviously takes time and patience to change a dogs mindset and learn that humans and other dogs are okay and not to be afraid. She goes on pack hikes with different dogs every Friday and thrives. She meets new people and WANTS them to pet her. This would have never happened if I didn't find Brandon. I will soon even take her to my dog friendly work! Also, once I found this world of dog psychology and behavior, I started meeting people all over the place with similar problems with their dogs and meeting other dog behaviorists that look up to Brandon for all the work he has done with the most extreme aggressive dogs out there.He truly is the best and is happy to help any dog with big or small behavior problems. Thanks Brandon for everything you do! I have now been inspired to help others as much as I can with what I have learned and also will recommend Brandon to anyone experiencing these problems with their dog. More...


Elena C.

20 February 2018

My family got a pit bull named Enzo when he was 11 weeks old. We wanted to prevent any aggressive behavior so we decided to take him to training classes. He was a very well trained dog but his behavior was the issue. From one day to the next the aggression started. We asked his instructor why this behavior started or where it was stemming from and they could not give us a reason why. They were just as clueless as we were. In our minds he had no reason to be aggressive; we let him sleep inside, showed unconditional love, fed him well, never hit him, gave him plenty of toys to play with, etc. (We found out some of those things were feeding to his aggressive behavior).We even tried to prevent food aggression by touching his face while he ate. Nothing seemed to work and his aggression only progressed. His aggression was directed towards people. It got so bad he couldn't look at an unfamiliar face without going ballistic. He would lunge, growl, and bark so loud you couldn't speak over it. We had to take him on walks very late at night to make sure people weren't around. He had even bit multiple members of my family. It was becoming emotionally exhausting dealing with the love hate relationship. It felt like the household was walking on eggshells when he was around because any strange or sudden noise would frighten him and that would trigger his aggression. My father gave us an ultimatum- either correct his behavior or have him destroyed. It seemed like there was no hope for him. Everyone I told about his aggression would just say "it's in his DNA" or "he's a pit bull, that's how they are" and I felt he was becoming just another statistic or falling into the stereotypes of the breed. We knew it was our fault as the owners that he was acting this way, we just did not know how to correct it. Shock collars correction sprays and choke chains all seemed to mask the issue. We still did not know what the reason for aggression was and we were desperate to find the reason and fix it. My mom found out about Brandon online. We were skeptical but we were willing to try anything to help us help Enzo. It was the best decision we have ever made. He took him in for the evaluation at 9:30am and we would pick him up at 4 pm. I was very nervous about someone else handling him knowing the damage he was capable of. Knowing the experience Brandon had with aggressive behavior put me at ease but I was still a bit nervous about the situation. We went to pick up Enzo and it was unbelievable.Brandon stated Enzo was was dominant both physically and mentally and said his aggression was coming from fear. Brandon allows you to understand the perspective of your dog. That's when everything made sense and I understood why he was acting out the way he was. He explained the hierarchy in a pack and emphasizing how important it is to be the leader or alpha. It was mind blowing to see Enzo's behavior change in the given time. Within a few hours he was a completely different dog. We were all shocked and in awe. As the owner we had to change a few things and a bit of homework was needed but it was well worth the result we got in the end. Every penny was worth it. I feel like I can't thank him enough. He has changed our lives and bettered the bond between Enzo and the family. You will not regret the decision to see Brandon. For anyone who thinks there is no other option there is hope! Brandon can help you. The only thing I regret is not contacting him sooner! More...


Juliette G.

13 February 2018

In less than 24 hours, my life has changed. I have two puppies, a one-year-old dachshund mutt, and an 8-month-old cattle dog mutt. Both have different fear aggression, and both were getting worse. I should mention that I have a family - hubby and 5-yr-old daughter - so you can imagine the chaos with two pups in the mix! We got them in Aug '17. And we started training in September when I noticed my dachshund displaying fear and separation anxiety and even lunging at my daughter. Before I go further, I don't want to bash trainers because their heart and mission is in the right place. And maybe for many their techniques work. But if you have two pups that are prone to aggressive behavior, and you don't know that yet, feeding them treats to calm them down on walks is NOT GOOD. We were doing the desensitization/positive reinforcement type of training. For example, they are terrified going on walks, you throw treats on the ground to distract them, or they growl and hair goes up on their backs you step to the side of the sidewalk and feed them treats to distract them... WRONG. You are giving them treats when they are anxious and fearful and all it does is make it worse. Again - I understand the intent with this training, but my dogs were quickly declining and my hubby and I lost control of the situation. We couldn't have any friends over without the cattle dog barking ferociously and the dachshund randomly lunging at children. When we would think all was calm, the cattle dog would walk up to a sitting guest and do a nip/bark at someone's face. Total HBIC. Guys - it SUCKED. And I knew that giving them treats to distract them just wasn't right for them. This past weekend my 8 month old puppy wanted to fight every man, woman, child, and dog in Ojai - OJAI the most magical, calming place on the planet! She barks while I'm freakin driving - like barks and growls at fellow drivers, girl had road rage and she doesn't even drive! I thought that if I act calmly, it would pass, but it just kept getting worse. They were better when separated, but the cattle dog was not getting better. They love each other, but brought out the worst in each other, and I remember very early on when my trainer told me I should give up one because of this, my heart shattered. But I just don't don't do that. Once you're in my pack, you're in my pack, and I'll love you but live a pretty miserable life.So I found Brandon on here thanks to everyone's reviews. I can't do justice to his approach, you'll need to talk with him yourself. But the change happened the moment I picked my pups up from Brandon and I have done exactly what he's said, and my home - and dogs - are forever changed. My once aggressive dominant cattle dog (Indigo) is trusting my leadership and is no longer anywhere near the dog she was in Ojai this wknd. My little anxiety-ridden dachshund (Desmond) is no longer pawing at me every three seconds for attention. Neither of them are barking at the people running on the reservoir in front of my home. Guys - they walked behind me TOGETHER to my daughter's school with no raised fur, no barking, no lunging. We never walked them together before bc they were scary. And best of all, I can tell they feel at ease, and even at peace. Because they ain't in charge and don't gotta worry. I'm in charge. And they are starting to trust me as their leader. So yes. This is real. Every review says immediate change, and now this is one more to add to the list. It's only been 24 hours, 13 more days of calling Brandon every day to tell him how it's going, and then we'll go from there. I'm toying with the idea of doing an Instagram account to document their progress so that people can see this is for realsies. Brandon's way of coexisting with dogs is to basically know how their brains work, and what makes them respond, and WHY. Then you can FINALLY communicate. And they're like "oooooohhhh, ok. So an infant isn't going to kill me, I don't need to lunge at it. Got it. Thanks mom."All joking aside, if everyone adopted this philosophy, so many dogs would be alive today. Really.I'll keep posting progress here! So far, so awesome. More...


Mary H.

8 February 2018

Although I haven't used their services yet they were very helpful and answered all my questions. I hope to one day have my dog visit for her aggressive issues. Thank you Cathy & Brandon!!!


Kristan B.

3 February 2018

I'm sitting here in tears as I write this because I never thought I would see the day that my dog would walk by other dogs and not lunge, growl or bark at them. I saw Brandon today with my 3.5 year old golden/lab mix. My dog was completely fine until I got mugged a couple months ago. She witnessed the whole thing and ended up chasing the mugger. After that, my world changed. My dog became aggressive towards other dogs, skateboarders and even some people.  After meeting with Brandon (it was like a great therapy session) I understand now that I didn't know how to communicate with my dog. I did all the things the "trainers" said to do and nothing worked. My dog spent one day with Brandon and she's a completely different dog.  We just walked for 3 blocks near my home downtown and my dog didn't even look at the other dogs. We passed 2 skateboarders and she remained calm and focused. The peace of mind that comes with trusting Brandon and literally rehabilitating your dog is worth more than any amount of money could buy.  All the behavior modification starts with us. I'm glad I loved myself and my dog enough to finally do something about her behavior. It can only get better from here - thanks to Brandon. He's unconventional and literally thinks like the dog -- and the dog responds positively. This is some groundbreaking stuff he's doing. I'm so impressed. More...


Ricardo M.

31 January 2018

My dog is now the dog i thought i adopted. We met Brady our 28lb Poodle/Bichon mix 6 months ago. He was the quiet one in the group of dogs in the kennel and he melted our hearts. We brought him home and gave him all the love we thought he needed. A few weeks later Brady was lunging, barking at anyone for attention, super hyper and he changed from the dog we met at the shelter. We endured countless struggles of him chewing up anything wood in our home, the growling at our friends and family and even him biting us. We tried the positive reinforcement "training" we gave him toys to chew on etc. Nothing helped. I started to look up dog behaviorists at the advice of my vet and came across Brandon. His thought process was completely different than anything i was taught and read. All this time i felt that Brady and I were just not speaking the same language, so he was frustrated with me and i was with him. I sent an email to Brandon explaining my situation, pics of Brady and hoped for the best.We scheduled a time to meet with Brandon on the day we showed up Brandon explained to me his process and validated my sentiments, we were not speaking the same language, even more i was a human thinking in a what i THOUGHT a dog would understand. In reality to have a happy dog you need to THINK LIKE A DOG. I left Brady with Brandon for the day, his crazy barking off the charts and hoped for the best. We came back at the end of the day, Brandon shared his observations of Brady and gave us our diagnosis. We walked away that very day with a plan and a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DOG. It was that fast, not 2 weeks, not months, THAT DAY.We are day 3... He's calm and happy. Brandon and i talk 2x daily. I explain what we have done and i tell him any challenges i face, or situations we didn't go over etc. Brandon has NEVER sent me to voicemail or sounded like he was too busy to talk.Bottom line. WORTH EVERY PENNY More...


Holly F.

30 January 2018

My husband and I adopted our 2 1/2 year old lab / border collie mix, Mosey, in October. Over the course of three months in hour home Mosey was progressively reacting more intensely to people coming over by barking, lunging, and in rare cases giving warning bites (no puncturing) when we would hug friends, even people Mosey had successfully met before and seemed to like. His instances of aggression seemed sporadic and surprising and were causing us endless grief. Over Christmas the anxiety peaked and we had to completely separate him from friends and family out of fear he would do something dangerous. We had read every book we could get our hands on and talked to several trainers and a behaviorist on how to help him and were getting nowhere. Late one night in an internet hole, I discovered Brandon's website and Yelp page and after reading the reviews finally felt that there might be someone who could help us. I scheduled an appointment with Brandon as soon as we possibly could and counted down the days until we could work with him. Brandon was so patient and attentive with us while my husband and I recounted every instance of aggression and fear we saw with Mosey. He took Mosey for the day to learn about where exactly this dog fit into the pack. When we came back at the end of the day, Brandon talked with us for an hour and half, showed us a video of Mosey from earlier in the day and taught us a few very crucial training techniques to start working on right away. IMMEDIATELY, Mosey was responsive to the techniques and began to see us as the leaders of the house and learn that we are in charge. By day two Mosey no longer barked or ran at the door when someone knocked and most unbelievably, he barely lifted his head when the mailman came. Brandon gave us the confidence, direction, and insight we needed to change this dogs life and ours. We now have the tools to set boundaries for Mosey that he understands so we can really enjoy being with him and interacting with our friends and family. I truly cannot say enough positive things about working with Brandon. He has forever changed the way I see our dog and all dogs and has given me hope that we can keep spreading the word to rehabilitate dogs with aggression issues! More...


monica r.

22 January 2018

We have two dogs. Nina a large lab pointer mix. And Charlie a small Chihuahua Pug mix. We were having many issues with them. One of them being aggressiveness in our front yard to the point where Nina got out and bit another dog. We had tried trainers before and they had given us some tools that we thought might help but nothing really fixed the problem. After Nina bit a dog we were desperate. We found Brandon on Yelp and we were impressed with his reviews.It has only been four days since we took our dogs to Brandon. The changes we have seen have been drastic and all for the better. So much more than we had ever seen with your typical trainer. Brandon teaches you how to effectively communicate with your dogs so that they know what's not allowed. I knew they needed help but I never expected a change so quickly. We have talked with Brandon every day since and he has helped guide us and answered any questions that we have had. We feel like we're in control now and we are positive that our lives with these dogs, our babies, are forever changed. More...


Genesis P.

7 January 2018

A ONE DAY 9-4 evaluation changed my dog! I have a 3 year old terrier mix dog named Coco, I got him when he was 6 months old when I saw him at my workplace skinny, dirty and full of flees because his owners did not care for him. I took him in everything was perfect with my dog up until he turned 1 year old he started to become aggressive. I would notice that he started growling at the people he would constantly see and eventually bark at them to the point that I would have him isolated because I thought that he would eventually bit someone, which he never did or has. I was concerned about his aggression so I decided to take him to a trainer at petsmart but that did not work the trainer had a class full of dogs making it hard for her to concentrate on Coco which she never did I could tell she did not want him around. As he got older his aggression became worst and worst with people because he was great with dogs but whenever someone would come over to my house it was always growling and barking. I felt like I was trying everything but not nothing was working I felt like I was going to have to give him up at some point but I realized that trainers and rehabilitators are two different things. A trainer is only going to help your dog to sit, stay, lay down and to come on command a rehabilitator will help your dog emotionally, hormonaly, and physically to help you under where this aggression is coming from. I googled rehab centers for dogs and came across some but no one compared to Brandon it literally took ONE DAY 9-4 evaluation for my dog to come back completely different. I wasn't able to walk my dog when people would pass by because I knew that he was going to growl and bark at them so I would walk across the street to get to the side to avoid people but once I took him with BRandon all that changed I walked him this afternoon and noticed a boy riding his scooter coming our way normally I would either pick up my dog or go across the street to avoid the kid but this time I decided to continue walking and test it out. I was amazed that my dog did not acknowledge the kid he did not bark or growl! Also, before he would always walk in front of me and he would be the leader all that has changed he walks behind me so that I'm in control. Brandon will speak to you on how to be in control instead of your dog controlling you. MY dog would always bark when he heard someone either knock or come in through the door that all has changed my dog ignores them now and before I would have to hide him in my room while everyone left. It has been a great transformation that literally took one day and then you have to have a 2 week follow up with Brandon, it's only been one day and my dog is different! More...


Lisa F.

1 January 2018

I am posting after 48 hours of having a phone consultation with Brandon. I had skimmed all 90 Yelp posts and kept reading about miraculous results. I have to say though I was completely skeptical how I could see these kind of overnight results especially with a mere phone call and Brandon not meeting my dogs. But I will tell you I too have seen a miracle. I have 2 female dogs (mini poodle and maltese poodle mix) that have been friends for a year and play all day. My third dog, a male corgi passed away a month ago. Leading up to him getting sick and heightened by his passing, the 2 dogs began to fight. First it was over being on my bed, then it became a bone and soon it was just a stare and suddenly they were fully attacking each other and drawing blood (to the other dog AND to me when I intervened). I was devastated. It accelerated quickly and got worse every day. I've had to fully separate them for the last month putting one in crate and one in the kitchen. If for some reason they got together, they'd be fine and then within an unexpected moment, one dog would glance at the other and a fight would break out. I hired another trainer who came to my house and told me they saw me as a pack member but not a leader. They were fighting to each be the alpha now that my other dog passed away. The advice was to train them individually, separate them in the mean time, and eventually bring them together when they learned to respect me as their leader. I worked with them 2x a day as directed teaching them to sit, fetch, and look me in the eye. Each time I gave them a treat. They learned to sit on command but after 3 weeks of this the aggression was only getting worse and my hope was dwindling. I started thinking I would need to give away one dog which was devastating to me. What kind of life was it to separate these dogs, hear one crying all the time in the crate or kitchen or waiting for a phone call from my daughter crying that they got together by accident and she got cut up trying to separate them and my smaller poodle was now bleeding. I decided I wasn't ready to give up. I researched dog aggression and found Brandon's yelp reviews. I thought if anyone could help it sounded like he was the expert. With high hopes but major trepidation I had my call with Brandon. He immediately began to ask detailed questions about the dogs that delved into their personalities far more than the other trainer who came to my house. While on the phone, he had me put them together on leashes, testing how they acted, what spawned the issue. By the end of the call I learned how to control the dogs. It's so simple however that's only because Brandon understands animals. That evening I had the dogs together and there was no issue. I had them sleep together that night (without one in a crate) and again no issue. The dogs are together for hours today and once again... no issue. I don't expect the fighting to be gone but I feel very equipped at what I need to do. I also feel comfortable knowing I have 2 weeks of phone call follow ups with Brandon as things arise. If you think you've tried everything and it's not working... call Brandon. If I didn't see it with my own two eyes I'd never believe it. More...


Geoffrey M.

25 December 2017

My wife and I have tried MANY different training techniques for our 2 year old rescue Staffy named Charlie.  No matter what we did, we were continually seeing a growing aggression and our pup always wanting to be the alpha.  Pulling at the leash while on walks...Running at bikers, skaters, squirrels, and really anything that moved...Jumping up / barking aggressively at friends and visitors, etc. He never attacked anyone, but we could sense that if we didn't find something that worked, it was inevitable.  Enter Brandon.  It took one day....ONE DAY of Charlie staying with Brandon for us to see a completely different dog.  Our neurotic alpha-wannabe was turned into an obedient walker that wasn't distracted by anything.  Brandon's techniques put the dog's animal nature front and center.  He helps you to understand how to train your dog in a way your dog can actually understand.It will take work on you as the owner as well in order to see consistent better habits.  But right from that first day you will see a change, and that change will stick with your dog and become their new demeanor if you put in the work to stick to the training.We're now about 2 months out from our 1-day session followed by 14 days of follow up calls with Brandon as both updates on Charlie's aggression and accountability for us as the owners - and we continue to be amazed.  Brandon's methods are simple but incredibly effective.If you're feeling like you've tried everything and are losing hope - don't.  Go see Brandon and you'll be incredibly amazed at what he can do. More...


Dylan H.

24 October 2017

This review is long over due! My boyfriend started taking his Pitt Bull, Millie, to Brandon after he adopted her. Brandon worked with her on socializing and aggression issues she had. About a year after Millie was adopted my boyfriend and I met, and I was a packaged deal that came with Gertie, a little poodle mix.  Due to Millie's past aggression issues we were hesitant to introduce the dogs to each other. After we realized our relationship was serious we knew we needed to safely introduce our pups. We took them to Brandon to be introduced. We dropped both of them off in the morning and by the time we picked them up in the afternoon they were doing just fine! A year and a half later they are true sisters! They walk, play and hangout together all the time. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone who experiences the same issues we did! Thank you Brandon! More...


Kimberly D.

17 October 2017

I've been struggling with my almost 2 year old lab rescue since she was a puppy. She was fearful, unsure, barking at everything and everyone that would get close to her. I have spent plenty of $$$ on "trainers" that did nothing except make my dog even more fearful and unsure.  I live in Georgia and therefore unable to have Brandon help me in person, so I had a consult with him on the phone.  Brandon spent upwards of an hour on the phone with me asking questions and listening to my frustrations and concerns for my dog.  He began to share with me some very valuable information that would change my life and my dogs life in a way I never thought possible. After our initial conversation, Brandon would give me very specific things to work on with my dog and then call him back with feedback on how it went. Brandon always answers his phone and is there if ever I'm unsure or have questions about the next step. Our consistent communication and Brandon's knowledge paired with his patience when speaking with me has been a blessing. My dog and I are well on our way to having a much happier and balanced life. More...


Lauren H.

7 October 2017

Since I live In PA and the retreat is based in Cali I had an over the phone consultation. My dog was dog and people aggressive. She lunged at everything and anything that stimulated her. I tried just about everything under the sun to correct this behavior but everything I tried wasn't fixing the source of the problem. Brandon gave me the solutions I needed. Make sure to call and check in daily with Brandon to voice any concerns you have so he can tweak your technique if something isn't working for you or if your dog. The daily check ins with Brandon make all the difference. My dog has stopped rushing the front door when people come over and walks behind me at the end of a 6ft leash. During the process Brandon made himself available whenever I had a question or needed guidance. He's the real deal and I'm so fortunate to have been able to work with him. I'm so grateful for Brandon :) More...


Mom 2.

1 October 2017

To be blunt and quick this is the real thing. I went for one day, ONE DAY 9-4pm for an evaluation and I have a HAPPIER dog that I totally and completely understand now.  Imagine taking your child to a specialist and finally getting the correct diagnosis with an appropriate and totally manageable treatment plan.  The long version of this story is that I rescued a 70lb pit mix at the pound that was documented as a surrender adult dog of 7 years noted to be good with children and good on the leash without aggression. Not entirely accurate. I brought him home and while he was great with my toddlers and friendly if not overexcited with my small 5lb Chihuahua, he was totally manic and/or aggressive towards other dogs while on a walk or with visitors.  He also pulled horribly on a leash to the point we simply did not enjoy walking him. In addition to this it should be noted that a dog park was out of the question as was traveling places with our family. I went through some training with one trainer that used treatments like shock collars and another that advised respectful parenting for a lack of better words.  I spoke with some other 'dog experts' unimpressed. I all but threw in the towel and decided perhaps we weren't the right fit for this guy.  Long story longer through a friend of a friend I was connected to Brandon and in one day I was able to understand my dogs needs and instantly we all relaxed. It works if you work it. If you have young children and enjoy a little parallel, I can equate him to a Doc Mcstuffins or Sofia the First. More...


Amy B.

14 August 2017

My husband and I rescued a 7 month old pit bull/shar pei mix in June 2016 and as first time dog owners, were bound and determined to raise the "perfect" dog. I read everything I could get my hands on, but reading and actually putting into action are two different things. Slowly but surely, we noticed behavioral issues cropping up but chalked it up to him being a puppy. What started as air nipping when some people (usually guys) would approach him to pet him slowly morphed into more aggressive nipping, and what finally ended up happening was our dog busting through our screen door and biting our neighbors' pet sitter in the butt and breaking the skin a bit. She was SUPER understanding, and said it had happened to her a ton, but recommended that we take Indy to see Brandon, and I cannot thank her enough for the recommendation. We had an animal behaviorist come to our home twice, and she gave us tons of useful, practical information (once in August 2016 and then again in June 2017 after the bite incident), but we knew we needed a heavier hand to get our dog in line. I was hesitant because I didn't view Indy as aggressive, but I was looking at him with rose colored glasses. He is sweet as can be when he knows people, but all signs were pointing to an increasingly troubling behavior pattern and my husband and I knew we needed to take this seriously. We dropped Indy off for a full-day evaluation with Brandon and returned to chat in-depth with him for an hour to discuss his findings -- that Indy is fine with other dogs, but is mentally and physically dominant with people. BINGO. We used to use a prong collar on walks, but it never seemed to really work. After implementing Brandon's program and advice 100% in the two weeks since our visit, we truly have a different dog. We bring a wiffle ball bat on walks to get him to walk behind us, and it has only taken a few walks for him to fall in line. The other tip that was a game changer was tossing things at his butt to snap him out of going ballistic when people knock on our door. If you are at all apprehensive about this, DO NOT BE! I had to set aside my preconceived notions about not wanting to "hurt" Indy, and the difference in him is remarkable. We actually filled plastic bags with 1 lb of rice, and put those bags in old socks to make little bean bags. Lobbing a couple of those at his butt when he is freaking out causes him to immediately snap out of the red zone and he retreats to his bed to chill out. I couldn't believe it!Also just this morning we took Indy to a dog park (hadn't been since August 2016) and implemented the tips from Brandon's video on how to take a dog to a dog park and it went so well. Did a loop and a half, noticed that he was getting a little skittish/nervous and we left on a good note. One final thing in this long diatribe: I was skeptical about having to have Indy pee AND poop in our yard at home before going for a walk, because he would only ever poop on walks. I thought it would never happen, and we actually went through two separate 48+ hour "poop strikes" where he refused to go in the yard. We held strong, talked to Brandon, and trusted in the process. This morning, I brought Indy out to potty and he immediately went pee and poop (I gave him treats for both), and THEN we did the walk and the dog park. If you are frustrated and thinking of stopping, or only doing half of what he says, STICK WITH IT. If you have a stubborn dog like we do, you need to wear him down and not give in. I am so grateful for Brandon's advice, and so thrilled that we finally know exactly how to act with our dog!! More...


Ronald C.

26 July 2017

My Rottweiler Tucker was aggressive towards everyone but my wife and I. We tried 3 other dog trainers when he was 6 months old and had no success. While at the vet for his one year old shots Tucker slipped his muzzle and bit me on the forearm. The vet determined that he needed to be put down for our safety and the safety of others. We had become very attached to him but made the hard decision to have him put down.The day we were going to have him put down I was up at 3 A.M. I looked up aggressive dog training on my computer and came across Brandon. With no other options we took him to Brandon. He was evaluated and determined that he could be worked with. Tucker stayed with Brandon for a few weeks and what we got back was an entirely different dog.Brandon worked a miracle on Tucker ! He saved Tucker's life and saved my wife and I heartache.  I also like the narrated video  we are able to watch on u tube to  see the progress Tucker was making while being refocused by Brandon.Tucker is now a regular there whenever we need to board him.Anyone with a dog who is having ANY type of issues should definitely seek out Brandon and have their dog trained the "Fouche" way. More...


Jacquelyn M.

14 July 2017

Words can not begin to express our appreciation for Brandon. My fiancé and I have a dog named Francis whom we adopted two years ago. Slowly but surely, we began to notice Francis developing this aggressive behavior. It got to a point where I could no longer live in my house comfortably and it was causing lots of stress/negativity due to several attacks and tip toeing around. Fast forward to when Francis became unmanageable, we reached out to Brandon. He suggested we dropped Fran off to spend the day with him in which he will analyze his behavior to understand if it was learned vs mental. Upon arrival, Brandon gave us his observation and prepared us with the tools we needed to get Fran under control and in a better place. From day one, we saw results in Fran and he has only gotten better. We now live a stress free life that we are in control of. If you are at your wits end, do not give up, Brandon can help you and your dog! More...


Kate N.

6 July 2017

I wish I had heard about Brandon years ago. My husband and I bought our english shepherd (very similar to a border collie), Shea about two and a half years ago as a puppy and experienced behavior problems with her as soon as she hit adolescence. She developed severe leash reactivity and would turn and redirect her aggression on me. I have had my legs bitten several times. We couldn't walk anywhere near other dogs on leash without her lunging, barking, and growling. We tried everything - leash corrections, ecollar, spray bottle, air can, thunder shirt, prong collar, martingale, choke chain and half a dozen trainers.... We made minimal progress.As bad as her leash reactivity was, having people in the house was even worse. She would charge the door aggressively so I usually kept her in her crate when anyone came to the door. I was constantly nervous about taking her anywhere or having people over. With the help of another trainer we could get her to lay on her place when people came over but no one could walk close to her or she would growl and we certainly couldn't let anyone pet her or she would snap at them. I'll mention that we were pretty knowledgeable dog owners. I had had a border collie, pit bull, german shepherd, and other large breeds before. None of my previous dog training experience prepared me for these issues. I was so committed to working on Shea's behaviors and I enlisted the help of countless trainers with no lasting effects. I am not exaggerating when I say I spent over $15,000 on training before hearing about Brandon. We sent Shea to two different board and train programs and although Shea behaved well for the trainers none of them could give me practical steps to transfer these behavior changes to me. We even worked with Cesar Millan. After all of this time and money we were still experiencing leash reactivity and had two bite incidents in the house in the past 3 months. I was feeling so discouraged. When I finally heard about Brandon and read his reviews I'll admit I was super skeptical. I thought I had tried it all. But I knew we couldn't live the rest of our lives keeping Shea away from people and dogs so I called Brandon. Within an hour of speaking with him we had very clear steps and instructions to begin implementing. We put them into practice right away and the results have been nothing short of amazing. It has been a week and a half since we started working with Brandon and in the past week I have had several people in my house with barely a bark out of Shea. I didn't need to use an ecollar, place command, leash, or the crate. She understood that I wanted her to give our guests space and that I had claimed the house after doing what Brandon told us. We have walked past more dogs than I can count without a single reaction. We still have some work to do but the amount of progress we have made in such a short time is astonishing. Shea looks at me completely different - like she actually trusts me now. I have been speaking with Brandon every day and no matter what he is doing he always answers his phone and makes time to answer all my questions. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in two years I feel like I have my life back and I owe it all to Brandon. Brandon can help any dog. Don't hesitate to call him! I wish I had contacted him two years ago. If you are still skeptical ask Brandon for my number and I will personally convince you. More...


Elena E.

24 June 2017

It took me some time to finally sit down and write a review because it was hard for me to get all of my thoughts together about my experience with my dog these past few weeks (clearly by the length of this). I adopted my dog, Sadie, about 2.5 years ago. A super sweet dog, she was a little timid and not used to being in the house, but otherwise seemed like she would be a great dog. About one week into having her she started exhibiting signs of separation anxiety when we would leave her in the house which quickly turned into her digging at the carpet to get out, jumping out the first floor window, tearing down the blinds. She even scaled a 7 foot fence! You get it... and then two weeks later she began to lunge out at other dogs.I quickly found a local trainer that was very well reviewed and started working on building up her confidence, obedience training with positive and negative reinforcement.  Working with my trainer, we began to correct the bad behaviors (prong, ecollar) and reward good calm behavior. Doing desensitization around me leaving and extending the amount of time I was gone. After about a year, her prey drive started to turn on (mostly I now know due to habits that I was unintentionally teaching her) and she started having an obsession with cats, squirrels and unfortunately small children who moved too quickly. She also became very protective of the house when friends would knock or come in (bit someone :/). We saw some improvement and I participated in a weekly pack walk (30 dogs having a structured walk together), but I began to quickly realize that all of her issues were just slowly getting worse, and that everything I was doing was just band-aiding and avoiding the triggers. I was not getting to the root cause of the problem.During these two years, I was as dedicated and persistent as I could possibly be. I followed my trainer's advice to a T. I went religiously to every weekend pack walk, researched numerous behavior / trainer videos, reading many different philosophies. I tried every type of method / anxiety reducing tool to try and cope with the separation anxiety. I was desperate! I recently reached a point where I started researching other options because I was at the point where I didn't know what to do with my beloved dog. I couldn't leave her alone without worrying she would break her crate or tear the house apart and I couldn't bring her without worrying about a small child coming up or another dog being in the area. Meeting with Brandon and in the two weeks since, the change in Sadie has been like nothing I have ever seen in the world of dog "training". After sitting with Brandon and explaining our relationship and the problems I was having, I left Sadie there for the day and came to pick her up that afternoon. Brandon showed me the videos he takes while introducing her to his pack and explained where she naturally fell within the pack structure.For years my dog was struggling because she thought that she needed to be in charge and lead the pack, and she really didn't want to! He taught me how to walk her properly by establishing rules and consequences and disengaging her from her environment. I then walked past a lunging dog with Sadie 4-5 ft behind me and she completely avoided the dog!I was shocked. I was so used to the world of physically controlling my dog, having her in a heel close to me so I could quickly pull her away if needed. This was unreal! Brandon simplifies the relationship you can have with your dog, and made me realize how much the dog training world has over complicated our relationships with these animals. I took Sadie home and made sure to be 100% consistent. We are now two weeks in and I have not been disappointed to say the least. I've set up numerous scenarios with friends dogs and have been blown away. She wants nothing to do with them, or my friends cat. We are finally speaking the same language and it feels SO GOOD. I can't wait to continue on this journey and see where we are in a few months. Like I said before, I had read and researched numerous training methods before meeting Brandon and I had listened to other trainers/behaviorists discuss the importance of leadership, pack structure, your own energy and the messages you are conveying to your dog. What was lacking with every other trainer and behaviorist were clear actions to achieve this with fast clear results. Brandon broke it down so simply for me and it worked. Amazingly. Coming to Brandon I was skeptical even after reading through all 90 reviews for him. I didn't believe that one session was enough to fix Sadies many issues. I had been through so much training that I figured why the hell not, if it doesn't work at least I tried it all. Now I only wish I had seen him two years ago. So please, if you are struggling, give Brandon a shot and you will not be disappointed! More...


Evan A.

3 June 2017

Brandon's amazing as a training expert. He's able to quickly diagnosis what your dog needI board my dog with brandon every time as well.


Sam S.

7 May 2017

I spent a tremendous amount of time researching dog aggression experts in Los Angeles for my 3.5 year old German Shepherd, Ella.  Thank god for Brandon.Ella is a smaller female, about 58 lbs, and she was rescued from an LA City Shelter about a year before I brought her to Brandon.  The shelter let me know that she was skittish and that it took a while for her to warm up to new people, but they never mentioned any issues about aggression.For the first few months, Ella was fine with the exception of jumping up when my girlfriend and I got close.  The dog got over that, though.  The issue came with strangers.  Whenever someone new would come anywhere near us (10 feet was plenty close), Ella would bark and lunge at that person.  One time, she slipped her leash and was able to jump up on someone and scratch them.  I became scared to take her our for walks, adjusting our schedule so that Ella and I would run into as few people as possible.The tipping point came when Ella bit my dad.  It was her first time meeting him, and after sniffing around him for awhile, she suddenly got him on the arm.  Fortunately not badly, but enough that I knew something needed to be done immediately.Once we found Brandon, he was patient with us (my girlfriend and I) as we described everything over the phone.  It's super important to be honest with yourself--it took me a long time to be honest with myself--about your dog's behavior.  Don't deny or downplay their behavior to yourself or Brandon.  After describing everything over the phone, Brandon told us that he would like to see Ella at an evaluation and we set something up.On the day of the evaluation, we people (Brandon, myself, and my girlfriend) and the dog sat around at Brandon's facility and talked for about an hour and a half.  Brandon observed and filmed a little, too.   What he was able to tell us at the end of that hour and a half was unbelievable.Just from watching our interactions, Brandon was able to tell that Ella's aggression was because of fear of new situations.  Because she didn't understand how she was supposed to act in new situations or with new people, she was fearful.  Brandon explained that, like people, when dogs are fearful of something, they want to run away from it.  Unfortunately, dogs are on leashes.  Therefore, he explained, dogs like Ella that are fear aggressive and cannot run away from the stimulus (because of the leash) naturally turn the fear into aggression.  Very common-sense.  If you can't use the flight mechanism, you have to use the fight mechanism.He then taught us that the way to deal with her fear aggression is to show her that the situation is okay and under control.  That part, Brandon explained, comes entirely from us.  If we show the dog that the situation is okay and is not one to be feared, such as by teaching Ella to walk behind us and observe our interactions with people, we could start to remedy her issues.Brandon gave us some other information and then we left Ella with Brandon for the day.  When we picked her up around 5:30 or 6, you could immediately tell that there was a difference just by looking in Ella's eyes.  She was looking up at us for approval while on the leash.  Another important thing--if your dog is more focused on where the Alpha is (you) and what the alpha is doing, your dog has less interest to pay attention to distractors like other people or dogs.  As a quick illustration of how good his method is, Brandon asked if two of his other clients would be willing to help show us something when they came to pick up their dog.  Brandon had me walk Ella this new way (with her behind us) and come up to the other two people and their dog.  Ella had never met any of them, by the way.  We walked up and Ella laid down behind us while we talked in a circle.  After a certain point, we called her over into the circle and pet her.  (This was another thing.  We couldn't let Ella dictate the interaction by forcing us to pet her, she had to wait until we acknowledged her).  She was fine.  We were even able to give her leash to one of the other clients and Ella walked just fine with her up and down the block.  I stood there with my jaw on the floor.  I would never have imagined trying something like this.From the day that we met with Brandon till the present, the difference in Ella is night and day.  Brandon told us that the work wouldn't be easy, and there's a lot of tough love at the beginning.  As we have continued to work with the skills and rules we learned, Ella has continued to grow and flourish.  We've talked with Brandon a few times since Ella's evaluation and he's always generous with his time.Brandon has helped us give her her life back and, whether we want to think about it or not, has probably saved her life from the consequences of another bite.If you're curious about Brandon's experience, services, or method, just call him and learn.  Worst case is you decide it's not for you.Thank you, Brandon! More...


Nikka A.

15 March 2017

We have 3 dogs: a human & dog aggressive boxer, a dog aggressive retriever, and another retriever who, though sweet, doesn't back down from a fight (which the other 2 liked to start). We had 3 dogs who were large, strong, territorial, and undisciplined. Our boxer always lunged at humans and dogs who passed by us during walks. And when we'd pull him away, he'd start chewing on his leash to try and get to them. He's also tried numerous times to attack our neighbors or guests in our home. He and our male retriever fought over territory issues, which made it impossible to keep them in the same room. The ironic part was that he was wonderful in daycare! He got along with everyone INCLUDING the retriever, so we knew the problem was likely with us. Our female retriever was a sweetheart at home and a pleasure to walk outside as long as we didn't pass by any dogs (which never happened). Once she saw a dog, she'd start barking and lunging at them. On days when we'd walk the boxer and her together, they'd feed off of each other' energy and it would take all of our strength to pull them away. We tried three different trainers. They were all happy to take our money and tell us that all our dogs needed was positive reinforcement. The 3 dogs did great while the trainers were in our home, but nothing they taught us stuck. We didn't need to teach our dogs how to sit, stay, or "leave it" because none of those commands fixed their aggressive behavior. The #1 dog training company in LA (as rated by Yelp) eventually told us, after I desperately asked for a trainer with experience dealing with aggressive dogs, that they didn't think they could help us. They told me, during a moment of complete desperation, that our dogs couldn't be helped. I found Brandon after months of stress, taking the boxer out only at night, and feeling trapped in our own home because we always had to keep the dogs separated. Cathy contacted me and set up an in-person consultation for the boxer (because he was human aggressive) + a phone consultation for the other 2 dogs. I took the boxer in on a Monday morning at around 9. Brandon and I had a long discussion about our dog's problems. He asked me how we like to play with him (we rough-housed), what our relationship with the dog was like, etc. Before I left, he asked me what I wanted to see when I came back in the afternoon. I told him that my priorities were 1) to be able to walk him in public without fear of an attack and 2) to be able to bring guests over without him attacking them. When w came back in the afternoon, Brandon showed us some videos of our boxer, then went into a detailed explanation of the psychology behind our boxer's behavior. He explained how we were unintentionally feeding into our dog's behavior by rough housing with him and not correcting him when he's misbehave. The boxer, who we thought wasn't afraid of anything, turned out to have fear aggression. Understanding fear aggression was the foundation on which we built our training for him. Brandon then walked us through techniques that enabled us to a) to gain control of our dog and b) allow our boxer to RELAX during walks. After reading so many reviews on this page about people seeing an immediate difference in their dog, I thought it was too good to be true. But it wasn't. We then asked him how to go about bringing the boxer home to the other 2 dogs. He gave us instructions for that as well. Then he told us that he wanted to speak to us every day for 14 days. This may seem like a lot to some people, but I've found these talks to be extremely necessary. These calls give you an opportunity to update Brandon on how you and your dog's are doing-- and also a chance for Brandon to correct anything you may be doing wrong. New situations arise daily, but having these talks has helped us immensely. I've presented him with various scenarios and goes through each one of them with me. He doesn't set a time limit on these talks, either, which is nice because I never feel like I'm being rushed off the phone. My advice for anyone with an aggressive dog seeking Brandon's help us this: listen to his instructions implicitly. If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn't have sought his help in the first place. This was a hard pill for us to swallow as we had to change a lot of our behaviors as well! But we immediately saw the ramifications of trying to do things "our way" and it only took 1 incident to put us right back on track. As long as we're consistent, the dogs respond well. Also, shoot Brandon a text in the morning so y'all can arrange to talk at a time that works best for both of you. That's what I've done and it's always worked. We now have a harmonious home w/3 dogs who can sleep in the same room together, walk calmly outside, and who don't bark at other dogs, the doorbell, other humans, or at each other. If you have an aggressive dog and are unsure, just call Brandon. You'll only regret not calling sooner. More...


Katrina P.

10 March 2017

OK, this is going to be long, so buckle up and bear with me. My roommate and I brought our dog Dolly to Brandon after struggling with her aggression for over two years. She was in terrible shape when we rescued her from the shelter -  emaciated with burn scars, mottled/ugly skin (from untreated allergies), missing 90% of her hair, completely dejected. I figured she was a diamond in the rough, and once she was better physically, we'd give her all the love she needed (and we all assume love is enough, right?). Well, as she got healthier, we started seeing severe aggression in the home. She bit my roommate several times, grabbed visitor's pants legs (bit a few), growled and barked whenever she heard anyone outside the home, and started "correcting" our smaller dogs (in a really scary way). I should note that Dolly is a fluffy white dog who is no more than 12 pounds (we think she's a Poodle/Maltese mixed with something else). She's adorable and doesn't look like she could hurt a fly. But when she gets a vice grip on your hand or leg? Whoa. We worked with a wonderful trainer a year in (using positive reinforcement and treats), and there was some improvement but not enough to fully trust her. She was unpredictable at home. We figured we'd just always have a dog who had to be crated in another room when we had company...Then in December, the unthinkable happened. She got off her leash and bit our elderly neighbor. We are lucky we weren't sued (thank God it was just a surface wound, and they were understanding). What a wake-up call. Brandon had been recommended to us in the beginning, but we couldn't envision making such a big investment. That all changed when I saw her bite someone. It was one of the worst moments of my life. I would do anything to make sure it didn't happen again. We went to see Brandon a month ago. We did a sit down with him in the AM, left Dolly with him for a few hours, then met up again to hear his feedback. Watching the video he took, it was very clear Dolly's issues were specifically with us (she did great with Brandon, no problems at all). She didn't feel secure with us. And this explained why she's a perfect angel at the groomer and the vet but a terror when someone walks into (or past) our home. Before leaving his office, Brandon explained what we were doing wrong and gave us some concrete steps to take. He demonstrated the steps and had us try it ourselves in front of him.  Then we started practicing with her at home. We saw results (in the home) within a couple days. Crazy right? Crazy but true. By two weeks in, she was barely reacting to the doorbell. A month later, our lives have changed so much. We can open the door to greet people, have a friend over, etc. without spending the entire visit stressed out. Yes, she still has a long way to go, but the progress she's made so far is incredible. She's learning to walk behind us (we haven't tested with distractions yet, but we'll get there). She's so much more relaxed and happier. It's insane. I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to us...we have a LONG way to go with her (and will always have to be vigilant), but just being able to have a friend she's bit before over with no incidents or growling or posturing? For him to be able to walk to the bathroom without her lunging after him and freaking out? It's beautiful. Worth every penny. Having an aggressive dog is like this shadow hanging over you. It's always this feeling of failure and sadness in the background no matter how well things in your life are going. And now the shadows are starting to clear. I can't thank Brandon enough. I should note that you won't be successful if you don't do what Brandon recommends. It's not about the work he puts in - it's about the work you put in. Do what he says. Take videos if things aren't clicking (and he'll critique you - that's what we had to do with the walking practice). But stick to it, and put in the work, or nothing will change. More...


Kathleen B.

2 March 2017

Monday I took my two year-old standard poodle to see Brandon. This has been a long journey of failed attempts to correct behavior that felt uncorrectable. I was very afraid I would have to give the dog away because he is very large and aggressive with other dog, small children, men, skateboards and any noises on the street.  I adopted it Fitz and his brother when they were four months old. In the last year and a half he has bitten 4 other dogs and I was bit once trying to separate him from a Great Dane at the dog park. He also has had fear aggression towards men and used to run up to men and bark directly at them growling and lunging at them.  In the last year and a half we have been through four other dog trainers and thousands of dollars. He was on Prozac for a bit, we've used e-collars, pinch collars, muzzles, solo walks, we tried running him to "exercise it out of him".  Nothing worked.  Fitz did show improvements with the "sit, stay" stuff, but it felt like we were not addressing the issue of his aggression. While working with the last dog trainer, Fitz got out of the driveway and went after a dog walking by on leash. That was when my friend told me about Brandon. So we drove the dog down from San Francisco and he spent the day with him on Monday. Now I have to say we were very skeptical. I mean how could all this change happen in one day? Every other dog trainer was very confident and told us that they could resolve the issue at our first meeting as well.  What was going to make Brandon different? We really felt at the end of our rope.  We didn't want to give him away, but he was terrorizing the neighborhood and I was in a constant state of fear about what might happen.  Fitz was scared and unsure as well.    So, we drop Fitz off Monday morning and Brandon spent about an hour and a half with us talking about his history.  We returned to Brandon site at 4:30pm and he showed us videos of Fitz interacting with his pack. Then he proceeded to show us two very simple techniques that have changed this dog over night!! Both he and his brother no longer pull on the leash or lunge at other animals or people on walks. ( they walk with flat collars, by the way.  No pinch collar, no shock collar, nothing)  He doesn't bark and lunge at the fence or go after the dogs in the neighborhood that he has had problems with in the past.  They both feel calm and at peace, like they know where they belong and are safe.People on this site have said that Brandon is a miracle worker and I have to disagree.   There is no mystery here. This man understands the animal brain and is able to give you the tools to communicate with your pet so he understands what to do and most importantly what not to do.  Brandon has saved my dogs life and has changed mine forever!  I could not be more grateful and could not recommend him more!! More...


Sarinea M.

17 February 2017

I adopted my beautiful, headstrong, stubborn, and independent puppy, Penny, at 6 months old. That was 3 1/2 years ago, and she has since grown to become 60 pounds of pure muscle. My family couldn't control her on a leash, so we just stopped walking her and took her to the nearby dog park instead. After being attacked multiple times by other dogs, Penny stopped playing at the park, and would just focus on stealing other dog's toys, so she wasn't getting regular exercise. On top of that, she had developed food aggression within the first year of having her. My growing concern was that not only were we on edge in our interactions with her, but that she must have been uneasy also. I found Brandon through Yelp. His simple, yet effective methods have allowed myself and my family members to walk her on a leash easily, and have the ability to be in the kitchen while she's eating. It's astounding to stand witness to how quickly the results took place, and all of us, including Penny, are happier for it. More...


Michelle T.

25 January 2017

We saw Brandon last week because of aggression issues with our springer spaniel.  He was literally our last hope.  We feared we would need to put our dog to sleep.  And we received a good deal of advice that further fueled that fear.  Thank goodness we found him!  It hasn't been quite a week, but we feel in control, we know what to do, our dog is actually responding and we feel confident we will have many happy years with our dog.  Wow - he absolutely understands dogs!  We had become the submissive and our dog the dominant - our dog was running the house!  It seriously feels like a miracle in just this short time.  He walks behind us instead of practical pulling our arms out their sockets.  He stopped jumping up on us, he isn't barking at people when they come in and our food aggression issues are on their way to being fixed as well.  Granted, we are still in the midst of working with Brandon (he's been very responsive and his phone calls are keeping us on track and providing new tips and insight), but we feel without a doubt that he is saving our dog's life!  There are answers out there!  Seek him out before you make a drastic decision! More...


Jessie R.

14 January 2017

We recently took our poodle/schauzer mix Louie (2.5 years) to Brandon after experiencing months of leash aggression including lunging at and biting strangers on walks. Though a calm and well-behaved dog off leash, Louie was having major issues on. We were concerned and not hopeful, especially after having tried some behavior modification training (treats-based rewarding for good behavior on walks). But in addition to Louie's walking issues he was also territorial of our home (wild barking at the door when a stranger/delivery person knocked) and territorial of our table when at a cafe (same). We didn't realize how connected all of these issues were to the central problem that Brandon identified after spending the day with Louie (the evaluation). Louie believed he was the alpha in our pack responsible for defending and permitted to lash out whenever he felt fearful. We had no created and enforced an environment where we were the alphas, discipling for behavior we did not like. All makes perfect psychological sense when you consider the mind of a dog, which Brandon knows so incredibly well. We were referred to Brandon by people at Louie's daycare - Posh Petcare - who we have trusted for years with Louie's care. They mentioned the miracle work that Brandon had done with dogs previously banned from Posh. Honestly, I was skeptical. It was hard to imagine how one interaction with our dog could provide all the clues Brandon needed to diagnose and treat the problem. I called Brandon to inquire about the process and he spent 20 minutes on the phone with me explaining how the evaluation and following 2 weeks of "rehabilitation" would work. His thoughts were clear and direct. His attitude was professional and kind. He assured me that this was a problem we could solve. He was even fairly certain of the problem simply through the phone call. We took Louie for his consult at Brandon's facility. Again, Brandon spent 20 minutes with me explaining things and what to expect. My husband and I picked Louie up at 4:30pm that same day. Brandon spent HOURS with us then explaining what he saw from Louie and what the course of action would be. I want to be very clear about the fact that it was ALL humane, safe and rooted in the psychology of our specific dog. Not all dogs are alike, Brandon explained. He explained the best practices moving forward for Louie to feel secure and lead by us so that he could stop the reaction behavior. We them practiced these methods with Louie as Brandon watched and advised. We saw IMMEDIATE results. That very night Louie walked behind us in total submission. That very night Louie handled being near a cat with no issue (one of his main problems prior). I was shocked and so grateful. It was been a few days and the results have been miraculous. This is hard work, to be clear. We are being extremely consistent with Brandon's advice and strict with Louie. We are also calling and texting Brandon - as he advises - to check in on what is working and ask any questions. His time and attention is truly unique and so much a part of what his process works. If we mention one thing that sounds off or wrong to him he asks questions and gets to the bottom of what we can do to correct it. We feel very, very lucky to have found Brandon. We felt like a future with a challenging and embarrassing dog is now feeling like an easily solved issue so long as we continue to understand how to communicate with Louie as Brandon explained. Do not give up on your dog before you give Brandon a call! More...


Logan S.

11 January 2017

My dog was hyper and both dog and people aggressive.  He constantly barked at noises outside and would go absolutely ballistic if anyone knocked on the door or rang the door bell. He constantly pulled on the leash and lunged at everybody.  When I say everybody, I mean people, other animals, and especially dogs.  I tried all of the traditional methods offered by most trainers.  I went through all of the different specialty no pull harnesses and dog collars.  None of it made a difference.  He would just pull even to the point of blistering his neck, nose or body; basically wherever the harness or leash was designed to pull against.  He still has callouses. I had been told in the past that he was having trouble responding to the training being stubborn because he had too much energy.  So, I would run him 3-6 miles a day, play games with him, and wrestle around with him to try to tire him out.  We would get back from a run and within 10 minutes he was back to normal and full of energy.  I've had him since he was a puppy.  He's now 8 years old.  I will admit I was little unsure going into this.  However, I was at the end of my rope and there is no way I could give up and put my best friend down.  I felt like I was completely failing him as an owner and a friend. I was at a point where I just felt like it was only a matter of time before the wrong moment would present itself and he would get a hold of an animal or person; either of which would result in him being taken away and put down.  So, I took a chance and scheduled an appointment based on a friend's recommendation.  A few weeks ago I had my first appointment with Brandon.  He showed me what was possible.  For the first time in 8 years I feel like there's hope.  He now walks behind me on our walks.  I'm not constantly stressing about every person or animal we see on our walk. I can leave my door open with only the security gate closed.  People are able to walk and run by it with no issue.  Our walks are down to 2-4 blocks and when he get back he goes right to sleep because he's mentally drained instead of physically.  People knock and ring my doorbell without him reacting to it.  Brandon has taught me and is still teaching me how to better communicate with him.  He showed me how everything I had been doing to this point was contributing to the problem.  This was really the key to helping him.  It's been a lot of work to get to the point he is now.  I spent 8 years doing all the wrong things.  So, I've had to put the same amount of time energy into his rehabilitation process.  In only a matter weeks, the results are astounding.  It hasn't been easy but Brandon has been very generous with his time.  They daily check-ins really helped me to make the necessary adjustments as the process went on to make this work.  I would not be here at this point without them.  There's still work ahead of me and the journey is just getting started but for the first time in a long time I feel there is path to the finish line.  Brandon is a life saver.  If, you're on the fence about it.  I implore you to take a chance and go into this with an open mind.  To any of the negative commenters, you only get what you put into this.  Like I said, I spent 8 years doing all of the wrong things.  I now have to put the same energy into doing the right things.  I'm only a few weeks in and the results speak for themselves.  I hope this helps someone. More...


Le S.

4 December 2016

Can't argue with the results. I adopted a German Shepherd who started out fine but after a few weeks became extremely protective when it came to other people coming in the house. Growls and quick nips soon turned into him biting a friend in the leg.I had already paid another trainer 3 times the amount I paid Brandon to help with this problem -which was a waste of time and money. The other trainer never got to the main issue, which was the protectiveness and biting. Instead he focused on the sits, stays, and lay downs which my dog already knew. I was skeptical of doing the "phone" training with Brandon since the problem was happening at my house and I couldn't figure out how he would talk me through a solution over the phone, but it worked out great. Brandon figured out where the aggression was coming from and came up with an effective solution. It takes place in steps, but you can see the changes immediately after each step.My dogs used to get all riled up when someone would knock on the door or ring the door bell. No more. Instead of barking and jumping and biting guests, my dogs now stay away from the door when a guest comes over.I had really been contemplating returning the dog to the Rescue group. He had already been returned to the Rescue group twice before, no doubt for the biting issue. I thought it was a hopeless case, and better to get rid of him then face a lawsuit from him biting someone. I'm SO happy I called Brandon and found a solution to what other wise might have been a very sad ending for my lovable dog. More...


Jenelle S.

3 December 2016

I wish I would have heard about Brandon sooner. My 7 year old boxer has been dog aggressive on and off leash for years. She's the sweetest girl but her habits we're awful - she'd stare down other dogs, get in fights at the dog park (we had to stop going), pull on the leash while walking, practically yank my arm from the socket if she saw a cat, bark profusely if anyone came to the door, and she even attacked my roommates dog a few times (luckily no injuries). I tried everything; 4 different trainers, positive reinforcement with treats, ignoring, spray water bottles, gentle leaders for walking, EVERYTHING. You know what worked? Brandon. He understands dogs better than I understand breathing. He was able to quickly access her personality and knew exactly what she needed to really be a "dog" again, and he knew exactly what I needed to be a great owner. And it's so simple! In a matter of days my girl has made huge strides. She walks behind me on a leash now - it's like I hardly need it. We hiked this morning and she didn't lunge at one dog! Not one! Her barking is 80% better and it's only a matter of time before it's 100%. I can't tell you how proud it makes me to have her. All those embarrassing walks where I couldn't control her, her obnoxious barking, anxiety, and not knowing where she fit in - it's all changing for the better. We both have our confidence back and I'm so happy! Thank you, Brandon! More...


Dylan D.

16 September 2016

It has been a few days since I met with Brandon and I can say that it has been life altering.   Roughly two years and 3 months ago I took in Tigs (literally out of a dumpster) and started caring for her.  Two years and 3 months filled with confusion, heart ache, effort, love and dead ends on trying to understand why things kept getting progressively worse and worse for both tiger and I.  I had tried everything and had reached a breaking point long ago...I was referred to Brandon through a friend of mine in the neighborhood who had found success with her pup Calah. At the time I was working with a number of other trainers and training methods and was skeptical that really much would change.  Sure enough within a few hours with being with Brandon he was able to communicate with her in a way that I had never witnessed.   She was calm.  She was relaxed. She showed no signs of the aggression / heightened anxiety that had filled our daily life...was able to walk calmly past a puppy...be around other dogs.  It was something that was very emotional for me...she was a good (balanced) dog and it was right under my nose the whole time.    Obviously I know that I have a long way to go..and there will be ups and downs.  but for the first time in a long time I feel an understanding with her.   I am no longer frightened of what might happen in front of us. just in the past 3 days walking has become something that it never was.  It is now painfully clear that all of the things I was doing to try and help Tiger has been making this downward spiral rotate faster and faster.   Physically trying to outmatch her...tire her out..training..more training...running....constant push towards something that would never come.  What Brandon showed me is that there is a different path.  I can't thank him enough for that...and I am looking forward to a new type of life with Tiger....one she understands. More...


Tahir A.

16 September 2016

Best best best dog aggression fixer in the world!!! we have a beautiful shepherd mixed who had fear aggression issues, with a few consults, our baby completely changed and now is so well behaved... Brandon is a magician... love him... and thank you for everything... More...


J V.

26 August 2016

Over two years later and still no fights! The once former enemies now share a bed. I realize I am talking smaller dogs here, so I may sound dramatic. But terriers can be fierce and will do damage.  Let me reiterate that the older dog wanted to KILL the younger one. We once had to close a gash in her throat with stitches it was so severe. Now she is respectful of him and he is patient with her. They are buddies which I never thought was possible. I am so relieved. More...


Susan S.

23 July 2016

I tried many "trainers" but nobody truly helped me and my aggressive dog Zack. All they really did was show me how to walk him next to me on a leash but they didn't solve the problem! Zack is a black, 85 lb Belgian Shepherd. I adopted him when he was 1 year old and he is now 5. When I rescued him, I was told that Zack was "nervous" around other dogs. That was not entirely true. Zack was super aggressive around other dogs. When I walked him, I was always anxious and fearful knowing that Zack didn't like other dogs (cats either) so I went way out of my way to keep a large amount of distance from other dogs on our walks. I've always had large dogs but Zack is the first one with aggression "issues". In my mind, there was never going to be a way that Zack could get socialized due to my fear as well as his own. That all changed when a friend suggested that I meet with Brandon Fouche. The evaluation was eye opening. Zack is a good dog with no genetic problems but his aggression is fear based. The light bulb came on. Zack is AFRAID of other dogs!!!! ....all 85 lbs of him haha. In the evaluation, Brandon had him interacting with other dogs and being civil!!! On Zack's first visit!! When I watched the video, I was in tears. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Zack could be in the same proximity with other dogs let alone playing "nice" with them!! And Zack loves it there! I've been working with Zack since that first day at Brandon's and yes, he know knows who's boss but his demeanor has changed. He walks calmly behind me. If we see other dogs, he looks and then we keep walking! As Brandon says, it's about letting our dogs know what we DON'T want. Zack's a smart cookie...and he "gets it". I take him to Brandon's facility on a regular basis for boarding so he can continue to socialize with his new pack "friends". He loves them now, even enjoys playing and "horsing" around with them and as I watch the videos that Brandon shares on YouTube after every one of Zack's visits, I always have the biggest smile on my face. Zack is a changed boy. His fear has subsided and thankfully, so has mine. Before you decide to give up on your your dogs, whatever the breed or circumstance....you need to meet with Brandon!! I believe in him and his perspective and strategy so much so that I am willing to talk to anyone of you by phone or email. Brandon is an amazing man with an amazing philosophy on dog rehabilitation. Good luck everyone!!! More...


Joe C.

6 July 2016

I can not say enough about Brandon and his methods.  We rescued two pit bull pups when they were around 6 weeks old.  One of them was developing an aggression towards his "brother".  He was also becoming unmanageable on a leash and a nightmare in the vet or around other dogs.  We had another trainer come to the house and it was an absolute waste of money.  We found Brandon and my wife and I were very skeptical about his method of pack training.  We left and came back to find a changed dog.  In four hours he was no longer intimidated or nervous around other dogs, no signs of aggression and perfect on a leash.  Brandon offers 2 weeks of consultation over the phone after your training session, we didn't call once.  Never had a single issue in over a year.  Just recently we introduced a new puppy and started having the old issues come back.  Brandon consulted us over the phone free of charge for almost an hour and it seems to be working.  A first class experience all the way. More...


Rachel A.

28 June 2016

If you have ever owned a dog who has aggression with other dogs or people, you know how emotionally draining it can be having a lifestyle where you always have to keep your dog separate and think of liability first. It can be embarrassing walking down the street with an out of control dog. It's definitely not a fun time no matter how much you love your dog. We do the best we can with it because we think its the only way...but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that lights name is Brandon Fouche!The differences we have seen in our dog Ariel since she was evaluated almost a week ago have been nothing short of amazing. We got to see her play with other dogs during her evaluation - and we had never seen her play with another dog in the 9 months we have had her - much less just exist around other dogs without attacking them. That alone was incredible and still gives me happy tears knowing she gets to be a normal dog again and play and be joyful around other dogs.Out on walks she is a dream now - walking calmly behind us, literally bombproof to anything or anyone passing. She checks in with us for direction whether she is on or off leash now and relaxes in her crate when we need to leave. In general, we have a much calmer relaxed and trustworthy dog. The fact that Brandon could take one of the most intense dogs ive ever worked with (and I've trained some tough dogs!) and literally return her a new dog to us in the course of one day says it all. My boyfriend and I run a dog training/dog walking business and it's been really cool applying some of the things Brandon has shown us to our clients dogs who now reap the benefits as well.Between his incredible support (daily check ins to see how Ariel is doing and to give us guidance and things to work on) and the fact that he offers daycare where Ariel can continue to socialize with other dogs, we are completely set up to succeed. He also has boarding services for when you go out of town so you can vacation knowing your dog is in awesome hands.It is obvious the level of care that Brandon has for his clients and their dogs and he always treats the dogs like his own. It really gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is so committed to your dog and their progress. We couldn't recommend his services enough. More...


Cameron L.

19 June 2016

We should start by saying that we had great dogs prior to seeing Brandon!  We often received compliments on how well-behaved and obedient our dogs were...and yet, our 2 males would  occasionally get into to-the-death fights--which was very difficult to break up considering one is 65lbs and the other 80lbs.  After the most recent incident, we considered re-homing the male we perceived was "starting it."  That was when we found Brandon and The Fouché Way.  We moved in together about 3 years ago and did our best integrating my 2 shepherd husky mixes with my husband's pit bull. We believed in establishing the humans as alpha and felt we had established a well disciplined pack. The only discernible issue was playtime, as the 2 sets of dogs didn't seem to understand the others' form of play.  So we adopted an approach we maintained for 3 years...avoidance. The first big fight was traumatic.  After 2 hours with all the dogs together in the backyard, we came home to our pitbull with multiple puncture wounds to his chest and neck.  We thought he might not make it.  Luckily, he recovered, but we doubled down on the avoidance, keeping the male husky in a separate yard when we weren't home.  99.9% of the time they got along great, but when it was on, neither dog would stop unless we broke it up.  Over the course of the next 3 years, we had a handful of minor incidents, but each one became less predictable. The most recent fight was the last straw.  It was in a new situation (eating food...never a problem before) and we were fearful for the safety of our dogs and anyone left to break up the fight.  Then we found Brandon on Yelp, who seemed a perfect fit.  We were hesitant to spend the money on the full process, but in the end, it was worth the money and effort to fully address all the issues. That meant an assessment of all 3 dogs.  I've barely focused on our 3rd dog, but Brandon was able to help us identify some important information about her too.  Brandon first showed us their natural tendency when entering a new pack...all dominance all the time!  After applying the Fouché Way, he showed us the transformation.  In total, Brandon had the dogs for 5 hours.  By the end of the day, he had our 2 males, without muzzles, mingling with 5 or more dogs without issue.  He explained that they needed to be in a submissive mentality to experience new things and that we were in control of their emotional and hormonal state.  Previous to Brandon, these 2 dogs could not be taken to dog parks due to their behavior and had become more and more isolated because of it. He showed us how we could instantly address the behaviors they had learned! We went back home for the real work to begin, taking to heart the Fouché Way.  Our results were immediate!  This wasn't a correction to a behavior, this was a completely new way of life.  All the dogs' behavior visibly changed and they naturally aligned with the clearer pack rules.  We eliminated the confusion we were causing and so many annoyances and smaller issues disappeared along with it.  The Husky previously exhibited obnoxious anxiety, climbing into laps out of fear and peeing when super excited.  Those issues vanished.  The pit bull (the seemingly innocent one in the fights) had been inadvertently taught to challenge...causing some confusion in the pack and contributing to the fights, and also making him pushy with humans...now he is truly a gentle giant (at 80lbs!) that clearly knows his place...which is amusingly at the bottom in our pack.  We called Brandon every night and asked questions as we worked to establish our pack--to us, this is where the real value of Brandon's fee is.  Brandon was very patient with our lists of questions and spent as much time as we needed every night.  In looking at his negative reviews, I can only imagine that they're from a time when Brandon was not quite as organized or equipped to handle the workload of these calls because we NEVER had issues speaking with him.  We typically called in the evenings before 8pm after we got home from work.We learned so much about our dogs and how we were contributing to the problem and our success is so much more than just eliminating fights between our dogs.  Their neurotic behavior, whining, separation anxiety--problems we didn't even think were problems--have all vanished.  Not to mention our 3 big, head strong dogs now walk 4 feet behind us WITHOUT a leash. These results were all within the first 2 weeks and continue to work to this day.  We've gained the peace of mind that our dogs will react well in all situations because they will naturally follow the lead of their human alphas.  Brandon is still helping us on our journey and gives us advice and correction along the way.  The Fouché Way has changed our lives and we are grateful.  We are very glad we went all-in. It was the most worthwhile thing we have done for our dogs since the day we rescued each of them from shelters! More...


June Makita

25 May 2016

I would recommend Brandon Fouche to anyone who has already gone through many trainers, watched every episode of Dog Whisperer, bought every gimmick there was to try on TV and on the web, but still having issues with aggression. Whether it be toward people, other dogs, or objects, there is hope still for you dog. At that point where you think you've tried EVERYTHING you could do to help you dog, and feeling sad that you have some how failed and at a loss with what else you can do, then call Brandon Fouche. He can help you. He has helped my dog, and me.His teachings are based on Pack mentality. Only thing remotely close I can compare to is the Dog Whisperer. Methods used to rehabilitate dogs are different, but nevertheless, its very effective and you as an owner will have a better understanding of what it means to be an alpha, how you can teach and speak in a way that you dog can understand. The hardest part, is willing to look at it from a different perspective than what you are use to, so that you can help your dog before you have an incident that causes your dog to get put down. Because honestly, you wouldn't be looking into dog behavior specialist for aggressive behavior, if you dog's behavior wasn't getting out of control. I think it's safe to say, that's how we all got here. It was the last resort. Don't give up on your dog. There's hope. Brandon will help you understand better, and help you and your dog so you don't have to be in fear. More...


S Z.

12 April 2016

If you're just skimming these reviews and want the take away: Brandon Fouché is a miracle worker. He essentially saved our aggressive dog, who we dearly loved, from being euthanized, as we were desperate, at the end of our rope, and out of options. If you have a dog that's aggressive, bites, fights, lunges, barks, etc. and you're heartbroken and stressed because it seems that the dog will have to be put down, contact Brandon immediately. He's a true dog whisperer, transforming your dog's behavior almost immediately, and will give you the techniques to be the leader in your house, allowing your dog to be submissive and happy.Here's the full story: We adopted our dog, an American Eskimo/Chihuahua Mix, from a rescue about three and a half months ago. The people who ran the rescue told us (and advertised) that he was "good with kids" and "good with other dogs," etc. They said that he was "protective" of his owners and toys but that essentially he just needed to be taught boundaries. Fast forward a few weeks, and our new dog has frequently fought with our current dog (who's a sweetheart) and bitten a friend, a family member, and ourselves, drawing blood each time. In addition, our new dog would go nuts if anyone came to our front door, and lunge at people and dogs on walks. Needless to say, the place we rescued him from was unethical in not letting us know the full extent of the dog's problems, and later, in fact, we found out from them, when pressed, that he had bitten a toddler of the previous family that tried to adopt him and then brought him back. Terrible. At this point, though, us bringing him back was not an option since we had grown attached to him - he did have good qualities as well: cute, affectionate, smart - and we truly felt that if we couldn't make it work, our dog would end up euthanized. Dogs don't get many strikes when it comes to biting people.But our dog's behavior wreaked havoc on our lives, stressing us out, and making us largely anti-social for fear that he would bite guests in our home. So, we got a reference from a friend, and contacted an "expert" who will go unnamed. Basically, this person told us that because of our dog's DNA, he would most likely never change. This guy ended up being a huge disappointment, wasting our time and money, and leaving us with only one technique to try, which he admitted was one of the worst things to do with dogs. We were quite baffled and demoralized as this person came highly recommended and had, what seemed to be, great credentials. Meanwhile, our dog's behavior was just getting worse and we were, in many ways, done. Our lives were being ruined and our other dog was having to fight, against his nature, almost daily.In a last ditch effort, we found Brandon on the internet and watched the Louis Theroux BBC Documentary - L.A. City of Dogs along with many other videos on YOUTUBE and reviews on YELP. We decided to pull the trigger and went to see him.After a thorough, initial meeting, where Brandon asked questions about us and our dog, and then explained his expertise with how dogs work and what their language is, we gave him our dog for the day for him to work with and evaluate.A few hours later we returned, and Brandon showed us videos of him working with our dog throughout the day. We were ASTONISHED. Brandon's techniques worked like magic. Our dog was behaving well, not barking, not biting, letting strangers pet him, not lunging at other dogs, etc.Then, after more thorough consultation with us, Brandon brought our dog out and had us perform certain techniques to establish our dominance, showed us how to walk with our dog, and more. Our dog was clearly on the path of brand new, submissive behavior. It was, without exaggeration, mind blowing.At home, we've continued to employ Brandon's techniques, and apply his rules and philosophy with miraculous results. We are so thankful for having found him and will spread the word and refer him any chance we get. He has actually changed our lives and most likely, saved our dog's. More...


Callie G.

5 April 2016

My husband and I had Luna for about 6 months, she is a 3 year old pitbull that we got from North Central Animal Shelter in LA. Around the house she was the biggest sweetheart but as soon as we took her outside for walks she was very reactive and aggressive towards other dogs, people, cats, skateboards- pretty much anything else that moved. Once she was in "the zone" no amount of treats, sweet talk, leash pulling, or shock collar use could break through her mentality. After a couple outbursts towards people at her doggie daycare, combined with lunging and biting a trainer, we were referred to Brandon Fouche. I was seriously afraid that we would have to put Luna to sleep because of her aggression. We brought Luna in for her assessment last Wednesday (3/30/16) and I am writing this review less than a week later (4/5/16). I am so amazed at how quickly Luna has adapted to the changes we've made based on what Brandon found out during her assessment. It turns out that we were unknowingly encouraging her aggressive behavior and forcing her into the role of protector and alpha, since we weren't occupying that role ourselves. Brandon showed us how to properly discipline and take charge around the house and during walks; Luna now walks at the very end of her leash all the way BEHIND us. I am so encouraged, empowered, and so unbelievably thankful that the Fouche Way worked. Brandon was our last resort and frankly our only option to save Luna from either a very isolated life or from being put down. Luna is absolutely different, a more calm and submissive dog, which is what everyone wants out of their pet. More...


Lisa P.

31 March 2016

Despite being an avid Yelp user, I have never logged into my account to write a review but I had to do so now to give praise and thanks to Brandon Fouche for rehabilitating our rescued Staffordshire Terrier, Mika, who was severely dog aggressive.  As a brief background, Mika has always been great around people, children and three dogs she grew up with (incredibly affectionate, sweet, playful), but for some reason she had never been able to get along with other dogs.  For 2.5 years, we tried all different types of training and spent countless hours trying to get Mika to a point where we could simply walk her around our neighborhood without her lunging and barking at other dogs.  Unfortunately, nothing worked.  After several months of unsuccessful training, my husband and I made the difficult decision that we couldn't keep her around our newborn baby, but we wanted to find her a new home where she could possibly learn to break free from her aggression issues. I conducted some online research and found Brandon.  After submitting an online application, I was contacted by his assistant, Cathy (she is absolutely wonderful and incredibly responsive), and worked with her to arrange for the relinquishment of Mika to Brandon.  It has been a couple of weeks since Brandon took in Mika.  I was so incredibly happy to receive and see the following video showing her transformation from attacking a dog to playing and hanging out with the dog pack: youtube.com/watch?v=-mkW….  Thank you Brandon and Cathy for helping Mika and providing her with a loving home!!  We are forever grateful. More...


Sean M.

18 March 2016

I like to think I know dogs because I've studied Cesar Milan, read all the training books out there, hell I even produced the Dog Rescue Show for FOX with Hilary Swank for the last two years but nothing prepared me for what Brandon did with my pit bull Floyd.I own "that dog" on the famous cover of Sports Illustrated entitled "Beware of This Dog" that sparked the new breed ban on the American Pit Bull Terrier. My dog was a stray found chained to a tree in the woods. I used what I learned to train this dog to be "acceptable" in todays society and thought I had .  Yes, my dog could sit, stay, heel, played well with most dogs but was never good with strangers. Then one day when I was away on vacation, he bit a stranger in the face trying to give him a kiss. You wouldn't believe the damage a 75 pound pit bull can do to the face. After getting lucky with the legal ramifications of my dog's actions, I keep the dog and resign myself to managing the dog's issues. Guess what, he bites again. This time I was there and he didn't do much damage but as a member of society, I can't go forward with a dog like this. I try to find a home for him (I called every sanctuary, training agency, LAPD, protection service dogs) and NOBODY will take him (even a kill shelter told me they were full that day, another stroke of luck for Floyd). I talked with my vet about putting him down and making arrangements but I was compelled to try this guy I read about online and our lives changed in a matter of hours. Brandon met Floyd and spent a day evaluating him. He said I have a dog with dominance aggression and he's extremely stubborn. I thought, there's no curing him because I couldn't spend any more money to help this dog. Brandon knew my situation and said, "look, just bring him in for daycare and I'll teach him how to walk". My whole world changed in the 6 hours he had my dog!  I still can't believe it! Floyd went from dragging anyone other than me down the street to walking 6 feet behind. Moreover, my dog's state of mind went from leading to following and it's stayed there. My dog's posture has changed, he looks at me with big submissive eyes, he looks relieved in a way. This is DAY 2 of his rehabilitation! He didn't attack my door for the mailman today, not even a growl. I AM AMAZED with what Brandon has done for this dog. He didn't know this but he IS Floyd's last shot at life because I was going to put him down. We have a long way to go and aren't out of the woods yet but we've made a giant first step in this dog's rehabilitation. I can't for the next steps.If you are at your wits end, I mean LITERALLY have no other option but to end your dogs life like I was, YOU NEED TO CALL THIS GUY. More...


Shareef A.

13 March 2016

Brandon is an absolute miracle worker. He accomplished more with my dogs and I in one day than any trainer/method I've worked with over the past six years. I had gone to at least four different trainers, read about five different books and seemingly gotten nowhere with my dogs. They were aggressive towards other dogs and it began to really affect the way we lived. I would walk them at off-peak times to try to minimize the chance we would run into other dogs, I avoided dog parks and dog beaches, and generally isolated my dogs to avoid any incidents. I began to think that I couldn't properly take care of them and considered giving them to someone else.That's when, as a last resort, I decided to try Brandon's methods. On the first day, the whole-day consultation, Brandon taught me new methods and helped me establish myself as the pack leader. From then, I would check in with him every few days to update him on my progress and pick his brain. The best way to describe what Brandon helps you do is to control the mind, as opposed to controlling the body. He'll teach you how to snap your dog out of excited or aggressive states so that you maintain control over situations. It's amazing. I couldn't stop telling my friends and family about the change in my dogs.A month ago, I was talking my dogs at 5 AM to avoid running into any one else. Now I walk my dogs at normal times and if I see a dog along the way, I start walking TO the dog and am always so happy to see my dogs just keep on walking. It really is amazing. So yeah, you could say I would recommend him to anyone who feels like they're in a tough situation with their dog. Brandon is amazing! More...


Linda R.

4 February 2016

I have a three year old American Dingo. She became aggressive after being attacked by 2 pit bulls. Walks and socializing were impossible. I train and control 1000 lb horses and I could not control my dog, especially when she saw another dog. I went through 3 separate trainers all with positive feedback and food rewards. All they were doing was rewarding my dog for her bad behavior. After one day at Brandon's facility and with an hour of training me, my dog now responds to me and I can take her on walks. She still needs socialization which she will get from Brandon's pack. If you are having a similar problem and the heartache with your dog I beg you to try Brandon's technique. He speaks "Dog."  Don't waste another dollar or day on trainers who think they know what a dog needs. Start enjoying your dog and see Brandon! More...


Steve S.

4 February 2016

If you're frustrated, angry, desperate, and looking for the right person to help you regain control of your dog(s) ... and your life, look no further! From the moment I got off the phone with Brandon's assistant, Cathy, 4 months ago, I knew I had found the right place for my pack of 3 rescue dogs.Our problems ranged from a 100 lb. Cane Corso named Hunk (who was great with people as well as my own 2 dogs and a select few others, but was showing extreme leash aggression on walks while scanning for dogs and unpredictable off leash behavior); to a 40 lb. dachshund/pit bull mix named Petey (who was skittish and snappy/growly/barky around some people and some dogs when he once was totally fine with anyone and any dog); to a 15 lb. chihuahua/min pin mix named Pickle (who was a dream compared to the other two, but had some nervous and skittish behavior that could be addressed).Brandon began with Hunk by talking with me and my pregnant wife about the issues and how he would assess them with the help of his pack. After 6 hours with him, we came back and achieved a new level of knowledge and tools that immediately set us on a path to becoming true leaders of our dogs. We thought we had dog sense, and knew that we were most likely the problem, but had never successfully been shown how what we were doing to make things better (in our mind), like playing fetch and rollerblading and going for long walks and hikes in a neverending quest to tire them out, was only making all the problems we were complaining about worse.We had spent thousands on other trainers that taught us techniques similar to Cesar Millan that included a lot of physical contact as an attempt to control the dogs and it only exacerbated the problems. Brandon taught us how we will never physically control our dogs, but if you can control their mind, you will never have to fight with them physically again. Brandon helped us see that expecting a dog to understand our human language is a losing proposition. You must find a way to communicate with them in a language they understand. This was the missing link for us and why our dogs would challenge us over and over again.  Brandon's techniques are not conventional but the results are undeniable when both dogs and humans are happier.After our initial up front fee for the full day consultation, Brandon has been incredibly generous and available with his time. He takes a phone call from me nearly every day and sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes it lasts 40 minutes. He has been worth every single penny, I've recommended him to everyone I know and simply cannot say enough good things about what he has done for our life over the last 4 months.Petey has since been for his evaluation and in just a couple weeks is almost completely back to his former self.  All 3 dogs are works in progress, but from Day 1 our lives have been transformed. With our baby coming into our lives in a couple months, this was so critical and we now truly know everything will be great when he arrives.  If you're hesitating, don't, it's the last behaviorist (he's not a trainer) you'll ever need to see for any behavioral issue. Good luck! More...


Sarah F.

18 January 2016

Brandon was a huge help with our dog. She had severe separation anxiety and we were suffering a great deal before we found Brandon. We tried many things over the course of six months to try and help calm her anxiety when we would leave her home alone; other behavioral trainers, intense exercise, drugs/calming aids, a thunder jacket, crates and so on. We could not leave her alone for even 10 minutes...it had gotten so bad as she would dig in claw at the door and was very destructive.After following Brandon's instructions "to-a-T" for only a couple of days, we noticed improvement. After five days, she was more calm than we had seen her. It's now been a month, we continue to have a peaceful dog who seems overall happier and we can come and go whenever we need to. Our appreciation for his knowledge, his direct and clear instruction, his explanations as to why he is giving us the techniques he is and his punctuality is endless. I couldn't recommend a better trainer. Other trainers we would have to constantly reinforce with our dog. Brandon taught us ways to establish who's in charge of the household and now it is like we have a dream dog and only have to remind her occasionally.If I were to get another rescue dog and had any issues, Brandon would be my first phone call. He can really train us humans to in turn train good, happy dogs. He's saving lives and deserves every penny. More...


J S.

22 December 2015

Brandon is a miracle worker. And it IS you not the dog. If your dog is dominate mentally, and physically Brandon will explain to you exactly what you need to do. My dog is absolutely perfect around people. But he goes absolutely crazy when he sees another dog. He is unrecognizable. He is almost uncontrollable. And most definitely dangerous around other dogs. I believe not many people can do what Brandon does, because he has multiple dogs with different levels of dominance. He knows EXACTLY how dominate each one of his dogs are. So he can quickly gauge how dominate your dog is. I dropped my dog off in the am. When I pulled up to pick him up Brandon was walking my dog with 3 other dogs. My dog was in between 2 of the dogs...I then saw all 4 dogs jump into a van together. They were all together on the back seat just hanging out. I could not believe it. My dog will probably never interact, or play with other dogs. But he is very tolerant now when he sees other dogs. I can now walk him past another dog.  I can walk him behind another dog. I can walk him across the street from another dog. He has no reaction now. To me it was well worth it to have Brandon evaluate my dog, and then properly train me. No more crossing the street. No more ducking behind cars. No more picking my dog up etc. More...


Brandy C.

14 December 2015

We adopted a year and half old German Shepherd.  When we brought her home, she immediately became both affectionate and extremely protective of us and the home.  Barking, lunging, she even snapped at someone.  She was so protective that we would only walk her late at night and I couldn't have anyone come to the house because she would growl and bark so badly that I was afraid something worse would happen.  But she was so loving with us and it was heartbreaking that I now had an amazing dog that no one was allowed to go near.  I felt hostage to my dog.  We tried several trainers and dog behaviorists - even German Shepherd specialists.  We were told "that's a German Shepherd."  I was even made to feel bad that I somehow had unreasonable expectations about choosing a German Shepherd.  I was even told that my dog would definitely at some point bite someone.  I was so sad and completely at a loss because I knew if I gave her back to the rescue she would spend her life there and she's such a smart, amazing dog.  I felt incapable of dealing with her because I truly believed that I was being strong and consistent with her.  Then a friend told me about Brandon.  He told me he had similar issues with his dog and after just one phone call with Brandon their dog now doesn't even move when the door bell rings.  Needless to say I was absolutely skeptical.  But I felt like this was the last resort.  Now I wish it had been the first resort!One phone call.  It seems too good to be true.  But if you listen to what Brandon explains about dog nature and mentality and you practice his methods, literally within hours we had a totally different dog and it hasn't changed one bit - 5 days later.  Brandon has followed up with us every day and coached us along.It's not easy.  But it's also not difficult.  The challenges are all in us - what we believe about dog behavior and drive, what we believe about training and discipline.  With consistency and a lot of patience and LOVE, our dog is now on a path for being an enjoyable member of our pack who is now letting people in the house.  One person said - that's not the dog I saw here a week ago.  Thank you, Brandon!  And our dog thanks you! More...


Caitlin M.

4 September 2015

It's been a week since I first spoke to Brandon about my 3.5 month old cocker spaniel puppy. Little did I know that this breed could be prone to aggression...and I was even more unaware that my boyfriend and I were in fact encouraging that type of behavior.I can happily (and shockingly) say that we have a completely different dog than we did last Friday. Brandon is like a mind reader. He taught us simple, straightforward techniques to assert leadership over our pup, which I came to appreciate is essential to having a happy relationship with him (I had previously been more of the "positive reinforcement" school of thought).A little background in case it helps interested parties--our puppy was already house broken, came when called and responded well to tricks, but had developed a habit of mouthiness that, as he grew more sharp teeth, lead to painful play biting and sometimes felt like an attack--occasionally breaking the skin and drawing blood. He was biting us so constantly that we couldn't interact with him without this happening, and it was not only impossible to get close to him (major bummer with a new, adorable pup), it was starting to make me feel like he would be that way forever. Now I have a super loving, cuddly dog who can be picked up, played with and snuggled and instead of responding with teeth, gives kisses. Before, the word "no" meant nothing and now he actually appears to understand and respond to the command. The best part is that he seems much happier now that he knows we're in charge. Next up, leash pulling (which I'm sure we'll be a cake walk compared to the bite thing)! I can't thank Brandon enough! More...


jennifer m.

17 August 2015

I'm not a big Yelper, but if one more post pushes one more person to take their troubled dog to Brandon vs. giving up, then it's done it's job.We rescued a 100lb shepherd 3 months ago.  He'd been dumped by his previous owner and his chip info was erased.  He's a lovely guy.  Kind to children, great with people, and he became a member of the family within minutes.  He'd been in the shelter for almost 6 months.  Anyone who knows anything about dog rescues knows that's too long.  It usually means there's a "reason" and whatever is wrong is likely to not get better in the rescue situation.  Our guy was "dog aggressive."  We knew it from day one.  Not surprisingly, when he got his very own house, yard, and family to protect it only got worse.We didn't spend a ton of time or money on traditional training.  He's very well trained with basic commands and loves to please.  For no treats at all he'll play obedience games all day long just to interact with his favorite thing, humans.  We suspected he'd never been socialized with other dogs.  It's not an easy thing to find someone in LA willing or setup to do that.  Too much risk if it goes sideways.  Brandon is one of the few with a pack setup to do so.  Also, he mostly works with the big bruisers that have needed heavy duty help.  It just felt like the right place to take him.We arrived Saturday and chatted with Brandon for quite a while.  We left feeling like he was in the best hands possible.  Unlike some reviewers, I wasn't worried he'd kill another dog.  I thought if anything he'd be scared out of his mind!  We returned at 4PM and Brandon showed us videos of him interacting with the others.  It was clear he'd never had an experience like this before.  To our surprise, he was not in the least bit fearful!  He was trotting around with his tail up like a peacock trying to become the boss of the pack!  I wouldn't have believed he was a dominant dog.  Just to be clear, that doesn't mean he's aggressive.  He was asserting himself with the others but not attacking in any way. Brandon explained that that's just the way he is naturally and that we have to work with that energy and become his boss.  This is the tough part...  We all want to fix everything with chicken.  But sometimes dogs just need to learn boundaries.  Nothing Brandon teaches is anything other than asserting yourself to command respect around your dog.  Some dogs might not need this.  Others do, and it's a shame to deprive them of this.  It sets them up for disaster.  After taking him home he immediately fell into line with boundaries around the home.  When he's not allowed to be with us he's now quietly going into this dog run where he's left when we leave.  He hated this place before and has now decided it's his space.  I forgot to mention he's also got severe separation anxiety.  So severe he broke off his top two K9 teeth and required surgery.  His boundaries around the home and him getting in his proper position in the pack will hopefully help these issues too.  He's now walking behind us on the leash.  He's not walking by dogs without noticing them, yet, or maybe ever.  But at least we're now able to talk him through dog encounters.  Before when he'd see a dog we'd completely lose him.  It was as if we no longer existed.  Now we're communicating with him.  Telling him he's not to react and getting him by the dogs.  He's breaking eye contact with the dog to check in with us.  That's a breakthrough for anyone who's been dragged down a busy street by a dog...I'm a huge fan of rescues and adoptions.  But know that with big dominant dogs you likely can't fix everything through chicken and clickers.  Sometimes a dog needs to go back to their roots and be allowed to work things our with their doggie friends.  Then come home to a house with boundaries where he's safe and loved.  Brandon also has boarding and day care which is huge for those of us with problem dogs.  Knowing you're dog is with someone who not only handles dogs like yours but where they're all welcome to come to get better is a big relief. If you're finding yourself in this situation and you're questioning if you have the guts to assert yourself as the leader with a dog that's had a tough past, know that it will be tough but there's help.  Brandon will walk you through it.  The reality is you very likely are this dog's last chance.  Give it a shot.  Odds are you've already tried everything. More...


Jen C.

11 August 2015

Brandon is a genius!  My pit bull Lucy had become extremely aggressive-to the point I was unable to safely walk her on leash.  After Lucy spent a few hours with Brandon, he completely understood all of her issues.  Then he coached me on how to work with her.  By the end of the day, Lucy was a completely different dog.  She was totally relaxed instead of on edge, and I walked her on a slack leash.  My previous trainer had basically told me Lucy's issues were not fixable.  I'm glad I didn't believe him and instead brought Lucy to Brandon.  He's a miracle worker! More...


Cindy S.

5 August 2015

I have a 3 yr. old pit bull, Mack, whom I adopted last year from the shelter where I volunteer.  Mack was very traumatized by the shelter environment and spent most of his time hiding in his cubby. He had been mistreated by the former owner, never socialized and had huge fear issues.  These types of dogs usually end up being euthanized, so after working with him at the shelter for 2 months, I ended up taking him home.I first put him through a basic obedience course with a well-known trainer, and Mack quickly learned his sit, down, stay, etc.  Walking at heel was an ongoing struggle due to his extreme anxiety over everything.  His default behavior on walks was to try and bolt in any direction.  As he became more secure in our home, he also became more territorial, barking and charging the door when the bell rang, all out rage displays upon the mailman's arrival, and subsequent spillover behavior that included barking/growling at people coming in the house and some resource guarding.   I was advised that my dog needed to go on an electronic collar.Instead, having known of Brandon through the dog rescue community and having seen some of his videos, I decided to give his method a try first.My husband and I had a consultation with Brandon on a Saturday morning, and by Sunday evening, the barking and door charging issues were resolved.  Yes, that fast.  We couldn't believe it, either.  When the mailman came on Monday morning, I wasn't even aware of it because Mack didn't do his usual routine of furiously racing to the door, frantically barking and growling.We also quickly reversed the problem of barking and growling at house guests.Here's the kicker:  Brandon has never met my dog.  We've never met Brandon in person.  All of this was accomplished after one telephone consultation and daily follow-up calls through which Brandon gave step-by-step instructions on how to deal with each issue.  At first I was a bit skeptical this could be done over the phone, but having gone through this method, I can attest that it is totally effective.  YOU are the one working directly with your dog and creating the change rather than sending the dog off to board-and-train or having a trainer come to your house and work magic only to have the bad behaviors reappear when the trainer is gone.My dog still has some socialization/fear issues to work on, and I will continue to consult with Brandon for direction.  I know Brandon is considered an aggression expert, but if you're having any kind of behavioral or training issue, I would recommend you contact him.  I'm so glad I learned to stop my dog's negative behaviors before they became bigger problems.I would also like to address a negative comment I saw on here that claims a different trainer characterized Brandon's method as using pain, fear or intimidation.  With all the techniques I used as instructed by Brandon, I NEVER EVEN TOUCHED MY DOG.  Brandon doesn't use choke chains, prongs or e-collars so this comment really surprised me.  In fact, after struggling for almost a year to get a heel position with a prong (as instructed by a different trainer) and being told to move up to an e-collar, I can now get my dog to walk behind me on just a regular collar and leash, most of the time.  Still working on 100% of the time, but after less than a week working with Brandon, there's been a huge change in the walk, too.How was Brandon able to help us resolve our dog's most serious issues through phone consultation?  I believe it's because your dog can only really change through you, the owner.  Brandon is not selling you his training skills - he can personally handle any dog - he's giving you the direct knowledge, technique, mindset and emotional energy needed to rebalance your relationship with your dog.  Have you ever had a teacher in school that could take a complex subject and break it down so that was easy to understand, almost simple?  That teacher is Brandon Fouche. More...


Jac D.

17 July 2015

This is purely an informative review. I have given it a 4 star rating as to minimally affect the 4.5 star rating.I have a very aggressive german shepherd who is perfect in the home, but I cannot safely let him be around strangers or other dogs due to aggression. I filled out the application on Fouche's website with details about my dog's aggression, age, behavior, learned commands, pics, etc. A lady contacted me a few days later with some information. She said (suggested for my dog) that I would do a program where Brandon would evaluate my dog (I believe this was a few hour process), tell me what he learned about my dog, and how to handle him. Over the next two weeks, Brandon would call me every day giving me instructions on how to interact with my dog in hopes of reducing his aggression. This was the extent of the suggested program. It cost $1,000. Based off the other reviews who said it only cost them a few hundred dollars, I think price depends on your situation. For me though, $1,000 is a little too much for one interaction and 14 phone calls. Like I said though, this was just an informative review. I cannot review Brandon's effectiveness or success in rehabilitating dogs. More...


June M.

15 June 2015

I would recommend Brandon Fouche to anyone who has already gone through many trainers, watched every episode of Dog Whisperer, bought every gimmick there was to try on TV and on the web, but still having issues with aggression. Whether it be toward people, other dogs, or objects, there is hope still for you dog.  At that point where you think you've tried EVERYTHING you could do to help you dog, and feeling sad that you have some how failed and at a loss with what else you can do, then call Brandon Fouche.  He can help you.  He has helped my dog, and me.I have a dog named Molly.  I adopted her from an animal shelter about 1.5 yrs ago.  She was about year old at the time.  She is Amstaff Pitbull.  They said she's a mix but I think she may be full breed.  At the beginning, she a timid and shy and afraid of everything.  I wasn't afraid of adopting a pitbull that was older than a puppy since I owned another pitbull mix who I had for 10 yrs.  Honestly, she was the best dog.  She didn't bark, she was friendly, not a mean bone in her.  I went through the usual dog obedience class, walked her everyday. Everything was fine.  So naturally, I thought, no problem. So as soon as I brought her home, I enrolled in a beginners obedience class.  We practiced every day, passed with flying colors.  Then onto Intermediate, and Advanced.  She was soaking up commands like a sponge.  I was also taking her to the dog park few times a week.  I walked her everyday for an hour because daily exercise is key to having a stable dog.She was good at home.  But as soon as she was outside, she was neurotic and scary.  She would go after every dog on the street, dogs behind fences, and if that dog barked at her, she would lunge and froth at her mouth....it would take all my weight just to hold her leash and drag her home.  Mail man, gardener, she would try to attack them through the window or gate.  She would bang the gates so hard that she's knocked out 2 of her front teeth. I've TRIED to manage this behavior with a help of Videos, trainers, collars and harnesses, water sprays and gentle leader harnesses.  But one day on our walk, the leash slipped out of my hands and she took off across the street and attacked another dog. I ran after her and pulled her off and luckily damage was very minimal.  It also happened to be a lost dog so I lucked out on no lawsuit.  I contacted a pit bull rescue in Orange County about a behavior specialist.  One they referred me to was in Aliso Viejo so I did a search on yelp and found Brandon.  Brandon's methods are much different than any obedience trainers you will talk to.  I think the foundation of his approach are similar to what the dog whisperer talks about.  High emphasis on the "pack" mentality.  He will first assess your dog to see what the issues are, and where your dog fits in the hierarchy of the pack.  Then he will explain how to help you with your dog.  Good thing is, you get most of the information you need on the first day.  First the assessment, then discussion with you, your dog, and Brandon.  Then you get to go home with the tools you need THAT DAY so you can start practicing right away the minute you leave that place.  When I left Brandon that first day I brought my dog, she was a different dog already.  He also taught me what I needed to do and instructions on what I have to do. Its a pain to have to drive all the way there, leave the dog, only to come back and pick up the dog 6 hours later.  Its a lot to take in, all the information you get on that day.  Its a whole lot of skeptical thought going through your mind because let's face it, if you are like me, I've been through enough classes, trainers, and Dog Whisperer, with very little result.   But if you are looking into behavior specialist for your dog, then you are probably at your last effort to figure out some way to fix your dog, or its a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Keep an open mind when you are listening to Brandon talk because you will frequently be told what you've been doing all this time, may have negatively impacted your dog, which has now surfaced as a form of aggression.  I'm a "cut to the chase" kind of person so listening to lengthy stories was very difficult for me.  But you have to listen to the stories about other dog's behaviors and such to understand how the issue came to be, and how you can turn it around.  Let me stress again the importance of giving it a chance, and keeping an open mind.  If you are already willing to seek help, dish the money, AND make the drive to Brandon, then go full hog and give it a shot.  You will see a significant difference with your dog, and the relationship you will have with your dog in the future.  You will wish you had started with Brandon instead. More...


Eric P.

19 May 2015

I don't write yelp reviews, but Brandon truly saved my 90 pound dog (Haz). My fiance and I could not walk Haz without him trying to attack dogs, people, inflatable animals, statues....you get the picture. Two different times, he pulled my fiance down while trying to attack. I read the reviews and decided this was our last chance. We literally discussed putting him down which sickens me to know we were at that point. We had previously taken Haz to training classes, including an aggressive dog trainer in Tampa, but nothing worked. The veterinarian even prescribed him anti-psychotic medications, but that did not phase him. This past Saturday, we took Haz to Brandon. He discussed his process, answered all of our questions and we left as nervous as we came in because we though nobody could help us. We were both wrong! When we came back that afternoon, Brandon talked about what he found in the evaluation. He then brought Haz into the room and began to teach me how to handle my dog. We went outside, walked Haz by both people and dogs and he walked directly behind me. I could not quit smiling because I have not been able to walk by people or dogs in over a year.As I write this, it is now Wednesday. Yesterday I walked Haz and a dog would not quit barking at him. He was not bothered. Instead, he looked at me as his leader and continued to walk behind me. I walked Haz this morning and said good morning to three different people. I know that sounds silly, but before I would have ran across the road dragging him as he lunged at the site of a person. Brandon knows how to fix a dog and is well worth the price. Haz is walking proof! You just have to be willing to listen and follow through with what he teaches you about your dog. More...


John G.

20 April 2015

We came to Brandon after our Frenchie rescue, Rizzo, was on the verge of getting kicked out of yet another daycare. Rizzo was originally surrendered because he was high energy, uncontrollable and unpredictable. After a lot of positive reinforcement training (3 to be exact), Rizzo started to mellow out and 80% of the time, he was great. That 20% is what worried us and got him into trouble, he bit four people and a dog (drew blood), and we couldn't see a future of Rizz being calm around other people, especially since we are planning on expanding our family. The trainers at Rizzo's daycare suggested Brandon could help him out with fixing his aggressive nature. We took to Yelp to check out what people were saying and to hold true to the formula, we thought a one day evaluation and some instruction was a little too good to be true. We even had Brandon call us to explain what exactly the method is. We then watched the video and everything started to make a lot of sense. What it comes down to is communicating differently with your dog (BTW no choke chains or e-collars - just communicating differently). After the evaluation and following the plan Brandon set out for Rizzo, he is a different dog. We had mostly reinforced some bad habits that Rizzo had, and ultimately we had to make sure that we could regain Rizzo's confidence that we could be his leader. After he knew he could trust us, things started turning around. It's been 4 days now and Rizzo has been excellent. Not going after other dogs, not jumping on people, no biting, and taking him on walks has been the pleasurable experience we always wanted.Even though Rizzo is a "cream puff"(Brandon's words) compared to other dogs Brandon sees, it was worth it to know that even a dog with a 20% bad tilt can overcome it. More...


Caitlyn K.

16 April 2015

I took my dog, Dash, to Brandon on Tuesday.  The reason I took him is because I believed him to be a dominant, aggressive Alpha dog.  The week before taking him to Brandon, I tried to introduce Dash to another dog that might be living with us.  Dash went "Kujo" so to speak, and even though he had a muzzle on, it seemed to me that he went straight in for the kill.  The other dog was completely nonreactive.  He has also gotten in fights with my mom's dog, had trouble in obedience class and fought at the dog park.  I was in the process of emailing rescues to take him when I was referred to Brandon.  We set up an appointment for the following Tuesday.  Before going, I watched his seminar that is on his website and some of his videos. The day I dropped Dash off, I was sure he was going to be the killer dog in the pack and I was going to have hundreds of dollars in vet bills.  I was filled with anxiety at the thought of putting my dog in with all those other dogs.  I brought his muzzle and his pinch collar, prepared for the worst.  When I talked to my fiance during the day, he asked if Dash had killed anyone yet.  I said I didn't think so because I hadn't gotten a phone call yet.At 4PM, I went to pick up Dash.  I sat down with Brandon and spoke about all of the problems Dash was having, from chasing cats and counter surfing to fighting.  I was sure he was the worst dog and was terrified to see the videos Brandon asked me to watch.  What I saw shocked me.Dash was in with other dogs, without a muzzle.  Not only was he not asserting his dominance, he actually looked uncomfortable and like he wasn't sure what to do.  Not once in his stay did he exhibit any of the aggression I had seen from him.  We went through six videos, and all of them show Dash quietly wagging his tail and even hiding from other dogs.  Brandon gave me some homework to do, told me that my dog is reacting to me, and that I needed to face my issues in order to become his Alpha.  Mind you, this was two days ago.  Today is Thursday, and I have introduced him to my mom's dog (whom he had previously fought with) with no issues.  I got him to stop digging in the backyard.  I got him to stop countersurfing.  He has off leash obedience.  I won't call it a miracle because it took work, but in two days, my dog has completely turned around.  Brandon is available by phone for all of my questions and has followed up with me.  We do a check in each day about Dash, and I can honestly say that the dog I dropped off on Tuesday, ready to get rid of, is now a dog that I can have around other dogs and who has resolved the handful of issues I have a problem with.Prior to this, I had taken Dash through two obedience classes and another behaviorist, to the tune of more money than I wanted to spend.  I balked at spending more money on him, but he is my family and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could before I decided I had to get rid of him.  None of the other trainers or the behaviorist was able to help me like Brandon has.  And in just two days!!  The cost of the one day evaluation was only a few hundred dollars, and I have a completely different dog, one who follows me instead of leading me, one who listens instead of ignoring me.  It was the best money I have spent on him in the two years of owning him.  Dash was a rescue from the shelter, so I assumed of course it was something in his past, something from a previous owner... but Brandon showed me that what Dash needed was what I wasn't giving him.  I have included some links to videos for Dash at the bottom, as well as a video of Brandon's that I particularly enjoyed.  I have been where you have... frustrated, thinking there is no hope, thinking about liabilities and having to get rid of my pet as the only solution.  But that was before Brandon :)  I highly recommend him for whatever aggression issues or behavioral issue your dog is having.  youtube.com/watch?v=tUc9…youtube.com/watch?v=j3GN…youtube.com/watch?v=VmYf…Dash is the black and tan German Shepherd with a floppy ear :) More...


Sunnye S.

13 April 2015

The Fouche Way gave me peace of mine, self-assurance and a better smarter secure dog. I had almost decided to put my beloved 9 1/2 year old dog down because she bit someone, but at the 11th hour I was referred to Brandon Fouche from Angel City  Rescue website. The Fouche Way not only saved my dog Angel's life, but the training gave me the confidence and skill to become the pact leader. Angel's training with Brandon started in the morning and ended that night. I was there two hours in the morning and worked with her two hours that evening/night. Every day for the first 14 days I reported her progress to Brandon, he corrected my work and told me where I needed to improve with Angel. I made the corrections and now she knows to always walk behind me and to move to the opposite side when people and dogs approach. She does not bark, pull, or lunge. I report every other day now. Finally, I am in control. This training was my only hope. It had to work and it did! We are all living a  better life.  Now, my house is peaceful and calm, the barking, jumping, and other obnoxious behavior has stopped!  Thanks so much Brandon. BTW, I listen to his seminars and radio programs. I will continue to listen and learn. More...


April L.

26 March 2015

Over 2 months agro one of my dogs, Charley, attacked my other dog, Dakota.  This wasn't the first time, but it was the worst time.  I had to rush my dog to the emergency veterinarian and I spent over $3500.  I was devastated.  Dakota had 2 broken fibulas, over 10 bites and was in pain..  I was so afraid that I would have to turn Charley over to the animal shelter and probably be put down.  I spoke with my vet and he recommended that I call Brandon Fouche.  I spoke with Brandon and he told that he could do a phone consultation with me.  I was skeptical.  Charlie was out of control.  She would jump on me, any visitors to my house, attack Dakota, run across the street whenever she got out the door, and just wouldn't listen.  I reluctantly paid for a phone consultation with Brandon, thinking that it would be a waste of money.  He gave me explicit instructions on how to handle her.  Literally, from day 1 she has been a different dog.  Let me say, from day 1, I have been a different owner.  She doesn't run across the street, she comes when being called, she doesn't bother Dakota, she doesn't jump on me.  This is all without Brandon ever seeing my her.  Remarkable. She is an absolute pleasure now.  She seems to be more in love with me now that I am in control.  I can't wait for her to go to the day class and get even more training from Brandon.  Brandon saved my dog's life and gave me peace of mind. More...


Maria G.

23 February 2015

Meeting Brandon Fouché was quite an amazing experience for both my dog and for me.  It was a huge mind shift shift for me.  Brandon is trying to teach me and others how to see the world the way our dogs, that we have domesticated over the millennium see the world.  We initially domesticated them to work and help us hunt in order to survive.  They no longer have a need to fill that role; we have changed their job description to companion animal and that is why we need to better learn how to communicate that shift.Brandon respects the dogs for who they are in our world and in turn they respect him and that is why they all can live harmoniously when they are a part of his pack. More...


Laraine M.

26 January 2015

Frank was adopted from a shelter and quickly became a nightmare.  He bit two people, lunged, barked, tried to bite passer-bys and dogs.  My stress level and his were off the chart.  We went through two training programs - yes, Frank could sit, stay, and wait, but he was aggressive and dangerous.  Vets proposed behaviorists and medication.  Positive reinforcement and treats were protocol.  Nothing was working, Frank was getting worse, rescues would not take him and Frank was two weeks away from returning to the shelter and probably getting euthanized.And then we found Brandon Fouche.  Within less than 6 hours, Frank was a different dog and I was a different person.  We can relax on a walk, watch the birds, and I know that Frank is walking behind me and he is not going to lunge, bark, or bite another dog or person.  Brandon evaluated Frank, gave me  instructions on how to relate to Frank as a real dog, and turned our world upside down, inside out, and it worked!   It is not just the dog, it is the relationship and the emotional interaction in the world.  Basic natural instincts, traits, behaviors, and emotions are the focus and once you as the owner can understand how this works, you and your pet are at peace.  Brandon was our last resort.  I recommend Brandon's program above and beyond any of the others that we used. More...


Melina S.

21 January 2015

I was desperate to find Brown Sugar, a 1.5 year old female pit, a home. Shortly after being pulled off death row from a shelter by a rescue in central Cali, Brown Sugar started to display aggression towards other dogs. I took her to one adoption event and knew right away that her dog aggression would prevent her from finding a loving home.Over the course of a month, I had talked and met with 3 trainers. None of them could get to the bottom of her aggression issues. The good news is that none of them said it was severe aggression...Then, Brown Sugar attacked my 8-year-old Siberian Husky! I was torn between two things: the well-being of my dog and not giving up on Brown Sugar. She was the sweetest dog around people and children. We had bonded...A couple of days later, my sister who lives in LA did some research and told me about Brandon Fouche. I called him immediately, and ended up talking to his assistant, Cathy, first.Cathy was simply amazing in coordinating my meeting with Brandon the following week. But, it was the miracle worker himself - Brandon - who changed my life!Given that Brown Sugar was a rescue, we decided over the phone that it was best to relinquish her to Brandon. I dropped her off at Brandon's rehabilitation center and left wondering whether I had made the right decision.The next morning, Brandon posted her first video on his YouTube channel...I could not believe my eyes! Brown Sugar was happy. She was mentally balanced. For the first time ever, I saw her peacefully existing alongside other dogs and playing silly with them. Words cannot describe how I felt.Brandon took a dog with an uncertain future and created certainty. Brown Sugar now lives in his pack and spends her days loved, protected and understood.Brandon, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for saving her life and opening up my eyes.  You spent so much time talking to me on the phone and in person. Someone as busy as you taking this kind of time is remarkable. It speaks volumes about who you are as a person.If your dog has behavioral issues, no matter how severe, take him/her to Brandon. It's worth every penny! Brown Sugar, I will always love you! More...


Mark V.

3 November 2014

After one day with Brandon my dog's behavior has changed radically.  He was getting very aggressive towards people, barking maniacally at strangers, chasing anything that moved.By showing me that I had set this dog up for problems, and how to adjust my relationship with what is a wild animal. Brandon has basically saved my dogs life. "A lion isn't laying around handing out treats to all the animals in the kingdom, if you are doing something he doesn't like he'll let you know."  Brandon helped me to understand how a dog sees my behavior and his acting out is now understandable.He wears a muzzle, walks behind me and now when a squirrel walks across our path and up into a tree, or another dog barks.  He just keeps on walking, it seems, almost relieved that he does not have the responsibility to control the environment around us. I'd very much recommend Brandon's expertise for anyone whether your dog is an aggressive breed or not.  I was amazed at the transformation and how effective the tools are that Brandon has given me.  And his continuing follow up is great too. More...


David D.

4 October 2014

We had our consultation with Brandon 5 days ago so we are still in the beginning stages of Jakes rehabilitation.  So far the results are amazing and Brandon has been 100% correct on his evaluation and what we should expect to see.Our dog Jake is a 13 year old standard poodle.  We have been having dog aggression issues with him since he was 2 years old.  We have spent 11 years dealing with this (or rather not dealing with this).  Up until now we were able to avoid it because we lived on a large property and Jake did not have to see other dogs.  We recently moved to a condo and now everything has changed.  We now take Jake on walks and we would like to be able to take him out with us, but his behavior is too difficult to control and too stressful for us.  He barks and growls and lunges at other dogs and sometimes redirects his aggression towards our other dog, Ozzie - just not fun to deal with.Just days before our appointment friends started voicing their opinions and tried to dissuade us from seeing Brandon.  We were told that we shouldn't do this to such an old dog and that it would be too stressful for him.  We were really on the fence about whether or not to proceed.  We watched Brandon's video seminar and got a pretty good feeling about him after seeing this.  We decided to keep our appointment and to discuss our concerns with Brandon prior to leaving Jake.We arrived at 9:30 for our appointment.  First we sat down with Brandon and he observed Jake and he spoke with us about our history, his beliefs and systems, our concerns, etc.  He was very thorough and made certain that we felt comfortable with and understood everything prior to us leaving Jake with him.  This entire initial interview lasted for 1-1/2 hours.  Brandon was extremely thorough and never rushed us through this process.  We left Jake with him feeling totally comfortable and confidant that he was in good hands.We called at 2:30 to check in with Brandon and we were told to be back at 4:00.When we arrived back, Brandon sat down with us and explained to us what he discovered about Jakes aggressive behavior.  He was not a naturally aggressive dog, not an alpha but a beta, and of course, his aggression was due to how we interacted with him and to lack of proper socialization - not surprising!  He showed us videos of Jake behaving perfectly with many different types of dogs at his facility.  It was amazing.  This time Brandon spent over 2 hours with us discussing Jake and our relationship with him and even with each other (my partner and myself).  He then gave us instructions on how to proceed with the initial stages of Jakes rehab.  Since our evaluation with Brandon, we have been taking Jake to the dog park at least once a day (we try for twice) and Jake is perfect!!!  It really amazing.  He is behaving just as Brandon predicted he would.  We also feel that if there is a problem we know how to deal with it.  This is the 1st stage of his rehab - we are not taking him on walks yet because Brandon says he is not ready for that yet.  We will continue to go to the dog park until Brandon instructs us on how to proceed with the next phase of Jake's rehabilitation.  We trust Brandon wholeheartedly!  I will update this review as Jake progresses.This was the best $400 we ever spent and we only wish we had done it sooner.Brandon spent a total of 3 1/2 hours speaking with us and he spent the day evaluating and videotaping Jake.  We also call Brandon daily to give him updates and get input from him.  We could not be more pleased so far....Updates will follow.... More...


Bri F.

26 September 2014

I went to Brandon for a certain reason involving my Chocolate Lab. He is not an aggressive dog but I was looking for advice on how to get my dog to behave in public. My lab is a great dog but very very high energy/excitement which gets him in trouble.  I tried everything with this dog and after having him break out of his prong collar and injure my mom's shoulder from pulling and also damaging his trachea from the choke chain, I went to Brandon. He made me realize how I have set my dog up for failure with certain things I was doing. He was so spot on and I began to feel guilty that I unknowingly did this. My dog and I are now at the point where we both respect each other and are happy.  He actually walks far behind me when we walk in public and through hardware stores on his leash. Not even jumping on people! I am happy I can now rely on my dog to actually pull through and not expect him to jump on strangers. This was such a lifesaver and a dramatic improvement in his behavior. He even has learned to leave certain dogs, who don't want to play with him, alone. It was another problem at dog parks he was having. He was destructive in my house eating thousands of dollars of furniture when I was gone. Not anymore! He's been home without a muzzle or anything for 3-4 hours a day these past 2 months and I find him sleeping in his bed when I get back now. So pleased! This is the dream dog I wanted and I'm so glad I went to Brandon.Even if you don't have an aggressive dog Brandon is the one to help you with any problems you may have with your dog since he SPEAKS dog. More...


Ernest S.

6 September 2014

I will try to be on to the point and quick.I wrote this review after almost 10 months we visited Brandon.1- Do your research about Brandon first, he is not going to teach your dog sit, stay,...That's not him. He is going to teach you how to communicate and understand your dog.2- Would I recommend him to others, %100. 3- will I take my dog to him in the future, Absolutely. As I have done in the past.4- I gave him Five stars because he deserves it.5- Please understand he is an expert in his field so don't complain about his charges!!!Now its your decision to take your dog to Brandon or not.Good LuckThings Brandon can work on: Hire someone to work on his social media. More...


Giselle A.

12 August 2014

I cannot begin to express my amazement at the gift Brandon has given us.Two years ago my husband and I found a beautiful 1 year old German Shepherd roaming the streets, leash in his mouth, name tag removed--seemingly dumped.  After checking for a chip and finding none, we hit the streets looking for his owner.  That evening we took him home.  The next morning we made the excruciating decision to take him to the shelter on the off chance that there was someone out there looking for their dog.  He was there for five days and when we went to claim him we were informed that he was severely dog aggressive.  He had not exhibited any aggressive behavior in the time he was with us, so we were surprised, but took him with us nevertheless.  Being volunteers at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue and having fostered four dogs prior to this we were confident that we could handle the situation.A few weeks later we decided that we needed help.  Over the next two years we tried different trainers and behaviorists.  We sent him away to bootcamp twice, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, learning commands to distract, exercise, choke, no-pull, prong and e-collars, and medication.  None of it helped.  If anything it just exacerbated the issue.  He lashed out at my husband biting him during an episode.  He pulled so hard as to knock my husband off his feet escaping and getting to a dog resulting in stitches, vet bills and endless apologies and guilt.At home he was a different dog, so we kept him inside most of the time.  Going out was a quick in and out mainly done by my husband.  When my husband was not around it aroused such a sense of panic in me knowing I would have to take him out and knowing he would act out.  I started putting him in my car and driving him to quiet spots just so he could relieve himself without either of us having to stress out.  When my husband would leave town, I would set an alarm for 430am just so he could walk around the block and not have to worry about running into a dog.  Over the last two and a half years we have spent thousands of dollars, postponed our wedding so we could afford a second round of bootcamp and highly priced training, and finally decided that this was just the dog we had and that we loved him enough to deal with it.I've read enough and watched enough to know that somehow this was just as much our problem as it was his.  We just had never met anyone who could tell us what to do and who could show us the way.  I knew that our dog did not have a TRAINING issue, but a REHABILITATION issue, but finding a place/person who was equipped to tackle the issue head on is near to impossible.  We knew he needed to meet dogs but most places train aggression by avoidance.  I found Brandon through a friend of a friends Facebook thread of all places.  I read every review and every article and watched every video and watched the seminar twice AND I KNEW HE COULD HELP US.We dropped Odie off at 9 saturday morning.  Brandon spoke to us for an hour evaluating both our behavior  as well as the dogs.  We were then instructed to come back at 4.  When we arrived we had to wait a while as he was still with another client, but even that was in a way a gift.  We got to watch as another couple picked their dog up after one day there as well and see the awe on their faces over the change in their dog.  When he got to us around 4.30 he spent another hour and a half talking us through the days events.  He then showed us a video of our dog. It started off hard to watch: our dog running around barking and snapping at too many dogs to count.  Three clips in we see our dog running around sniffing other dogs and letting others sniff him.  My husbands mouth hung open.  I cried.  IT WAS A MIRACLE.  What Brandon was able to accomplish in 7 hours was simply astonishing.He then spent another hour explaining his method and what we would need to do to keep it going.  He brought our dog out and walked us through teaching him to walk behind us (it took less than 10 seconds!) and how to walk around and next to another dog with out incident (took about 15 seconds!).In total he spent an additional three hours talking with us and showing us how to deal with our formerly fearful, neurotic, and unstable dog.  When we got home we took him out and when another dog approached--HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT HIM!!  Since then, we have spoken with Brandon every other day to give him a progress report and he is so encouraging and positive.  We will be taking our dog to weekly day care to spend the day around other stable dogs and learning how to get over his fear.I cannot begin to thank Brandon enough for what he has done for us in such a short time.If you have a dog with aggression issues YOU NEED TO CALL BRANDON.  Don't make the same mistake we made and make him your last resort--make him your first.  If you have any questions you can feel free to ask me :)Giselle More...


Vik M.

21 July 2014

Word can not describe how astonishing our experience was with Brandon. My girlfriend and I have a 3 year old German Shepherd, Our dog was great around people but suffered from aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. This posed a huge problem for going out to the dog park or going on walks in Los Angeles as we would run into a dog at every street corner. Ultimately, it started taking a toll on her for how much we could walk her and take her out, and on us because we were constantly stressed out about the fact that she literally had two personalities: an amazing one when she was with us, and an uncontrollabley aggressive one around other dogs. We found Brandon online and to tell you the truth, it if wasnt for my girlfriend, I would have entirely passed him up as there was no way I could believe 1 "evaluation" could have that much of an effect on a dog. Believe me, I was wrong. We gave Brandon a call and set up an appointment a few days out. We were instructed to check out his Seminars with have some videos of his work and delves into detail of his method. On a side note, his method and how he approaches it are revolutionary. Being a dog lover and having looked/read  into various methods of "trainings" (all BS ultimately compared to this) and actually having spent thousands of dollars on trying to teach my dog how to "behave" properly, I can honestly tell you there is NO possible better method with faster results than Brandon's way. Anyways, his Seminars gave us more insight into who he was and how he approaches dog obedience and rehabilitation. After watching them, I was literally excited to see if what he has done for all of those other dogs, who are significantly much worse than my dog, would have the same effect, and if it would, how long would it take, and how expensive would it ultimately be? We arrived at 9:30 on the day of the appointment to his location. The location is not too far from the freeway and you may need to navigate to find it, but if you go look for the picture on the Yelp page so you can spot it out in a jiffy. We met him and talked to him for 15 to 30 mins during which time he was evaluating our dog and asking us questions. We were instructed to come back at 4. Before I continue, I would very much like to reiterate, my girlfriend and I have had experience with countless trainers in various settings. We tried hundreds of things to try get our dog to be a little less aggressive so we could take her more places and enjoy her more. We just wanted to be able to walk down the street without having to cross every 5 seconds because another dog was walking by. Not saying this was our hail mary pass before giving up, but it kind of was. The results: So we came back at 4, not knowing at all what to expect. And what we saw...was flabbergasting. Before bringing her back out to us, we did a full consultation of what the problem was and how to address it. He explained his method and how we can keep working on it to make her even better over time. After our consultation, he brought her back out and we walked through exercises and ways to ensure any worry we ever had was eradicated. I know this sounds entirely too good to be true, but I swear to you if you have any doubt at all you can email or get into contact with me and I will verify every single statement I am writing. He literally "fixed" out problem in 7 hours and told us how to make sure it doesnt come back. It was almost like we got an entirely different dog back. There is something to his method, something that I didnt even know had existed prior to Yelp showing us that there was hope. So we did some walk throughs of scenarios and talked through everything prior to leaving. He was very friendly and ensured that this would be an ongoing relationship and that we could call him and get into contact with him at any time. The costs: So he called the consultation an "evaluation." Dont be entirely thrown off by that. The eval was entirely well worth every penny of what we paid. Honestly this eval for a few hundred dollars was literally NOTHING compared to the over 3k I have spent with other "trainers" and classes. It literally makes me sad that those "trainers" shovel their crap onto society when there actually is a better way of doing this, and its Brandon's way. He also does boarding and day care. We plan to use day care as a venue to "touch up" everything that our dog got from her eval session. That isnt entirely necessary as you will see after you do your eval but we felt we would take the most advantage of it given that hew as only 20 minutes away driving from SM. Conclusion:I kid you not, if you have a problem with your dogs aggression or sociability at the dog park or walking, Take. Your. Dog. To. Brandon. He will help you, he will fix the problem, and you will not be disappointed. It is seriously a bargain compared to how much happiness you will have after you see how amazing your dog is. More...


Flora N.

20 June 2014

My experience with Brandon has just been amazing.  There's really no word I can use to explain the transformation of my foster dog Klondike since we've met Brandon.  Klondike is my foster (18 lbs Lhasa Apso Mixed) with aggression that I am supposed to desensitize before he can be adopted.  Well, nobody will want to adopt an aggressive dog.  He has bitten my husband and me numerous times without warning.  The worse one for my husband was when he entered the room and Klondike charged up to bite his feet with no advanced notice.  After three puncture wounds, my husband's foot was swollen for days.  My worse bite from Klondike was when I picked up his EMPTY food bowl after he ate where he charged me and shook my hand without letting go.  My hand was swollen for a week where I couldn't even move.  There were other biting occasions that I do not need to share now.  Well, he's been to two obedience trainers for consultation and they both were afraid to address his issues as they told us they didn't want to get bit.  Okay, so then we went on Facebook to some of our rescue friends to ask for reputable trainers.  One came over to our house for 4 hours and worked with Klondike.  As I expected, the trainer got bit too. She was not upset but I was panicking because her hand was dripping blood and dripping all over Klondike.  While her hand was bleeding she showed us the alpha role technique where you hold the dog onto the ground until they stop growling or snarling.  I've done that many times when he bit us before and that didn't seem to desensitize him.  We were at our last straw and thinking we either live with this unpredictable dog under a radar or we return him to the rescue.  After much thinking and considering that nobody else may want to foster or adopt an aggressive dog, we decided that we really need to help this dog.  We asked around and several pit bull rescues have highly recommended Brandon.  We met with Brandon just a week ago and after one meeting and practicing what Brandon asked us to practice at home, Klondike is a changed dog.  Brandon had us practice leadership and that's really all it is to it.  Many times we think it will take hours out of our days to train a dog where most training does. But there is really no extra time that needs to be put into our day.  Brandon showed us how to practice our leadership and work with Klondike where we integrate his training into our daily routine.  I cannot express in real word on how this whole experience has changed my husband and my life in the house with this dog along with the rest of our 3 dogs.  By fixing Klondike, our three dogs just follows too and now our house is so much more peaceful.  I want to say in just a week we have 70% of what we want but we are aiming at 100%. Our walks are perfect where he just walks right behind us without pulling at all. I forget I'm walking a dog. It's a personal lifelong experience that I will never forget.  It's a valuable tool for the rest of my life on how to build the proper relationship with my dogs.  It's just amazing and I can truly get whatever results I want.  If we humans are willing to change and face our fear, our dogs will follow. It's just that simple.  We need not to be in denial. If we can do just this, many dogs can be saved and not be put down on a daily basis.  The key to loving our dogs is to respect nature and respect our dog as a dog. I urge for everyone that if you encounter aggression in your dog or other dogs, please consider The Fouche Way before even thinking about putting a dog down.  There is nothing more cruel than putting a dog down before even trying everything. Keep an open mind and go see it for yourself.  You will see 100% success as long as you are willing to change yourself.  You have to change NOT the dog.Thank you Brandon Very Very Much from the bottom of my heart.  With your help, we helped and saved another dog. More...


Patt H.

25 April 2014

Zamboni is a 9 year old Pom and we've allowed her to take charge of our house, our visitors and us...until now!!  One phone session...yes, on the friggin' phone...with Brandon and she IS getting the notion that we 'own' her and not the other way around. Brandon spoke to us like adults and explained in detail why and how we got to where we are and then explained what we needed to do...and, his requests were so simple and easy to accomplish that we knew that we could do it!!  We are at the very beginning of working his method and we can see results already.  Our lives are way too complicated to embark on a difficult, unclear road....THANK YOU BRANDON for your willingness to teach us that it doesn't have to be hard or confusing. And, we have no doubt that Zamboni would thank you too as she will now have less stress in her life because of what you're teaching us! More...


K. O.

8 April 2014

We are so thankful to have found Brandon Fouche.  We were at the end of the road with our English Bulldog.  He was 98% lovable but, 2% terribly possessive aggressive.  He had bitten us several times so adoption or rescue was not an option and the thought of turning him into a shelter or putting him down was something hard for us to even consider as an option.  Finding Brandon was the best thing to happen to us!  One day with Brandon and our dog was different.  Brandon was attentive, extremely informative and just a pleasure to work with.  He provided us with instant results and told/showed us what simple things we needed to do at home in order to reinforce this new behavior.  Brandon gave us hope!  We are confident now that our dog can stay apart of our family and we are extremely grateful!  We are still in disbelief in the instant change we witnessed - it almost doesn't seem possible!  But it is possible with Brandon.  Before you consider giving up your dog, go see him - all is not lost...Brandon can help! More...


Dan G.

7 April 2014

Brandon is a genius with dogs!!! All the aggravation and serious issues I had with my dog completely evaporated after one day with Brandon. He really knows what he's doing. This is what's going to save your life with your dog.Your dog is a jerk. Or they're at least making your life kinda miserable, right? Maybe you feel guilty or are just desperate. I was. My dog sucked and I knew it was probably my fault. I felt bad.Half the time, Henry -- my pit mix -- was wonderful. The other half of the time, he was stressing me out. Dog aggression, separation anxiety, incessant barking at people walking by. Just an uncompromising, intimidating ass. Nothing stuck. Two trainers, teaching him the typical commands -- sit, down, stay, no, hey, and treats barely worked anymore. I started to hate living with my dog and I felt pretty bad about it.I was about to ship my dog to one of those I'm-desperate-and-this-seems-to-work boot camp places for $1,800. So I called Brandon Fouche. His method was so drastically different -- and affordable -- that I had to give it a try first.I was definitely skeptical. In the morning, I dropped Henry off with Brandon at his facility for the evaluation. That evening, I picked him up and Brandon shared what he learned about my dog -- his behavior issues, where he's at in the pack hierarchy, etc. It sounded accurate but so what? How does this fix my dog? Then he showed me how to communicate with my dog, to get him to heel, follow me, and watch me, and it worked!!! Instantly! I couldn't believe it. Brandon really knows how dogs think. Ever since that one-day evaluation, I'm a big Fouche believer.Henry and I live a peaceful and happy life together.UPDATE #1:My dog is still so well-adjusted. He's now so great with my friends' dogs in the house, at the dog park, and he's super responsive to my voice. Thank you so much, Brandon!!!  I still can't believe how immediately my dog's behavior changed! Brandon is the best. More...


Corinna F.

15 March 2014

Brandon is winning. I mean, he can break any dog of their bad habits, with the help of the owner. I think that's what a lot of people fail to realize. He can help your dog, but if you aren't willing to put 110% into it with him, then it just isn't going to work. I brought my dog to him a month ago. She is a rescue pit bull that isn't or should I say wasn't so friendly with other dogs. One day with Brandon during her evaluation and I saw that she had multiple dogs surrounding her. It was unbelievable! She didn't bark, growl, cry... Nothing. He then taught me how to walk her and what to do when other dogs walked by. I am still working on that, but progress has been made. He told me what to do and it's up to me to follow through. Today she met with a new pit bull and ran around and played with the dog for about an hour. I am so happy! As far as pricing goes. I believe it's reasonable. $65 a day for boarding/day care all you need to do is bring your dogs food (and bed if you want); he's got the rest covered. The evaluation is $400 and when you break it down, it's reasonable. He's spending time with your dog and then consulting and guiding you on how to help improve our dogs behavior. I know of some "personal training" sessions to be up to $180 an hr per which adds up of you're doing X amount of sessions. You can call him anytime to give updates on your animal or of you have a question. In fact, he wants you to do that.I've already mentioned the Fouche Way to my co-workers and friends. His services are definitely recommended! Cathy is also amazing. :-) More...


Babs K.

10 March 2014

Day 2; I walked Delilah purposefully by every house in our neighborhood that has dogs that typically would have set her off NOTHNG!! She calmly walked behind me!!     Brandon's program s CLEARLY working!!!  I am completely amazed  at how easy this change has been.  I talk to Brandon daily right now & am doing what he tells me to do. I'm so excited for the changes!!  Thx Brandon!!!  Babs More...


Lorie E.

8 March 2014

So happy to have found Brandon Fouche! I have a 2 yr old boxer with aggression issues. I'm sure I have spend at least a few thousand on trainers, training tools, books, leashes, etc., and have ended up right back at square one. I was considering re-homing my dog, but really hated to do that. While doing an internet search I found Brandon's webpage. I filled out the form thinking I would probably never even hear back. However within a week I have an appintment with him via telephone, since I live in a different state. Brandon spend as long as he thought I needed on the phone, teaching me things step by step, and giving me the theory to back it. He had me try several things, then call him right back to review how the new techniques worked. And daily phone calls to him are also included for follow up. I am amazed, the over the phone, I can already see a change with Brandon's techniques. The price of what I have paid for a phone consultation was hardly anything compared to what I have spent in the past, and the Fouche way works! Please contact Brandon Fouche if you are thinking of re-homing your day or taking it to a shelter, even if you do not live in CA. You will be very pleased. One lesson and I feel empowered and grateful! More...


Rocky P.

10 February 2014

In the past if we would go on vacation we would come home to our dogs running wild! It would take us a while to get them back to where we had them. This time we left for a week and decided to board them at Brandon's. WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!! They are so responsive to us!! I just love that they were being socialized the whole time! More...


William R.

8 February 2014

I've never posted a review on yelp but I've got to spread  the word somehow. Brandon did such an amazing job with my dog Buddy. Take a look at the you tube videos and see buddy's change youtu.be/E7gal7do3YQ the videos speak for themselves. It's been just over a week now and buddy is responding so well to The Fouche way that I'm taking him on a hike, it was just a week ago I couldn't even take him around the corner of my house without an incident.  I am forever grateful that I met Brandon and I will keep reinforcing his methods until all of buddy's issues are fixed. If you ever thought your dog just can't be helped let Brandon prove you wrong before you give up on your dog.  You'll be amazed and you'll able to enjoy and love your dog the way it should be More...


Ryan A.

12 January 2014

For anyone that is at their whits end with an aggressive dog, please see Brandon before you give up, there is hope!!We took our dog to Brandon because of aggression towards other dogs. I was referred to Brandon from a family member, who had raving reviews of Brandon, I saw first hand how he helped change the behavior of their dog. We dropped our French Bulldog off at Brandon's compound, and left him their for the day. Later in the afternoon we went back to pick up our dog, Brandon spent over an hour with us teaching us how to understand where out dog was coming from, how to reinforce his ideals, and how to correctly walk our dog. I must say that we saw instant results! Our dog was immediately different, less aggressive, and amazingly can now walk on a leash without pulling us the duration of his walk. I would say our dog was 70% better with just a few hours with Brandon the other 30%, is done at home reinforcing what Brandon will teach you during the consultation. Brandon also makes himself available on the phone to see how the dog is doing, and to give any further instruction that you might need. Overall it was an awesome transformation for our dog. More...


Weslie B.

5 January 2014

When I rescued our beautiful 3 year old German Shepherd from LA Animal Control, I had no idea that within 2 months we would have over $1200 in vet bills for dogs that she attacked in front of our house. In group training, she was manageable, but no matter what I did in our neighborhood, she'd still want to pull on leash and show aggression towards almost every dog. Since I witnessed one of the attacks, I was undeniably fearful of her as well, and knew that every time I pulled back on the leash, I was making things worse. My husband and I were so close to putting her down, then after watching Brandon's 2 hr seminar, we decided to have him evaluate her.During that one day evaluation, he had her socializing with his pack!And one day after her evaluation, I feel like I'm walking a new dog! She walks behind me, and she knows that I'm the boss. Brandon has empowered me with tools to communicate with my dog in ways that she truly understands and responds to. It's incredible how quickly she's responded! I'm also grateful for Brandon's insistence that we check with him daily for a week for extra support. He has been very helpful indeed. More...


Donnie G.

1 December 2013

Below is a review I wrote at the beginning of the year, that I wanted to repost as result of some of the negative reviews I saw posted. First off, yes, it can be difficult to get him on the phone, because there are a lot of people talking to and visiting him, he is extremely good at what he does and is in high demand as a result, secondly, the "problem dog" that led us to Brandon in the first place, stayed at his facility for over a month (and I have never put one of our many dogs in boarding for even a day, over  past twenty-five years, so it was a huge deal for us) that dog came back to us happy, calm, healthy and in amazing shape, period. Being one, I can this...dog people can be weird, and judgmental beyond belief...so take some of these reviews with a grain of salt and know if you have a behavioral problem with an animal you love and are pulling your hair out as a result...do yourself (and the pup) a favor and make the effort to get in touch with Brandon, even if it requires dialing him a few times. As posted 1/23/13:I have had dogs my entire life, generally there are no real issues, but from time to time, problems come up. We had a young male that began beating up one of our older males on a regular basis and it became a real problem, with 2:00AM trips to the ER and $5000 medical bills. We tried several highly recommended "sit-stay" trainers but nothing worked and nothing changed. Finally, a dog walker suggested Brandon, we were out of ideas and desperate, because we didn't want to get rid of the problem pup, as we loved him and he was amazing, except for the fighting. Since there is a great deal written above and below about his process and "technique" I'll not waste anyone's time with writing about the details of what he did to help, all I will say is he helped, period, and not only is the problem dog no longer a problem, but our relationship with all of our pups is better than in any time in history. The man is smart, caring and he gets it and dogs get him. I recommend Brandon Fouche as a Class A pro and a wonderful friend to dogs. He saves their lives everyday, as many would be relegated to a shelter and then put down without his intervention, efforts and abilities.Donnie GravesLA CA More...


Melinda Skaar

26 May 2013

Loved your story featured on ABC 7 on 1/31/13!


Tamara M.

23 May 2013

It doesn't get better then Brandon. My sister had recommend this man highly. Now that I am working with him I can say he has a heart of GOLD. His knowledge is needed it the world of rescue. Taking a dog from a shelter and not knowing how to socialize it is dangerous. Please watch his seminar on his website and listen to his radio show. I'm helping train assistance dogs for people in need. Some come from shelters. Shelter pups can make great assistance dogs and pets. Please start off the right way. The Fouche Way!!!!! Brandon is the BEST!!! More...


Melissa C.

19 March 2013

Six months ago we went to the Baldwin Park Shelter, fell in love with a Corgi mix, we adopted him and named him Snock. Within a week he bit both of my hands so badly that they got infected and I had to go to urgent care to get a tetanus shot and I took antibiotics for a week. We were heart-broken and felt helpless. I reached out to rescue groups for advice and was told that he could not be helped and that he should be euthanized. Luckily, we found Angel's Heart Rescue and they told us about Brandon Fouche, an aggressive dog behaviorist. We called him, he gave us some amazing tips over the phone and we were able to socialize him with people successfully. Yet still, he was inconsolably dog aggressive, could not be walked, had severe car anxiety and a host of other anxieties. We took him to the Fouche Way to be evaluated and finally, we have made an impact! Within hours he was hanging out with other dogs big and small. He was walking behind on leash--without pulling or distraction. And today, he is starting to become the dog that we'd hoped for and we're becoming the responsible dog owners we'd like to be. Brandon, you're a life-saver, not just for us, but hundreds of misunderstood dogs! More...


M. R.

11 March 2013

This guy knows what he is doing. My dog had big problems and he is so much better. We know who is in charge and its not the dog. Its US!!! He is the best. I highly recommend Brandon. More...


Dianna D.

20 November 2012

I'm a proud owner of a beautiful male pit bull.   In discovering his issues with dog aggression I finally hired a great dog trainer to help me.  On October 4rth instead of our usual dog training session,  my dog trainer had taken me to see Brandon's seminar (which by the way was excellent!).  Before that day I had no idea there was anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of helping aggressive dogs specifically.  If you have a dog who has problems with aggression or who you think even might have problems with aggression don't wait one more minute!  Contact this man immediately !  He will help you.  If you're skeptical go on his website click on radio show and listen to all his past guests talk about their dogs and their experiences.  You will learn so much!  There is hope for our precious dogs!  By the way.....  have an open mind and put aside your ego.  So much of your dog's rehabilitation has to do with YOU! More...


J.D. C.

10 September 2012

I don't have enough words to rave about Brandon Fouche! Brandon and the Fouche Way saved my dog's life, who I rescued from a friend who adopted him years ago. She thought she was going to have to put him down due to dog aggression. I took him and luckily heard of Brandon seven months later.  My dog's rehabilitation with Brandon will now give him a whole new lease on life. My husband and I, and our other dog are so grateful. I believe in the Fouche Way so much I would refer anyone. Brandon is a gifted man, do not be tempted by any other methods. He is it. More...


Terrence M.

24 August 2012

Brandon's understanding of animal pack behavior and his sensible way of explaining things is enormously helpful. When we first got our rescue Briard-mix 3 years ago, she was so aggressive with other dogs, it was hard to walk her. After one day with Brandon and his pack, she was remarkably better. She'd had a few episodes lately where the old behavior returned, so I took Daisy in for a refresher today. Turns out, we were the ones who needed retraining. We'd gotten sloppy in how we were relating to Daisy on walks, and she was responding to our signals. When she feels we are her Alphas and we are in charge, there is no need for her to act up. When we give her mixed signals, she's less secure and more reactive. I highly recommend Brandon. Don't procrastinate. You will be wiser and you and your dog will be so much happier. More...


Alyss T.

14 August 2012

Me and my boyfriend had heard of Brandon Fouche by way of the rescue Angel City Pit Bulls. We are long time volunteers with the rescue and had seen the results and progress of some of the dogs that had been sent to him for socializing. We were always in awe after a dog had been sent to Brandon. They were always completely different dogs after seeing him.We have two 3 year old pit bull type dogs and never thought that we would ever have to deal with "aggression" issues. We had gone through obedience training and both of them passed with flying colors. About 6 months ago we decided that we wanted to get them CGC certified and hopefully jump into therapy training so they could become working therapy dogs. We began constant training classes where we were learning a lot of new tricks and what we thought was "socializing" because we were in class with a group of at least 5 dogs all the time. About four months into training, Dozer, our 90 lb male, starting showing a lot of leash reactivity. The trainers advised us that we could "train" out the slight aggression by teaching him "leave it" commands and to simply ignore things that he would react to while on walks. This didn't work. His aggression just began to increase and his reactivity that started with barking at a few dogs progressed to lunging and snarling at EVERY dog. It got to the point where we didn't know what he would react to and we started to avoid walking at certain times of the day, our hikes, our beach days... because of the fear that something might happen or that people would be afraid of Dozer. This only made his aggression increase and one day he turned towards our other dog when we were just relaxing at home. It was very scary and the last straw. We immediately contacted Brandon. We scrounged together some funds and sent him to be evaluated that same week! Brandon was so easy to get a hold of and immediately supportive of our situation. I was so nervous on what Brandon would have to say about Dozer or that his aggression was so bad that he would need to be rehabilitated. But when we returned at the end of the day and saw Dozer after just a few hours it was such a relief and an AMAZING transformation. Dozer was a completely different dog and I feel like he looked happier than he had been in over a year. We immediately applied what Brandon had taught us about leadership and dominance in the household and within a few days after seeing Brandon we were able to walk Dozer without him freaking out every time we passed another dog. Dozer didn't need rehab he just needed a little bit of socialization and to learn how to "be a dog" again. We send him once a week to day care with Brandon and Dozer LOVES it! He comes back SO happy and we are confident in handling Dozer's reactions (which are now very few) We have a lot of work to do but with Brandon's help and support we know that Dozer will be just fine. More...


Chesare H.

2 August 2012

Initially, I went to see Brandon Fouche due to a dog fight in which my beautiful pit-bull, Rocco, was involved.  My neighbor's dog attacked Rocco as we were walking down our street. Rocco never seemed quite right after the fight, and it concerned me.  A friend encouraged me to take Rocco to Brandon and see if my dog was OK.   I never could have imagined how a day with Brandon would change my world and my relationship with my dog.  I learned that it was not the fight that bothered Rocco. It was my lack of knowledge on how to be a pack leader to him, and this made him unable to feel completely relaxed around me.  I have never been able to take Rocco to a dog park, mainly due to my fear of him hurting another dog. My fear has been a huge disservice to him.  Within the first day of Rocco being with Brandon, I saw immediate results. I watched videos of Rocco walking around, off-leash, with five to ten other dogs - happy as can be.  He didn't even snap when one of the dogs humped him from behind (an issue he previously had at dog parks).   Brandon is going to continue working with me and my fear of having Rocco off-leash. He will take Rocco and me to a dog park together, and will work with us on-site.  Within one day of being with Brandon, Rocco learned to walk completely behind me on the leash; and when we now walk past other dogs (barking or idle), Rocco doesn't even bristle his fur.   Brandon taught me how to show Rocco that I am the pack-leader and that I will take care of him.  Any anxiety that both Rocco and I shared no longer exists.  I even know how to break up a dog fight now!  It sounds impossible, but if you have an issue with any type of dog, big or small, Brandon can help you learn how to have a relaxed and loving relationship with your dog.  I can not thank him enough for the time and energy he put into helping me and Rocco.  For maybe the first time ever, we understand each other.With love, Chesare and Rocco More...


Andy S.

25 July 2012

I had a foster Pit  that was running my house.  He was physically and emotionally challenging my girlfriend and I. I felt that I had a dog that was a severe behavior problem. As it turns out I was wrong. Brandon evaluated him and determined that the dog was not the problem.  Brandon showed me how to understand the way he was communicating with me, how to better understand what I was projecting, and what steps to take to assure my dog that I am capable of being his leader.  Brandon has truly been an invaluable asset as my girlfriend and I continue to foster and adopt out dogs.  He was able to share his knowledge with both myself and my girlfriend in a way that each one of us could understand and implement.I would recommend Brandon to anyone who feels that their dog has a behavior problem.  You will be surprised about how good it feels to be wrong about your dog. More...


Nicole E.

15 July 2012

Brandon is a Doggie God!!!!! Literally he is amazing!!Since rescuing our Pitbull X girl September of 2011 we had had numerous issues with her, then came the dreadful day her leash got loose and she actually bit a human. For us being responsible Dog owners this was the ultimate horror. We were in shock and disbelief but this incidence also pushed us to the end with this rescue dog. Our family had rescued  a great many dogs over the years, many of them Pitbull x as well as many other breeds. This, we felt, made us very qualified to work with this Dog and help her along. Up to the incident we had spent a lot of time and money with various trainers however the very training that we hoped would eventually be the answer was actually just ramping our Dog up to the inevitable. In hind site the question was not if she was going to bite someone but when she was going to do it!! Needless to say I was at the end of my witts! Over the years when committing to rescuing a Dog we had never even remotely considered, nor had we, given up on a Dog! Having 3 young children in the house and having seen our love muffin in the house actually bite someone outside of the house was simply too much for us to accept. I couldn't believe I was actually considering euthanization or at best paying a shelter to keep her happy for the remainder of her life. It was my husband who felt we needed to give her one more chance and to search for someone who could provide us with an answer to our problem. Not just a trainer but someone who could advise us beyond what we already knew, something beyond training.This is when I contacted Angel Pitbull rescue in LA, the person there was so understanding of our situation and she felt there was only one answer, " Brandon Fouche" !We soon got in touch with Brandon and we were off to LA to see him with our 4 legged trouble maker. Brandon was incredibly patient, he give us so much time to discuss all our concerns, he asked us very key questions and he took note of every incident in detail. He then asked us to leave our Dog with him and leave for several hours. Upon our return Brandon showed us video clips of our dog in which he had recreated the scenarios which would trigger our Pitty girls aggression. To my complete surprise and relief our Dog was completely non reactive! This in itself was key to me personally! I needed to see that my Dog could be "normal"! Brandon was extremely informative and re educated us in so many ways about the nature of Dogs and "the way nature intended!" He taught us how to reclaim our position as alpha in our 3 doggie household and in doing so relieve our Dog of the  stress and confusion she felt! Since returning from our trip to LA we have not waivered our method from what Brandon taught us and we are happy to report that not only is our problem child much more well adjusted and non reactive, but our other two Dogs seem to respond to the "Fouche Way" just as much. Our dogs do not charge our door when someone rings the door bell anymore, they barely look up any longer when our neighbors dog barks his head off at the fence and best of all we have walked our beautiful Pitbull girl  past many people and obstacles which previously would have her ready to charge and she now remains calm, knowing her place in the pack! I am simpy at awe with Brandon's work! If only his understanding was known more widely within the Dog communities, shelters and court systems, people would clearly see that the answer to Dog aggression is not euthanization, but it is the education of individuals who can work with these dogs so that we can save them all! Once again, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts to Brandon!!!To anyone reading this, if you have an aggression problem with your Dog or know someone who does, do not wait another minute! Call Brandon!!! More...


Holly G.

2 July 2012

Brandon is amazing!  I work with a rescue group and we had a dog that was challenging.  Brandon took the time to evaluate this dog and spent a long time re-training me.  The dog was not the problem.  Brandon was patient and helped me learn how to be in control of this strong dog.  Using Brandon's techniques we were able to bring Benny back into our home and become a successful foster.  Benny spent 3 months with us and during this time we tried the techniques on our own dogs.  We found using Brandon's techniques and advice calmed down our own pack.  We now have a pack of pits and small breeds and we can all hang out on the couch and get along.  We are in charge of our pack thanks for Brandon.  Benny also found his forever home thanks to Brandon.  Brandon has helped other people in our rescue learn how to handle dogs with more energy and aggression.  Truly Brandon's experience and expertise is amazing.  I highly recommend Brandon's methods for any dog loving family. More...


Denise K.

3 June 2012

I have a 1 1/2 year old rescue dog, whom I adopted when she was 3 mos. old.When I brought her home to meet my then 4 year old dog, she barked, snarled, spit, & snapped at my poor dog!  I had never seen a puppy behave like this & was dumbfounded to say the least.  After about 15 minutes of trying to calm the situation, I finally walked the 2 of them side by side for a few minutes & all was well.  They became best friends!I enrolled Dallas & I in a puppy obedience class when she was 4 months old.  She reacted the same way with the other puppies, and although she eventually learned to be more tolerant, she never really truly relaxed.When I would take Dallas on a walk she would react the same way when she saw any other dog even if it was a block away walking in the opposite direction. I had to begin walking my 2 dogs separately since Dallas was more aggitated with the 2 of them together.  What a pain!About 6 months later & I had one session with a trainer who brought her own non-reactive dog to my home to work with us.  The trainer worked for an hour on basic commands with Dallas & was very successful.  This method was the "pack leader" type of training vs reward based training  that we did in the puppy classes. It seemed to be much more appropriate for Dallas.  We then introduced her dog & after a few minutes of letting Dallas see that her dog was not a threat, we took a walk to the park together & then to my backyard to mingle with the 3 dogs.  A great success!  Or so I thought.  I was left with instructions to "just go meet dogs".  Well, easier said than done since no person would come near us while Dallas was in one of her frenzied states.Then about 7 weeks ago, Dallas became aggessive with my other dog Graysin. I was shocked as I always felt they were a perfect match.  After the 3rd time of her lunging at Graysin I realized that Dallas was being possessive of me.  I corrected her with authority at that point & all was well for these 7 weeks.Then one day, Dallas picked up a brand new toy which she seemed to become possessive of.   This was something I had never seen in her before.  She taunted Graysin to play with her & when Graysin joined in, Dallas attacked & a full blown dog fight occurred.  In all the years I have had a multiple dog household, I have never had a fight.  I knew that I needed to take immediate action & get some help.Another trainer I know personally told me about Brandon.  I called & left a message last week  and he returned my call in a couple of hours.  We spent about 45 minutes on the phone while he listened to my story.  He gave me a couple of opinions & pointers & told me that the toys were the culprit.  Dogs consider toys to be prey & Dallas was protecting her trophy.  I immediately removed all toys from my house & all was fine.I took Dallas to meet Brandon for an evaluation 2 days ago.  We spent over an hour talking & then I left Dallas with him for half a day.  When I returned I was amazed at what he had accomplished.  The many videos I was shown of Dallas with the other dogs there let me know that she definitely is uncomfortable with other dogs.  Brandon told me that she is sub-dominate.  I watched as I saw her become less reactive.  Then he took her outside to the front & had me cross the street so Dallas couldn't see me.  His assistant took Dallas out on leash & showed how a dog should walk BEHIND to be submissive.  It was pretty simple to achieve using a "Chuckit" toy to touch Dallas's chest when she tried to move forward as a correction.  Unbelievable!  Then he brought a big doberman that was new to Dallas & we walked by them with no reaction at all!!!!  Next was a little yappy dog who was off leash & again Dallas did not react!  Wow!This morning I took Dallas on a long walk & after a few minutes was able to get Dallas to walk behind me instead of her usual pulling, using a similar "chuckit".She really got it.  We encountered many dogs this morning, & although she difinitely looked at them, she didn't make one peep & kept walking smoothly.A few of the dogs were barking like crazy & she still remained calm.I will be taking Dallas for day care with Brandon soon & will continue to do that until she has had plenty of experience with dogs.  I can't express enough how pleased I am with these results.  I know that Dallas is a work in progress.  I've finally found a trainer who really understands the psychology of dogs, therefore I'm now able to understand too & know how to change the situation. More...


Chris R.

5 May 2012

Today my Australian Cattle Dog and I met Brandon for the first time, and it was life-changing. The one on one consultations he had with me before and after he worked with my heeler, were eye-opening (you may think you understand how a dog thinks or know why he behaves the way he does, but you really don't know until you work with Brandon). His insight brought so many things to light. And his methods were unbelievably effective. Within the matter of a few hours, my dog (exhibiting fear aggression towards dogs and people) was curbed. I watched him walk my dog past big powerful dogs, no problem. No lunging, no barking, no growling, no eye contact. Then I did the same thing with my dog. People say this all the time, but I really couldn't believe the instant change in my dog's behavior. And this is a dog who has been ruling my life for the past 4 years. I have tools now to work with my dog every day, and creating a stress free environment where we both can relax.Brandon is truly a master of the art in understanding dog behavior, and knowing how to integrate their world with ours. You will not regret taking on his services. If you suffer from these same problems with your dog, call him today. He is always willing to take your call. More...


Katie L.

22 April 2012

I have been working with rescued pit bulls for quite some time.  Over the years, many dogs have come through our organization on their way to a permanent home. Most of them need a little work such as socialization, house manners, leash training, etc. but every now and then we have a dog that needs a bit more help to prepare them for an adoptive home. Since nearly all of our dogs are adopted into multi-dog households, socialization is imperative.  Additionally, dog-aggressive dogs are much more difficult to place.  Perhaps even more important is that dogs often do better when they are with other dogs. That interaction allows them to learn social cues and behaviors that we cant teach them.  So along came Annie. She was a scrappy little stray, great with people, but always on alert and not keen about meeting other dogs.  Through an accidental encounter with another dog, she ended up in a major fight. Not surprisingly, Annie's guarded behavior around other dogs escalated.  After several failed attempts to introduce her to other dogs, we realized we needed assistance.  Several friends and rescue contacts had recommended Brandon Fouche, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to consult him.  Suffice it to say, Brandon exceeded all expectations.  Not only was he interesting and informative, his passion for what he does was apparent and totally engaging.  He uses a practical, thoughtful approach, without physical force or correction.  Brandon's transformation of Annie was amazing.  The video progression of her anxiety decreasing as she spent more time with other dogs was remarkable. Over the course of a few days, she went from a stiff, slow, cautious walk to initiating play. Brandon also helped me understand her better so that I could continue to work with her at home.  As I write this, Annie is outside playing with yet another dog, she is relaxed and comfortable, a long way from where she was a couple of weeks ago.  What a fantastic resource Brandon is - Annie may be the first dog we brought to him but she will certainly not be the last. More...


Parker P.

14 March 2012

When we rescued Beacon we couldn't get him to walk around the block - he would cower and lie down on the ground refusing to walk. The timidity eventually improved quite a bit, though he was still randomly terrified of eating, walking past any minor change to our house, coming in through his doggie door, etc.  As a puppy he went to the dog park regularly and we actually got a second dog largely because we noticed that he became more confident when he was around other dogs. At about 2.5 aggression toward dogs and critters kicked in. First there were a few incidences at the park, so we stopped going, but by five years old the dog aggression had progressed to the point that we dreaded walking him and taking him to the vet or kennel was a nightmare. On walks he would snarl and lunge at virtually every dog or critter that passed by. Our other dog would get riled up in response to him and they would become an embarrassing, tangled barking/growling mess. They never bit each other, but we feared off leash dogs running toward us because it led to a multi dog fight 100% of the time. We dealt with the aggression and attributed it to his breed (mix of bullmastiff, bull terrier, etc.). We'd heard of Brandon from two completely unrelated sources, but just never got around to calling. Brandon was expensive and we were kind of used to Beacon's behavior. Then everything changed. On December 28th we brought home our new baby boy and were very excited to introduce him to the dogs. We'd read what to expect when you are expecting and did a bunch of research into how you introduce dogs to new babies. Our female acted as if she was meant to be around babies. Beacon began aggressively sniffing and actually jumped up and knocked me over onto the couch when I was holding the baby because he was trying to get closer to him. We couldn't tell if he was trying to bite or if he ever actually nipped at him, but we didn't want to let him close enough to find out. After hours of crying (by me, my husband handled it a little better) and the beginning of plans to send Beacon to live with my brother, we decided to give Brandon a try, but were doubtful much could be accomplished in a single day. Brandon spent an hour on the phone with us followed by one full day with Beacon, of which almost three hours of it was talking to us and helping us understand what we needed to do to reestablish the hierarchy in our house. He said "This dog doesn't care about your baby or about cats, it is all you guys. He just wants to get it right. Put a muzzle on him around the baby so you feel comfortable, but the muzzle isn't for him it is for you. You'll know when you can take it off. " He told us how we needed to be interacting with him and pointed out what we were doing wrong. We did every single thing Brandon said and Beacon is a different dog. Changing the way we interact with our dogs was one of the hardest things we've ever done, but both of them are clearly happier because of it. Beacon wore the muzzle for about a day and a half before we realized how unnecessary it was. After one walk, we were able to walk him past the golden retriever he's fought twice without him taking a second look. He sits at my feet as i breastfeed and doesn't even look at the baby. Just the other day some family came over and observed that Beacon seems calmer than he used to - he is. He even sits outside and suns himself for hours like a "normal" dog, he would hardly leave the house before. Even the timidity has decreased and that wasn't even something we were working on - it just happened. We owe so much to Brandon...he changed our entire world.Paige and Spencer More...


Nancy K.

11 February 2012

THE FOUCHE WAYMy husband and I have 3 rescue Pit bulls. We moved to a new home with a large yard. Our new neighbors have 3 dogs that were able to put their nose through our fence. Our dogs began fence fighting with the neighbor dogs and then transverse aggression in a  huge fight. We broke the fight up but the dogs were still having aggression issues with each other. UPS knocked at the door and a fight broke out again and again. This constant turmoil began to affect our lives. We talked to one of our friends that had a dog rescue who told us that we needed to find another home for one of the dogs Everybody was telling us we had to get ride of one of the dogs. We spoke to trainers that said they cannot live together. They would kill each other.. Giving up on the dogs we had rescued was not an option. We contacted Brandon and had an hour and a half phone consultation. He said that this aggression issue could be fixed. He explained the psychology of what had happened and why. Our lives were out of control and now so was our pack of dogs..We implemented his strategy and it worked!!! .....and it still works. We had a couple of follow up calls...... Brandon wanted to know how things were going.  The problem was how we were dealing with the situation, our move, and the stress of our lives and not the dogs themselves. We were pack leader but not disciplining properly.  It was such a simple fix. If Brandon's insight and knowledge were more readily available, there would be a lot less dogs in the shelters. I cannot recommend Brandon strongly enough. He has such amazing insight into dog behavior. We wasted a lot of time, stress and worry listening to a lot of trainers and "experts" telling us that our situation was hopeless until I contacted Brandon. This experience changed our lives and opened our minds to a deeper more harmonious connection with our dogs. My husband and I joke ....when you have a" smack down" in your backyard, treats and or positive reinforcement DO NOT WORK.!We (me, my husband and 3 stellar rescue Pit bulls from South LA)  are forever grateful ....thanks Brandon! More...



6 November 2011

WOW! Brandon Fouche is without a doubt THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST AD INFINITUM!!! Having been on DOG WHISPERER TV SHOW with that Mexican fellow and numerous trainers I was lost, confused, desperate but Brandon rehabilitated my doberman Jody so that she got along with other dogs! Before she acted like a tornado around dogs..fighting. I simply couldn't handle her and now she is so well behaved at the dog park that no one believes me that she ever had a problem. Really. Brandon is top notch, professional and kinda cute, too! He is your guy if you have a dog problem. More...


Francesca M.

4 June 2011

I cannot send my dog anywhere but to Brandon.  She is a rescue and has dog aggression problems.  Brandon handles her perfectly, I cannot believe it.  Other places freak out over her, Brandon took one look at her and said "no problem" and he meant it.  I've sent her numerous times now and it's always "no problem".  He posts videos of her in the yard with other dogs and she is behaving, walking around and smelling other dogs.  It makes me happy to see her living life as a normal dog.  I wish I had the strength to do what he does but at least I can send her to him to experience life as a dog should.  I am grateful. More...


Aaron L.

10 March 2011

On January 13th, 2011 Brandon and I had a phone consultation in regards to my dog "Chica" a 6 1/2 year old brindle pitbull.  Our conversation lasted over  1 1/2 hours and Brandon was able to define the moment Chica's play turned to prey making her over the top aggresive with aggresive dogs. He recommended that we schedule a full day evaluation at his facility.  I brought Chica in on January 17th, 2011 and left her there from 9:30am to 5:30pm, I returned at 5:30pm and we worked together for another hour.  Brandon exposed Chica to "Extreme Socialization" whereas she joined a pack of over 10 dogs and then he worked with her one on one.   By the end of her training Chica learned to walk on a relaxed leash and remained 1-2 feet behind him on her walks.  She also learned to move away from aggressive barking dogs behind a fence.  I  was able to walk Chica in the same manner when I left that night. To this day  Chica is walking in the my neighborhood obedient and relaxed.  She is a joy and Brandon is remarkable! More...


Dana C.

7 November 2010

Brandon is amazing!  He really understands dogs and helps you to understand them, too.People who met my older dog when I first adopted him and see him now don't believe he's the same dog.  The calm Brandon has brought to our home and our dogs is priceless.  He and June are extremely helpful whenever I call, and I have hunted Brandon down on his cell phone on more than one occasion - whenever I've called, whatever day or time of day, he has picked up his phone, and calmly walked me through whatever issue I was having with my dogs.This is also the ONLY place I trust taking my dogs to board when we go out of town.  Brandon cares for each dog as if they were his own (and makes a point of learning each of their names).  My dogs have a blast when they go, and Brandon videotapes their interactions, so that we can see our dog's behavioral patterns within the pack. More...


Gigi C.

30 August 2010

Brandon Fouche is not a dog trainer he is a dog psychologist.  Learn why your dog behaves in a certain way and also learn how to change you and your dogs behavior to have a well behaved dog.I first went to Brandon out of desperation.  I had hired "trainers" who helped distract my dog but never solved the issue-and my dog was large and aggressive.  After a few weeks in "rehab" with Brandon my dog was a new animal-and we were both happy.If you have a pit bull or a chihuahua, no size or breed is excluded in bad or aggressive behavior, contact Brandon.  Don't get rid or put down your dog with a little work and patience your dog's problems can be resolved. More...

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