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We don't look good until you look good. We like to look good.

Your source for innovative design and brand development. Get in touch and let's collaborate to develop a winning image to compliment your hard work and world-class product or service.


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Clear, concise design and layout that catches the eye of your target audience and maximizes the benefits of your product or service. Not a site that catches the eye of friends and family, but decision-making customers with dollars to spend.

What do you love about the product or service you offer?

I talk with the customer and learn what makes their product or service special. We explore competitors to determine how to position them equal or above. I present several options and we fine-tune from there until we have a brand the customer feels confident launching.

But it doesn't end there. We let it breathe and continually make brand adjustments and additions based on what might increase exposure and sales.

The items they would like designed, such as logo, business cards (designed and printed), quick web site. The time-frame and budget.

Hearing the passion a customer has for their product or service and translating that into a megaphone to customers.

I was laid off two weeks after September 11th -- hiring in the tech industry took a long time to rebound. So I inventoried myself and decided to maximize my own best assets. Learning what there is to offer, polishing it, and presenting it to garner use, empower people to take action and generate revenue.

I love what I do. I want to learn about they do -- and then I want to help them toot their own horn and let the world know what they have to offer.