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Bookkeeping at The Colorado Little Farm

Parker, Elbert

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Bookkeeping at The Colorado Little Farm

Parker, Elbert


Bookkeeping services for small businesses who are ready to outsource their accounting needs, but do not want to hire an employee.

We can work together remotely or in here in town!

I offer value based pricing, which means you actually get more than you would paying for an hourly rate.



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I provide the detailed day-to-day operations accounting services you need to generate the reports that tell you where you are most profitable or where you are losing money.

You need a great accountant who has an eye for detail in recording EVERY transaction because there are so many things you don't realize you are missing out on for your business by only capturing high level detail or not tracking it at all.

Tracking A/P can provide you a built in future budgeting system based on what you are already spending your money on, it can show you where you can decrease spend, it can track sales taxes and 1099 reportable vendors for you, it can allow you to use terms with vendors in order to help your cash flow and take advantage of discounts, and so much more.

Tracking customers through revenue can create an instant hot marketing list for your future products and services. Get repeat customers using the data you already have! Market to your top 10% of ideal customers who buy the highest priced items, pay on time, etc... Tracking your revenue in general can open your eyes to what part of your business you should be focusing more resources on to generate more sales.

Tracking expenses and revenue are what generates your financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, & P&L)- which are the meat and potatoes of your business. Where did we get the most money, where did we spend the most money, what is our cash situation right now? These are questions that you get answers to when your bookkeeper/accountant is good at tracking the details of your business. The better the detail, the better the answer.

I LOVE accounting and bookkeeping. I love spending time building beautiful records, and analyzing the results. I love bringing that data to the table to say where things went well, where they went wrong, and ideas for how to improve.

I love to serve others, and I love seeing others succeed. In my last role in a corporate setting, I was the accounting supervisor for 13 direct reports. Being able to train them and watch them rise through the ranks is so fullfilling to me. But I also have 4 boys at home, and they need me to be flexible.

So, I decided to make my accounting expertise available to other small businesses so I can still serve others and see others succeed, while also being able to set my schedule as needed.

With so much technology at our fingertips, there is nothing we can't do over email, zoom, phone, text, expensify, etc...

There's no reason you can't take advantage of that technology either!

You're going to want to work with me because I'm flexible, dependable, knowledgeable, can solve problems, can create answers you didn't know you needed, can create processes you can follow to help your business grow. That's all the basic stuff.

What makes me special is that I have the heart of a teacher and I want to see YOU succeed in your small business. I'm all about building our communities, and when we build our small businesses and make them thrive, our communities thrive as well. We are all small pieces of a big community, and the more we reach out to each other and make those connections and relationships, the better off we all are.