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Jocelyn Doherty

27 August 2019

It has the freshest most delicious veggies and food products I have ever tasted and sometimes you can get excellent recipes telling great ways to use them


Janet Chandler DuBois

9 June 2019

This is a treasure! Wonderful eggs and produce.


Jennifer Costello

1 June 2019

fantastic urban farm....wonderful produce, fresh eggs and lamb from IO Ranch. It's a MUST visit


Maria K.

8 May 2019

Love this little gem in the middle of the neighborhood. Wednesdays and Saturdays in the am the farm stand is open and you can freely walk around to see the farm and the chickens! They even let me host a yoga on the farm there and it was so much fun :) More...


Linda Green

6 April 2019

First organic farm in Austin, TX. Very attentive ownership aspiring to provide fresh safe food to Austinites and visitors. Beautiful surroundings and helpful friendly staff make this a must visit in Austin if you desire good produce to cook in your kitchen. More...


Kate Gilbreath

14 March 2019

The sweet potatoes and arugula from Boggy Creek Farms just about changed my life, and I've never been disappointed by anything I've purchased here.


Gabriela Casas

3 March 2019

Enchanted Farm❤️ A place of love and inspiration. A tranquil place where you can find top organic produce and smiling faces.


Samantha Brannon

27 January 2019

Best Urban Farm ever! spinach is fabulous.


Kimberly Carter Schmittou

7 October 2018

Just met Carolann this past Sunday in San Antonio! Time for a road trip!


Shae Small

7 October 2018

Real Folks! Real Food! Real Deal!
Love and miss you guys. 11:11


Cory Moreno

7 October 2018

True blue good stock they are . . . Always willin' to help young farmers out. They are pace setters for the rest of us. Love them!


Marion Mlotok

7 October 2018

A magical place. Feels like home and you also get vegetables.


Daryle Geyer

7 October 2018

It is one of the best organic farms with wonderful owners, Carole Ann and Larry who grow the best food! It is where everyone should go for the freshest of veggies and more.


Catherine Carpenter

7 October 2018

Boggy Creek Farm is my personal favorite! The salad and vegetable greens are leaps and bounds above all the rest, 'hyper fresh', picked just minutes before my arrival when foraging for meal making intended for my clients.
~Catherine Carpenter, The Well-Seasoned Private Chef


Kate Wallace

7 October 2018

The original and best Urban Farm of my heart. No more Austin way to start your day than an early visit to pick up produce and other local specialities while saying hello to Larry, Carol Ann and the chickens. A true piece of Austin's original soul. More...


Amanda Wilkins

7 October 2018

My first time here and I couldn’t contain my excitement! The fresh veggies, the chickens, the beautiful land, and the amazing staff and owners! Need to be coming here every single week! Thank you for doing that y’all do, the community loves you! More...


Elissa Sexton

7 October 2018

Boggy Creek is one of my favorite places! They have freshest vegetables I have ever had besides from my own garden. I love the people at Boggy Creek and so do my kids. I have raised them on farm fresh food from BCF and they love lettuce, radishes, beets, kale and most everything we buy there. If you have never been it needs to go on your bucket list, asap! More...


Eleanore Frank-Cisneros

7 October 2018

It’s been something like 13 years since my first visit to Boggy Creek farm, and I can’t sing the praises of this farm and Carolann & Larry enough. One of our favorite weekly rituals: swinging by to pick up the tastiest vegetables, eggs (and occasionally the world’s best figs), saying hello to the chickens, my little daughter digging in the dirt, seeing old friends, learning new things about food and farming (Japanese turnips and sweet potato greens, two of our favorite things now!). It’s always a highlight for us. Both of my girls first tastes of eggs and vegetables have come from this place, and we are always met with warmth, humor and delight when we visit. I’m so grateful to have this gem as a part of our family’s memories. Thank you Larry & Carolann for sharing your beautiful homestead and bounty with us � More...


Janet Gilles

16 July 2018

Always the most delicious in town, whether it be potatoes, mustard greens, garlic or tomatoes. Mmmmm good.


Rebecca Sharpe Gibbs

5 July 2018

I recommend everything about BCF! I love going there when I can (which always turns out to be in the summer)...


Owl F.

6 September 2017

Love the farmer and the farm and the wonderful fresh produce! One of the secret gems in Austin!Least friendly cashier in the city though. Rushes you every time and is curt and impolite. Ruins the experience. Considering shopping at the farmers markets instead. :/ More...


Delora D.

17 June 2017

Good farmers market. Always been helpful and friendly. Usually 3 tables or more of selection. Eggs sometimes sell out and are limit 6 count. Also, they have other vendors' (pottery, art, pickling, cheese, ECT) items available at the market. More...


Meral Z.

9 October 2016

That was our first farm experience in Texas. We were there at noon and almost everything was sold out. We bought honey which was really good. Lady was nice to let us taste it before we bought it. Eggs were sold out too. Come here at 8-9 am. More...


Deniz V.

22 February 2016

1st stop on our our East Side tour morning date this past weekend and really enjoyed this urban farm.   What it lacks in overall size, it makes up for with friendly faces, super farm fresh produce and some unique items in a cool, quaint environment.We made sure to arrive early to have the best selection of the days bounty and came to pick out something to go along with our dinner.  We ended up with a nice Romanesco Broccoli which I'd never had before, some frilly mustard greens and some fresh eggs.   Prices were fair and everything looked spectacular quality wise.  I even got a little history about the farm chatting with one of the people there and learned that Sam Houston himself had eaten here and that the home that the farm is built around has been here since before Texas was even a state.There was also a lady selling some cool handmade and fired pottery near the market area of the farm.  All in all, a really cool place to pick up some of the freshest stuff possible and just a stone's throw from downtown. More...


E R.

9 August 2014

Small and cute. We bought some okra and tomatoes for $7, and it was nice to look around--flowers, eggplants, chickens. If I am ever in the neighborhood again on the weekend, I'll be sure to buy my veggies here.


L K.

8 August 2013

I've been coming here since we moved to the east side 3.5 years ago...mostly on wednesdays so i can get a few of barrie's yummy croissants (she's usually there around 8:30am and only on wednesdays).  my routine is to leave the house at 8:15, get there at 8:20, stroll, gawk, drool, pick and choose, pay and get my croissants on the way out.  then i get home, take pics of my veggie purchases, eat the croissants with my husband and think about what to make for dinner.Carol Ann and Larry do an amazing job!  Their produce is worth every penny...it's the freshest of the fresh.  Twice a year they participate in the Urban Farm tour events and we've gone to every one since we moved to the neighborhood.  It's SO important to support these "snailblazers"  (award given by slow food austin)...they work hard to provide fresh, organic produce for us.My favorites:  figs, squash blossoms, celeraic root, non-gmo cornmeal, strawberries, the fantastic variety of tomatoes...though i really love everything there because i know where it's from and when it was harvested.Don't forget to say hi to the chickens! More...


Lauren L.

2 March 2013

Most amazing, delicious produce- AND the best cornmeal- comes with recipes for skillet the cornbread and polenta. The polenta is outstanding! Go for the market, stay for a few hours to enjoy the scenery. More...


Danielle D.

19 June 2012

Boggy Creek has, by far, the best tomatoes around.  I cannot rhapsodize enough about the quality of the produce they produce.  If you have the money to make this a main source of food, hesitate not.  If you only have a small fund to dedicate, I implore you, splurge a little.  Even if you can only get a taste every once in a while, it will be well worth your palate. More...


Christine W.

20 March 2012

Where in the world is my GPS taking me? The farm is surrounded by housing subdivisions, schools, and commercial buildings which we learned had been built on land once part of the farm.  Our first visit was showered with information about their farm, their produce and when their staff discovered our recent relocation to Austin, shared much about the community we shouldn't miss. The owners, Carol Ann and Larry, have been able to create something truly special and regardless of living in, relocating to (as we have) or just visiting, this is a place to stop by and enjoy the fruits and veggies of their labor. We will shop here often. Remember to take cash. More...



16 March 2012

One of the city's best loved farmstands, with fresh fruits, veggies & baked goods. Arrive early to get the best selection.


Orion G.

19 November 2011

I love this urban farm... love wandering in off the streets of east Austin to find beautiful flowers and wonderful veggies.If they have them, you absolutely MUST try the smoked tomatoes. They make great bruchettas, marinara's, and just about anything else you can think to drop dried tomatoes into.BTW, did you see the size of that chicken More...


Amy O.

23 October 2011

Why aren't you going here? The people that run this place are so great. Support local produce. That's it.


Tammy H.

6 July 2011

Very cool place to go. Went with my son's boy scouts group and they really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and produce growing. A little expensive but all fresh and grown on site! More...


Juancho S.

25 April 2011

Really small, hippie crowded market, vibe is amazing, the place is really rustic and rural. Selection is limited, quality is awesome, the people are great, pseudo green-people are common (you can tell, they drive the huge SUV's with the V8 engines).Be prepared, NO CARDS ACCEPTED. Cash preferred, but they also take checks. More...


Evil E.

15 September 2010

Great produce, and very friendly people. Get there early in the summer, or they'll sell out. A local treasure.


Sean S.

26 March 2010

Everything you are looking for in a local farm. This place is down the street from me and has amazing fresh produce. Also they have free coffee.


Kana H.

3 March 2010

I LOVE BOGGY CREEK FARM!!Everyone my age remembers field trips here, I grew up eating food from here, and now my partner and I frequent the stand most saturday mornings.I love visiting the chickens, and they have inspired me to raise my own! I love their blog and the updates are frequent and satisfying. Anyone who wants a friendly and knowledgeable staff to talk to about getting into seasonal eating/growing/living should definitely stop by! More...


Samantha G.

30 January 2010

This is like the more manageable little sister to your average farmer's market.best things: Open to the public on Saturdays AND Wednesdays! Sometimes Saturday farmer's markets don't work for me...because of having to get up so early. But it seems more okay on a Wednesday, for some reason. There are farm-fresh eggs, even some meats, and when I've gone there's been this one lady who sells AMAZING bread. Also, the meat/dairy case is inside a barn type thing, and most of the produce is under a tent-type thing, which is awesome in case the weather is inclement.Bad things: not a HUGE selection of produce, but it'll work if you don't have anything specific in mind and just want to try whatever's in season.Wow..that's the only bad thing! Yay for a Wednesday farmer's market (ish) option. More...


Amanda U.

29 July 2009

I love this place for their Wednesday morning market. It's not the biggest around, but the prices are pretty good and the people are as nice as they come. Everything that I've had from here has been great. I'll be sad when I have to get a real job and can't make it here during the week. More...


Austin T.

21 June 2009

Our youngest son has grown up visiting this farm to see where our food come from on Wednesday and Saturday's. Get there early so you can be done before the crowds and heat arrive.A nice family run organic farm open to the public 2 days a week. More...


Marilyn M.

27 May 2009

When I was preparing to move to Austin, I looked on the Internet for organic food and found Boggy Creek Farm.  Two days after arriving in the city, I arrived at the East Austin Farm.  What a treat.  The vegetables and flowers are presented in colorful arrangements.  The food is amazing, salad mix harvested during the market from beds just a few feet  away from the farm stand.  It is comforting in an age of recalls, cautions and warnings to know the names and the people who grow the food.   They offer cheese and milk from two local goat dairies, pastured meats from local producers and Miles of Chocolate. I'm a big fan of Boggy Creek. More...


Tara M.

3 January 2009

Boggy Creek Farm is my newest and greatest discovery in Austin!  I grew up on my Great Grandparents farm in East Texas - I spent every summer helping my Pappa harvest and fight off the pests and helped my Nanny shuck corn and snap peas and then cook them.  Today while visiting BCF I was transported back to a simpler time when many people lived off the land and that was their JOB.I still grow most of my own summer vegetables in 14" pots; but, since I rent my house I cannot turn my backyard into a vegetable garden and most winter and root vegetables need to grow directly in the ground.  This is why I am so very thankful for Farmers Markets in the winter. Today, my visit went like this - here a chick, there a chick everywhere a cute chick following me a round while I shopped for my winter veggies..  A Cluck Cluck here a Cluck Cluck there...Today, I left with some super fresh spinach and arugula (for a feta, almond and dried cranberries salad), cauliflower (for roasting with garlic), brussel sprouts (for roasting with olive oil, honey and walnuts) and Thunder Heart Bison Jerky for snacks.The prices are comparable to what you would pay at Whole Foods - but here you know it is local and just a few days out of the ground or off the vine! More...


Nicole L.

7 November 2008

Grocery shopping outside whilst getting chased by a real cute chicken who just wants to love ya... that is Boggy Creek Farm.  They're pretty much never open, but if you can manage to get there during their weird-a-tronic hours (9-2 Wednesdays and Saturdays) you will not be disappointed.  You can feel like an elite locavore getting all the local delights you can load into your, um, wicker basket.  Local lamb's meat, goat cheese, and a plethora of produce grown right there on the property are to be found.  Seriously, you feel this total utopian love for the world after shopping there.  I mean, I know I'm a girl and we're supposed to love shopping or something, but to this degree?  I mean, I leave there every time with feeling a renewed faith in humanity!  Glorious! More...


Lavanna M.

31 October 2008

Some people want to run away to a tropical island.  I want to hide out at Boggy Creek Farm.  I want to eat the dirt.  I want to take naps between the farmed rows.  I want to sit on the porch before the sun rises and snap peas into a metal wash tub.Why?  I come from farmers on both sides of the family, and Boggy Creek reminds me of my grandparents farm in the town of Sweetwater.  They were city farmers.  They plowed the fields with a quarter horse, had peacocks for watchdogs, and kept bees.  They had both a vegetable garden (almost half a city block), and a fruit orchard (the other half).  Boggy Creek Farm is the Beulah Land of Austin.Once, again, "Pastoral Urbanity" goes to the top of my list. More...


Kim R.

8 October 2008

Boggy Creek is one of the best things about Austin, TX. If you love your veggies, BC is your heaven. If you're sitting on the fence, BC will turn you into a veggie lover. Everything tastes so much better when it's fresh from the earth like it is at the farmstand here.If you're health conscious, you'll love the fresh local veggies here because they're just-picked and haven't spent time in a tractor trailer or shipping container, then a loading dock, then the supermarket shelves. The vitamin content of BC's happy veggies is higher than that of the sad, homesick veggies your supermarket shipped in from faraway lands.Go ahead and buy a few copies of the cookbook while you're at it. It truly is one of the best books out there for people who want to cook more, and different vegetables, and Carol will probably give you a hug and sign every copy. Give the extra copies to out-of-town visitors, or delight far-away relatives with a bit of healthy, hearty cuisine, Austin-style.Sign up for the newsletter, too. I love getting News Of the Farm in my inbox every week to hear Carol's stories and to find out what's fresh in the farmstand on Wednesday and Sunday.DON'T bring your dog out of respect for the free-roaming chickens on the premises. More...


Matthew H.

21 August 2008

Four stars for the farm itself and tenders at this interesting place.2 star deduction and a FAIL for most of its patrons.We stopped by early one morning in the hopes of procuring some eggs for breakfast. Having arrived 30 minutes after they opened, we were unfortunately too late to snag any due to the limited supply during the summer months. (Curse you, hens! Why can't you be biologically engineered to shoot those suckers out every 15 seconds?!)While I certainly enjoyed the farm and experiencing it for the first time, I was not at all happy to meet most of the patrons. As another yelper called them, the "Yippies" (which I find a hilarious and fitting description) were swarming the area, grabbing at things and running to and fro in a frenzy. When I say frenzy, I do not exaggerate. At one point, a blur out of the corner of my eye and my reflexes were the only thing that saved me from being outright plowed over by a she-beast intent on getting into line before someone else. Multiply that by about 15-20, and you have most of the other customers. To them I have two things to say: If you're over the age of 1, you likely already have ingested enough pesticides, hormones, and preservatives to not only warp your physiology, but also so deeply ingrained that no amount of purging will remove them. And your insistence on your superiority for eating "ONLY ORGANIC" is not only misguided but silly. As a dietary choice, sure...go for it...but don't wave a flag and expect me to care.The herb bagel-biscuit thing with a slice of heritage tomato on top took the edge off of my outrage, however. More...


Sam E.

24 June 2008

This place is AMAZING and I am there at least once a week... but here I go again giving a 5 star business only 4.  The reason:  Yippies, damn them!  Yippies (noun)- Yuppies who display hippie sensibilities.  Example: Saying goodbye to her fellow Yippie moms, Sarah packed her organic produce ladened hemp bags in the back of her BMW station wagon. Now, I have nothing against Yippies as people, but it their general lack of respect of posted hours of business has sparked an arms race of sorts.  For those of you unfamiliar with how Boggy Creek works, they have a farmers market Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-1.  Traditionally, local chefs get in a little early to grab first dibs on the good stuff.  Here's where the yippies come in- they've been showing up earlier and earlier to try to beat out the chefs.  This, in turn, pushes the chefs to come earlier.  The end result- those of us who respect the time of business and show up at 9am arrive to find the place packed and all the greens (generally the first to go) gone.  Here's my online plea:  Please, please, please support our local farm but respect the posted hours.  Who is with me? More...


Laura T.

18 May 2008

I went here for the first time just yesterday, after intending to go for, oh, a couple years maybe?  And now I'm chastising myself for not having gone sooner!  All this time it was just a few blocks from my old employer and I never thought to walk on over on a Wednesday and pick up some fresh produce.  Silly me.Anyway, yesterday we went.  It was all I'd hoped for and more!  We pulled in to the sight of folks wandering the crops and the sound of chickens clucking.  We visited the chickens first, then did our own wandering through the crops before making our way over to the farm stand.  We weren't as early as I would have liked and my fear was that they would be out of delicious fresh food, but that was not the case!  Fresh food abounded.  We picked up some wonderful zucchinis, an acorn squash, tiny red potatoes, spring onions and fresh eggs.  And.  And!  Tofu!  I had no idea anybody local made tofu.  My bad.  And...goat milk ice cream.  They had pints (at least I *think* they were pints) and little bitty single-serving containers with all *sorts* of flavors!  I swear no two were alike, so try a bunch!  The ice cream is made by the Wateroak Farm folks with Miles of Chocolate chunks thrown in sometimes.  Yum.We also had a lovely chat with one of the...farmers?...I didn't catch her name.  Everybody was really great and friendly and now, now I want to live there.Please? More...


Angus C.

16 April 2008

Go to the farmer's market here. We're lucky enough to have a local organic farm here in Austin, so stop buying all your produce at the Wrath of God HEB.


abi d.

5 March 2008

i can't say enough good things about this little oasis.carolann and larry win.  they win the everything award.they win for growing so MANY different types of produce, growing things for the sake of curiosity (rhubarb in texas?), and growing different things every year.  they also win for supporting their neighbors.  they carry not only eggs, cheese, yogurt, and baked products from small, independent farmers and producers, but local grass-fed meats as well.  they give an omnivore some options.  they win, too, for always being so sweet when i trudge in there saturday mornings, stubbornly clad in sunglasses and obviously entertaining a hangover. More...


Rachelle R.

11 February 2008

I went here for the first time last fall after taking my fiance to Wink for his birthday.  I had been meaning to go, but after our waiter at Wink informed us that the chef shops at Boggy Creek, I knew I had to go.  Immediately.  I went that Saturday and have been going on a regular basis ever since.  Everything that I have purchased from there has been delicious: tiny Japanese radishes, beets that are swirled with pink and creamy white when you cut them open, spicy arugula, dandelion greens.  It's fun to go, get this and that and figure out how you're going to cook them later.  Also, everyone there is incredibly nice.  It's a great way to start the weekend.  Having just moved from Manhattan, never did I think that I would be discussing the growth habits of my lavender with the owner of an organic farm while he was wearing a white cowboy hat.  It was incredibly sweet and awesome.  One of the many reasons for me loving Austin. More...


Brock S.

19 January 2008

Whatever was wrong with me that it took me 4 years of living in east Austin to finally get over to the neighborhood farm, it's fixed now. I'm going every Saturday and Wednesday morning.Yep, the veggies taste way better cuz they are fresh. It don't get no fresher than this. Like, the shocking, extreme flavor difference between spinach and lettuce...But the coolest thing was feeding the chickens. I don't know if you're supposed to feed the chickens -- probably not -- but it seemed like the thing to do, just picked some grass and they came scuttlin' right over to me, making their little clucky-squawky noises. Chickens are cute, especially free-rangin' all-different-colored chickens. I had a couple chickens for a while but my dogs ate them. Chickens have more personality than you might think. One of my chickens loved snails, but the other one wouldn't touch the stuff - she liked those little gray tank bugs.4-not-5 only because there was such a small amount of produce, and I thought it would be a little cheaper since they don't have to factor in shipping and overhead like a grocery store, but that's probably delusional, considering how hard it is to grow anything in my own yard. $3.50 for a tiny bunch of little carrots is what I'd call a luxury expense, even if they do look like the psychedelic blood-oranges of carrots. But the sweet potatoes are the same price as Whole Foods ($2/lb) and they're all different shapes and sizes. It's creepy when all the fruit and veggies look exactly the same. Down with trucking and preservatives! Support your local farmers, yep. This is the direction we all need to be going. Having a farm in the middle of town is a hugely awesome thing. More...


Santa V.

28 May 2007

The only reason I can think for not buying produce here is living closer to another local, organic farm. Otherwise, you're making some foolish decisions. Wise up.Shop here, if you're not closer to another or growing your own!The staff is incredibly helpful and the produce is amazing. More...


Larry M.

5 April 2007

This oasis of sustenance and organic farming on five acres between Webberville and Springdale has been producing for over 20 years, and the three years I've been here I've been three times;In June when the stands were BURSTING with produce, in late summer when the selection was next to nothing, and in October when they host the Green Corn Project, a bustling and intensive weekend of cooking and tasting and learning about both the farm and organic farming and cooking.Proceeds from the event go towards keeping the farm up and working.Chefs from your favorite restaurants come talk, there's a silent auction, everyone lazily tours the farm at their own pace, and then eat their asses off.A true find in East Austin, and currently they are so deep in strawberries and brussel sprouts, would suggest a visit SOON.Open Year Round, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 AM-2 PM. Yet another must in our weekly selections of farmer's markets around town. More...



6 May 2006

Not only is Boggy Creek Farm a must for fresh, organically-grown produce but great for a relaxing stroll around the garden and hen house. Larry and Carol Ann are always on hand and eager to talk to their customers. If you haven't been, you should go. They have created an oasis in the heart of Austin. Bring the whole family. More...

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