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Anne McClelland

27 July 2019

I completed a series of physical therapy sessions today to strengthen core muscles and leg muscles in order to reduce knee, hip and lower back pain. At my age, getting pain free is probably not going to happen. However, the frequency and intensity of the pain has been significantly reduced and I have learned strategies and exercises to continue improving with time. I love the staff and atmosphere at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. Everyone is well trained for their position and professional. Everyone works together as a team to keep appointments on time and to create a very pleasant, friendly and fun atmosphere incorporating clear communication while maintaining privacy for clients. The facility is clean, brightly lit and has a variety of equipment. I highly recommend Blue Ridge Physical Therapy for any medical issue that can be addressed by this therapy. More...


Peg Luomanen

24 July 2019

Excellent staff. Would highly recommend them.


Janine Pleasant

30 June 2019

Dr. Countryman is the best PT in the area and her staff are excellent. She is very good at diagnosing the root cause of any problem and addressing it. She has kept me training and competing in triathlons for many years now! More...


Sweet T

24 May 2019

Amazing! First PTs to ever TEACH me how to be proactive and take charge of my condition. Feeling much better and much more able to do the things I need to do and enjoy doing. Freedom!


Mary Grace Wooten

18 May 2019

I went to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy because due to my Cerebral Palsy I had started falling down more and more. I was able to increase my strength, learn stretches and exercises that will help me, and get some of my confidence back when walking. Not only that, the therapists and other staff at Blue Ridge feel more like family than just medical professionals. More...


bobby workman

25 April 2019

I came in with sever low back pain and weakness. Dr. Kim, Stan and the staff were great and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed my experience here.


Candace Osborne

24 February 2019

All the staff treated their patients with respect. I had a very positive experience with my rehab. I went in for a hip flexor injury which feels better now than it has in years. Highly recommend their services!


Abigail Shaw Keeling

24 February 2019

Dr. Kim and her staff have taken care of me for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Mike Gilmore

27 September 2018

Good people knowledge


James Vance

25 May 2017

Nice people


Delisa Reavis

26 May 2014

After having a poor experience at another Physical Therapy provider, I found Blue Ridge and could not have been more pleased. Dr. Kim Contryman and her team are incredibly educated, professional, friendly and amiable. My knees feel better and I'm back to running after several visits. Highly recommend. More...

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