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Brittany Black

25 January 2019

I can't say enough great things about the wonderful care my son receives here! The receptionist and therapists are welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable! We have had a tough road with breastfeeding, but our time with Bloom and our stretches at home have made things much more comfortable and functional! I would absolutely recommend Bloom to anyone whose child needs speech, physical, and/or occupational therapy! More...


Rachel Duby

28 August 2018

I took my newborn to bloom and I love them. They listened to me, and communicated well with me. Babies can be hard to treat but they did a great job of stretching him and comforting him. I would highly recommend them


Ashli Fleener

29 July 2018

We absolutely LOVE Bloom! They go above and beyond every day. There isn’t a therapist there that you can’t tell loves their job and helping kids.


Sarah Clark

29 July 2018

We have been going to Bloom since February of this year. It is AMAZING the changes I’ve already seen in such a short time. They’re kind, dedicated, and flexible for all of life’s surprises that come along with having a kiddo with delays. There are plenty of therapy options around, but I would never go to another place now after seeing how much the therapists here love “their kids”. More...


Fiona Taggart

29 June 2018

Summary: Everyone in the office was very nice to us, both therapists are excellent, scheduling was easy, and we got the results necessary to breastfeed our infant. Details of our experience: It was my first baby and breastfeeding was incredibly painful and my nipples were sore before we left the hospital. The lactation nurse at the hospital said the latch was good (I asked every lactation nurse and nurse from every shift if the latch was right and they all said it was text book) and they suspected it was some jaw tightness since it didn’t look like a tongue tie. The lactation nurse gave us the list of physical therapists they said could help and we chose the one closest to our home/ peds office. Why it was a great experience 1. When I called they needed minimal information to schedule the appointment and said they would get the referral they needed from our pediatrician. It was amazing to not have any extra things to do as overwhelmed parents, so having Bloom get the referral for us was amazing 2. They were able to see us the day after we got home from the hospital. When you have a new born that’s feeding every two hours and your nipples are damaged and bleeding and it hurts even 1 night felt long, I was thankful I didn’t have to wait longer. The sooner we got help the calmer I was that I’d secure a milk supply (we were supplementing with formula) 3. Everyone was very pleasant. Marlene and Ashleigh were very sympathetic and clearly liked their job as they worked with our new born baby. 4. They offered all the help they could. We were having trouble that our baby would only sleep in our arms so for probably 24 hours my husband and I took turns sleeping and they talked to us about swaddling and how to transition our baby to a bassinet. 5. The at home exercises were doable, and the instructions were simple. 6. It didn’t take many sessions until I was able to exclusively breast feed my baby. When I came to my appointment and said he’d been exclusively breast fed for 32 hours we finished our last session and they said to call if we needed another session, but they hoped it would be smooth sailing for us and lucky for us it was. We were very happy with the team at Bloom and thankful we were able to breastfeed successfully. More...


Tya Cullison

29 June 2018

We love love love Bloom Therapy. It's pretty much our second home and I wouldn't take my two boys anywhere else!! The staff is by far like family to us and my kiddos wouldn't be thriving as much as they are without the help of all these lovely ladies.


Sumer Cundiff

25 May 2018

They did a wonderful job with my newborn, helping us loosing his jaw muscles so he is able to feed without a nipple shield. After seeing a lactation consultant 2 times and with no luck, I was able to start breast feeding without a nipple shield after just a few sessions aftof r meeting with Marlene! I'm so thankful for all their help and I highly recommend this facility. With friendly staff, clean facility and fast results it honestly couldn't get any better. More...

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