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Katherine P.

27 July 2019

I really love how Alexa left my face. My makeup lasted through out the whole day and night in this 102 degree weather. She did an amazing job. Will come back for sure.


Guadalupe R.

16 July 2019

Xochi did an amazing job.  First time using this facility, but worth the $40. I had a wedding to attend and received many compliments on my hair style.


Cathy H.

26 June 2019

I received a great blowout by Danilee while between work appointments on this business trip. Thanks so much!


Wifey V.

31 May 2019

Sylvia is a genuine person and really loves what she does. I highly recommend coming here. It's a nice beautiful lounge. It's perfection!


Bailey R.

24 May 2019

Very nice salon! Beautiful decor, great service and overall, such a wonderful experience!


Katie S.

22 May 2019

I came to get my hair and makeup done the morning of my graduation. Each one is allotted 1 hour so the total time I was there was almost exactly 2 hours.When I arrived Danny Lee started on my hair immediately. She provided me with a celebratory mimosa as well as coffee. I showed her the picture of the type of hair style I wanted and she nailed it!! I brought in my cap to make sure that it looked good with the style and she modified it appropriately. After my makeup was done she even did a touch up to make sure it was perfect. Next was makeup with Eileen. I also showed her a picture of what I wanted and she did fantastic. She was quick and knew exactly what she was doing. I got the fake lashes and they stayed on for 48 hours. I would highly recommend trying this place out. The ambiance is nice and relaxing and the customer service was great :) More...


Hayley J.

5 May 2019

Alainea is an artist! I came in to get my makeup done for a concert and she took my fresh off an airplane messy self and gave me a total makeover. She also gave me some tips on how to do some of it at home! Best decision ever, I'm seriously so grateful More...


Cieon A.

27 April 2019

this is our third visit to the blo out lounge, we have been so happy with the services. today we came in for prom make up, but had a last minute hair mishap prior to our arrival. when checking in we asked if we might be able to use an outlet for our own curling iron while we wait. despite how crazy busy it appears to be in the salon, Theresa asked if we would like to have my daughters hair done while she was getting make up.. Theresa, the owner is currently curling her hair, amazing. this will not be our last visit, thank you ladies! More...


Chantal Dion

25 April 2019

Fantastic place for a fast and fresh blow out. I come here whenever I am in Valencia for work.


Melodie A.

25 April 2019

I am soooo thrilled with this place and I barely got any services. I had a later appointment for hair extensions in the area and needed my hair washed, no blow out. I showed up a few minutes to 8 and this lady with purple and black hair gave me the remote to pick a Netflix movie and made me a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer in it. I don't know anything about these kind of places so I asked a bunch of questions and she answered all of them. I will be honest I wasn't planning on tipping for just a wash but she made coffee and handed me a remote! I live far as hell but if I need a great wash I am coming back. More...


Tiffany S.

25 April 2019

Every time I have visited Blo Out lounge in Pasadena I have not been disappointed. I have thick, curly hair (see before), and every blowout I have gotten here is quick and frizz free. I can usually maintain it pretty well for a few days after. This was my first visit with Danilee, and like other posts stated, she is a sweetheart. She did a great job and the time flew by. I highly recommend her! More...


Katie R.

25 March 2019

I found this salon on Yelp. I'm in town for work and wanted a good blow-out. I was not disappointed!  Ben knew exactly what I wanted. I told him some of my frustrations with other blow outs received in the past and he knew exactly what to do. I get blow outs fairly regularly and this might be the best one I've ever had! My hair looks so great!  I wish I had something fun to do tonight!  Highly recommend Ben!!! More...


Brissa M.

6 February 2019

I got my refund three weeks later and I'm happy now.Braids, makeup and blo outs are my go to styles here. They are great at all of them.


Kasinee N.

20 January 2019

I came to Blo Out Lounge for the first time over the weekend. I figure it would be a good idea because I honestly am not good at doing my own make up and if I curl my own hair, it always falls flat within 1 hour... so might as well let some professionals help me out before an event.First off, the girls are all nice. Right when you walk in, the receptionist is very friendly. There is a "hair" side and "make up" side but in interest of time, they did both my hair and make up at the same time. Both my hair and make up were done within an hour. I would suggest coming in with some pictures and ideas of how you want your make up and hair so you get what you want. I made the mistake of not doing that. I was at a loss about what type of make up or hair I wanted. I asked for loose curls but should have specified larger curls vs tight small curls. Although i understand tight curls stay curly longer but I didn't absolutely love the diameter of the curl. Even brushing it out didn't help loosen the curls unfortunately. So Again, definitely bring in pics of sample hair/makeup.I was able to find street parking but there is a parking garage the next block south of the lounge. More...


Kym D.

16 January 2019

I use in a pinch if I have to go somewhere fancy or nice after work but don't have enough time to go home and wash and do myself.  They do a good job for that.  But I am really writing for this:Being a bit OCD about grammar and spelling, I get crazed when I see spelling, punctuation or grammar errors in ads or correspondence to/from any company!  I remember way back to my primary school days that a teacher once told us, "when you grow up and work in the world, you've got to make the companies you work for look good with proper writing."  That stuck with me and to this day it bugs me when I see errors on marketing material or ads, etc. but I see it everywhere!  It's a curse actually.... but HEY! Google machine, People!  It's so easy! Use the google machine when in doubt!That said, Blo Out Lounge, for the love of God, please take the apostrophe out of "Pro's" in this sentence on your menu:"Classic Blo Out - your locks will be styled by our Pro's..."It's just a plural!  No apostrophe needed -- just add an s!  (No need for capitalization either.)Thank you, I feel better! More...


Leah V.

31 December 2018

I had Kimberly for hair and Brenda for make-up for my elopement wedding. Kimberly was so incredibly patient and kind with my fickle self. She re-did my hair after the first style was finished without complaint and totally putting my comfort and satisfaction at the forefront. Brenda nailed the head on my make-up vision: natural, clean, and fresh with a pop of dew. Great customer service and location, as well. Very grateful for the kindness and skill of these two ladies! More...


Melinda T.

8 December 2018

5 stars.  Booked appt online and called the next day to comfirm.  Saturday 10am Kelly for hair, 11am with Briana for makeup.  Prompt, professional, amazing!!!!!  Both gals are super talented and worth every penny!  Place was busy and seemed to run so smoothly.  Great ambiance!  They offer champagne too.  Yum. More...


Lindsey B.

7 December 2018

This is my favorite place to get my hair styled in Santa Clarita. I always go to Valerie, she's amazing! She always styles my hair exactly how I want and is very friendly. I highly recommend asking for her!


Ali V.

29 October 2018

Good experience! I loved how my hair came out and enjoyed my complementary mimosa. Friendly staff, nice clean place and great atmWould definitely be back. Thank you!


Melanie M.

26 October 2018

Wow - Marilyn and Lindsey did an exceptional makeup job for both my husband and myself. We are attending a 'Day of the Dead' party and our makeup turned our fabulous!


Tasha P.

24 October 2018

I was excited to use the last of my 3 pack of blowouts that I had bought several years ago (took me so long because I moved out of the area so was a trek to get back to Pasadena).  Happy to see that the blow outs were as good as they were back in 2013!Danilee did an amazing job with my blowout- and I'd go as far as to say the best blow out I've received from the many different places I've been.  She even happily gave me some tips when I asked her about how she used the curling wand to finish off my hair. Thanks, Danilee! More...


Jacqueline F.

23 October 2018

My husband and I came in this past Saturday for Halloween makeup. In particular for 'Coco' style (Dia de los Muertos) make up.  I met the owner when I came in personally to book- she is lovely and engaging. This first review is for Lindsey; my husband saw Brianna of which I'll write a separate review. First I'd like to say the lounge is beautiful and the girls were all personable. They served mimosa which was was a nice touch.  They used top-notch makeup and tools.  While Lindsey did an acceptable job and was professional, in my opinion, Lindsey needs more experience in creating clean lines (which seemed difficult for her to do),use of color, etc...Lindsey did an acceptable job earning a 3-star rating. My husband saw Brianna.  Her work was incredible! There was nothing that could be improved upon.  It was perfection.  5 stars all the way!  Thank you Brianna. I scored the salon 4 stars- averaging both artists' score. More...


Nina T.

20 October 2018

Came here for a wedding look - I did a blow out and style and had such great experience with Kimberley! She was attentive to what I needed and gave me exactly the style I was looking for. She styled my hair just how I wanted and made all the necessary changes I asked of. I'm very happy with my look and would definitely reccomend!! More...


Rebecca S.

18 October 2018

Had my hair blown out by Alexa. I have a ton of hair but she did an amazing job. Will definitely be back to see her!


Maryanne L.

15 October 2018

I love getting my hair done here. Everyone is so nice and does an amazing job! They did my hair for my wedding 4 years ago and it was perfect! So nice to be pampered in this beautiful salon! More...


Marie L.

6 October 2018

Walking in here first thing in the morning,I was already dead tired but  Wendy and Eileen took care of me right away!Wendy does Gorgeous Hair and Eileen is just as awesome! Like to Fairy Godmothers,making me feel beautiful,comfortable and cared for! 100% coming back and asking for them again! The esthetic here makes you feel like your a celebrity-honestly come to this place, you won't be disappointed!!!! More...


Norma R.

2 October 2018

I was in search of a good blo out since I have heard so many bad things about "The Dry Bar." I am so happy I came across this salon! It's super close to me and in the morning there is plenty of street parking. You can make online appointments or call in. My first time Felicia did my hair and I loved it. The last two times I have seen Danilee! She is not only a sweetheart but does amazing work. She does exactly what you ask for. Honestly not that many girls at the salon ever smile but Danilee is one of the reasons I keep coming back.  They offer coffee or mimosas which is pretty awesome. Prices are reasonable. More...


Ruth Ty

27 September 2018

Ben was awesome and was very professional and patient. Thank you for taking care of my daughter love this salon they treat you like family.


Katherine S.

27 September 2018

Been here so many times before. It was before I began "checking  in" regularly which is a shame, but I have had Alyssa do my hair (my favorite), and I've had Elena do my makeup multiple times. They are both awesome. The only trouble with this place is it is hit or miss. I always like to feel special (because I am)/valued as a customer. Shouldn't everyone have the privilege of feeling that way when we go to a beauty salon? After all, Yelpers, isn't that what we are there for? Isn't that what their jobs are? To make us feel glamorous & beautiful? We are the customer, and because of the customer they continue to exist. I previously purchased a 6-pack that could be used on blow outs or make-up. I loved coming in to use them. I looked forward to the way I'd feel when I left - walking down Colorado Blvd feeling beautiful. It's just that when I got there, depending on who was at the front desk, who the stylists were, I often felt like I was an inconvenience to them. Almost annoying that they had to be bothered or troubled by the fact that they would need to work & do my hair and makeup. It really is the oddest feeling - especially because it's such a charming atmosphere with a great location.There is never any problem booking appointments. I can usually get in same day. They always do a fabulous job, and I leave looking great. No complaints at all with regard to the service provided. It is definitely received & appreciated. Just ... be nicer to clients. Appreciate them. Show a little bit of gratitude. Again, this does not apply at all to Elena nor Allysa who are awesome in every aspect of customer service. They rock. Wish I could get them every time, but having homes in multiple states, and needing last minute appointments unfortunately doesn't allow me that luxury.Oh ... One more thing. No extra charge for my extra long hair which is great - never has been, but I have to say ... on my last visit, they gal who did my blow out asked, "Do they know u have extensions !! !!" I answered, "No. Why? It has never mattered before."  So the. She says, "Because your hair is really, really long." I repeated," So? It has never been an issue before." Next, she walked up to the front desk gal, and told her about my extensions to which the front desk lady replied, "Oh no, she's fine." I found that kind of odd. Consistency there would be nice. Perhaps there may be a training need. This is the only time that has happened. Nobody had ever mentioned anything to me before, and as I said, I had previously purchased a prepaid 6-pack which I had already used up so this was no my first rodeo. More...


Tiff-Ah-Nee D.

14 September 2018

Hands down one of the nicest places to get your hair done.I made a reservation I thought earlier in the week. I then made a hair and makeup appointment last minute but for an earlier time.  I had called late tonight to leave a message hoping that they could some how book me a later appointment. Not only did they book the last appointment but they made it so I can get my makeup and hair done at the same time! Thank you for coming to my rescue! Can't wait to share how it goes tomorrow! More...


Neha P.

8 September 2018

I love Blo Out Lounge! I've been coming here for years now and it seems like everyone is just excellent there! Sometimes i don't even request my favorite girls because I'm pleasantly surprised by who I get set up with! I highly recommend it.


Heather B.

1 September 2018

Love my blo out with Sylvia! My hair is difficult because of previous breakage and I have extensions. But she was so gentle with my hair and gave me the exact look I wanted!  I was able to keep the same style for 4 days and still looked good. I would definitely recommend Sylvia for blo outs :) More...


Brooke M.

28 August 2018

Don't know what I would do without this salon. They are awesome!! Keaton, Crosby, Selina, Emily and Marilyn are my favs but really they are all amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I A.

13 August 2018

This place is amazing!  I've been coming since it opened and would go nowhere else to have my hair and make up done.  Whether for a holiday gathering, Halloween party, or night on the town, the Stylists are ALWAYS on time and do a fantastic job.  Scheduling is a breeze, and Gaby at the front desk will always go out of her way for you.  Thank you to the Blo Out Lounge for opening in Valencia!! I'm hooked. More...


Kathleen G.

31 July 2018

Great place to get your special blowout or updo.  They are very friendly and do a great job.


Laura G.

27 July 2018

Easy to make an appointment!  I wanted a blo out before a weekend trip.  Emily did a great job and my hair looked great for the weekend.  I have medium length hair and it's curly - I love it straight but it's not easy to do!  They were easy to book / on time and did a great job. More...


Raha Y.

27 July 2018

I have been coming to this salon every week for the past three years and I have yet to be disappointed. I had the pleasure of Bryttani as my stylist who gave me the best blowouts (she's also very sweet!)and over the course of time, the salon became like a second home. I'm greeted by Gabbie who always makes me feel welcomed and accommodates any last minute requests. The other stylists are just as amazing (Keaton, Marilyn, Selena, Deanna, etc). And I especially love the atmosphere of this place!!! More...


Nala B.

30 June 2018

Whoa whoa whoa! Too easy! Got a same day appt on a Saturday! Not just same day, same HOUR! FELICIA, thank you!! Sweet as can be. Hair feels utterly soft and looks like FIYAH ! $45 blowout , complimentary champagne FREE 90 minute parking across the street in the Marriott structure. More...


Breanna T.

19 June 2018

I love this place. I was a walk in and they took me right away. The person that did my hair did not rush at all and she made me feel comfortable. My hair turned out beautiful for my graduation ceremony and I will definitely be back! More...


Imelda P.

30 May 2018

I love this place. Absolutely love. I called to make a last minute appointment and they were so gracious and accommodating. The young lady who did my hair Amy was so sweet and my hair looked great. Many compliments that day. I will definitely be back next time I'm in Pasadena. More...


Sonnet M.

20 May 2018

This place was absolutely amazing. So friendly, quick, and did an amazing job!! Not to mention I don't think my hair has ever been or felt this soft. I cannot wait for another trip out here to go there!! More...


Alissa R.

14 May 2018

Britany is the absolute sweetest! I love how she did my hair!I also went in and a new girl did my hair and put in extensions. I wish I remembered her name but she did a great job too! More...


Jenna B.

9 May 2018

I had my hair and make up done here for a wedding, which happened to be the same day as prom. They were incredibly busy, but they had me walking out looking amazing! My hair was incredible, I got compliments all night. And the make up lasted the whole evening as well, and looked awesome in the pictures. Thank you! More...


Allison H.

30 April 2018

Pretty cool to run in and have your hair super cute in less than a half hour! Used them for my daughters shower! Both my daughters had their hair done too! Fun! And my hair looked cute for the shower!!! More...


Kathleen B.

28 April 2018

We have been here three times and every time has been great. Two Proms-and considering how busy those days are, this place has it down to a science! Hair and makeup and we didn't wait for any of it more than 2 minutes. The third time was for cap and gown pics and they actually opened early for us to accommodate our appointment time at OConnor.  We will keep coming back! More...


Janet S.

25 April 2018

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Blo Out Lounge! The staff is always friendly and fun. The quality of service is outstanding! I have been a regular here for years and look forward to each visit! Emily C. is absolutely amazing! She goes above and beyond to make sure her styling is perfect.  I always leave with a smile on my face! More...


Alice H.

25 April 2018

Emily did my blow out and twisties for Coachella and i was so happy ! She was on time super sweet ! She was gentle with my hair and i really loved how attentive she was the entire time . The receptionist offered me a drink when i first came in and she was super sweet aswell the feel of the Lounge is super girly and cute ! I just moved to Valencia so i googled some stuff near by and luckily found Blo Out Lounge I'm glad i did will deff be back More...


Lindsey S.

17 April 2018

I've been going to the Blo Out Lounge since it opened! I normally see Bryttani cause she's been there the longest but all of the staff is amazing and so friendly! They always do their best to accommodate my busy schedule being open 7 days a week! More...


Gaby M.

17 April 2018

I love this salon!! I've been coming for a few years because of Deanna she's so good ! She normally does my hair and never once has made a mistake. Front desk has been nothing but helpful and accommodating. All the girls are nice and go out of their way to make the experience wonderful, won't ever stop going here ! More...


Brandy S.

17 April 2018

Such a fun experience everytime I come here. Get my hair washed and curled while I have a mimosa ...what could be better than that!?!?! Love comming here!


Gonetraveling.net ..

9 April 2018

Had my hair and make up done here today for a maternity shoot and Brianna and Joanna did an amazing job. I was very satisfied with the service and the outcome as well! It was my first time here and I will definitely be back.-Myla from gonetraveling.net More...


Billie B.

7 April 2018

The Blo out Lounge in Valencia is absolutely the best. The staff is extremely friendly and always there for you with all of your needs. Their stylist are well trained for hair and makeup and always do their best. I am so glad that we have this place here in Valencia!! More...


Debra N.

21 February 2018

I got my hair blown out for my baby shower and absolutely loved it. It looked great for several days. Such a cute location and I will definitely be going back.


Madeline R.

21 February 2018

The appointment was made on line.  It was last minute.  They were on time & did a great job.  I had a conditioning product thst I like & brought with me.  They had no problem with my request to use it.  I was in & out in an hour & I have just past shoulder length hair, curly.  They got it straight.  I'd go back. More...


Louisa V.

19 February 2018

I love the atmosphere and the staff is always friendly.Always come away happy with my look Samatha make me look great.


Anthony P.

9 February 2018

I bring my wife here all the time. The price is right and perfect for special occasions. The staff is friendly and they have always done a great job!


Christy G.

27 January 2018

I'm soooooo happy I found BOL Pasadena!!! Noelle and Eileen... AMAZING MAKEUP & HAIR artists!! The ladies are all very friendly and make you feel at home. I've been her twice, and left feeling GORGEOUS and CONFIDENT each time!!! More...


Julie S.

21 January 2018

Tory did my eyes today and she did an amazing job. I am ALWAYS disappointed with how people do my makeup! Not today  She listened to what I wanted and I genuinely enjoyed her service. Well done!!


Jean U.

15 January 2018

My friend and I went here because we had an event in LA, CA. We were in Pasadena. I always check on yelp to look for reviews, especially if I'm in a new place. I saw Randy first with great reviews but he was already overbooked so he recommended Blo-Out lounge, he said they were good and prices are reasonable. We went here and I had Eileen and my friend had another lady ( I didn't get her name). They were both good. They did hair and makeup and we were very happy with their work. More...


Jasmine S.

30 December 2017

Came in on a Saturday morning and saw Selena. She was great. My hair is so soft and sleek and hard to hold curls. I informed her of this and she recognized it right away. She used some product to create texture in my hair and my curls lasted all night long. She was very sweet and professional and i was so happy with my hair. Thanks Selena!! More...


Christine C.

22 December 2017

This place was easy to get to, and friendly staff did a great job on my hair for a night out. Well worth the cost of you are challenged at doing your hair, like me.


Annika G.

9 December 2017

This place always does the best blow out/hair styles. These girls know what they are doing ;-)


Nereyda N.

2 December 2017

I love coming here...they are always very friendly and helpful. I love to see Samantha, she is great! I have short hair, and it can be challenging to do my own hair. Samantha always knows how to do the perfect beachy look... and my curls always last all night. More...


Sophia G.

15 November 2017

Love this place! The ladies here are amazing! The owner Theresa is FABULOUS! I love the decorEvert time I come here I am treated so nicely and the girls are always so sweet and have great energy! Mai does a great job!  Need to get your hair done for an event... Come see the ladies here at Blow Out Lounge!  They offer coffee and Champagne! More...


Mia R.

9 November 2017

I was in need of finding a good blow out place out here in Santa Clarita -- as a Drybar is nowhere in sight -- and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with this place. The prices are VERY reasonable. I booked an appointment for their Shotgun service as I prefer to use my shampoo I have at home for my color-treated hair and for $30 it's AMAZING! Marilyn did my hair that Sunday afternoon and she was so friendly and very gentle with my hair. I will definitely go back! I advise booking in advance (even if it's a day or two) as they book fast! Day-of appointments seem rare. I tried a couple of times to go day-of and they were unfortunately booked. Their online booking system also works quite well. Haven't run into any issues when looking up availability. More...


Jacqueline T.

5 November 2017

I was very pleased with my blow out and make up. This location is beautiful! The staff is very friendly. I recommend this business.


Shil M.

17 October 2017

Excellent service and I wish I can give them a 5 star except for the fact that the price keeps going up every time I visit them.


Kendra H.

7 October 2017

Booked a last minute blow out and makeup for a wedding and Blo Out Lounge was super accommodating.Victoria did my hair and it was perfect. I have long thick hair and asked for curls and she delivered! My hair was still curled the next morning. I don't usually wear a lot of makeup but wanted to look a little glammed up for the wedding so I did the "just eyes" service and it was perfect. Marilyn did my makeup and it looked beautiful. She completely listened to the fact that I don't wear tons of makeup so she made everything look subtle but also dramatic.Will definitely be going back here!!! More...


RiRi M.

2 October 2017

Just had my second blow out at Blo Out Lounge and Melissa Barrios was just amazing!!! I must mention her washing skills was A1!  I was literally about to count all the sheeps' in my dream!  I am looking forward to book another appointment with her soon!  Be sure to ask for Melissa Barrios! :) More...


Terry R.

2 October 2017

Came here on 9/30/2017 to get my hair and makeup done for a wedding that I was in and had the best experience. My makeup was done by Noelle and my hair was done by Alyssa. Both were excellent and very warm. I did have my appointment pretty early in the morning since I had to be ready for pictures at 9:30 am. I was a little late, but made it to my appointment. TIP: if you are going to be late by 15 min, make sure to call and give them a heads up so that they don't cancel your appointment. I did have an idea of what I wanted for my makeup and Noelle executed it perfectly! Best part was that my makeup lasted all day!! My hair was great! Alyssa was able to make my curls tight so that when my hair did fall, I still had curls going on. No matter what I do, my hair tends to fall. Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and definitely felt great with the price I paid! Definitely will be back. More...


Deb H.

29 September 2017

This place was awesome! I felt very good when I left. Had my makeup done only. Can't remember who did it but she did a great job. Will definitely come here in the future when I need my makeup to be on point! More...


angie b.

22 September 2017

I love getting my hair and makeup done for special occasions.  The rates are reasonable and the service is incredible.


Maile C.

20 September 2017

I came her for an appointment for my best friends wedding and the girls here are amazing!! They did my hair and makeup in a timely manner and even brought me tea because I was so sick the weekend! Everyone in the bridal party looked gorgeous  Thank you Ladies!!! More...


Barbaranne W.

18 September 2017

Each and every blowout I've had at Blo Out Lounge has been amazing.  I always think it's my best blowout ever until I sit in another lady's chair.  You will not be disappointed by the beautiful shop,perfect location or talented stylists.  I've had several braids too and each and every time the stylist replicates the style exactly.  Love this blow dry bar! More...


Rina C.

18 September 2017

This review is for my makeup artist Brenda. She did an excellent job on my makeup, she was professional, and very friendly. I was extremely happy with my makeup. I would recommend her to anyone!!! I walked in at 11 am, was a bridesmaid in a wedding at 5pm my makeup did not move lasted until 12am!  *****************The front desk girl Jacklyn could use some work on her customer service skills and her attitude. She was rude on the phone and ignored me for about 5 minutes when I walked in. More...


Missy A.

11 August 2017

I've been here a few times, all with different stylists. I usually book online which is very user friendly. Today my blow out (shampoo, blow dry with hot tools) was with Victoria, she has been my favorite so far! She is sweet, personable and she was able to tame curly, frizzy, thick hair. I wanted waves and that's exactly what she did! Glass of champagne was a nice touch. Love this place More...


Kukla 1.

16 July 2017

Brittany did my hair and makeup for my wedding and she was great! Highly reccomend this place if yoy need your hair and makeup done for a special occassion.


Z Z.

20 June 2017

I come here often and each time I get someone new and they are all very good!  They do exactly what you want and they are always super sweet!  Great place with great service.


Monica C.

7 June 2017

Great place! On my wedding day, myself and my bridesmaids came here for the "day of hair" - and the lounge was extremely helpful, first they fit us all in at the same time and second they provided champagne - both a must on your special day.


Janet K.

3 June 2017

I got a loose updo by Denise and she is an artist!  It looks beautiful. Staff was friendly and the facility was clean. They fit me in last minute, thank you very much.


Sarah E.

27 May 2017

I was the maid of honor in my sisters wedding and needed to get my hair done. A friend referred me to the Blo Out Lounge and suggested I make an appointment with Deanna. She was adorable and so friendly. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she did just that! I loved my hair. And it held the entire night and I got my hair done 4hrs before the wedding. She is awesome and I would for sure go back to her to get my hair done. More...


Priyanka P.

12 May 2017

I attended a wedding across the street from this salon and conveniently had a hair appointment scheduled here before the wedding events started. I wanted loose waves and was scheduled with a Brittany. My hair was washed, blow dried straight, and then curled with a flat iron. The results were phenomenal and lasted for days! Brittany was great in giving me the style I wanted and making sure I was happy along the way (she even asked me if it was ok to put product in my hair, which I've never been asked before).Would highly recommend this salon for an affordable blowout/updo! More...


Gina T.

11 May 2017

Five stars because Samantha is a great hair stylist! I had an appointment and Samantha was right on time. I have unruly curly thick hair, and Samantha knew exactly how to treat my hair. She was funny and had a great sense of humor. More...


Michelle A.

22 April 2017

I'm very glad I came here and got my hair done. It lasted all day and all night! I can't wait to go back and get my hair done again


Melody V.

18 April 2017

They did such a beautiful job on my hair for my wedding & I loved my makeup which was done here as well. I'll defiantly come back again !


Ann N.

26 March 2017

I came in for the first time for a blowout and style for a special occasion. Nicole was amazing! Their prices are very reasonable too! A must try!


Alex S.

13 March 2017

I have super curly long hair and Teddy did a great job! I would highly recommend her to anyone with Lin and thick hair. Prices are more than reasonable and everyone in the salon is super nice!


Vicky C.

7 March 2017

The location is great, and the decor was very cute.  We parked on the street, but there is 1 1/2 hour of free parking at the Marriott.  I did my makeup and hair.  My makeup artist was great.  My makeup was subtle and natural, but it highlighted and accents my features.  It matched my dress perfectly.  She also explained the many techniques of using the makeup that you already have to create different looks.  My hair stylist was also great.   She put in curls and helped to accent the color highlights in my hair.Overally,  I would recommend Blo Out Lounge to anyone who is looking to get their makeup and hair done. More...


Tamara M.

4 March 2017

Today, I had a reason to splurge and treat myself to a blow out, with Monique and make up, by Denise. I have to say, that these two are so talented at hair and make up, I had to write a review. I am a single mom, who has two teenage boys with nonverbal autism, and pampering like this is rare. I am attending, "Shane's Inspiration Gala", tonight, and now won't look as tired as I feel. :) I highly recommend them and all the staff at the Blo out Lounge, Pasadena. More...


gil p.

9 February 2017

Becky was great. She listened to me and did a great job. I have been here a few times but definitely liked Becky's work the best! The facility is clean and super cute..felt really comfortable. Will definitely be back! More...


Amy D.

5 February 2017

I found this place when my regular hair & make up person was unavailable (see my review for Mytsy Liaw at Belleza Salon).  Boy did I get lucky! I got paired with Denise, a young twenty something who is wise and talented beyond her years.  She was composed, kind, professional, and personable. She did an amazing job making my sad, thin hair look full and luxurious like the picture I showed her from my Pinterest page. She got the make-up perfect too. I went one other time (for the wedding of my regular hair stylist) and again requested Denise. Again, I got a great hair style (up do this time) and vintage, cat eye make up with a cranberry lip).  I got some compliments about the up do at the wedding - which is a big deal because there were a lot of hair stylists at this wedding. I highly recommend the Blo Out Lounge and I especially recommend booking with Denise if possible. I've always gotten good customer service when checking in and out. The cost for hair and make-up is about $80 plus tip ($20), and if you're a Yelper like me, a simple check in earns you free eyelashes! I got a couple of individual false eyelashes and they looked great! Another thing I really like is that you can book your appointment online anytime and you get an email confirmation. It's simple and easy, and can be done at my convenience. The only drawback is that parking can be difficult in this area of Old Town Pasadena (Raymond and Union).  Make sure to take enough change for two hours at the meter ($2-3 in quarters). More...


Nichole P.

17 January 2017

Always a great blowout. Try the smoothing treatment its a life saver. They also do root touch ups.


Julianna K.

13 January 2017

Went in for the first time the other day and i have to say that I Love Love Love this salon. The atmosphere is super cute... it is very girlie all pained in pink with chandeliers. I was greeted by the girl at the front desk who immediatley went and brought my stylist out. The stylist was very sweet took me to her chair and asked me what kind of curls i wanted. She then took me for a wash and came back and worked on my hair. she was very friendly and conversational. My hair came out great... before she let me leave she asked me if it looked okay or if wanted her to do anything to it... I had her tease it a bit at the top and it looked great. The checkout process was very smooth. Overall nice atmosphere, great staff, and a nice look... did i mention they are fairly priced. I will definetly be recommending to friends and family and stopping in again the next time i need my hair done (which hopefully will be soon!) More...


Laura E.

6 January 2017

Have visited Blo Out Lounge several times and have to say overall I've always had a positive experience. Nice and friendly staff who always make sure to listen to your requests. I've had several of the hairstylist however my ultimate favorite one is Evan!!! Not only does she give an amazing scalp massage while washing your hair but she is so easy to talk to and helpful. She answered all my hair questions and educated me on how to maintain my hair longer! I followed her instructions and I've seen how much better I have maintained my Blo out!!! She's consistent since I'm a repeat customer of hers and every time my hair looks pretty amazing!!!  Visit this place ladies!!! In my opinion products are much better than Dry Bar products.Book with Evan!!! More...


Aisha C.

29 December 2016

I had a wonderful experience here. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about their craft.


Lucrecia A.

27 December 2016

I came here for the 1st time and I love how the stylist did an amazing job with my hair. I've been to many salons, but this one is my new salon. It's a comforting place and all ladies there are very kind and also nice. I recommend this place to everyone who like to go here and get their hair done or for some, to get their make up done. YOU LADIES ROCK!!!!!! I'll be coming here for now on. More...


Heide S.

20 December 2016

I've been here a couple of times and have to say that Noelle is awesome! She's super friendly and great at what she does :)


Becky B.

19 December 2016

Beautiful place! It was VERY busy as they had lots of ladies there, me included, there to get hair and make up done for Christmas parties. My time started very late - half hour late. But, they were able to finish me up only ten minutes late. The two girls who did my hair and make up did a great job! I was very happy with my look! More...


Sheila A.

18 December 2016

Have been here several times and always loved the results for the hair blow out with curls. Customer service is on point - even when I made a mistake in booking online. I thought I booked for 2 but actually only booked for 1 person. They were able to squeeze us both in for hair and make up. More...


Jeannie L.

16 December 2016

This place is so great!! Really good hair makeovers that last all day. Highly recommend


Brandy R.

13 December 2016

Kristen worked quick and was really nice! She washed and gave me a blowout with curls in less than 30 minutes. Since I hate getting my hair done, quick is the best way. I'd definitely go back! And the salon is so cute too! More...


rup s.

27 November 2016

Love it.  Looked fab and the curls were awesome. They do a very good job.  Listened to what I was looking for and did exactly that without over using products.  Clean and decent prices.  Accommodated me immediately. More...


Justine M.

6 November 2016

Overall I am very pleased with my experience. Easy online booking and confirmation with clear description of services. My appointment which was scheduled to take an hour took less than that. In love that they used Bumble and Bumble for hair and good makeup products too. Friendly staff, clean cute facilities. I would definitely use them again for my next event. More...


Mary J. M.

4 November 2016

This was my second time here and the second time Stephanie did curls for me. The fist time she did harley Quinn with a flat iron for Halloween and I got TONS of compliment. And today I got traditional barrel curls. I just love the girly vibe here and I love the glass of champagne they always provide. It is a very lux (and affordable) treat for yourself. I will defiantly be back and I'd defiantly recommend Stephanie. She's awesome. Thank you!!!  -Nurse Mary More...


Jamie Grace H.

5 October 2016

As an artist I'm pretty particular about who does my hair. But sometimes when I'm traveling my hair starts looking sad haha and I have to take a chance. So glad I did! The staff was really kind, Brittany did great with my hair and the salon is gorgeous.This salon seems to be in a predominately Caucasian area so I was a little apprehensive at first. Gotta make sure they've worked with AA hair! :) I am black however my hair isn't what you may assume, it's very fine and has more wave than curl. Brittany's versatility was great and finished my hair within an hour. I will definitely be back if I'm in the area! More...


Nicolette L.

3 October 2016

I love Blo Out Lounge. I love the quality of service, the not snobby pushy team, and the country music :) They saved my life for the Emmy's. Locally owned and great and quality service is what I like! More...


Pennie L.

1 October 2016

I absolutely love this place, I have been coming here since the first week it opened!The products are awesome and leave your hair smelling amazing. The appointment typically takes a little over 35-40min ( I have a lot of hair so it takes a little longer). The only problem I have is when I went yesterday they had a little sign posted that if you have hair longer than your bra strap then they will charge an additional $10-15 if they are using a hot iron and an additional $20 if you have a lot of hair and they will be using a hot iron. First off the amount for the blow out is $35 and an additional $10 if you are doing an up do, so now they want more on top of that if you are using a hot iron? That's ridiculous and It will definitely deter me in the future if I know I need them to curl my hair. Other than that, the lounge itself is clean, professional, and convenient! More...


Krissy Griselda C.

1 October 2016

I love this blow out place, I wish we had one where I live. The staff is always friendly and I always leave with great looking hair. Thanks


Alexander F.

29 September 2016

Took my wife here to get her hair blown out and let me tell you the service is top notch. All the ladies are very helpful and knowledgeable. Keaton was training Victoria and she was doing such a great job. Usually you don't want to have the trainee do you hair but this was the exact opposite. Victoria did a great job and my wife was happy with her blow out. I will definitely be sending my wife back for future hair needs. Plus who doesn't like a mimosa while you wait. More...


Chris n' gel S.

16 September 2016

Sylvia is great! I had hair and full makeup done by her. I felt bad I came in 10 min late ( my appt was at 1pm). I prewashed my hair at home she got me started ASAP and did a great job on styling soft curls on my short hair.. she did my makeup and did an awesome job on my face and eyes. I'm picky with my makeup but she did a great job on capturing my style.. I asked for smokey glittery eyes  and she did exactly that. ( photo provided) nude lips to complete it all. Sylvia was also very patient especially I had my toddler w me. More...


Hailey J.

9 September 2016

My review is solely for Samantha. She is amazing and takes great care of her clients. She throughly washes my hair and gets it so clean! She is able to blow dry  and flat iron my super thick long hair in less than an hour! Not to mention my hair lasts a week!I also recommend Sarah! She is also great! More...


Jasmine M.

2 September 2016

Excellent, accommodating customer service. Talented, friendly hair stylists and makeup artists. I highly recommend this place.


K M.

23 August 2016

I come here for every engagement that I have and I always book Bryttani for my hair. She's amazing and easy going. Does what I ask every time.


Yesenia N.

1 August 2016

Love Blo Out lounge... I started going there 6 months ago and I am addicted :)))) love the different stylist and make up artist. Truly talented.


Jessie S.

20 July 2016

I was a model today for Alyssa, I can say that my experience with her was beyond anything I have ever experienced. Very kind, very sweet, and her communication was light years beyond any other stylist I've ever had. We talked through out the whole thing about different points of views on life, family, friends, interests. She has a very light touch and for someone who has a VERY sensitive head to almost feel nothing but bliss is something very new. I know I will be coming back here as a client and asking for her! More...


Estella R.

19 July 2016

I can always count on looking great after leaving this salon. Just had surgery on my shoulder & am unable to move it. I made an appointment to get my hair washed & styled. I loved the way I looked & so did my husband. I will continue to come here, as needed & will recommend this salon to all my friends. More...


Alexia M.

17 July 2016

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Fantastic service, they got me a same day appointment, and they did a fantastic job!!! Anytime I have an audition or industry meeting I will  go to them to get my hair and make up done again! Clean facilities, and it was a lot of fun! Awesome decor as well! Their prices are more than fair, I was actually expecting it to be more. More...



24 June 2016

Can't miss this shop with its hot pink awning. Super convenient and reasonable pricing. I had Selena and within an hour, my ultra heavy hair was full of volume and shine. She worked her magic with a hairdryer she pulled down from the ceiling (literally) and an abundance of quality bumble and bumble products. Will definitely be coming back! More...


Jenn K.

16 June 2016

I suck at doing anything with my hair, so if I ever want to feel pretty and want something different, I go to the pros! I wanted soft curls for my normally long straight hair for a special event I had. I booked an appointment online and chose Christina (purely based on her name!) I am SO impressed with her! My curls came out exactly how I wanted them and they even lasted more than 48 hours! I have never gotten so many compliments before. Christina was super nice and quick. It took probably 20 minutes! I will def be back! More...


Natalie M.

10 May 2016

For family pictures, both my daughter (8yrs old) and I came for "just curls". Both stylists did an amazing job!


Diana O.

8 May 2016

Love this place.  Their stylists really respond well to your requests.  Really appreciate that they want their clients to leave satisfied with their blow out experience.  Gina is awesome but really can't go wrong with any of their stylists. More...


Melissa C.

30 April 2016

Appointment were easy to make online. We arrived and everyone was on time and professional. We got the free lashes for checking in on Yelp. Two happy customers for this establishments hair and makeup services!! Would definitely recommend. More...


Sio G.

27 April 2016

keaton slays seriously she slays. my hair is so beautiful thx bb. She also slays at makeup like really slays. I once got my hair done at a different salon and I cried for days because it looked so awful. Never go anywhere else. Ever. You will regret it because like I said Keaton slays. More...


Deb S.

26 April 2016

My review is about 4 weeks late! Listen you really need to experience the Lounge! I was lucky enough to have Monique to glam me up! She's a sweetheart, genuine and talented. I would definitely ask for her when making an appointment. Evan helped me check out and she was great as well friendly and attentive. More...


Sara E.

15 April 2016

Best Blow dry I've had in years. I like a casual "not done" look. No one asked "did you have your hair blown out today?" They just said, "Wow your hair looks nice."


Jessica G.

4 April 2016

I've been a loyal customer for years. The setting is gorgeous and the quality of workmanship is second to none. I have had my hair done by a few women and they are all wonderful. I LOVE this place!!!


Alice J.

24 March 2016

A lovely chain salon that does blow out and offers other services, though my sense is the main service is blow out. Self-pampering time that won't break the bank. Fast service. Reasonably good result (blow out). Nice funky decor. Easy to book online. Unlike another girl who said in her review she was charged $10 extra because of the length of her hair, I didn't get charged extra which is good. My hair is very long (waist length). More...


Meg B.

22 March 2016

The last time I went in they told me at the very end (while I was paying) that they will be charging me 10 extra dollars because of the length of my hair! I still love this hair salon a lot but that should've been mentioned to me before the blow dry process started! I get that I have a lot of hair and its long too and probably really annoying to blow dry! But that's why I come to a salon when I want my hair straightened for an event. But I read nothing about charging extra if your hair is longer. Plus if it was a new policy, it was not mentioned by my stylist or the owner ( who complimented the length of my hair when she walked by) so it was a bit of a turn off! More...


Lynnette R.

8 March 2016

I've been a customer is the Blo Out Lounge. It's always been a great experience. Best Blo bar in Pasadena!


Abbey Z.

6 March 2016

Great cute place. They do amazing blowouts! Deanna did my daughters blow out so beautifully. Definitely recommend!


Denise H.

27 February 2016

Super good job!  Lots of compliments on my style!


Katie M.

13 February 2016

The BloOut Lounge is one of Santa Clarita's best simple pleasures. It's amazing how one of their blowouts can transform your day.


Dina D.

13 February 2016

This salon is amazing!   All the girls are professional and very talented.   The owners Sandy and Theresa are wonderful!   Noelle does my makeup and hair and makes me look gorgeous every time!   I can't imagine my life without the Blo out Lounge! More...


Tiffany D.

6 February 2016

Adrienne was super sweet! I felt like she gave me a head transplant. I look like a mess! It was nice to come in with mind you a 5 min last min call especially on a Friday and hear that you guys had time. 45 min later i come out with curls sexy hair that my man loved! Thank you for the rescue! Totally coming again! More...


Brenda S.

2 February 2016

I leave everything to the last minute and I called a few places around Pasadena that would take a walk in but they all said no. I was almost discouraged, but I'm glad I called to ask if they had any spots available because they did! Evan, was really polite and welcoming. She was able to find me a spot for a blow out and make up. I had less than 2 hours before my senior portrait shoot and I wanted something natural looking. Wendy did a fabulous job with my hair, she knew better than I did what to do with my hair. And Christy (sorry if i spelled that wrong) did an AMAZING job with my make up. From my past experiences, whenever I tell them I want something natural looking they end up caking make up on me and I end up rubbing half of it off. But she contoured my face and used this delicious smelling foundation that was exactly my color (mine doesn't even do that).I will be going back and have recommended the place to my friends. More...


Samin D.

29 January 2016

I still love this place. I have been back, all of the stylists are great. I even purchased a membership! Not only is the service great but it is super convenient.


Luisa m.

24 January 2016

Best service in town.I can always count on Blo Out Lounge's friendly, efficient, and talented ladies to get me ready for any event, from date night, to work events to important Galas. I can't express how satisfied I am every single time I use thier services. More...


Gabrielle V.

12 January 2016

I have been to the Blo Out Lounge in Valencia multiple times and am never disappointed. Excellent customer service, quality trained stylists and love the products they offer for hair and makeup. Always leave smiling and looking forward to my next visit. More...


Narine S.

11 January 2016

I frequently go to the Blo-Out Lounge and love it!  The staff is extremely nice and do they amazing work.  I always get compliments on my hair when I get my hair done at the Blo-Out Lounge.


Lisa E.

10 January 2016

I've been going to Blo Out Lounge for two-years. Each experience has been extremely positive. The hairdressers and the make-up professionals  are  amazing!!!


Natasha S.

23 December 2015

I just had my hair blown out by Stephanie, and she did a phenomenal job! She asked what style I had in mind before we started, and asked how much product I was comfortable with her using. I thought this was so considerate, because there's nothing worse than paying for a blowout, only to have it get greasy and weighed down by product a couple of days later. She was so much fun to talk with, as well. I only wish I lived locally so I could get my hair done here more often! I will definitely be back the next time I'm in Valencia. More...


Bree E.

16 December 2015

I came here on sunday to get my make up done for some holiday photos I was doing, and Katrina did an AWESOME job! it looked perfect and came out exactly how i wanted it. she was very kind and super chill and listened to the kind of look I described and my pictures came out perfect. The photographer didn't even have to edit my face or anything; she made me look flawless! If you're looking for a good make up artist, definitely go to Katrina. More...


Sona G.

13 December 2015

Love love love this place, the space is beautiful and the talent is perfect. I've had my hair and make up done a few times and Always worked out perfectly


Shannon J.

6 November 2015

I was really impressed with my whole experience at Blo Out Lounge. The entire team was super courteous and took time with my hair and specific needs. I have thick, curly 3c African American hair and I had never been to a blow bar because I didn't think they'd get my hair straight enough. Keaton, the stylist did awesome and even gave pointers to other staff members on how to straighten my type of hair the best. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a great look in a timely manner from a caring, friendly staff. More...


Lisa M.

3 November 2015

I am a blow out snob. I haven't washed my own hair in over 10 years. I'm always on the hunt for a good blowout place at a reasonable price. I love this place and come in every week. I love that I can make an appointment and almost everyone does an amazing job. The service is friendly and fun. They do make up and lashes. The owner is sweet. And the prices are good.Also, I just tried the eyeshadow from their new makeup line 8th Sin - I have the Indolent eyeshadow pallet with whites, and rich warm grays (light to dark) and it is FANTASTIC! It's hard to find a white with enough pigment to provide a more solid coverage and this one is perfect. I'm anxious to try more things they come out with with if they are as good as the shadows. More...


Ruth H.

24 October 2015

Just got my hair done by Stephanie I love it. She did an amazing job. Super nice and sweet definitely coming back


Kellie O.

14 September 2015

I go to Blo Out lounge all the time and the girls are super professional, fun and engaging! I love their service and they always do a good job!


Maryanne M.

15 August 2015

I came here before engagement pictures for hair and make-up! My favorite part of the whole process was interacting with Noelle who did my make up... She was super sweet and did an awesome job!It was my first time getting my makeup done so I was apprehensive that it be too much or too dramatic but it turned better then I could have hoped for. They clearly know what they're doing here... I said natural and got just that =) My hair was also crazy shiny and smooth after the blowout so overall I felt glamorous and grateful. Major plus was I loved sipping on the complimentary mimosa and just about everyone there, including the owner, was kind and professional. I would come here again for another special occasion. More...


A B.

12 August 2015

Had a blowout done here a month ago before going to a party.  It was good. Well priced. Not the most amazing, but definitely easier than straightening my own hair.


Rhea B.

8 August 2015

My hair and make up looked great! Thank you Digna and Araceli! I'm coming to see you guys again soon for my baby shower :)


Daisy V.

5 August 2015

I came here awhile ago and saw Monique M. I definitely recommend her. I came in for a simple blowout and told her that she could do whatever she wanted with my hair. I needed some major TLC and she left me feeling great. Not only that but my hair lasted two days and I got constant compliments. Thanks again!! Ps. They use bumble & bumble products which I love! More...


Joshelyn A.

3 August 2015

I'm very pleased and thankful for the service I received. Everyone is so nice, courteous and very helpful. I came here after having a really bad skin reaction from threading the peach fuzz on my face for the first time the day before. By the time I got to the blowout lounge my face was swollen and super red in some areas to say the least. The owner who happened to be the one doing my make up that day went above and beyond what I expected. She immediately got her onsite skin specialist involved and started treating my skin as best they could considering the time I had to be ready for my event. My skin got so much better and the awesome job she did on my make up, specially my eyes, took away the attention from the blemishes on my face. Very glad I came here! Thank you for saving the day :) More...


Debbie L.

24 July 2015

First time going!Great decor and Jackie did a great job on my hair! They even offer complimentary drinks! Service is fantastic I would recommend


Pam T.

9 July 2015

I have visited this salon twice and am always impressed with the quality of the blow dry I receive. The products they use are very high quality.  The location is terrific.  Today I received a great blow dry by Keaton who I would return to again! More...


Val R.

26 June 2015

Last saturday I had another wedding to attend. Of course I wanted to look nice for the special occasion so I made an appointment with Annie.  She was great! she listened to what I wanted and did an amazing job.  I was  really pleased with my make up and I would definitely recommend Blo Out make up bar to others. I will be back! :) More...


Amber D.

18 May 2015

I'm new to this service and I'm in love. The atmosphere is relaxing and fun and the receptionist is such a sweet woman. Moony did my hair and it's simply perfection! She was so sweet and fun to talk to. I'll definitely be back!! More...


Autumn V.

14 May 2015

prom was on May 9th and I had NO idea I was actually going to go, so on the last minute I asked Digna if she can fill me in on an appointment and she did (it was more like I asked her to do both my hair and makeup free and I ended up getting an appointment instead lol)I was offered drinks and I got water in a really cute glass and some black tea.Sylvia did my makeup and she was so nice to me. I didn't really know what I wanted, so I just kinda showed her a picture of a girl with really good eyeliner and my dress and she worked off of that and she did a BOMB ASS JOB!! even when I was being really ambiguous and vague about what I wanted bc I couldn't articulate correctly what I did want, she totally got it without me explaining too much. I was so amazed at how good she put the eyeliner on me, especially since my eyelids are asymmetrical.Rebecca did my hair and she was super cool too! again, I didn't really know what I want, so I gave suggestions like "should I get curls? waves?" and I was going to get finger waves, but Digna suggested I get Kimbra-esque curl thing where the curls were more at the bottom, which I ended up liking a lot more!anyways, this was SUPER DUPER worth it and I looked like a totally different person (in a good way) and everyone at prom liked my hair and makeup! throughout I was still saying hi to people because they didn't recognize it was me. some guys who I used to have a crush on said I looked pretty and I was like "bye." haha, but thanks so much for making me look like an absolute angel!! More...


Oda A.

9 May 2015

Bryttani did my hair and makeup for prom, and I'm really pleased with the result. The atmosphere and service were great and I will definitely be back soon!


Monica S.

23 April 2015

Sasha and Nikki are amazing at what they do.  I have very thick and coarse hair and they both have left my hair looking fabulous.


Kylie P.

23 February 2015

I've gone to Sascha Nicole, Keaton, Rachael, & Danielle here. All were very friendly and did a great job. I got a blow out with the first three and an updo with Danielle that rocked and was done SO fast. I have no complaints. They listened to what I wanted and gave me better than that without being different from that. If you've ever gotten your hair done and wondered where your communication with the stylist went wrong, you know what I'm talking about. I've been here three or four times and I've never been unhappy with the result. The location is easy to access. The environment is very girly and fun - definitely not a place your bf would feel comfortable in so just send him down a few buildings to wait at the BJ's bar. They serve you mimosas or (if you're like me) a glass of champagne when you get there which is a nice touch - especially if you're stressing before a big event like I usually am! The products they use for the wash and for the blow all smell good without being overwhelming and I'm sensitive to smell so I'd be the first to hate that!I've never had my makeup done here but have had friends go here and they seemed to be happy. More...


Tiffany D.

16 January 2015

All of us ladies busy with life and getting things done don't always have time to get dolled up. And that's ok - that's where miracle places like the blo out lounge come in. I'd never gotten a blow out before, thinking it was a luxury for the richer. Then new years comes along, and my bestie and I wanted to commemorate the fresh start by stepping into the new year feeling fabulous, beautiful, fierce and bold. Well, that was me anyways. She asked to look classic, pretty, and romantic, but hey every girl's gotta work it her own way.Make your appointments well in advance for holidays. They booked up for new years 2-3 weeks ahead of time. If you're short on cash, you can come in and let them do your hair and do your own make-up, or visa-versa. I came in with my short hair freshly washed, and Digna (my superstar stylist) said there was no need then for the wash and blow out, and just charged me for the curls ($35 instead of $55). That was very kick ass of her to not just wash my hair to get a little extra buck. I didn't have a dress yet, and still Digna was able to fashion up the perfect mile-high coiff that somehow highlighted my pink highlights, made me look tall and fierce as heck, and made me feel like a rock star. Then she moved me to the make-up chair and gave me the most perfect glam rocker look -smoky, eye-opening, contoured, perfectly-color-matched, sparkly new years look. It was utter perfection. She was also nice enough to explain the products and how to do the techniques she had done so I could try to repeat it on my own (yeah right, but at least I have the knowledge if I dare try).When I learned that the hair and make-up was only $65 together, I vowed never to let an important  fancy event go by again without getting myself done up and just generally looking my best.The lounge itself is girly but not suffocatingly so. They give complimentary mimosas, and free refills. Hello! Pamper city! The dryers are cool and come off the ceiling. Everything is pink, tuffeted, mirrored, and so so glam. Every stylist I met had her own look, but could make you look how you wanted to. Don't be shy - help them help you.For parking, we parked in one of the Pasadena all day lots that are 90 minutes free, so we didn't have to worry about a meter and could sit and be princessed all day long, if need be.Once again, roll in as you, leave a badass queen, go and conquer your world. More...


Lupe V.

22 December 2014

Omg this this my "go to" place!!! Friendly staff!!! I come here to get my blow outs with Lynn... She is by far the best!!! Hands down amazing!!! She makes you happy and makes sure that you are satisfied!!! She definitely knows what she's doing! My daughter and I are so blessed we found her!!!! We are always happy with our hair... She works wonders! More...


Celina R.

13 December 2014

Just left the salon with a happy mother, first time ever coming to this salon. Thought it would be a good idea for my mom to have her hair done as part of her bday gift. It was so much fun. The receptionist was kind and they got her set up with Lynn, she asked my mom all kinds of questions about how she like her hair done? How much curl? She was sweet and made my mom feel comfortable. They served us Mimosa, right then and there they had me! I looked at their prices for other services and they're so well priced. For a wash blow dry and style it was 35 dollars. They do make up as well for a lil bit more but it's worth it! My mom left feeling fabulous and happy. Everyone was friendly and smiling. I wanna set my appointment there next time I have an event. More...


Bedelia A.

16 November 2014

I'd definitely recommend Blo Out Lounge!  I have long, thick, wavy hair.  Moony did my blow out and it lasted for several days.  I got tons of compliments on my hair.  It was well worth the money.  I can never get my hair as straight as Moony did, nor can I straighten it without it becoming frizzy within a couple hours. More...


Rachel F.

14 November 2014

Doing my hair stresses me out like you wouldn't believe so to avoid the frustration of getting ready for an important night, I made an appointment at the Blo Out Lounge. I came in with freshly washed, wet hair and got a blow dry and style ($29). It took about 40 minutes start to finish for my short hair. Samantha did a great job. I wish I had the time and money to do this everyday!It's nice to be pampered and stay stress free without breaking the bank. The only improvement would be a faster checkout. There wasn't a real sense of urgency to take my money and get me on my way and I was on a tight schedule. More...


Theresa S.

9 November 2014

Rhetoric did a beautiful job on both hair and make-up and I am super picky. I'm already headed back for holiday pics.


Gyna C.

7 November 2014

I have been a longstanding customer since the moment this salon opened. This is without a doubt my home away from home. I frequent the salon 2-3 times a week. There is one stylist and one stylist only who can hands down make anyone's hair look party ready regardless of the type, length, style or texture you have! And that lady is.......ARLYN, she is ten steps above the rest. ARLYN = Beautiful hair!!! Oh and by the way, her hair is incredible!!! It's always nice going to a hair stylist  who exudes the same passion on their hair as they do to there clients. 10 stars, Arlyn all day!!!!! More...


Shannon L.

7 November 2014

I absolutely love the Blo Out Lounge. I have been a customer since they first opened and will continue to frequent this establishment. All of the staff is very kind and welcoming while still being professional. I have been here for birthday parties, formals, homecomings and many other occasions. Every time they do a wonderful job whether it is with my hair or makeup. The staff is very accommodating and always offer you refreshments. If you don't absolutely adore your hair or makeup the stylists are quick to change anything to ensure you are happy. I have mix textured hair and am glad to know that the stylist know how to do my hair. I definitely recommend coming here for your next event. If you make an appointment I recommend Arlyn, Noelle or Digna, although all of the stylists are wonderful! More...


Holly A.

6 November 2014

I went for a "try-out" yesterday in anticipation for a special event later this month.  Brittany (I believe that's an incorrect spelling of her name) was sitting at the front desk, gave me a friendly greeting, and took me right in.  My hair was a little disheveled so I showed her a picture of how it should look.  I appreciate that she asked if she could use various things like product and a straight iron but since I have a Brazillian blow-out, it was not necessary.  My hair looked great when I walked out and it still looks great this morning!  I made an appointment with her for the day of my event.  I would give 5 stars but the rest of the girls who work there are not friendly. I expect that when I'm receiving a personal service and look someone in the face with a smile, I get one in return, even if they aren't providing the service. The girl at the front desk, who took my payment, was indifferent to my presence and didn't thank me for my visit.  Some customer service training is in order here. More...


Beca H.

3 November 2014

Although it took me 2 hours there, it was nice.  The first girl really didn't know how to do my hair as my hair is really thick and corse, but the owner saw I was not satisfied and not only had another really good hair stylist do my hair (Arlene) but gave me a discount. Really appreciated that. So I definitely will come back. I just can't give it 5 stars yet because of the long period. But will try it again and then rate. :) More...


Mandy R.

21 October 2014

Absolutely love the Blo Out Lounge !! I'm there once a week and can't say enough about the amazing service I receive while I'm there . My usual stylist is Lynn who does an amazing job every time taking the time to make sure I'm styled to perfection ! I've also had my hair done by Brittany and Sam who are also great . Annette has done my daughters hair and also did an amazing job with her . The blo out lounge is always very clean the girls are all friendly and I'm always offered water or something to drink upon arrival . Another thing I really like is that it's not a gossipy salon like some others . I never hear the girls gossiping about the clients or each other . The owner is very friendly and I think she has done an amazing job of putting together a great staff of very talented hair stylists and all around friendly group of young ladies . Whatever she is doing it's working because this place is on point ! I'm hooked and I always recommend this place to people who ask me what I use to curl my hair ;) More...


Amanda L.

14 October 2014

Blo Out Lounge is wonderful! The salon was extremely accommodating and professional. I got the privilege of having the artist Anet do my hair and make up for a competition, she made me look fabulous. She is so talented. I was really happy with my look. Blo Out Lounge is the BEST salon around, if you want to look your best for an event come here, you will leave very happy & look beautiful! More...


T L.

8 October 2014

Great atmosphere, amazing service and comp drinks. Great mother daughter day or GNO! Styling $35 and makeup $35


Nicole W.

8 October 2014

I was recently a bridesmaid in a wedding and knew immediately that I wanted to book with Blo Out Lounge as I have been impressed by them in the past. I booked for hair and airbrush makeup with Sam H. Not only did she come in early to accommodate the time I needed to be ready for the wedding but she was so sweet and listened to what I wanted. I have fine blonde hair and stylists tend to want to use a lot of products and hair spray in my hair which weighs it down and causes all the curl to come out. When I asked Sam not to use any products and assured her the curl would hold she didn't even hesitate to trust me and said "you know your hair better than I do". I brought in pictures from Pinterest to show her what I wanted and she did an absolutely fantastic job! My makeup also looked amazing. I got a ton of compliments. I would definitely recommend Blo Out Lounge and will be going back for any future events that I have! More...


Lily G.

7 October 2014

I have been coming into this salon for quite some time now. Absolutely love it! Everyone is friendly. I remember Teresa rescuing a puppy and she didn't have a collar so I thought I just have to go home and give her one that I had purchased even though I didn't have a dog myself but I had to buy it seeing It was a pink Oscar De Larenta one. Lol. I knew it would go someone special and it did. :) Thank you to all staff who always make me feel like a million dollars when I walk out and not breaking the bank! :) More...


D H.

21 September 2014

I had a wedding to attend in Valencia, and knowing I'm useless at doing my own hair and makeup, I made an appointment to have both done before the event.It was such a great overall experience! From the moment I walked in the door, I was well taken care of by the very kind and attentive receptionist. I was offered a refreshment, and when that went dry, it was refilled without even having to ask. It's a small thing, but also a wonderful thing.Moony did my hair for me, and girl knows what she's doing! I brought in a few inspiration photos, and she made a few suggestions to make small changes to my desired style based on my hair type, face shape, etc.  And she was totally right! By the time my hair was done (girl does WORK to get your hair to do what you want it to do. It looks like a killer upper body workout, while you're just sitting there, relaxed, sipping on a refreshment), it looked even better than I had imagined it could! I received so many compliments that night. I then moved on to Anet for my makeup. I again had some inspiration photos for that, but never thought my look would come close to that of a Hollywood movie star that has a team working on them for hours before a photo shoot. But within 35 minutes, Anet had duplicated almost exactly the look I brought, save for a few minor alterations she suggested based on my skin tone, eye color, etc. It was literally like watching magic happen on my face as she contoured, shaded and made my face look amazing. I was stunned I could look like that. And even though I most definitely looked very different than my normal minimal makeup look, I still looked very much like me. Anet managed to somehow capture my personality through makeup. I felt amazing the entire night, and like my hair, received soooo many compliments!What an overall amazing experience! Thanks so much to the entire team at Blo Out Lounge. More...


Mandy M.

17 September 2014

Great experience, great stylists !  Very clean... Reasonable prices.I will come again!!!


Tedda O.

7 September 2014

I had a great experience here. I love the salon... and I got great service. So much better than the 'yellow' salon


Jeannette L.

27 August 2014

I have very curly, long hair that takes patience to straighten.  I have always had a hard time finding someone that can straighten my hair where it looks good, no frizz, lasts a while,etc. I must say that the Blo Out Lounge has exceeded my expectations.  I have been here several times and have had several different stylists and I've been pleased every single time. What I like the best: 1. They do a GREAT job straightening my hair (without complaining) and 2. they don't charge an arm and a leg. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a place that will make their hair look beautiful, quickly without spending $100!Oh and they're great with make-up too! More...


Marie G.

26 August 2014

I had Annette, she was very nice and listened to what I wanted. If I didn't like it...she encouraged me to tell her and she would fix it. The receptionist was very nice and welcoming. We were offered something to drink when we checked in. I loved my up do. I will be going back! More...


Terri H.

11 August 2014

The best experience ever!   I have been to both locations of the Blo Out Lounge and have always been very happy with my blow outs. This time I needed an up-do for my nieces wedding. My stylist was Lynn and she was wonderful! She designed and created such a beautiful up-do that I was complimented all night long. When your hair is perfect...everything else falls into place. Thanks Lynn, and the staff at the Blo Out Lounge. More...


L T.

8 August 2014

I like this place! It's perfect for someone like me who really isn't that good at styling my own hair! I had Anet style my hair and she's great! Absolutely love her! Easy to talk to and she did an excellent job with my hair! She'll be my go-to when I need to get my hair done! More...


Jenna K.

3 August 2014

Still in love with the blo out lounge one year later. Last night I was going to the Beyoncé concert and Noelle did my hair and digna did my makeup. It was flawless, thank you blo out lounge! Will post picture! More...


Ann K.

18 July 2014

Loved it.  A wonderful way to treat yourself.  Nikki was great.  Will definitely go back.


V. H.

16 July 2014

I went here to get my hair and make up done for a 40th birthday dinner party.  Sarah did my make up and I loved it.  It looked glamorous but still pretty natural.  I think it was Amanda who did my hair.  I loved that too.  She wasn't too friendly, but my hair looked great so I guess that's all that matters.  I've already made two appointments for special occasions this summer. More...


Rebecca C.

15 July 2014

Made a reservation for this place a couple of weeks ago. I called the day of the appointment to see if they could squeeze my friend in who also wanted to try this place out, and the receptionist was very accommodating.Parking is a pain to find but we found a little public parking lot behind the building for $5. I loved the decor of the place- girly, chic, and classy. They offered us beverages! I had the mimosa and my friend had coffee. We had our hair washed first. I really enjoyed the head massage that accompanied the hair wash experience. Then, once you're seated back in your chair, the hair stylist dries your hair with a blow dryer that is suspended from the ceiling. I decided to go with the Waterfall Braids and it turned out gorgeous. I received many compliments during the night for the Waterfall Braids. I also had my makeup done here. The makeup artist was very nice and listened to what I wanted. I definitely spoke up if I didn't like a specific color or wanted something different. They mainly used the brand Too Faced at the makeup station. CHECK IN OFFER- FREE EYELASHES IF YOU DO BOTH HAIR AND MAKEUP. Overall, it was a fun experience. I would come back to get my hair done, but I think I could do my own makeup for future events. My total cost was $80. More...


Taty G.

2 July 2014

Araceli is my gal for makeup! She made my face pretty for an awards show and I LOVED the look. I brought in a magazine photo for reference. She rules.


Therese M.

28 June 2014

Maribel is the bomb.com she's sweet and professional but also very funny! Had a great time yesterday and my hair was perfect!! She did a pin set on me and it was so neat I loved it, I will always recommend her!! Oh and thanks for the mimosa haha More...


Carol-Ann M.

27 June 2014

I was incredibly happy with my experience at Blo Out Lounge. Amanda did my hair and gave me exactly what I asked for AND did it quickly! I was very impressed. Everyone was very professional and friendly. I came with my hair already washed and they did the 'shotgun' treatment. Love it!! More...


Allyson B.

21 June 2014

Just went to Blo Out Lounge for my first visit and loved it! Danielle gave me a gorgeous blow dry which came out exactly how I requested. Also, she was a total sweetheart. I will definitely be back! More...


Cindy V.

18 June 2014

LOVE this place.  I am a regular and would not miss one of my blow outs here.  I have a membership and there is nothing I love more than coming here to get my hair done. I feel so pampered.   I love all the ladies and I feel like Norm coming in to Cheers when I walk in.  You cannot go wrong with any of the ladies.  They all do a great job.  The owners Theresa and Sandy are wonderful too.  They give good customer service. More...


Megan S.

1 June 2014

Great blowout! I was turning heads on the street after walking out. And all the girls leaving when I walked in had great hair too. Can't remember the name of my stylist but she was pretty, dark hair, dark skinned and petite.  Atmosphere was nice and they use good products (B&B) More...


Theresa J.

7 May 2014

I Have been coming here since it opened and I love all the girls here. Everyone of them do a fantastic job. Arlyn is my stylist and she gives me the best care you could ask for. Not only are the stylist great, but the owners are very professional and give great customer service. I always look forward to my hair appointments weekly. They did my wedding two years ago and make me look fantastic.. I Love this place and all the girls...Theresa Jones More...


Tiffany S.

30 April 2014

I'm mixed with long thick hair and the stylists at this salon can usually get my blo-out done with shampoo in about an hour.  I thank Taschi for this great look :-). More...


Kristin B.

17 April 2014

Thanks Maribel and Sylvia for the great hair and make-up! came here hoping for walk-in availability and luckily they were able to squeeze me in for both hair and make-up even during busy prom season. i was attending a wedding that evening and wanted to get dolled up for the occasion. Maribel was great with my hair! I told her that i wanted curls and warned her in advance that my hair was super straight so she had some magic to work haha. she doused my hair with hairspray to make extra sure that my hair held the curls and glad to say that they looked spectacular all night long! i got numerous compliments at the wedding reception on how great my hair looked :)Sylvia also did wonders with my make-up for the evening! i usually don't wear any make-up so i told her that i wanted a more natural look and she delivered! she was so much fun to chat with as well during the make-up process. i was super pleased with how my make-up turned out. i still looked like myself but just a little bit done up haha. All in all i had a great experience here at the Blo Out Lounge. everyone was super friendly and accommodating. they were cognizant of my needs/wants and delivered on both the hair and make-up fronts. also i thought that service was overall really friendly. i got offered a drink, didnt have to wait long for my stylists and got greeted and complimented by all. no issues here and would come back for a special occasion if i'm in the area. More...


Mary C.

4 March 2014

I just love this place!  I came here on my birthday last year cuz I had a Groupon for a blow out and airbrush makeup application.  I loved every minute of it!  My hair and makeup looked amazing!  I am interested in taking their makeup application class so I can learn how to apply my makeup like they do........ More...


Ana Z.

25 February 2014

Arlyn is amazing! I go here a lot and she is my go to person :) She always listens to what I want and makes my hair look fabulous! :)) Great customer service as well! GIrls are always helpful! More...


Amanda H.

25 February 2014

Love this place! Definitely my go-to spot when I need my hair did when I'm in LA.  All of the gals are fun and do good hair.  Plus they get you in and out of there lickety-split. For best results, make an appointment in advance. I've had no trouble making one in the AM for a PM appointment. More...


Janet C.

8 January 2014

Saw this place yesterday and made an appt for first thing the next day. Loved it! Very clean and professional. Booked a monthly membership.


Kristen B.

12 December 2013

Fun place ! Love bumble and bumble products so was excited to see that's what they used. Samantha did my blow out and did an awesome job!


Nancy D.

27 November 2013

I became a member because their blo outs are always perfect.  Everyone is so nice.  It's like family.  I also love the makeup artists.  Perfect place to get you ready for the holidays. More...


C A.

20 November 2013

Had to find a place for hair and makeup as my hair girl was not able to do it. I friend recommended Blo Out Lounge as she had gone a couple of times. I was a little hesitant as it was a new place for me, to my surprise I loved it! make-up was just what i wanted, no too caky. My hair did not hold on as much as I would have wanted to, but my hair is very hard to keep curled. I will come back for a quick fix More...


Andrea B.

18 November 2013

I love, love, love this place! I go at least once a week- their membership makes it super affordable to do so. I've been to almost all the girls there, and they're all great. I particularly like Amanda, Ashley, Nikki, and Sara. I've never left there disappointed. Selma (the manager) is especially helpful, and Theresa (the owner) is very nice. I enjoy every minute I spend with these ladies! More...


Kelli L.

24 October 2013

THANK GOODNESS for AMAZING customer service!! NOELLE was just what I needed! I would like to say they have me now as a long time customer and I cant wait to return to try another style there!!! Thank you to Theresa and Sandy as well! More...


Jayda A.

3 October 2013

Thank you for contacting me Theresa & Sandy. I have decided to start my membership, after talking with you and missing the girls over the last month. I think that it was a big mis-communication. Glad that you both took the time to talk with me and let me know that I am appreciated as a long time client. I never got around to trying another blow out place-deep down I really didn't want to. You have the best stylists and I really love their work and the effort they all put it. Glad to be back. More...


Silvia M.

25 September 2013

I love the Blo Out Lounge in Pasadena! Not only great styling but amazing makeup. I am a Mac girl but have loved all the Too Faced products they use. I have tried several of their looks and I adore. They do book out on saturdays but I have had good luck on their wait list.They deserve my 5 stars! More...


Perique V.

9 August 2013

One of the best experiences i have had in a long time!! I had big work presentation at a restaurant near the beach. My hair never holds up there, it would have ended up in a bun before my presentation even began. I decided to get my hair done at the lounge and I can not wait for another excuse to go back!! Im already planning girls nights and even a date with my daughter! What a fun place! More...


Yvonne D.

22 June 2013

Had an excellent experience here and will be back again! The staff is so nice and accommodating. I made a last minute decision to get my hair done up for a work event and called ahead to see if they were taking any walk-in appts. Luckily they could fit me in 30-minutes later. Multiple people helped get me out the door in time and looking fabulous. I love Pasadena Blo Out Lounge's set-up because they have make-up here too. I wish I had the time to get both done. This is such an affordable way to get glammed up before any event/wedding/prom. More...


Natally M.

5 June 2013

Decided to come here with my sister because we needed our hair done for our graduation later in the day, so we were on a schedule. Made appointments, and were taken in as soon as we arrived. The place looks absolutely precious and feminine! My hair was styled by Annette and she was great! Simply showed her a picture I chose from pinterest. It was a beachy wave sort of look. She gave a great consolation and made sure throughout the process if it was what I was comfortable with. Loved the results and I'm definitely coming back! More...


Michelle Olafsson

26 May 2013

New address, this one is wrong.
24303 Town Center Dr suite #120


Rita S.

10 May 2013

I did my hair at the Blo Out Lounge. Cindy was great and  Knowledgeable. Great Staff. I recommend the Blo Out Lounge.


Mariam G.

6 May 2013

I am a huge fan of this place. The girls that work there are all very friendly. I have had a membership for a few months now, and I think it is worth every penny. I like that I can come in and almost every girl there knows how to give a great blo out. I love the decor, and the receptionists are all VERY nice. I have all great things to say. Love this place.  Parking is the only downside. I have to go really early to find meter parking or park in the structure. I got a ticket once at the meter because I was 2 min over. That is pasadena for you though More...


Kelly H.

7 April 2013

Overall experience was great -Front desk receptionist was really nice.  I walked in and immediately someone walked up and checked me in. My hair stylist - Monique - was recommended when I called the day before for my hair type.  She was done in about 45 minutes - did not rush but definitely knew what she was doing and my hair looked great.  I have pretty long, thick hair so I was amazed by how fast she was and it looked exactly the photo I selected. I walked into Sephora afterwards where there was a hair styling event and those stylists kept complimenting my hair.  Same for the event I went to later in the day.  Hair still looked wonderful all of the next day - just brushed a bit but still curly. Highly recommend - I chose because I tend to get upcharged once the salon sees my hair length so it was wonderful to have no surprises and to have someone who knows what she is doing. More...


Jodi P.

25 March 2013

Thanks Kat and Theresa at Blo Out Lounge... you saved the day! Drybar cancelled me for being 8 minutes late... they were downright mean! I called Blo Out Lounge and they managed to get me right in... and saved the night for me as I attended a formal event... hair looked great and i am so thankful... no need to look anywhere else! More...


Valerie S.

28 February 2013

I love this place, I have had my hair done twice and my make up once & was very happy both times. Cute, clean atmosphere & friendly owners.My only gripe is that they charged  more because my hair was long. Maybe I was just spoiled at Drybar where they charge a flat fee no matter how long your hair is. More...


Julia K.

6 February 2013

I know, I know, I'm a sucker for repeatedly great service....Lets start this with I am a wedding planner"...now you knowA week before a client of mine had her wedding at the Castle Green (MY favorite venue ever and literally two blocks from the blo out lounge), her soon-to-be mother-in-law called in distress as the wedding was a sunday morning pancake brunch (yes, it was awesome)...but her issue was that NO salons are open early Sunday Morning. I called the pros over at blo-out lounge and asked if they would be willing to open several hours early for a single hair/makeup appointment and explained the details. (The mother-in-law had been in an accident and had shoulder surgery on both shoulders...so lifting her arms to do her own hair was physically impossible for her).Not only did they accommodate my request, but they made Meredith (thats the now mother-in-law) feel welcomed and beautiful....she looked AH-MAZING.I recently sent in another bride for a hair/makeup trial- she was thrilled with their work too and was excited to book them....I am excited as well, because I know they do quality work and always come through for their clients!!!! More...


Petra S.

10 December 2012

I booked this place for a wedding I was participating in while down here. As the Maid of honor, I had no real time to do much for myself so I knew I would need help with my own hair. I was looking for Drybar's in the area but could only find them in LA and staying in Ontario, I didn't exactly want to be driving through traffic and possibly being late. I am so EXTREMELY happy that I found Cat! I told her what I wantred and explained the entire ordeal I was in and she handled everything else like a pro and knew exactly what I needed. She was really fun to talk to and gives a really great scalp massage. I explained I was having migraines from all the stress of last minute planning for my cousin in laws wedding and all the issues with the in-laws while there. She immediately went to work on massaging my forehead and neck area and even offered me a mimosa as I was getting my hair did. I decided to go with a half up do and a "pouf" which she made sure would stay in place with dozens of bobby pins. Cat did an AMAZING job in the end and my hair even had curl in it the next two days after taking my "pouf" down. Very reasonable prices about $35 starting. I HIGHLY recommend her and I know whenever I am down in LA again, I will ONLY go to see her! Thanks Cat, you're amazing and you saved the day for me! :) More...


Coleen Ann M.

1 December 2012

absolutely LOVE this place!  it's my go-to place any time i need hair & make up done.  the girls are always super sweet and how can you not love a place that always offers you a mimosa as soon as you get seated?!  for make up, i always go to MARY.  she does a fantastic job every single time - whether its natural, dramatic, or fun...she gets it all the time!  i wont let anyone else touch my face unless it's her!  not to mention she does amazing eyebrow shaping too!!  for hair, i go to ARLYN who is just the sweetest!  my hair gets flat fast, and she knows just what to do to keep it full volume and it can last an entire day!  thank you girls for always making me look good!!  =) More...


Alexis O.

20 November 2012

I had my first visit last weekend. All and all, it was a decent experience and I'll likely go back & try out their make-up services too. Unlike a few of the reviews on here, the receptionist who booked my appointment was super friendly. She asked me if it was my first visit and then said she'd set me up with one of their top stylists.I arrived on time and they told me that my stylist would be out in 5 minutes because she was finishing up lunch. No big deal. She was out under 10 minutes. I wasn't in there that long. I wouldn't say that I was wowed by my style, but it stayed in tact despite the rainy weather. I only had to touch up the front laster that day. In fairness to the stylist, that probably had more to do with my hair not holding a curl than her work. She did listen to me when I asked her to go easy on product, so I appreciated that. The only thing I didn't care for was how low my chair was. I don't need to stare at myself in the mirror or anuthing, but I really had no idea what my hair looked like until my stylist was done and handed me a mirror. Parking is a little bit of an issue for them. I'd recommend getting lunch or some shopping done in addition to visiting the salon, so you're not paying for parking just to get your hair blow dried. More...


Fashion N.

18 November 2012

Overall, Blo Out Lounge is amazing - the owners are very cool and flexible, and MOST of the stylists rock.  Here's a list of those who DO and those you should avoid like the plague! DO BOOK: Catalina, Arlyne, Katrina, Yvette, Noelle, GeraldineMAKEUP: Mary is the BESTDO NOT Book: Debbie or Nicole - they pull on your hair too hard, get water in your face when washing your hair, and don't know how to blow dry or curl properly.  I think they have potential, they just need major training.  Best scalp massage: Melissa, but she's not the best at blowouts - my curls came out the next hour. More...


Gabrielle V.

14 November 2012

I am always surprised when I see a less then great ranking for Pasadena Blo Out Lounge.  I have been here many times and am always impressed with the results.   The atmosphere is so fun, the prices are very resonable, excellent service and an overall pampered experience.  The idea that someone's hair was damaged is unheard of and quite frankly unbelievable.  The stylists are very well trained, the products are the best in the industry and they don't provide treatments that are harsh or harmful to hair.  If you want a great style that lasts, lovely makeup or your brows done ~ this is the place! More...


Vanessa G.

30 October 2012

Wonderful experience!! Got the Nanomex treatment and my hair looks amazing. Friendly, attentive staff and I left feeling like a queen. Can't wait to go back!


Michele C.

19 October 2012

Lil pampering was what I needed!! Great service very professional!! Loved it!! Sally great job on my hair, Mary awesome makeup!!


Anya H.

14 October 2012

This place is awesome!  I am blown away (excuse the pun) by their top notch customer service.  I was there last weekend getting ready for a wedding and they did an amazing job with both my hair and make up.  I usually am leery of getting my make up professionally done bc they tend to "over do it" and I leave anxiously waiting to wipe it off my face.  But I told the gal that my make up was for a day time event and that I wanted to look as natural as possible with both my hair and make up.  Mission accomplished..I was very happy.  While I was there I learned that they also do color touch ups.  I started noticing a couple grey hairs which made me crazy so I made an appointment for earlier today. I went in and this great lady named Yvette took a look at my hair and told me that she didn't see enough grey hairs that she felt I needed to incur the cost or the time to get a treatment.  She told me I could just get a color correcting product from Sally's at a tenth of the cost.  Wow! A customer service based company not only not gauging me for the upsell but even furthermore giving me good advice that will same me money and time  Doesn't get any better..well done.  I truly appreciate it and you have now guaranteed a long time customer and also a raving fan. More...


Brad W.

2 September 2012

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the girls that made me look wonderful for my brother-in-law's wedding (Jasmine, Gi-Gi) I received many compliments that night and all of because of the talented girls that helped me that day:) Not being from the area, everyone worked with my schedule and were able to accommodate my daughter and I.  I read other reviews on line and that positive feedback led me to Blo-out.  Theresa listened to what my wants were for my 3 yr old daughter's hair and made her look wonderful and soo cute. Her style lasted all day as the flower girl and then again in the evening as she danced the night away.  She took special care of us and I am very thankful...One happy, satisfied mom!!! More...


Joanne W.

21 August 2012

This place is great.  I'm from NY so my standards are high.  I was in town for a wedding and had to get my hair blown out one night and an updo the next.  I couldn't have been happier.  Even my make-up looked great.  I will definitely come back to visit when I am in town. More...


A R.

13 August 2012

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! Best blow out i have gotten in Pasadena!!! All the stylist are so friendly and accommodating. My hair and makeup is always exactly what i ask for! Did a Nano Max hair treatment on my hair and it made my hair sooooo soft and shiny. Valet parking is half off normal prices with validation and parking is free before 11am. Some fav stylist are: Araceli, Maribel and Yvette ..... Makeup by Gigi and Mary. THANKS BLOW OUT LOUNGE!!!!!! More...


Luv T.

15 July 2012

Went back again for their Beach Party Blo-Out (it was one of the owner's birthdays so they were doing beachy hairstyles for free!) The place was packed due to the beach party special, but everything seemed to be running smoothly.  Everyone looked happy and all of their hairstyles looked great when they were leaving.Upon entering, I received a very warm welcome (like last time).  A girl told me where to sit, then got me a nice glass of juice (way to go on getting non-alcoholic beverage options)!!!  They also had some little sandwiches and appetizers today because of the party.  Yummy.I had Noelle.  She was AWESOME.  Super-friendly, paid attention to me so I felt like a princess, and did a great job on my hair.  You could tell she really wants you to be happy.  I was also impressed that a couple of minutes into doing my hair, another stylist had a little bit of extra time, so offered to come over and help.  She was also really gifted.  It was nice to get my hair done quicker and out of there looking fabulous! :-)  I was also impressed that the two girls still kept their focus on me and didn't do any of the "chatter" like last time. ;=) Great job, blow-out lounge - you have earned the 5 stars I knew you were so capable of!If you haven't been here yet, you've got to try it.  It is super-cute, they do a great job on your hair, and they are reasonably priced.Can't wait until the next time I can come in! More...


Kat M.

7 July 2012

I Love this place. Its totally adorable inside. Makes any girl feel like a Princess!In an ideal World, I would be here daily getting my hair and makeup done, however some A-hole accidently purchased my winning mega millions ticket lastweek. So no 85 Mill for me..Mary is the best make up artist ever. In the past when I have had someone do my makeup ( not here ) I have hated the results, they tend to make me look like a whore, but Mary is a skilled artist and doesnt overdo things, just makes me look like a better version of me.This is a must try for any Girl that needs a little pampering or has a special date. Very reasonably priced and soo much fun!!! More...


Melinda S.

27 June 2012

Headed  here with my mom and sister to prepare for a Friday night on the town. They squeezed in my mom last minute, which was pretty awesome considering how busy they were. The overall experience was extremely positive. I like getting my hair washed and snazzed up, and they delivered at a reasonable price. More...


Jess R.

31 May 2012

I've since been here a few more times, most recently for my wedding.I made an appointment to do my trial hair and makeup first.  i showed the woman who was helping me book my appointment, one of the owners, pictures of what i had in mind, and she paired me up Noelle.Noelle did an amazing job!  She looked at the images I brought in for inspiration and nailed it, both hair AND makeup.  I left feeling amazing and beautiful, and I knew that I'd be back to do my day-off hair and makeup, which was an up-do and airbrush makeup.Fast forward to wedding day, I came back with 5 other women, and they did a phenomenal job on all of us.  I of course worked with Noelle again, and she asked me a few questions to follow up how the hair and makeup lasted after my trial day.  We talked about a few things, and she improved even more on what we had previously done.  A note on airbrush makeup - I rarely wear makeup.  I wear it about 5 times a year  I was worried that the airbrush makeup would look thick and unnatural, but it was not the case at all.  I encourage you to try it in your trial if you are on the fence!!  I was really stunned at how great it looked!  (Tip, do your trial hair and makeup maybe on the same day that you do engagement pics!)I felt gorgeous all day and night.  After I left the salon, all I had to do was throw my dress over my head and I was good to go.  Really, that was it.  And I looked awesome.  My mother, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids also looked phenomenal!  They all commented on how much they enjoyed the salon and experience, and I liked that they all tried something a little different than what they usually do.  (apologies to whoever had my mom, i'm sure she talked your ears off.)Here's the thing with the salon...  Sometimes it can be busy and hectic, other times it can be quiet, slow and serene.  I came in once on a Monday for hair and it was really peaceful.  I came in on Saturday, wedding day, and it was a madhouse, but that really doesn't effect the work your stylist is doing on you.  They have a few televisions hooked up to Apple TVs, so there are always cute movies playing to keep you entertained.I like to park in the lot on Raymond, south of Colorado, and walk the two blocks up.  It's free for 90 minutes which is amazing, and you can hit Intelligentsia on the way back to your car, and show off your completed look to all of the cool kids that hang out there.I absolutely love it here.  They've always made me look unbelievable, and for the $35 they charge for a blow out, it is something I can actually do for myself regularly! More...


Jessica M.

21 May 2012

I've been to the Blo Out Lounge 4 times now and I have to say that I have been happy with my hair every time.  Yes, they do occasionally run a little late, but I've not had any big issues.  I love having a glass of iced tea or champagne and watching a girly movie while getting my hair made pretty!  Great job, ladies. More...


Patrycja L.

15 May 2012

I'm new to the area and needed a quick blo out, after reading the reviews about Blo Out Lounge I decided to make an appointment.  I was greeted at the door by one of the owners...she asked me if I wanted coffee/water and she proceeded to doing my hair.   The salon space is very cute and inviting, all the stylists seem sweet and polite which is nice because it indicates that they like their job and working environment.  I REALLY liked my blo out, I've been back 3 times (in the past month) and I have to say that I will remain a loyola customer. More...


Jennifer V.

29 March 2012

i have been to this salon a couple of times for make-up and eyebrow shaping with Mary. I couldn't believe how Mary transformed me in less than an hour. The makeup she applied was flawless and light. I received so many compliments that night. You can bring in eyelashes or they have some there for purchase. I only get lashes if it's a special occasion. I wasn't sure how i wanted my makeup, but she asked what I was wearing that evening and how I was going to have my hair. I was blown away by her skills, I am definitely sticking with Mary. I love that they are very digital. Once you book an appointment, they e-mail you a notification with the price. After your service, they send you a receipt via e-mail. The price is reasonable too. The staff is so nice, and they offer you refreshments as soon as they see you. The salon is so cute, it's pink with a ton of sparkle. I love coming here. More...


MaryLou V.

23 March 2012

I've been a client of the Blo Out Lounge essentially since they first opened a year ago. I was brought in through a Living Social voucher and after my first visit with Noelle, I was an instant loyal client. Not only are the stylists SUPER friendly but the owners are very professional, friendly and caring. They really make you feel appreciated and welcoming. I had been to Dry Bars (a couple locations) and the Blo Bar (W Hollywood salon) and this lounge definitely stood out from them with their remarkable staff. I felt that the staff at those other lounges were not happy or something because it was a shitty experience in both places. Here, at the Blo Out Lounge, everyone seems so happy and nice! How could I not become a member?- for $100 you get 5/6 blowouts throughout the month. I sure don't like to do my hair much but I love coming here and getting pampered with a great ambiance and company. As soon as you come in, they always offer me something to drink and sit me down to get a feeling of what look i'm going for. The stylists are really professional and know exactly what products to use to have your hair feeling like silk. I could speak for almost all of them because the five that have touched my fair have always done a great job- I've been attended by Gigi, Noelle, Cristina, Kat, and Sonia. My favorite is Gigi because she has similar hair like mine (well hers is prettier) so she knows exactly what to do to make my hair look like a million bucks! I can seriously go on and on raving about this place and her, I totally love it here! They have great customer service, friendly staff and your hair always comes out looking great. I've also had makeup done here by Gigi and that comes out great too! She really listens to your style and accentuates your style. I love love love her service. As for the salon, it is super adorable with pink madness going on everywhere, a girly girl's pampering place for sure! As for parking, there is a structure that provides parking for free for 90 minutes. The Blo Out Lounge in my experience is very prompt with their appointments so I never pay. But even if you do exceed the 90 minutes, it's only $2. There is also parking on the street but make sure you bring change because the ticketing ppl monitor the meters frequently. Once when I parked in the street, the owner was so sweet and put coins in my meter :) So all in all, this place is a total gem! It's super affordable, the best stylists are here and they are all so friendly, this place is a keeper for Pasadena. I'm sure if you come, you'll become a loyal customer for sure. More...


Norma M.

20 March 2012

Made an appointment, told them I had a time crunch because I'd be on lunch and was taken in as soon as I arrived.  That's a huge plus for me.  Everyone was super friendly.  When I was done, I paid and left.  I felt strange because I'm not accustomed to having my all nice and pretty.  I received a ton of compliments.  It was drizzling that night and my hair didn't frizz.  The next morning it was still in tact.  Fabulous.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the girl who styled my hair.  It's worth the $35. More...


L L.

3 March 2012

This place is very efficient. It's relatively close by and is decorated very prettily. The owner is professional and pleasant to talk to. The staff are friendly and skilled. I've been here a handful of times now and have had a chance to try out a few different staff. The plan was to try out different staff every time to find out their styles. However, I must say that every time I've been here I've had great results! Is it even possible that it gets better each time?! Starting from nice, to good, to better, and even better now...Only this last time my hair looked great at first, exactly what I wanted, and then fell completely flat by the time I was taking family photos. A little bummed about that but it was a few hours in between the styling and the photo session. Not sure if it would account for it falling completely flat though! I mean, no curl, no volume at all. I hope that was the exception to the rule. I had to curl it again myself. But anyhow, I've already booked 4 more appts with them for upcoming events. Yes I love it that much. And I would usually add the makeup refresher so that I'm not completely bare faced. One time I did have the full makeup but felt uncomfortable all day long. That's my fault, not theirs, because I don't usually wear makeup. I must add that they are very friendly. I've only done 9am appts thus far but always arrived 15 minutes prior. So as you can imagine the staff are still just arriving and I have to wait a little bit. The girls at the front desk would always offer me a drink, a magazine, and a seat! So nice. So there you have it. They deserve my 5 stars! More...


Bee H.

2 March 2012

The rating is actually 3.5 stars.I've been to a similar establishment at the W Hotel in Hollywood where they specialize in blowouts.  This review is a comparison between the two.  I think my blowout from the W one lasted longer than the blowout from here.  I also liked that the stylist there explained all the products she used on my hair and why she was using them.  Price wise, both salons are the same.  However, I give extra .5 star to Pasadena Blo for having staffs with NO ATTITUDE (everyone was friendly and professional).  Try to avoid the weekends here because it's a mad house.  Weekdays are much better option if you can make it before they close.  Lastly, try to be very specific about what you want, how you want it, and have realistic expectation.  This is more of a quick stop for polished look rather than a full-on-hair transformation.  For that I suggest an actual salon. More...


W L.

18 February 2012

I got bridal makeup done here for me and my 4 bridesmaids for my wedding.  It was a packed day but they were able to fit us all in and provided us mimosas and a nice table to set up the sandwiches I had delivered from across the street. They did a great job overall with everyone, though I think the girl who did my make up may need a little more practice doing Asian eyes, but after additional tweaking, we finally got it right.  Overall, a very stylish place and perfect for girlfriends (or bridesmaids!) More...


melissa D.

5 February 2012

I have walked past this cute little beauty lounge many times and finally I saw a groupon, so I had no excuse not to try it out. I am so glad I did! The lounge itself was super cute, but the service was excellent. The girl who did my hair was very friendly, but not overly pushy. She could tell I just wanted to relax and didn't try to make small talk just for the sake of talking! My hair looked great and actually got 3 compliments on my way back home!  I will definitely be back! More...


Nicole C.

23 January 2012

I walk by here all the time but it wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I finally came in. I called on a Thursday and got an appointment for Friday morning. The woman who answered the phone (the owner I believe) was so friendly and incredibly helpful. I asked for the blowout with volume and big waves, something very similar to the stylist's look. What I got was just that! I absolutely loved the look and the blowout lasted for 2 days. As for the salon itself, it was super cute with all the pink and the blow dryers hanging from the ceiling. Pricing was very reasonable for what you get. I'll definitely be back! More...


M. B.

12 January 2012

I absolutely LOVE this place!!!!  It's so girly and contemporary with reasonable prices.  The atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly.  I was surprised that Digna, my Stylist, was able to get my hair really straight considering I have African American hair and usually only go to a Black Salon.  She took her time blow drying my hair and then flat ironed my hair thoroughly (even up to the roots...lol).  I have been going to Digna ever since and have saved lots of time and money.  Thanks Digna!!! I recently had Digna do the Concen-Straight service on my hair.  I was really happy with the results.  I have not had a perm in years.  I was a little hesitant to have it done because I worked so hard getting my hair healthy and getting rid of breakage from the perm.  Digna explained the product  and answered all my questions...so glad I did it!   My hair still needs to be blow dried and flat ironed but doesn't take a lot of work as before.  It feels like a perm but doesn't have the damaging effects of it.  Best of all, the frizz is pretty much gone!  Before, curls would go so fast but now it stays.  My hair also looks more silky.  :) More...


Lark F.

3 January 2012

Top notch! I had a blow out with jasmine and she was great. Gave me exactly what I wanted. When she was done I noticed that my roots were still a bit damp and so i asked her to dry some more and she did without any attitude or grief. Great service, cute location, and of course perfect hair! More...


Pateel C.

3 January 2012

Ever since I spotted this little shop, I had been dying to try it, so when they had the Groupon I was extremely excited. I went in on December 31st and this place was poppin'...considering the day totally makes sense. The place is so freakin' cute! It's like a every little girl's dream..pink, rhinestones, blow dryers hanging from the ceiling like magic. They also give you a beverage while you wait..non-alcoholic or alcoholic. While I was waiting to get my hair done, I got to see all these women come in and to get their hair done and they all looked so great. My only qualm is that I wish I had a better idea of what I exactly wanted. My hair looked good, but like anytime you get your hair done, I feel like it's always better to have an idea of what you want. My groupon came with a hot towel wrap, which I did not get, but I didn't say anything considering how busy they were (my bad). Overall, I would totally come here again for a occasion that's special enough to get your hair done for without spending an arm and a leg. More...


S C.

26 December 2011

I had a great experience here for my birthday bash.  Sonia did a fantastic job working with my hair and giving me pointers about some of my extensions.  I think she was skilled and fun and I am completely considering getting a package.  I love the look and decor of the place and I drank one too many mimosas.  I also got my makeup done by Sonia.  She did a good job, but I think I was more impressed with her hair styling than her makeup.  The salon only using bumble and bumble which I'm ok with, but I definitely like other products more so it would be nice if they expanded a little.  As for the makeup, they have airbrushing which is cool but they use Coastal Scents for most of their "colors" which I think is sort of on the cheap end (or at least, I have better quality stuff in my own house).  So, I think if they expand their selection, they can gain a star.For the money, I think its a pretty good deal.  I read from the other reviews that they have groupon or yelp specials and I'm totally snagging one of that's the case! More...


Tmoney H.

18 November 2011

I absolutly love this place!  I have super curly hair, tight ringlets (Im mixed) and I always leave looking sleek and shiny!  I go to either Digna or Noelle and am happy everytime.  The ambiance is great, you can have a coctail while you are getting beautified!  I have recommended The Blo Out Lounge to many of my friends and will continue to do so! More...


Marina S.

13 November 2011

Loved this place!!! Bought a groupon for airbrush make-up, lashes and a blo out... It was my husbands 50th birthday bash yesterday so I made an appointment and headed in to see how it would turn out.The place is super cute and evryone there is soooo friendly!!! I loved the fiendly feel :) And I left feeling super cute with my hair all cute and my lashes! Thanks guys! I will be back for sure! More...


Wendy R.

27 October 2011

Cutest place, very friendly staff and great service! Noelle does awesome blow outs. Only suggestion is they need more shampoo bowls. I have recommended to all my friends! More...


Christine W.

25 October 2011

Mimosas, hair and make-up.  What a great way to spend an afternoon getting ready to go out.  They did a wonderful job.  I can't wait to go back!


Rachel O.

22 October 2011

Fantastic.  Fit me in and had a few stylists work as a team to get me out on time. Easy, and it looks great. Thanks, Sandi, Christina, & the team.


Ivania S.

11 October 2011

To lazy to blow dry my own hair, I called Blo Lounge on Saturday and got no answer! But luckily I remembered that you could book an appointment online. So I did and I was able to get an appointment for the following day. My Blo dry girl was Arlyn and she did a great job! You get a nice shampoo and blow dry all for $35 bucks! Can't beat that with a baseball bat! The other gal that I use to go to mind you would charge me 45 dollars and didn't go that good of a job. So Blo Lounge is definitely my new spot. And they also have a makeup counter where you can get your makeup done! So it's an all inclusive place where you'll come out looking like a million bucks! More...


Candice A.

10 October 2011

I recently signed up for the monthly deal they have.  I have long wavy hair that takes me a lot of time and sweat to style. I absolutely dread dong my own hair!  With the monthly deal I can come in every few days to have my hair done!  I feel very pampered and it is well worth the money!  I warn you though, I am spoiled now, I will probably never blow dry my own hair again.The staff is very, very sweet! Not snobby in any way.  I have been to a few other blow dry bars and this place has the friendliest staff!  The other places make you feel like they are too cool for you.  Blo out lounge treats you well and always offers a drink (in a glass not a plastic cup like the "other" places.)  All the girls are great, I signed up and pretty much gave everyone a shot at my hair.  They all did great, I have my favorites though!  If you are going to a special event make sure to let the girls know and they will make sure you have extra glamorous hair.They use all bumble and bumble products which is great! They also don't mind if you bring your own must have products with you.  They really listen to you when you say things like "not too much product on the roots," "volume on top," "use very little product." Park in the 90 min free parking off of raymond and green.  You just have to walk a couple blocks up raymond. But it beats searching for meter parking or paying $7 in the closest parking lot to the lounge.HTH! More...


Dream P.

4 October 2011

Super cute little place.  I have gone a few times now and for $35 bucks getting my hair done is a no-brainer before heading out for the evening!  They also offer complimentary drinks like mimosas or wine. More...


Alexandra C.

3 October 2011

THIS PLACE IS ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you are like me & dread doing your hair, consider yourself warned. Don't be surprised if you start going everyday! The girls are great & super nice!!!!! Prices are super cheap and they serve some "nice" beverages during your visit (if you know what i mean lol) More...


Jean L.

2 October 2011

Already got a pretty good impression of this place. Yelp reviews were all stellar.  LOVED that I was able to schedule my appt online. I'm looking forward to hair and make up session in two weeks. Hoping to update this review to make it a five star review after I go in for myappt. More...


Lindsay B.

25 September 2011

This place is FABULOUS!  Super cute salon, the stylists are top-notch, and my hair has never looked better!  Finding this little gem changed my life - it used to take me two hours to blow dry my hair straight and I hated every minute of it.  Now I have a membership at the lounge and get my hair done every 5 days and it takes less than an hour.  The stylists are so much fun to be around, too.  Honestly cannot say enough good things about this place!!!! More...


Jen K.

23 September 2011

Loved this place.. super cute and the staff is wonderful! I got the groupon for a blow out and airbrush makeup and I used it on the day of my birthday celebration.My hair looked great and the curls held in even until the next day and let me tell you that is a big deal bc I have very fine Asian hair that does not do anything well besides stay straight.. My make up looked really good also; I got a spray tan done the day before and they did a wonderful job matching my color. I got compliments on both all night and I would definitely go back again! More...


Sw L.

12 September 2011

I came here with a Groupon in hand for a blo-out and airbrush makeup session.  The salon is SUPER cute and the perfect setting for a bridal shower or bday pre-party celebration.  I had Sonia do both my hair and makeup (after reading other yelp reviews recommending her) and she is an absolute sweetheart.  I had brought some pictures for what I wanted for my hair and she copied it perfectly.  I also was super happy with the way that she did my makeup (my first time with the airbrush makeup and I'm a complete believer now!).  She was very receptive and accommodating -constantly checking up on me to make sure she was going the direction I wanted, etc.I didn't think it would be possible to feel glam while 37 weeks pregnant but she did the impossible.  :)  I walked out of there feeling gorgeous and completely ready for my maternity shoot photos.  THANK YOU so much sonia! :)  I really hope I have more excuses to come to this cute salon!  The prices with the groupon was super worth it - at normal prices though - it's a special occasion splurge for me.  If you get the package deals though - it seems much more affordable.  Too bad I live too far away.  If they were closer to where I lived - I would totally get the packages so that I could feel fab more often.  :) More...


Brittany S.

8 September 2011

I bought the Living Social deal for 2 blow outs and 2 make up touch ups and decided to use one for my birthday.  When I called I was informed for an extra 25$ I could upgrade from my "make up touch up" to a full make up job, I was really happy I did.  I wish I remembered the girls name who did my hair, but she did a wonderful job!  The shampoo and conditioner smelled amazing and I got a great scalp massage.  I loved that when she was finished she asked if I wanted anything adjusted before I got my make up done.  The co-owner did my make up and did a fabulous job!  I love when make up artists tell me I have great skin and doesn't add a ton of products after telling me I have great skin.  She did a wonderful job with my make up!  I can't wait until I use my second blow out/make up combo!! More...


Chris D.

31 August 2011

Wowza. Super cute place. Great service. Cucumber water. What's not to love? Got a puzzled look when I told my husband I was going to the "Blo Lounge"... but that's irrelevant. . I'm no coupon clipper, but I LOVE Living Social deals- gives me a nudge to check out places I've been meaning to visit.  I really liked the concept when I heard about a salon that was simply for styling, not full service, but always wondered if there was a market. Guess there is, because they were SLAMMED Sunday afternoon when we went in. I had purchased the wash-style-makeup touch-up package for two and took my 11 year-old daughter. They were so busy, the gorgeous and sweet owner asked if we could credit the makeup service for our next visit. I had nowhere special to be, so it wasn't a problem. It also saved me from having my daughter want some eye makeup or other forbidden fruit at this age... I will totally go back- and not just because I have a mini-makeover coming! More...


Renee D.

7 August 2011

This business is a delightful surprise.  It was a spontaneous decision that my friend invited me to join her.  We got two appointments together at the end of the day.  Everyone was lovely.  The energy was light and everyone, customers and personnel were genuinely happy to be there.  I was very impressed and will definitely be back and hopefully with a group of girlfriends as a precursor to a special event. I never can do my hair the same as when I leave the salon after a cut and color. I've never gone into my salon for just a shampoo and blow dry.The Blo out Lounge does just that!  Shampoo and style for $35.  AMAZING.  There are packages that are available.  You can get your hair and makeup done and be ready to go for special events, or just to make you feel good, when you need it.  Theresa and her staff are kind, friendly and fun. More...


Melody D.

5 July 2011

I also purchased the Living Social deal for Blo Out Lounge and paid to upgrade the makeup refresher to full makeup. I had never been here before but I was pleasantly suprised by the fresh, stylish decor and the friendly staff. I chose the "Big Sexy" hair (one of their signature styles) and Sonia worked some smokey magic on my eyes! I received compliments on my hair and makeup ALL NIGHT! I felt like a movie star!This place is just lovely. I'll definately be back and I recommend you make an appointment too! More...


Sandy T.

28 June 2011

I've been meaning to write a review on this place. I came here about 2 wks ago without knowing what to expect, the only thing was to trust the reviews on these yelpers..... And thank god I did!!! I have very curly hair and I do not like to use any chemicals to straighten my hair. I do love my curls but there are times when I like to look different and that is straightening my hair. It is so hard to find a good place were they will take care of your hair without damaging it but here at Blow Out Lounge they take care of you and ONLY for $35, WOW!!!!! The owner was very nice and sweet she even offer me something to drink so I had a green tea. The place is very cute and very girly the only thing I can complain was finding parking. But luckily I found a meter parking. The girl that did my hair was very nice and down to earth. I can't remember her name... I think it was Adriana ( sorry) but she was GREAT, she's in her early 20's and she had some awesome hot pink high lights. I would defenitly go back to this place.