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Hughe Zazz

18 November 2018

I attended a graduation event and if I do say so myself food there was exquisite. Very nice food there had great bagel lox and some of the best quiche ever had! Blissful belly will exceed all expectations! More...


Megan Wessels

18 November 2018

Savannah was the Guest Chef at my August Powerful Partners Dinner Party and her meal was absolutely amazing. She made a delicious crostini with a garlic sun-dried tomato spread topped with tomato, chickpea and basil as our appetizer. The entree was tempeh ratatouille with the mushroom demi-glace sauce paired with roasted pesto cauliflower and a side of couscous. The fact that her entire meal was dairy free and vegan was even better. Love eating food that makes you feel good afterwards :) I would recommend Blissful Belly for anyone who wants to make healthy changes in their diet. More...


Michelle Mekky

21 August 2018

The food was absolutely incredible!!! So healthy and delicious. I was blown away!


Teresa McGuire Fitzgerald

20 August 2018

Blissful Belly specialized in food allergens for my meal and created a memorable meal, full of flavor! they are great when it comes to educating you on the flavor profile and what the meal is composed of!

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