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We provide Seo and related services. We are currently ranking #1 in Google for San Jose Seo. This is the most competitive word in our sector for San Jose, a top 10 city in the US. We can do for your website what we have done for ours. We are Seo specialists but we also provide other services such as online review management, website redesign.


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I love the process of ranking a website and helping the client increase his or her leads and sales as a result.

I was inspired because my father's wind turbine business wasn't doing well and I wanted to help by learning to rank his website on the first page so he could get more clients. I ranked his site first for wind turbine and his business growth accelerated. Then I got other customers. Once you learn the process, it is repeatable. Some competitive words require a larger budget.

We are ranking #1 in San Jose. If you want to work with a company who doesn't rank or ranks below us, feel free to choose them; but if you want to work with the best in the Bay Area, work with us. We can also help companies in other cities.