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Graphic designer for over 25 years with a strong background in print design, particularly the medical and tourist industries, including package design, educational materials, branding, booth graphics, one-sheets, advertising, and publications.


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Lisa Hawkins

5 September 2018

Yes, I've been using Paula's designs for years!


Sherman Hoover

5 September 2018

She's very skilled and talented and easy to work with.


Ashley JoAnne

5 September 2018

I was thrilled with the work that she did on my album cover and layout. She was so easy to communicate with, explained things in a way that I could understand, and gave me exactly the outcome that I wanted with the product. I recommend Paula’s work 100%.


Alan Marmo Nehemy

4 June 2017

Paula has worked with us on updating all the company's websites and has done a great job. She's very professional, knowledgable and attentive to detail, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a web designer.


Greg Gillette

4 June 2015

Thumbs way up for Paula and Bishop Design. Paula designed my website and has been very helpful in teaching me how to manage some aspects of my website. YAY!


Gearing a website towards your target audience so that they can find things quickly and easily is really important. So, organization and user interface is most important, I think, and content is also key. Content must be relevant and useful to attract visitors as well as increase SEO rating. Design is important, also, and usually I will establish a color scheme early on, based off of a logo, if one exists.

What do you need? What would you like it to do? (establish parameters). What is your timeframe?

I need content and design parameters for both print and web projects. Design parameters are often tailored to target audience--who are you trying to reach? What do they want to see? Imagine your perfect client and think of what they would be looking for/attracted to. With logo design and other creative brainstorming projects which are more open-ended, I often ask a client what examples they like, what look and feel they are going for (bold, approachable, elegant, witty, etc.). With websites, especially, I need to establish structure of the site early on and performance needs.

In terms of actually printing, I am usually using a service such as Navitor/Labelworks, and have mostly printed business cards, though I have also had sales sheets and brochures done, as well. They have a wide range of services and I have done pretty much every type of print design (including lots of package design) through the years.

First I ask what the client wants. This is better done by phone than through email, because I often get an intuitive hit while speaking to a client of ideas that I can then bounce off of them. First is the question/discovery phase. Then I go to the drawing board (often starting with paper, but also digitally) to play with ideas before presenting some initial ideas to see if I've got a good direction. I will often come up with many ideas to start--as quickly as possible--and then show all of the iterations to the client, because I never know what someone else will like. from there, we can discuss and I can narrow down a direction (hopefully) or try a different tack, if none of the initial ideas spark a direction (rare).