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Michele Neats

12 November 2018

I have two puppies from Birddog Supreme.. they are just the best. I highly recommend them!


Connie Bock

11 November 2018

Jim knows dogs, great guy and great trainer! And a great friend! Love his dogs!


Joni DeHaan

20 August 2018

We got an Airedale Terrier puppy 2 months ago from Jim and Amy. They are lovely, hospitable people. My boys had a blast working with Jim at their farm. Our dog, Berkley, is well socialized and had a great start on potty training. He is a healthy, beautiful dog and he has a great personality More...


Cheryl Christenson Myers

7 August 2018

We purchased an eight week old male Brittany pup (Ollie) from Jim and Amy a month or so ago.... strictly a family fur baby.... and had our hearts wrapped around his little paws immediately. He is very intelligent and loving and an all around wonderful family member. At 12 weeks he was house trained (bell system), was healing, had a reliable sit, shake hands, high five. At 15 weeks he had a good sit/stay, and down/stay, and come on command. But mostly, he’s wonderfully snuggly and very affectionate. The pre-training Jim and Amy did with the litter was evident as well. He was also kennel trained and does well when kenneling is necessary. It was evident when visiting Jim and Amy and the litter that these pups were very well cared for and trained in their early days. I would recommend Birddog Supreme to anyone looking for a Brittany pup. Quality and conscientious breeders! More...


Joanne Bellion Povenski

29 April 2018

I wouldn't even consider getting a dog anywhere else! We flew in our 8 week old Airedale female puppy 8 months ago to PA She has been the most perfect little girl I ever could have wished for!!


Dave Wichman

28 September 2017

Jim and Amy are awesome. Their knowledge, passion, and love of all their dogs is easily seen.


Melissa K Polera

28 September 2017

We just picked up our Airedale puppy yesterday, and he is the smartest, sweetest thing ever! We took this 8 week old puppy on a 2 hr car drive, an airport shuttle, through security and the gatehouse, on a 4 hr plane ride, and finally on another hr long ride home. I cannot tell you how amazed we were! He managed it like a pro! Not a single accident, calm and quiet after only a few minutes in the crate... no car or air sickness. He comes when we call and loves on us all the time already. Jim and Amy do so much work with these pups from day one, it's the best. We picked up the puppy in-person, so we also got the chance to visit with Jim and Amy face-to-face and see their home and how they take care of the pups, and it was just a pleasure! Fantastic people and fantastic puppies! More than worth the trip to bring home the newest member of our family!! More...


Rich Rue

24 September 2017

Jim is a great breeder and trainer. We are very happy with our French Brittany.


Karen Benson

7 March 2017

I was truy amazed at the work that Jim does with the dogs. Will my dog was kenneled there he gave my dog some lessons and now totally an amazing and well behaved dog. Highly recommend anyone who needs help with your dog to check them out More...


Marcia TeVelde

23 April 2016

Many times I've had the opportunity to watch Jim work with his and others dogs. I'm always amazed how in tune with the dog he is , and the patience he has to make sure the dog understands what is asked of it. I enjoy watching Jim and Amy in action with the dogs. M. More...

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