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Chris T.

12 August 2019

Anytime we need a special ride, we know exactly who to call! Big As Texas Limos never disappoints!


Danielle G.

14 December 2018

We have used Big As Texas Limos for a few different things. The owners are easy to work with and so nice. The drivers always arrive on time. The limos are always clean and awesome. Definitely recommend! More...


Melody V.

8 November 2018

UNPROFESSIONAL AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I hope this review helps other people not have to go through the same terrible experience. Was almost AN HOUR LATE at pick up, once the driver finally arrived the driver insisted on payment right away(something that is typically taken care of at the end of service)...meanwhile all the guests had been waiting for an hour at that point. Totally unprofessional! Failed to advise about airport pickup restrictions, resulting in my guests having to get cabs anyway after waiting an hour. The owner lied and said he would charge me half price for all the headaches but they did not honor that promise. Was just trying to throw my mom a nice surprise 65th Birthday party and this company just made the experience so stressful for me...we tried to make the best of it but honestly...WHAT A NIGHTMARE! More...


Sandra C.

4 November 2018

Big as Texas Limo is the worst limo service in Austin.  They are totally unprofessional and do not honor their contracts.   They failed to state that they do not do airport pickups.  So when the guests arrived at the airport they had to take an Uber to another destination in order to  be picked up. In addition to that, they were almost an hour late.  They stated they would only charge for two hours since they were late and instead they charged full price for 4 hours and on top of that they immediately ran the credit card through before the services were even rendered.  They are a bunch of liars and con artists.   Do not used this service.  They will rip you off. More...


Jason V.

30 October 2018

Avoid.   Bad service.  They promised one thing, did another.  I would recommend you NOT use this company.  I tried to let them convince me not to write this review.  They said they might get back to me by the end of the week.  Please avoid. More...


Zoe S.

30 October 2018

I am writing this review to protect all possible consumers of Big As Texas Limo.  The company's official name should be the Limo Company From Hell.  One, the company failed to mention no airport pickups. Second, the company failed to meet pickup time in the  contract  Two counts against the contract now making it invalid. The incompetent driver after arriving 45 minutes late, had the audacity to run credit card thru before service was rendered. Thus, we are now over an hour late to pickup guest. These guests who were waiting at the airport for over an hour , now, had to take an Uber to another destination where the limo could pick them up. After speaking to the owner, he promised to charge for two hours instead of the  four hours, as long as I promised not to write a bad review.  He lied and charged full price. They were in Breach of Contract, compensation for their incompetence should have been the least they could have done. So buyer beware. They will burn you. More...


Melody G.

18 October 2018

I would like to start off by saying this company would be getting zero stars if yelp allowed that. To begin, the driver was FORTY FIVE minutes late! Things happen I understand...and the driver turned out to be quite a lovely person. But after finally arriving late she immediately broke out the credit card machine to charge me for the cost of limo! (Something that is usually taken care of at the end of service) She also insists on charging me from the start time she was supposed to arrive at and not the time she actually arrived. While my elderly guests have been waiting 45minutes! THEN, on the way to the airport to pick up my guests I get a phone call from Jimmy, I think his name was, one of the owners of the company saying we are not able to take you to the airport without special permission. Clearly, if you are a limo company owner this is something you should tell a customer before they book your limo services but they did not. So not only did my guests have to wait 45 minutes to get picked up they ALSO had to take two cabs over to a nearby hotel where the limo was allowed to pull into. While on the phone with Jimmy, he was rude and extremely unprofessional but we finally came to a verbal agreement that he would only charge me for 2hours...this was after I had to promise not to leave them a bad review. I considered two hours to be fair because if I had known about the airport restrictions in advance I would have only booked the limo for 2hours instead of 5. Turns out the OWNERS LIED to me and they still charged my card for the original price (FIVE hours) minus $75 because the driver was almost an hour late. I tried calling them back to dispute this but they did not answer my call. When I texted Angela (the other owner) she said they were not honoring the verbal agreement because I had signed a contract. THIS COMPANY LIES TO THEIR CLIENTS. THEY ARE DIRTY AND GREEDY, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS OR THE SERVICE THEY PROVIDE THEM. TRUST ME THEIR UNFAIR DEALINGS WERE SO APPALLING I AM STILL DISGUSTED ABOUT HOW THEY OPERATE AND THAT I EVER HIRED THEM. What a NIGHTMARE! There was absolutely no attempt at good customer service here other than to offer a discount for a future booking...as if I would put myself through the headaches and stress of booking with their company again. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH TERRIBLE SERVICE FROM A LIMO COMPANY. BIG AS TEXAS LIMO COMPANY IS A DISGRACE! PLEASE ONLY HIRE THEM IF YOU WANT HEADACHES, STRESS, UNFAIR DEALINGS and TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. More...


Jessica S.

15 September 2018

Worst $400 I ever spent. My bus driver (Craig) was extremely rude. He mockingly laughed at me while trying to give him directions to my pick up location (I was the bride and this was my bachelorette party). The bus looked like an airport shuttle bus except smaller and uglier. Every time I see an actual party bus, I remember how much time and money I wasted on this scam. I wouldn't recommend this service to my worst enemy. More...


Sophia V.

9 August 2018

For my daughters sweet 15 I had been trying to confirm hummer limo a week in advance and never got a response finally day of event she answered saying hummer ac broke. I cancelled found someone else and demanded refund she stated she would refund me and 5 days later has yet to refund me or answer my calls or texts! Very bad customer service! Stay away from a scheduling with this company! She even said asked for bank statements showing I paid! How unorganized is that!? After I sent it I have yet to hear back from her More...


Crystal C.

5 June 2018

This place is so AWESOME!!! Angela is the best! She was so helpful in deciding which limo would fit our needs! We go the pink charger and we could not have been happier! We will definitely use Big As Texas limos again! More...


Christine B.

5 June 2018

Big as Texas is AWESOME!  They showed up with the Mercedes Sprinter before they were scheduled to be at my house.  The driver was very professional and courteous.  I booked with Angela, she was great and accommodating with my needs.  Will definitely book with them again!!!! More...


Bonnie T.

6 May 2018

Thank you to Big As Texas Limo service and to Pete the driver. We rented an SUV for the kids for Prom and we were not disappointed. We chose the SUV based on cost and that it was just 2 couples. The car was spotless! Pete was excellent and put all the parents minds at ease. The kids ended up leaving a little early and stopping for ice cream. And Pete had them all back safe and sound ! I will definitely use them again More...


Nick M.

23 April 2017

The owner, Angela, needs to learn how to treat paying customers with respect, especially repeat loyal customers. Used this service for years but NEVER again. Use another service if you don't want to deal with rude management on your night out More...


Lindsey R.

21 February 2017

I recently booked the hummer limo for a bachelorette party and was not disappointed! The limo was beautiful and showed up right on time! We were staying in a house in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road and he somehow found us with no problem. Dan was our driver and he was so professional and polite. Our night was made so much better with him being our driver. I will definitely use Big As Texas Limousine Service again and will recommend it to anyone looking for a Limo for the night!!! More...


Shannon H.

19 February 2017

Loved the experience. Decided to take the wife and kids out for an evening on the town. Service was prompt, vehicle was clean, driver was great. Booking process was seamless. Will definately call on 'Big as Texas Limousine Service' the next time I need or desire a limo or executive coach. Couldn't ask for better customer service. More...


Allison D.

17 October 2016

I'd like to start out by saying that our driver was fantastic.  He was on time, easy to communicate with, and got us to every location without problems.   I have zero complaints from a customer service perspective.  I would give him a 5 out of 5 rating.  However the limo itself was in really rough shape.  The leather on the seats was worn out and some of the seams had been "fixed" with black duck tape.  Some of the windows were cracked and clear packaging tape was used to hold it together.  The door itself was being held together with black duck tape.  Also, some speaker covers were cracked and hanging slightly loose from the walls.  I detected a smoky smell to the limo as well.  For this reason alone, I would likely not recommend this company to a friend unless they were able to inspect in advance the vehicle they were renting.  I paid *a lot* of money for this rental and to get a run down vehicle was very disappointing.  I've never been in a limo that was in such bad condition. More...


Kirsten B.

15 October 2016

Several weeks before our bachelorette adventure, we called and reserved a limo for a 3 hour wine tasting tour. The problems started there: they wouldn't take the credit card to finalize the reservation, finally they did. Then our limo was sold, so they upgraded us. Then the limo was in the shop, so we got the pink limo. Then we could only have the pink limo for 1.5 hours and we had to lug all of our stuff into an SUV with no waters and no ice. Then they wanted to charge us more money, and sign a new contract for the crappy SUV, even though they were the ones that were running late and kept changing the plan. It turned into a gigantic fiasco with two very disgruntled drivers... When all we wanted was a 3 hr adventure. VERY disappointed. Horrible and rude customer service from the owner, Angela. Honestly, they should have comped the whole trip. I could go on and on but I won't... More...


Cheryl S.

15 October 2016

So bummed about this service.  The owner, Angela, promised us an easy, drama-free service - a limo to pick us up and take us to 2 hill county vineyards and home.  We are low maintenance ladies - I hate conflict and am laid back, but this was really disappointing.  They were:1. 45 minutes late to pick us up2. Changed us from a limo to an SUV mid-trip, AND3. Tried to add extra charges, called multiple times, were rude to both us and their drivers.  We are easy to please, and this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a negative review about anything.  Please reconsider booking with this service unless you're ok with unpredictable drama. More...


Chris H.

19 September 2016

I rented a limo on September 17 for my wife's birthday party to take us from Hutto to downtown and the limo we reserved was still with a another party they did send another one but the one that picked us up had a broken air conditioner leaving us sitting in a 100 degree limo for our 45 minute drive when we arrived at our formal dinnerSeveral of us were drenched From sitting in sweat!There was also several cups filled with what looked like chewing tobacco left in the back and the radio was horribly static!   They get a bonus star instead of one because the drivers were great More...


Lee Ann C.

20 August 2016

This is an amazing example of A PLUS customer service. I've used Big As Texas Limos so many times and every single time I receive the best prices, the best treatment and the friendliest drivers. The negative reviews I'm reading on here are simply not a reflection of this business. I've recommended so many people to this service and so many people have nothing but good things to say. I love supporting local businesses and this is a prime example of that. Angela, the owner is the sweetest, most facilitating person every single time I call, whether it's last minute or pre-planned, every single time it is first class service and first class vehicles. More...


Mike J.

15 July 2016

Nothing but good things to say. Good communication, fair price, on time, courteous and professional driver, very nice limo. Icing on the cake for my sons wedding. More...


Jessica A.

18 April 2016

We used this company for our wedding getaway vehicle. We rented the stretch hummer, and although we had to rent for a minimum of 6 hours since it was Prom weekend, the company gave us regular hourly pricing and not the prom upcharge, which was awesome! Our driver was super friendly and drove us to a few different spots and was very patient with us on drop off and pick ups at hotels. The limo itself was beautiful, clean, nice music system with ipod hookup! We had a great time going out with our wedding party afterwards. Thanks guys! More...


Cyndi Ortegon

14 November 2015

Aaaandaaaaleeee!!!! Que bueno!!!! Mi jente bien venidos para divertiste!!!!


Daren J.

30 September 2015

We used Big As Texas Limo service for a wine tasting/dinner tour. We just trusted them in setting everything up. WOW! What a Fantastic job they did. Mary was our driver as well as made the awesome itinerary. We made it to 5 different wineries, an olive pressing facility and then dinner! And saw some really beautiful scenery along the way. Mary was right on time and was very professional. She had just the right itinerary after just briefly speaking to us on the phone. The wineries we visited were great. Dinner was a huge hit also. I am fortunate to travel all over the world and this was one top notch day! Thanks Mary and Big As Texas Limousine service for a very memorable day! More...


Melissa B.

22 August 2015

This was a less than pleasurable experience. Someone had thrown up in the party before us, so when we got on the bus it reeked of vomit. We were all putting scented lotion on our upper lip to smell to try to not vomit ourselves. The door would not close and it was tied shut with cords. Any bump we made I thought the door was going to fly open. The ac also did not work so it was hotter than heck. The man driver with the beard was nice.. That was the only good thing they got going on. I will never use this service again. More...


Donna S.

29 June 2015

I have never posted a review before but I would like to help others make an informed decision when choosing a limo company. You are not buying a product, but making a memory which cannot be replaced if something goes wrong! Think twice before using this company to make your memories...very poor customer service!  Big As Texas Limousine Service was very eager to take my first call and send me a contract when I contacted them. Five days later I had a question, so I called but was not able to get through. After two e-mails and calls (and days) later I was told they MAY not have the limo I booked but they would get back to me. Still not hearing back from them, it took more unanswered phone calls  and e-mails as the date grew nearer for Angela to then tell me that the limo I booked was taken in for repairs just TWO days prior.  Hmmm.....twelve days ago it  MAY not be available and TWO days ago it went in for repairs!  I asked why none of my e-mails or calls had been returned and Angela said they get "hundreds" of them a day and can't keep up. She also asked if I sent in my contract because they  couldn't find it. (I had sent it in 17 days earlier.) Angela said they would make it right, though and call me back. Her secretary Mary called and also confirmed they get "hundreds'" of e-mails and calls a day and can't keep up. I asked her if I could cancel the contract, having no faith at this point in their customer service. She rudely me told me she would have to call me back. When Mary called me back she said they had cancelled my contract  14 days earlier based on an e-mail I had sent when I had asked them to keep me informed about the possibility of  the limo not being available and if I would be held to the contract if it wasn't available. Funny how they hadn't mentioned that until that moment.  I had even tried to contact them MANY times to confirm the limo!  Bottom line...Having a high volume of business should not adversely affect your customer service. It should enhance your customer service! More...


Regina C.

10 April 2015

Best Limo service!!  Needed a limo for my stepdaughter's prom. Got online and found BATLS.  Awesome!  So many choices and no up-charge for "prom".  Driver was on time and even early to explain everything as I was leaving my 17 year old daughter in their hands.  No problem with communicating even when I asked to move up the time by 1 1/2 hours Angela was able to change the time and got back to me super quick!  A+++  Another A+ is that they have a b-a$$ stretch Camaro!  That will be our next rental! Thank you for everything! More...


Dixie F.

26 October 2014

Wish I could give negative stars. Called the limo service an hour before they were supposed to pick us up for my SISTERS BACHELORETTE PARTY to have them pick us up at a different location down the street, they had no records of me booking a limo, although I had talked to them multiple times and paid a deposit already. I was told they would check and call me back right away....20 minutes later, no call back. I call them on repeat for an hour with no response and no way to leave a message because their voice mailbox was full. We go to the original location, just in case they show up, and they never did. Still no answer at the office. We ended up having to get a cab instead, which really isn't what we had in mind for a bachelorette party. Finally got a hold of them an hour after they were supposed to pick us up, and they asked if they could fix it. Well, obviously not. Too late, thanks for a memorable night in a taxi!! Ps- I have to give one star because yelp made me. I don't want to give you a star. More...


Brian P.

16 October 2014

We used BAT for all 3 days of the ACL festival this year and the service was fantastic. Jerry, our driver, was extremely accommodating and generally a good guy. I would definitely recommend and will use BAT and Jerry again in the future. More...


Kevin C.

28 July 2014

So- let's start with the Good:Nothing. Bad: Everything. I Wish they would allow for negative stars. Limos- so old and unreliable that an AXEL broke on our trip. Sounds bad, right? It gets better; the owners had NO plan on how to send another limo/service to get us from the 100+ degree Texas sun for over TWO hours. So, stranded with nothing in the middle of Texas, we had to find another way  back to Austin AND pay for it. What do they do? Make you pay for the whole thing and act like they did nothing wrong. If you would like a broken down limo service that has terrible customer service, then these are your guys! I cannot say enough negative things about the company- the WORST in the business. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...


Cyndi O.

12 June 2014

YaaaaY BATLS (Big As Tx Limo Service ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!! I know I yam!!!! Year number 3!! Great deals going on here!! Great customer service!! Limo clean enough to eat off the floor (no worries I wouldn't) Loved our driver who was very professional and funny too!! If you've never ridden in a hummer limo you gotta do it!! I highly recommend these guys Jimi and Angela Jones!! I love all the different options you have w/ the fun cars too!! Fun for all ages whether it be for a sporting event or wedding, or wine tour, or heck even kids graduations, proms, all kinds of parties. and not to forget a romantic night for two they've got ya covered. I love how easy to work with they are most of all they really and truly care!!!! Thanks to them I won't use anyone else. More...


R G.

10 June 2014

Rented their 24-person Hummer limo for my daughter's 8th grade graduation.  There were some issues with the cooling system on a warm day, but the owners were attentive to our concerns and went out of their way to make things right.  This is the kind of place you like to do business with.  Recommended. More...


Brandy C.

6 November 2013

We had a great experience with Big as Texas limousine  service. Our driver, Ron, showed up early and patiently waited for our wedding reception to come to an end. He was very friendly. The biggest compliment I can give the company is that they were the only limo service to return my inquiry. I contacted 4 other highly rated companies and none of them called. Thank you for making the end of our night a lot of fun! :) More...


Catherine O.

19 June 2013

Right on time, clean comfy car, stopped for beer for our BYOB restaurant, came back with my glasses, safe driver, office great; what more could you ask  Thank you Big as Texas Limo, you made our graduation celebration really special! More...


Mark R.

5 May 2013

I had never booked a limo before so I sent messages to several companies for availability, details and pricing.  Out of all of the companies, Big As Texas was the only one who CALLED first to review all of my questions, then followed up with an email to confirm.  Great service from the start.I had booked a limo for a concert that was postponed within 2 hours of my scheduled pickup time.  They were immediately calling me to let me know they would just reschedule me for the next day for the concert.  I was also informed that my car was not available for the next day, so I was offered an upgrade at the original price.  Angela was great at helping navigate the process and the date change.  Jimi was our driver and he was great as well.We had a wonderful time and will never have to shop around for the best company as long as Big As Texas is around.  Highly recommend and I look forward to scheduling my next event with them. More...


B C.

8 October 2012

We used this service twice while visiting  Austin. The car was very clean, the driver was on time and very polite. I am a business traveler and I use car services thoughout the world. This service is in the top 5 %.


Qype User BrianS…

16 June 2012

I hired Big as Texas to handle my airport shuttle service (austintexaslimousineserv…) . I'm usually in a hurry to get out of airports, so I appreciated that the shuttle was very punctual, and picked me up when they said they would.


Nick G.

18 March 2012

Was down for SXSW but staying all the way up in Round Rock, so we hired Big as Texas to get us to and from the madness.Jimi and the rest of his team were available at any time and proactive about seeing if we needed a ride or even just a trunk to unload some swag.  We were in a very well taken care of Denali most of the trip but were surprised with a stretch Hummer on the night of our biggest party.Couldn't have asked for better service or a friendlier company.  Will definitely use again at next years South By! More...


Jacob R.

13 March 2012

What a great experience we had awesome job. This family owned business is a great company. Thanks again!