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BH Tek Solutions strives to deliver the best possible service for all of our client's software development and support needs. We work with our clients to deliver the most cost-effective services to meet business objectives. This can be accomplished in a number of ways and each is done on a case by case basis.


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Holly Harris Grant

7 August 2018

Grant Entertainment is more than pleased with the help we received from Jeremy at BH Tek Solutions! Thank you for making our website something we are really proud of!

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A great website starts with the look and feel of the site. It will be important to get a design that visually represents the character of the company. A place selling party supplies would have a much different look than an finance consulting company. Even more important than the look and feel is the content. This part is very collaborative between the designer and the company. The content should be evolving regularly.

I would start with their vision for the site. I would then get into what I think from that vision might make sense for the company. What I will not ask for is a budget. I prefer to ask them for everything they would like and give them a budget to complete it. I would then work with them on the price to make it fit their budget.

I like working with new companies and people, understanding what they do, and provide a service that represents them properly online.

I worked for a company for close to twenty years. I felt like I could accomplish more of what I would like to do if running my own company.

I am straight forward and honest with my clients. I am not interested in a one time engagement with a client. I prefer to come across as a vendor that wants a customer for life. This results in top notch customer service, a commitment to quality, and high attention to detail.