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Best Friends Dog Training

Naples, FL


Best Friends Dog Training

Naples, FL


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Mike Cranston

13 June 2019

Frank Bonomo is incredible with our dogs. I recommend him and Best Friend's Dog Training for anyone that needs training for their puppy or adult dog. Thanks Frank!


Joe Blake

7 March 2019

Everyone associated with Best Friends cares deeply about dogs and their owners. Scott took our rambunctious pup for a board & train then trained US how to maintain and build on that foundation....... we feel very lucky to have met him, and would recommend Best Friends to anyone without reservation! More...


Nanette Hedrich Barrett

28 February 2019

Thorough and humane training for your pup AND you that really works. I love that they offer follow up lessons whenever needed.


Christina Mallay

16 February 2019

Best trainers ive ever known! Miss u guys!


JS Farmand

17 November 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Frank and BFDT! My five year old boxer, Radley, had gotten increasingly leash aggressive on walks, savagely trying to attack any unknown dog that we passed on our street, or charging the front door when he saw a dog/person/delivery man that walked past our house. He would growl at strangers that we walked past, and his behavior on a leash became unpredictable. He was fine inside the house, patient with my kids, but would not follow a single command on a leash. He also would bolt out of the house when one of the kids opened the door and then refuse to follow commands to sit, or come back, once he knew we didn't have control via a leash. We began to get really anxious taking him for walks, and looked like we couldn't control him in front of our neighbors! Frank took him for two weeks and he was like a new dog when he came back. He follows all commands, walks happily on a leash without any reaction to other dogs or unknown people we pass, goes to his "place" inside our house when asked to, and is still his happy, sweet, boxer self. We thought Radley was too old or beyond hope. I highly recommend Frank and his team to anyone who thinks their dog is too old to change, or be trained properly. We are so glad we called him. We feel a thousand times better about growing our family with this dog in tow, and are so happy with the results of his training. More...


Ann Lauler

1 October 2018

BF’s Dog training saved my daughter’s puppy, Gypsy! She was everything that was ever considered a bad misbehaved dog so much so it frequently risked her own life! GYPSY’S AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DOG NOW THANKS TO FRANK & HIS TEAM WORTH EVERY PENNY! Life changing is an understatement!! ❤️❤️❤️ More...


Mara Salomone

19 September 2018

Theo is by far the best dog trainer I have ever met. He is extremely patient (especially with me and my husband) and really knows how to handle any situation that is presented to him. Our little Mikey will be able to move on with life with confidence. Training can truly make a difference in the life that a dog has. Thank you Theo More...


Melissa Morris Mitchell

2 September 2018

Thank you for making my boy a well behaved member of the family. It's amazing what two weeks can do. Ozzy listens like a champ now. Wish we had found you sooner!


Angela Babaev

19 August 2018

Excellent training program for dogs and trainers... really saw a difference in my dog after training


Shari Block Jason

2 March 2018

I adopted two puppy mill rescues. One dog is about 8 years old and sweet and docile. My one year old Maltese is aggressive and neurotic. Frank has done wonders helping us and helping my dog. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and our dog has changed dramatically. We are still working together, but I can honestly say that Frank is amazing with dogs and cares deeply about the well being of pets and their families. He’s a wonderful trainer and an even more wonderful man. More...


Alan Napoli

19 February 2018

Theo and Scott are both fantastic. Watson did a board and train with Theo. He was a mess. One year later Watson passed 3 of his Canine Good Citizen tests and became certified as a therapy dog! Can’t thank Theo and Scott enough! More...


Shirley Ingoglia

19 February 2018

Best Friends Dog Training has helped me make my 4 year old German Shepherd into a joy to be around. Good training is the way to go and that is what I got from Scott and the rest of the trainers at BFDT. I can now take my dog with me anywhere and we both have a great time. I for sure recommend BFDT! More...


Pamela Peyton

19 February 2018

My dog was trained years ago and still retains his obedience skills. I have worked with more than one trainer and have only good things to say about them. Years later, people continue to compliment Mac's polite behavior. I work with special needs children and their pets behavior must always be exemplary. I have and will continue to recommend Best Friend's Dog Training because they deliver on promises. I love the ongoing classes because nothing is better for training than skill reinforcement...(not to mention, the dogs love it)! More...


Ashley Elizabeth D'Arcy

19 February 2018

Best Friend Dog Training has helped us with our big boy. Apollo was a crazy shelter dog that wanted nothing more than just to play. He didn’t know right from wrong as he never had a home before us. He was very thick headed but Scott, changed him right around. After a few sessions with him, he immediately started to listen to commands. It took Scott a few sessions, meanwhile this was Apollo’s THIRD trainer and no one else could get him to behave like Scott. They offer life time group classes which are amazing. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. The money we spent into Apollo’s training was completely worth it. Apollo’s last session with Scott happened almost a year ago and Scott is still there for us to help with anything he can. We recently got a new puppy and it’s hasn’t been the easiest transition, but Scott gave us pointers and told me to call him in a week and let me know how everything is going. Scott truly cares about the dogs he’s trained and their owners. He didn’t have to give me a call, but minutes after I texted him, he got on the phone to talk to me. There aren’t many people out there like that. More...


Allison Tuch Palmer

19 February 2018

Best friends made my chaotic home a happy home. They taught my dogs how to live with each other and the rest of the world. I've gone from crazy to Canine Good Citizen passing all three levels with each of my dogs. I can bring them anywhere and wow everyone who sees their good behavior. Even at the vet's office I hear them whisper (that's the one I was telling you about with the well trained dogs!) It never gets old hearing that and seeing how well they are doing and how mcuh they improve each and every day thanks to group class and the training we received! More...


Shari Scharlat

16 February 2017

Before Theo took our dog- she would not sit, walk with us, she would beg at the dinner table and she would jump to the counter...Theo taught her 7 commands- she is a different dog. She listens...we are enjoying her so much more.. We no longer have gates in the house and she is free to roam the house ... We never thought we would get to this place- we would not have if it had not been for Theo! Thank you again Theo... More...


LaLa G Latte

31 October 2016

A friend used your board and train program with great reviews. I needed help desperately for my fear aggressive dog. I'm so very grateful for Robert Gallant who trained my dog for over two weeks also with the board and train program. Worth every single penny. Sure, I missed my dog but I knew he was in good hands. I thoroughly enjoy my dog even more than before. He walks instead of dragging me, rides like a champ in the car, and allows guests to come in and behaves while they are there. Couldn't be any happier with the outcome. More...


Heather King

19 September 2016

I got my Australian Cattle Dog in October 2015 at a year old. We discovered had issues with fear aggression when Scott entered our house for our first session. He was inches away from making contact, ripping Scott's favorite jacket. Sorry Scott! He didn't give up on my dog, but instead saw his potential! Fast forward 9 months, to this weekend... I just walked him around Argyle park in Babylon for 2 hours on a Saturday evening! I'm talking kids, bikes, strollers, Pokémon hunters, and TONS of other dogs. He's didn't care about a thing. I'm always getting complements on how well behaved my dog is. We trained my last dog (a Rottweiler) with Best Friends, this dog with best friends and I will train my next dog with Best Friend. Worth every single penny!! More...


Diana Devito

12 September 2016

I adopted a golden doodle at 6 months of age. His name is Bailey. He lived his first 6 Months in a cage and never went outside. He was 55 pounds. He was unable to walk on a leash, jumped off the ground with all four feet at the slightest noise, would jump all over us, especially at feeding time. Scott came to our house and over the course of four weeks .showed us how to reward positive behaviors and give humane corrections. Bailey is two years old now and is a pleasure to have around the house. We keep up with his training and he is able to curb his enthusiasm and follow directions. More...


Leigh Robison Hansbarger

24 June 2016

Holy moly! We just got our 6 month old Cairn terrier back from Cindy after his board and train and we are FLOORED! He's listening to all commands, he's calm, responsive and basically not the same dog at all, which is a GREAT thing! Thank you so much, Cindy! You are amazing!!! More...


Michelle Bart Squires

7 April 2016

Before Theo took our dog for the board and train for two weeks she was a puppy nightmare. She now sits, stays, comes, is completely house trained, walks without a leash.. And knows so many more commands. We enjoy her so much now! He was so great helping us to learn how to work with her as well! We recommend your company to everyone! Best money we have ever spent! Thanks so much Theo! More...


Jennie Lynn Kolb Schlageter

1 June 2015

BellaMia is getting better each and every day. My husband and I can not thank you enough!


Christa Faivre

9 April 2015

Amazing trainers and training methods. They gave me the tools to to train my dog to be off leash and perfectly behaved at home and in public.


Kenny Ittem

2 April 2015

They are great! I have 2 female mutts and they are helping us get them well behaved & trained


Lori Becker

7 August 2014

I couldn't possibly explain how much of a difference Frank and his entire staff can make a difference in both you and your dog's life. The personal touch never goes away.thanks to best friends they truly are mine. More...


Tim Bruton Jr.

23 June 2014

Best trainers around


Erica Rodriguez

11 June 2014

Just had a great training session with Cindy. In three weeks my dog has mad leaps and bounds!!! I can't say enough.


Thomas Tiedemann

29 May 2014

Our dog Scooter spent a week with Theo when we went on vacation to Florida. When we came back, Scooter was a new dog! Theo did an excellent job of keeping in touch with us and training Scooter while we were away. I have already recommended BFDT to others and would certainly do so again. More...


Fred Goldfarb

24 May 2014

We went with Frank and staff on the suggestion of one of out vet's staff. Frank did a number of in-home/outside on the street training, even in rather very cold weather. We weren't keen on electronic training collars at first but we did what Frank taught us and our dogs are much better behaved, one better than the other (who's a Pit Bull Terrier, meaning more stubborn as terriers are) but he's doing well on walks, learning to heel, halt, down, place, and so on. We've found the Saturday outdoor class with many other people and dogs to be a great way to have our terrier get used to being around a lot of other people and dogs, all distractions to training, yet he tends to get it and has been improving considerably. The more you train properly, the better and faster it will work. The "e" collar is often used by those training hunting and protection dogs, and provided you use it correctly, not giving a really large jolt unless absolutely needed (as in say a case where your dog or dogs get in a fight and you don't want to put your hands where you might be accidentally bitten), but using as low a level as needed, and then using the "nic" setting... single pulses that annoy the dog more than anything, but do get his/her attention, the collars along with other methods (treats, lots of praise/love, etc) you'll get good results quicker than without using the collars. You can get some results, lots if you do tons of training, lots faster than not. Don't discount the method, but make sure you know how to do it properly. More...