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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has provided complete residential plumbing solutions in Toledo, OH since 1967. We provide a variety of plumbing services including: general plumbing, water heaters, water softening systems, pressure tanks, sump pumps, pipes & sewer, drains, and more. Call Today!

Address: 1602 W. Bancroft St, Toledo, OH 43606, USA

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Kathy Krusinski

19 August 2019

The plumbers are always on time, respectful and very knowledgeable. Blake was at my home today and did a great job cleaning my blocked drain in the kitchen.


Karen H.

19 September 2017

My parents' toilet broke at 5am this morning, Zachary arrived by 10am to install a new toilet. He stayed to help my father reinstall the shelf they had above the toilet afterwards and even went out to his truck to grab a few extra pieces that were needed to make it work. My dad tried to tip him $20 and he said no, he wouldn't take the money.I live in AZ while my parents are in OH, it makes me sad that I am not there to help them out in emergencies but it makes me very happy that there are people like Zachary that go above and beyond to lend extra hand when he sees someone that might need it. 5 stars in my book. More...


Judy Zbierajewski

17 July 2017

We used Ben Franklin plumbing for the first time to help install a new kitchen sink faucet. The young man they sent out, Zachary Denomy, was timely, efficient, informative and very friendly and courteous. He completed the job, it looks and works great, he was neat and cleaned up his work area. Based off of his service and his friendliness - I would not hesitate to use them again. More...


Karen Lange

22 April 2017

We had extensive work done by them recently and found them to be excellent in every way. Very thorough, timely, friendly and took the time to explain everything in detail. I would highly recommend them and would certainly use them again if the need arises. More...


Mike L.

26 January 2016

UPDATE: I wanted to provide an update because I think it's only fair and mistakes happen. John, the manager called me to discuss the issues we had. He was very kind, understanding and patient. He never got defensive and was pretty much the best example of a business manager one could ask for.  He immediately apologized first and foremost and admitted that they had made a mistake. They didn't have it in their system that they had installed the water heater and therefore made the mistake of not covering the repairs under warranty. He also apologized for the time that it took to make the repair and the running around to get the parts. I don't want to get into the details of what they did to rectify the situation but I will say that they went above and beyond and earned my trust. Going forward I would definitely give them another chance because we're all human and mistakes do happen. It's how you handle the mistakes and bounce back that matters. Thank you John.----Absolutely sick to my stomach with this company.On 1/25/2016 our water heater went out, pilot wouldn't stay lit. In the morning my wife (which had just worked a 3rd shift) called Ben Franklin to come out and look at it. They came at 10:30am and gave my wife an estimate of $119 and was told our water heater had "carbon buildup". An hour later after doing god knows what he comes back and tells her it needs a new "control box" which he said was under warranty and would normally cost $300 for the part, but would be $360 to install. Being that my wife worked a 3rd she just agreed hoping that he would just replace the part and be on his way. The guy leaves for like 2 hours and comes back to the house to replace the part, at around 3:30 he makes some bogus claim about our heater needing a new valve and the bill goes up yet again to $440. My wife was taken advantage of by this company while I was at work and charged us not only for repairing a water heater THEY installed that wasn't even 3 years old and supposedly under warranty but price gouging and repeatedly changing the estimate. I am beyond disgusted with this company. They claim "100% satisfaction guaranteed". I am not satisfied with their constant changing of the estimate and taking the entire day to make the repair keeping my pregnant wife up all day.I could never recommend this company and wished I had been home when they came to do this work. I would have called a more honest company. More...

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