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Mary Stark

17 May 2019

Amanda, Bobbi & Eddie rock! I always get compliments on my hair and nails.


Felice Goddard

17 August 2018

If you like a great haircut or style change this is a great place to stsrt.


Jules R.

12 October 2017

BEST blowout I've ever gotten in Montecito.  So happy that I stumbled upon this gem of a Salon.  Will definitely be returning on our next trip!


Elizabeth J.

18 July 2016

Joel is fantastic at hair color. I was so nervous going in - had been doing my own color for 26 years! He took me outside, we sat on the bench and talked it through, and then began in a gentle way to change and improve my color. Second visit he continued the improvement. I have moved from the area now, but will travel back to him - my hair is so soft and natural now!Also the owner Michelle was very sweet about my nerves and inexperience, not trying to talk me into anything, just mellow and kind. KIND is never a word I have used about a hair salon of the past! More...


Christie M.

17 March 2016

See Audrey Johnson here. She's the best colorist and gives the best cut and style I've ever had.


Ginny C.

30 October 2015

This is the best salon I have ever visited!  Michelle does the most amazing hair cut and color!  What an eye and what remarkable talent to go with it!  I receive compliments, on a daily basis, on my hair now because of Michelle's unparalleled expertise. Alana, who is another extremely talented artist in the salon, does my brow shaping and tinting.  Wow!  Her precision and pride in her amazing work is so appreciated.  I am deeply grateful to these two gifted professionals! More...


Jen F.

29 August 2015

Talented stylists working there. Michele, the owner, is amazing with color. Highly recommend.


Lisa N.

5 February 2015

Classy Salon in Montecito with some seriously talented people ready to make you look like a princess, ( or Prince!)June is my hair sculptress, she specializes in short cuts, excels in using a straight edge razor and has wicked talent as a colorist.They also offer a great line of makeup and can hand blend shampoo's specifically designed  just for you. More...


Sinclair L.

1 January 2015

I like this newer salon in Montecito; there are a lot more appearing on CVR lately. It's clean and friendly and the stylists know what they are doing. I find it pricey but still go once in a while. You won't be sorry, just bring your wallet! More...


Stephanie A.

20 December 2014

Joel cut my hair in an angled bob. He did a great job and it looks very sharp. He took a lot of time and pains to make the angles look just right and to mimic my jawline precisely.