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Bayside Hypnosis offers advanced hypnosis programs for weight loss, smoking cessation and anxiety relief. In order to determine if you can be accepted into program, we first have everyone come in for a free 30 minute hypnosis screening to make sure hypnosis is right for you.


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Stephanie Alvarez

18 May 2019

I’ve been seeing Michelle at Bayside for 7 weeks (7 sessions) & all I can say is I never imagined the results I’m experiencing. I came for weight loss and “hoped” it would help, but the process is changing my mindset across the board in my LIFE in a way that is actually shocking to me. On a daily basis, I’m more relaxed and calm (that’s an understatement!) and my outlook on life is so much more positive I wake up looking forward to things again, including my day, my work, exercise, everything. I’m also letting go of being critical of myself and others and learning to release so much. This part is so dramatic it would be worth it just for this benefit. But guess what else is being released? Yes, my body is changing and the weight is coming off in a way that isn’t something I dread or feel deprived about. Not at all! I look in the mirror and like the person in it AND the way she looks. I am very excited because I KNOW the weight loss & health will only continue to improve. I feel so good physically. I was a bit skeptical because of past history struggling to lose weight but this is just so different. If you commit to the process, it gets almost EASY. The old Stephanie was very food-motivated and didn’t enjoy exercise. Now some days I’m “picking at food” because I’m just not so interested or looking to it to fill up my emotional lack. This is extremely unlike the person I used to be!!! And I look forward to moving my body. Again, untypical of the person I was before. Mindset is everything. Also, Michelle is a pleasure to work with. She teaches and is very perceptive but she doesn’t coddle and I like that. She’s all about helping you get results in a way that is not a chore. I’m so so happy that I heard about this program and so pleased with the results. More...



25 April 2019

After only a few sessions my temper, optimism, anxiety and overall outlook is greatly improved.


Melinda Giron

26 March 2019

With the life coaching and hypnosis therapy from Julie and Michelle, I am so much happier and healthier- mind and body!! I have lost 35lbs in 5 months and still losing! I highly recommend their service to those looking for help to a life they love and enjoy!!!Thank you!!!❤ More...


Lesley Telatovich

24 February 2019

Just heard a quick presentation from Julie with Bayside Hynosis. She is very genuine and knowledgeable. She is truly interested in taking the time to learn more about you and if hypnosis can be a benefit in your life. Definitely give her a call to learn more!! More...


Ella Barker

25 January 2019

Bsyside Hypnosis is wonderful. I've had the most positive and eye opening experience. My life has changed for the better in every aspect due to the program. I'm eating healthier and exercising more. More...


Gina Burke

26 December 2018

I am more determined and more optimistic about life in general. I look forward with great anticipation to each appointment.


Linda Johnson

26 December 2018

I had no idea hypnosis could do this! I went from a size 12 to a 4 in six months!!! Hypnosis made it possible for me to ENJOY eating healthy, exercising and relaxing my mind. I eat what I want, I’m not in any kind of diet, and oh my goodness I like being thin! More...


Kourtney Bedwell

26 November 2018

I quite smoking after ONE session at Bayside! I’ve been smoking a pack day for 30 years!!? It was weirdly easy and I still can’t believe I now have zero desire for it! Coolest thing I’ve ever experienced! The weight loss is coming next the same way!!! More...


Diane Smith

27 October 2018

Just dropped off two pairs of slacks at Goodwill. Down one top size and almost two pant sizes. Thank you for helping me be a better person.


Andra Daniels

24 May 2018

I have been able to start sleeping and not stressing out over the little things. My anxiety is improving with every session and able to smile again.


Katrina Pace

2 February 2018

One session into the program and my teenage daughter's phobia of needles was significantly lower. It was the first time in years that her doctor was able to give her a shot without lots of panic and tears. Thank you Julie!


Alex Dufano

2 November 2017

Very helpful for test taking anxiety as well as other things in my life. I did end up passing my boards with Julie's help.


John Manzanet

11 October 2017

Bayside Hypnosis has been a great addition to the Pensacola Family. She provides exceptional experiences to individuals that are trying to lose weight, reduce anxiety and pain, as well as assist people who want to reduce their smoking habits. I highly recommend Julie Nise and Bayside Hypnosis to anyone. More...


The Connector

6 October 2017

Very informative. Very professional.


doug osburn

13 September 2017

My wife if 25 years past away a little over a month ago. She was my best friend and the love of my life. After she passed I was lost. I was a wreck. Full of hurt and grief every minute of everyday. I scheduled grief counseling but it did not seem to be working. I was at a point where I did not think i was going to make it. I started searching for anything else that might help. I was reading books, talking it out with friends and family but I was still a wreck. I heard about hypnosis and I was so desperate I was willing to try anything. That's when I searched Bayside. I didn't know what to expect but when I left her office I felt better. I don't understand how but it is true. If your having issues you need to just try this. More...

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Because we have the highest ethical standards in our industry, we are part of the Master Hypnotist Society, a group of highly trained hypnotists around the country who use a well-proven system to help people lose weight, stop smoking and reduce anxiety. Our documented client results will demonstrate what can be done using our programs.