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Deepali B.

14 August 2019

Hands down one of my favorite Indian places in the Birmingham area. I am excited for the second location to open in 5 points. The food is usually always good. If you really enjoy spicy authentic Indian food, I would skip the buffet I think it's less spicy to accommodate most people's palates. The service can be iffy sometimes but, the food is good I just try to overlook it. More...


Moriah V.

2 August 2019

Amazing Indian food! My husband and I come here often. The buffet is open for lunch, and for dinner we order off of the menu. We've never had anything bad from here, the meat is always tender, the food is very fresh and the sauces are extremely flavorful. Everything is always perfect and the staff are very friendly, it's a great environment for family. More...


Dave Dragon

31 July 2019

I dropped in for lunch and found the buffet filled with tasty and authentic vegetables and traditional chicken dishes and desserts.


Jd R.

11 June 2019

This is the largest of the indian buffets I have been to in Birmingham.  There's a great variety of dishes to choose from, and everything I sampled was good.  My favorite dish was the vegetable korma, which was a big surprise to me as most local places make their korma much too sweet for my liking.  Here it was rich, creamy, and wonderfully savory.  The breads were all fabulous and the chicken tikka was good, although I thought all the chicken dishes were a touch on the dry side.  The restaurant is clean, spacious, and the service was very good.  I would certainly go back here if I was in the area again. More...


Michelle N.

29 May 2019

I've heard good things about this place so I was excited to try it! Came here for the lunch buffet and we were seated immediately. I'm no expert on Indian food (note: no idea what authentic Indian food is supposed to taste like) but I enjoyed the food here. The restaurant and serving trays were clean and all the food was flavorful. My point of comparison for (Americanized?) Indian food is Sitar in downtown Birmingham and the food here is more flavorful and tasty. I don't remember the names of all the dishes I sampled but it was all good! Definitely recommend making the trip out here! More...


Sullivan H.

29 April 2019

Came here for the lunch buffet on a Friday. They weren't too busy and we were promptly seated and directed toward the buffet. They have a large spread of items to select from, larger than other Indian buffets in the area. Their Naan was a bit stale and tough when we had some. However, when they brought out a new batch, it was much better. The Chicken Tiki Masala was one of my favorites and a great one to start with if you're not familiar with Indian food. I was not a huge fan of the Goat Curry, it had several bones and hardly no meat in it. Overall a really solid option in Birmingham if you're look for an Indian lunch buffet. More...


Brittany P.

19 April 2019

Excellent food and service! Stopped in for lunch and was quickly seated and waited on. I had the chicken chili masala. The spice was just right and the naan bread was perfect for dipping in the sauce! Will go back for sure!


Will D.

20 March 2019

This is at least my sixth time eating at Bay Leaf, and just as it has been every time before, the food was absolutely delicious! The tandoori chicken had an excellent char, and the lamb fraizee had a deep, smooth flavor.Though we live in downtown Birmingham, we have always found the drive to be with the time. The service is swift and efficient. I love this restaurant and could probably eat there every day.(And get the mobile app! You get a free appetizer reward just for signing up!) More...


Ash S.

9 March 2019

If you are looking for great Indian food, this is your place. Great service and numerous options on the buffet. Everything was fresh and flavorful. We go to Bayleaf whenever we can.


Sharon Foster

2 March 2019

Great food and awsome staff.


Olga S.

2 March 2019

If you never have had Indian food, this is the place to start with. Everything made from scratch, even their ice cream. Always professional services. Not to mention entertaining Bollywood music videos on TVs. The most expensive dish on the menu is $18, and it's enough for two. Clean and fresh place. More...


Kevin N.

20 February 2019

Birmingham is blessed with so many options for Indian cuisine. However, Bayleaf definitely takes the cake for its selection and quality. I love going to Indian buffets and Bayleaf has a lunch buffet. When you walk in, you're greeted with a long line of dishes to choose from. Tons of vegetable curries, chicken dishes, as well as a goat curry! The vegetable curries here are AMAZING! Indian cuisine has a way with spices and vegetables and it definitely shows here! The chicken and goat dishes are moist and flavorful. Definitely one of the best Indian restaurants at cooking moist chicken. Their dish labeled "Chicken curry" was definitely my favorite! Careful for the spices that may be left over in the curry part! Those don't taste as great as the chicken .I'll definitely be back if I'm craving Indian food! More...


Kathleen Evans Kopp

16 February 2019

Absolutely loved my Valentine's date at BayLeaf. Everything on the special dinner buffet was delicious and made for a perfect night. PLEASE do this again


Julia P.

15 February 2019

My favorite Indian Restaurant in Birmingham! They have the perfect spiciness and flavor!! It is  not too hot where you can't enjoy it but it is PACKED with flavor. Every time someone new is coming to Birmingham, I ALWAYS introduce this restaurant to them and they absolutely loved it. You can't go wrong with Chicken Tikka Masala and I almost always order Saag Paneer! Whenever the free stuff comes out (the reddish-onion chutney and the green stuff & the very thin chip-like bread), we DEVOUR it. It was fun to eat and it definitely helps pass time while waiting on your food. It never takes longer than 15 minutes for our food and it never was really busy at the restaurant. I never tried the buffet so I can't vouch for that, but I've always ordered off the menu and it hasn't disappointed me yet! More...


P N.

9 February 2019

Best Indian food in Birmingham. Our team was in town for business and we practically ate there every night. The service was great and food was amazing. We practically tried almost all different kind of dishes from vindaloo, tandoori, etc etc. Bayleaf would always bring enough rice for the table and plus some. The spice level is always on point because our group had people who ate from mild to fire. They always got the order right and never messed it up. We are sad to leave Birmingham because of this gem but when we are in town, it's a definite go for us. More...


Bonnie Sult

10 January 2019

They have great food. I have eaten at a number of Indian restaurants and they just do it all well whether you take advantage of their lunch buffet (my favorite) or order off the menu. The food is fresh and lovely.


Dave Thomas

7 January 2019

Had lunch there today, great food!


Priscilla Wadsworth Gebbia

8 October 2018

Best food we've had anywhere! I don't just mean best Indian food either, it's the best of anything we've ever tried! I highly recommend the chicken tikka masala and palaak paneer, although they have many other amazing dishes!


Jeff Brewster

6 October 2018

Best Indian food I've enjoyed in a long time.


Sadia D.

28 September 2018

Bayleaf is a great little ethnic addition to Birmingham's Food scene. They're conveniently located on 280 and trust me, it is hard to find good Indian food anywhere in this area. They have a great buffet daily until 3:00 p.m. except on Mondays as they are closed. The variety of the buffet is great and I adore the Chicken Tikka. There is a good variety of Vegetarian and Non-veg. He food is definitely more on the bland side of Indian food but still very good. The price of the buffet is very affordable and the service is pretty decent. All in all, it is not the best Indian food I have ever had, but probably the best in Birmingham. More...


Natraj K.

18 September 2018

A welcome change from other Indian Buffets -from a vegetarian perspective. 4 veg curries and Dal along with Naan, Batura, Rice and Salads. The dessert section was a bit disappointing. But a good experience overall and would visit again. More...


Greg S.

16 September 2018

If you love Indian food then this is a must , Bayleaf is my one and only favorite place to get it . The food here is awesome and for the price you just can't beat it , the staff is always very nice and treats you like family so since finding this place I have the lunch buffet once a week on average


Breanna Rae Schlage Bryant

6 September 2018

I love their lunch buffet! They have a great variety of food to try and great options for vegetarians. Everything is so flavorful and exactly what I want when I crave Indian cuisine.


Cheryl M.

11 August 2018

Picked up takeout from here the other night. My first time here so I didn't know what to expect. I ordered the vegetable samosas which I don't normally order but I read a review that said they were good and chicken korma. My order was ready when I got there and I had a long drive home so I decided to eat a samosa on the ride home. First of all, I couldn't get over how huge they were. Biggest samosas I've ever seen. And honestly, the best I've ever had. They were delicious. Just the right amount of spices. The order came with two and I was tempted to eat the other one but I really wanted to try the chicken korma when I got home and I knew I would be full if I ate both of the samosas. The chicken korma was really good too. It came with some really good basmati rice. The chicken korma was in a plastic container so when I got home I dumped it over the rice. Delicious! The garlic naan I ordered was really good with it. My order was put together really nicely and came with the tortilla like things that you get at your table (honestly don't know what they are called) and all the dips provided in small containers too. This may very well become my new favorite Indian restaurant. Can't wait to come back! More...


Barry Hester

4 August 2018

Good lunch selection.


Nadia Y.

29 July 2018

This is the best Indian restaurant I have been in. Every time I go it's full of India descendants and it just means that it is authentic! The service is always pleasant and the food is on point and hot. I tend to go pick up food more than dining in and by the time I get home the food still super hot! Great job. More...


Xena S.

23 July 2018

Out of all the "Indian" restaurants in bham this has to be best. The staff was nice and the food was amazing. Ordered potato samosas, which tasted like the ones my friends mothers make. So they were amazing. Also ordered the medium spice chicken tikka masala, and it was to die for. The spice was just right, for sure couldn't have done the hot but the mild would have been to dull. The smell was amazing. Plan on going back with friends. More...


Dale M.

28 May 2018

Love this place! Best Indian buffet in B'ham. Real tandori chicken, I always eat too much of that! Not pompous at all, very good and the staff is great..


James N.

16 May 2018

This is probably the best Indian cuisine in the Birmingham area. Lunch buffet is good, and evening dining from the menu is great. Spicy levels are available to suit anyone. More...


Tabitha Talley

29 April 2018

This food was wonderful! And lots of it. The service was friendly and atmosphere nice and clean.


Jessica Garrison

8 April 2018

Consistently tasty, authentic and satisfying. Might be the most consistent in town.


Laura Joy Buder

13 March 2018

I LOVE this place!! My husband and I go there anytime we want a night out or some good take-out. The staff is super friendly and the food is delicious and there’s a great variety. We love the tikka masala and the non-vegetarian thali. Sunday lunch buffet is also a must-do! More...


Laura S.

25 February 2018

Awesome food, excellent service. Their menu is outstanding and very reasonable. You can tell the owners take a lot of pride in their restaurant. Can't beat the garlic naan!


Pamela G.

25 February 2018

So I was in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago and I made a comment to my friend saying that I had never had Indian cuisine. He ordered us Chicken Tikka Masala & had it delivered home. I was pretty impressed to say the least. Weeks later I find myself craving this dish, so I searched the internet for it. I came across Bay Leaf and immediately placed an order for the Chicken Tikka Masala. Wow! How flavorful! Honestly even better than the dish I had in Brooklyn! I ordered white rice to go w it! It complemented it very well. The server asked if I wanted the masala mild or spicy. Every timeI order spicy food it is far from it so I asked for the spicy masala. It was very spicy indeed! It was a little hotter than I anticipated so that's the one thing I would change, and go for mild next time. I also ordered the garlic naan and it was pretty good and fresh baked. Over all, I am very pleased and am excited to order again! ..mild of course! More...


Karen L.

17 February 2018

I been wanting Indian food for weeks so I stopped into Bayleaf Authentic Indian Restaurant. This restaurant sits in a small shopping strip on a hill on the end. Be sure to use your GPS. Entering the establishment, I was greeted very well and promptly seated. Water was served immediately, also the appetizer was also quickly brought to the table. The servers are very nice. The restaurant is very clean and neat. While waiting for my meal to come, I watched Indian videos on the tv. It was nice to see a different culture dance and sing. I ordered Chicken Curry with medium heat.... it's was hot!! Next time I will get it not so hot And a order of Naan... my favorite! My meal came out hot and steamy!!! The Jasmine rice was very fragrant and fluffy, the Chicken Curry was cooked to medium heat with all the delicious Indian spices, the Naan was cooked to order - fluffy on the inside, a little crispy on the outside, with buttery goodness! I had a couple glasses of water  to wash it down. They do have a extensive full bar for your liken. The portion size is normal, it's what I expected. I couldn't eat it all, I had to take half to go. Lunch for tomorrow ~ yummmmmmy in my tummmmmmmy! If you like a good Indian cuisine, stop in and have a bite. And they do have s lunch buffet. More...


Parag Jaggi

11 February 2018

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Authentic, flavorful food and very courteous staff. Without any doubt it’s the best place to get Indian food in Birmingham.


Mandie P.

13 January 2018

Never having Indian food before I was a bit skeptical... but after eating here I'll be back...like everyday! The staff is welcoming and friendly and Everything has so much flavor! The meat is always tender and NEVER dry. There is not a single dish in the Buffett that I didn't like. And did I mention the bread?!?! Needless to say it's the best bread ever! I love that they have so many sauces and everything has meats and vegetables so you don't feel like you're eating unhealthy! This is my new go to place FOR SURE!! More...


Kruti G.

24 December 2017

Went here with my family for dinner. They serve you papdum ; you can request it to be roasted if you don't want it fried. The green chutney is sweeter and compliments the papudum. Highly recommend. Mango or sweet lassi with your meal. We started with paneer pákodas. We also got the gobi manchurian; It was ok- more heavy on the onions. My daddy recommends the kingfisher beer for the beer lovers.  For our dinner we got : onion kulcha, naan-request butter on it:) , paneer kadai(very good), malai methi mutter-all veggie dishes.  I think their food is very flavorful and they have the best naan. More...


A NeeNee Barnes McKinney

1 October 2017

I'm in Love! My favorite restaurant by far now. The service was outstanding along with the taste.


Jordan G.

30 September 2017

Love the lunch buffet! Excellent selection of tasty food. Great service & friendly staff! You need you try this place


Allury A.

28 September 2017

Great tasting food, professional staff, quick and good service. Enjoy lunch buffet or dinner, was a good experience anytime we have been there. Highly recommended!


Jeremy Nix

3 September 2017

LAVA stopped by for some delicious Indian food during our Birmingham visit and we have to say we LAVA Bayleaf a LOT! We will definitely be back during out next visit and hope to bring more friends with us next time. Excellent, fresh, flavorful - and the chai is transcendent. Looking forward to our next visit. ^_^ More...


Caitlin M.

30 August 2017

Had the buffet! Your classic Indian cuisine, dishes, and flavors. Friendly staff, and clean.


Elizabeth Dent Wyse

19 August 2017

Beyond excellent, if that's possible. When we opened the door to enter the aroma was amazing. We knew we were in for a treat. The server took a minute to direct us to the vegan options and we were not disappointed. Tom hasn't always been a big fan of Indian Cuisine and yet he went back for seconds today. We'll be back. More...


Jenna G.

4 August 2017

Best Indian food I have ever had!!! The naan, samosas, lentil soup, vegetable korma, papadum, sag panir, and Chana masala were all amazing! The vegetable korma was my favorite! I ordered the vegetarian thali and it would be enough food for 2! More...


Dana Golson Lee

3 July 2017

The food is wonderful and the service is even better!


Angelia Stewart

26 June 2017

Consistently good, fresh, authentic Indian cuisine. Bayleaf is our family's favorite restaurant. It is the best Indian food in the Birmingham area. The staff is attentive and provides excellent service. The lunch buffet is a great deal and is a wonderful way to try a variety of dishes. More...


Makayla M.

22 June 2017

Just checked out this restaurant for lunch today. DELICIOUS. I have a cinnamon allergy (weird right?), and the manager was very accommodating and suggested the Shrimp Curry. I also ordered Garlic Naan. The naan was the perfect mix of crispy and soft and the curry was thick and savory just like I'd hoped. The dish contains fish, shrimp and scallops. Everything was cooked perfectly and I proceeded to eat until I was stuffed! Will definitely be making Bayleaf part of our rotation More...


Mary S.

10 June 2017

Went for lunch buffet. There were enough options that everyone was able to find plenty of things they enjoyed. The food all seemed fresh. Not quite as spicy as other Indian restaurants I've been to, but still tasted delicious. Will definitely be back. The servers were all very friendly and attentive as well! More...


Morena Canela

22 May 2017

Great service and AMAZING FOOD �� Highly recommend this place ��


Alexander S.

20 May 2017

Absolutely the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. Quiet atmosphere, clean floors and tables, but above everything - real indian food, with properly cooked meat and perfect spices. And they don't stop on that! For example, they have added wild mushrooms into makhani chicken, which made it even better. And it is also quite cheap: 3 main courses + 2 portions of Naan were just $56. Will go there regularly. More...


Bernice Burmeister

2 April 2017

Excellent dining experience. The restaurant is very clean and spacious, the service was perfect, and best of all the food was delicious and delectable!


Paige I.

25 March 2017

I love the food here! It's a little more expensive than I'm used to with Indian but it's very authentic and worth the few extra bucks! The staff is super friendly and helpful. We have only dined in twice and both times the experience wasn't great. We prefer getting the food to go. The Chicken Tikka Masala is awesome. And the Vegetable Patia is a great vegetarian option! More...


Jenna Kuykendall

23 March 2017

Incredible! We'll be back! Moved here three years ago, and have finally found the best Indian place in town!


Scott C.

8 February 2017

Super friendly staff. Very helpful to first timers who are interested in trying Indian food. If you like spicy try the vindaloo Indian hot!! It will rock your world.


Sarah S.

31 January 2017

A little local place tucked away in the suburbs, this Indian restaurant is becoming more and more popular, for good reason. They provide a wonderful lunch buffet with plenty of vegan options (it's a regular meetup spot for the vegan group, and one of our favorites), and the food is incredibly authentic according to our Indian members. If you're ever in doubt about whether an item is vegan-friendly, the wonderful staff is more than happy to help you in making your food choices, and they even make special bread just for us. Definitely a hidden gem, and here's hoping it doesn't stay hidden for long! More...


T H.

27 January 2017

This is by far the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. BY. FAR. The food is AMAZING, authentic, fresh, and so very flavorful. You can order the food as spicy or as mild as you want. The garlic naan is SO GOOD! I have high bar set for Indian food as the parents of one of my dear friends growing up are from India. Eating authentic Indian cuisine at their house was one of the fondest memories of childhood. No one has been able to match that until now. I daresay the food here is even better... (Sorry Mrs. Puri!) The staff are all so nice, and the owner is a genuinely great guy. They will go out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied. Best customer service ever! We ate from the dinner menu. As the owner told us, the buffet food is all mild, so if you are looking for spicier food, either order from the regular menu, or ask if they have more of the spices that you can add to your food. We weren't sure how spicy the food was going to be, so the owner brought us some extra spices in case we wanted to bump it up a notch, although we didn't need to! We are definitely going to make this a regular go to dinner spot! I am so happy we found this gem!!! You will not be disappointed!!! More...


Mandy M.

14 January 2017

This is our favorite Indian restaurant in Birmingham. Everything we have tried has been amazing! The butter chicken was delicious, a very creamy tomato sauce. I chose the medium heat option, which had a nice amount of kick. The garlic naan is out of this world; I could eat it alone! We also had the Indian special, which had several dishes. It was a great way to try some different menu items. The service is also excellent; the owner is always there and waits tables himself. We will definitely be regulars! More...


Benjamin Y.

3 January 2017

My first time here. My fiancée and I have been searching for an Indian restaurant nearby and found this place via Yelp. We came here for dinner so there was no buffet. Looking at the menu, there are so many choices to pick from but we ordered chala masala and chicken makhani. The server asked how spicy we wanted so we said 'medium'. They were spicier than we had expected (medium), but we finished everything including rice, naans, layered whole wheat bread and dessert (gulab). All very good. A day later, we came back to try lunch buffet. We loved the fact that there are so many choices but we felt that the dinner dishes were better in quality. More...


Elena M.

13 December 2016

Good food, damn I wish I came for the buffet. The service was friendly and I liked the menu options. Naan was great and tasty but the only thing is that maybe they should try to spruce up the place! all the walls were green and empty and it seemed odd to be in a gigantic room with nearly nothing on any walls. Just a little tip to the owners! More...


Karen Stephenson Ingram

10 December 2016

My husband and I are regular customers at Bay Leaf. We love the food and the great service. I always get a little of everything at the buffet and it is all wonderful. My husband's favorite is the chicken tandoori and mine is the chili chicken fry...and of course, gulab jamun for dessert! More...


Elizabeth K.

1 December 2016

Yummy Indian food, friendly fast service. Try the raita. Everything fresh and good. My husband loves the goat Saag


Myra L.

13 November 2016

The best Indian restaurant outside of India!  The Sunday buffet was extensive, appetizing in appearance and taste!  Delicious and an amazing buy!  They eve have a "frequent lunch" buffet card for T-Sat usage.  I don't see how anything could be improved! More...


Wayne Pullen

3 November 2016

Great food & friendly service. Totally recommend this place. Can't wait to return!


Roxanne S.

21 October 2016

This place has great bread and Indian food. The service is great and the buffet is good too. Definitely check this place out if you haven't already !


Gordon K.

18 October 2016

I like the smell and taste of Indian food. The cuisine uses so many spices, it is always an interesting diversion.I went to the buffet, and, buffets are not renowned for quality or cleanliness. However, this one had good offerings and the staff kept the selections replenished. I like breads and meat cooked in a tandoor, and, this buffet includes naan and chicken cooked in the tandoor. Also, there are reams of vegetable dishes and other meat dishes. Meats on the Friday I was there were chicken and goat. If you have never eaten goat, it has a taste reminiscent of lamb. They also had fish, but it was mainly breading.The same fare, sans fish and goat, was offered on the Tuesday I went. Except for one chicken dish, all of the dishes have Indian spices, but are not hot at all. They are good, though.Dishes I liked most were the chicken tandoori, chicken tikka masala, and there was a kind of hot one made with chicken and caramelized onion that was very good. I am sorry, but I did not note the name. It is always on the end just before the desserts start. Unless you are averse to any heat, you should try this one. More...


Steven B Smith

10 October 2016

When you walk into an Indian restaurant and you're the only non-Indian in the room, you know it's gonna be good!! This place fails to disappoint! Best Indian Buffet around for sure! More...


Christina Carlisle

8 October 2016

Friendly staff, excellent service, and delicious Chicken Tikka Masala. The lunch buffet is fabulous and offers a variety of tasty dishes. You can't beat the price either!


Gale Stubbs

2 October 2016

I loved the food. The buffet allowed me to try a bunch of different things. Now when I go back, I'll know exactly what I want to order.


Brad B.

27 September 2016

This place is absolutely stellar!!What a hidden gem!! LOVE the korma (cheese dumplings) and the paleek paneer is of the charts!!! Also, the chicken vindaloo, tikka masala and scallop dishes are out of this world, craving it for days, wishing I had ordered three helpings of it for later good!!!!!! TRY the naan with goat cheese and other toppings! Great side dishes and apps! On top of all that the owners and staff are incredibly nice and attentive! Great atmosphere and even better /fast/great take out!! I would literally have a standing order for take out/eat in the restaurant every day of the week if I could get the wife to go for it! Love this place! Yippppeeee!! Woolhoootiiiitttttwitttyyyywhoooo! More...


Leslie E.

16 September 2016

I have never had dinner here and am usually not a fan of buffet lunches. However I've been here about five times now.  Indian food is not something I'm very familiar with. The staff is so friendly and accommodating it was a great way to learn about each dish on the buffet. The offerings change daily so you get an opportunity to try several different dishes, learn how they are made, and have a little or a lot depending on how you like it. I'm looking forward to making it there for dinner sometime but want to wait until I know exactly what I like and what I don't so I'll order the right things for me. I highly recommend this place for lunch! More...


Kamala Burton

13 September 2016

Warm service and ambiance, excellent food. We love the chicken tikka masala and lamb xaciutti (sp?).


Clara R.

12 September 2016

Great food, very clean place, friendly staff. You won't be disappointed. If this is the first time eating Indian food and you are not sure what you like, I recommend to try the buffet first.  They have buffet 6 days a week for $8.99 with a lot of Indian food to choose from. More...


Michelle Cashion-Schlehmeier

11 September 2016

Loved the food and excellent service! The buffet allows you to try many types of authentic Indian dishes at once. Great for all ages as well! We will be back!


Michael M.

10 September 2016

Really great food!  I've been wanting to try Indian food and I finally came here with my girlfriend.  We tried the Buffett and I wasn't disappointed.  The food was fresh and very good!  I'm very glad we came. More...


C L.

4 September 2016

This is our new favorite place for Indian cuisine! Not only is the service great, the food is outstanding! They have a large variety of dishes to choose from including wide variety of vegaterian dishes. Melts in your mouth delicious!


Amanda B.

31 August 2016

We have had a chance to eat at the lunch buffet versus delivery and it was fantastic. Best Indian cuisine in the Birmingham area. Staff was very attentive and friendly. More...


Daniel R.

21 August 2016

I am visiting from San Antonio and was attracted by the excellent reviews.It was a a good Uber drive away but was it. worth it!!!!it doesn't get better than this and I have a lot of Indian food in many cites.Birmingham you have a winner!!! More...


Kami B.

2 August 2016

Our second time at Bay Leaf and it was even better than the first! The service is attentive and helpful, and the food is delicious. We ordered the chicken tikka masala and the lamb xacutti (at the recommendation of another yelper) and were not disappointed by either. The spice and labor were perfect and the lamb cubes were tender. More...


Mariel P.

28 July 2016

Last night was my second time to visit Bay Leaf for dinner, and it was as delicious as the first! We got our food "Indian hot", which was very spicy, just as we had hoped! I was sad to see the place was so empty at dinner time. I do hope more people will try this restaurant out, as I think it's the best Indian in the Birmingham area. The owner came by both times to see how we liked the food, and the staff was very attentive. More...


Shusma Kafle

25 July 2016

good food and great customer service. Loved it and would like to recommend to everybody.


Grady Thomas

15 July 2016

Hands down the best Indian restaurant in the city. A true delight and the owner is very helpful as well as genuine.


Herb L.

19 June 2016

I still goto this place once a month. I will still say probably the best Indian in town (lunch buffet).


Heidi s.

4 June 2016

Quality of food was excellent and the servings were very large. When the manager noticed that I had not eaten my coconut soup, he offered me a free dessert which was very much appreciated. Great little place!


Michele L.

3 June 2016

The first time I came to this restaurant was several months ago for their buffet. My coworker lived down that side of Hwy 280, otherwise, I would've never known about the restaurant. Regarding their buffet options, I could already tell that the food was more authentic than the other Indian restaurants in Birmingham. There were so many varieties - it was fantastic. The co-owner actually came to our table, introduced himself and made sure that we were well taken care of. What a nice guy he was. I was excited to try out their dinner menu in the future. Yesterday I was finally able to try their dinner menu. I opted for the Indian Special because I wanted to try a different variation of foods and really, it was a great deal. For under $18, you get 3 different dishes, naan bread, and this delicious soup. I could not even eat half of it because I was so full. Also, it was so yummy! The staff was great and very attentive. The owner greeted me this time and was also kind. As for spices, I chose medium hot and for an Asian who grew up eating plenty of spicy food, it was a perfect amount of kick! I could only imagine how hot their top level of hot is. Overall, enjoyed the atmosphere. Food was divine. Staff and service were fantastic. Definitely in agreement that this is the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of is their location. However, because I enjoyed my experience so much, the drive and traffic lights were worth it. More...


Olivia D.

2 June 2016

Easily the best Indian food in Birmingham!  Fiance and I shared the Butter Chicken, the Bhindi Masala and and an order of garlic naan.  I cannot rave enough over this food...  It was so, SO delicious.The staff was wonderful, as well.  They were attentive without being smothering.  They made sure we always had plenty of rice and water.  Overall--just a really nice dining experience.Easily one of my favorite places on 280!  Can't wait to try the buffet! More...


Mike L.

1 June 2016

This is the best I have found in the Birmingham area. Terrific waiters, awesome buffet with reasonable prices. If you like Indian food and you are in the area this is your restaurant. I am going to stop here every time we come through. More...


Laura B.

28 May 2016

Looking for something different and we found it.!Excellent !!! Service was outstanding and the food was delicious!


Kripal S.

5 May 2016

This place has amazing Indian food we ordered reshami kabab ,matar paneer and samosa chaat all of turned out to be great and our kids like it too. Highly recommended if you are in town and like Indian food . More...


Mia F.

20 April 2016

Wow! One of my Indian clients told me about this place...YUM! and...chai iced tea...Everything was fresh and delicious...definitely worth the drive out 280


Sonali A.

9 April 2016

Probably the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham, especially if you are looking for a North Indian style of cooking like me. You can't go wrong with their buffet, but I usually prefer to order a la carte. Their service is pretty good and they will try their best to accommodate your requests related to spice levels, vegan substitutes etc. More...


Sam B.

31 March 2016

Standard Indian buffet. If you're on the 280 side of town it's the only option for Indian food. I'll eat there again for sure.


Caroline W.

31 March 2016

Great service! Great food!  The staff were very attentive and friendly. We sat for quite a while after eating and did not feel rushed. Food was wonderful as well.


Jenn Mettey-Bosshart

12 February 2016

Delicious food, and very hospitable staff. Everything was so flavorful. A great place to dine if your looking for something different than your average restaurant. Thank you for a great first time experience! More...


Henry M.

10 February 2016

This is hands down the BEST Indian restaurant in town. I could eat here everyday with no regrets. I can't wait to go back and enjoy the great buffet.


Mallie S.

5 February 2016

Can't.Stop. Eating! Lunch buffet is yummy. Lots of variety which I love. Definitely coming back!! Service was great.


John T.

26 January 2016

5 stars for an Indian buffet. Isn't super fancy, but great food and great service.


Chelsea M.

23 January 2016

Bay Leaf is a great place to take your family or friends. It has the feel of a classy restaurant without the cost. The food is delicious and one of the best Indian restaurants in Birmingham. The staff is friendly and happy to help you discover new dishes. The buffet isn't huge but it does have a lot of variety with vegetarian options available. It's great if you really can't decide on just one thing. I encourage you to try something off their menu for the best flavor. They have both a seating area for larger parties can be as well as cozy booths for groups 4 and under. More...


Ike Reeder

3 January 2016

Fabulous food and incredibly friendly service! Will go back again!


Steve Gottlieb

27 December 2015

Love this place, authentic and delicious ! A welcome departure from standard dinner food. Keep an open mind, wonderfully different eating experience!


Lucas B.

11 December 2015

Excellent food.  Spicier than expected, but also faster than expected. Got the shrimp biryani.  Lots of clanging from the kitchen and bar might bother some patrons.  Music was not too loud.  Bathrooms very clean.  I highly recommend for good Indian cuisine, unless you can't handle spicy food. More...


Sasha V.

9 December 2015

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see this place here and it's quite authentic, if you were to ask me. I've traveled all over the world and this place is pretty good.


Jay K.

30 November 2015

By far....the best Indian buffet in Birmingham area. Excellent pricing and love the food


Wendy C.

22 November 2015

Super indian food and great staff.  They sometimes forget to put on music and the room begins to feel a bit awkward.  I have no problem asking them to put it on and even though it's quiet it makes a dig difference.   The waiters are great. If you go, look for their lucky charm hanging on the front door on the inside. More...


Eula Belle Hale

20 November 2015

Yummy food, great people & service! Love the Palak Paneer & Garlic Naan!


Cindy Keys

19 November 2015

I'm a huge fan of Indian food, and this is some of the best I've had! The lunch buffet is EXCELLENT with a very small price tag! Dinner portions are large and also favorably priced. I love this place!!! More...


Lee C.

14 November 2015

Bayleaf is a good Indian restaurant.  I went at noon on a Saturday, and it was difficult to find parking in the lot.  There were many people there.  I met a large group of vegans, which they accommodated well; and, the service was decent.The staff assumed I wanted to the buffet, and I did!  The buffet is large and has numerous vegetarian options.  I found that the food was good but the tastes of the different dishes did not distinguish themselves that much.  Many standard dishes one expects.  I wish there had been more fresh vegetables--a salad--and more Indian deserts.  I would be interested to try the restaurant for dinner some time.  If one can eat a lot, the buffet is a good deal at $9.I will return here. More...


Sam S.

11 November 2015

It's great to have great Indian food, here in the 'burbs.  The food is fabulous, whether you are ordering from the menu, or eating from the buffet.  Service is efficient and attentive.  The restaurant is tucked away and hard to see from the highway...I hope the word of mouth can bring in a lot of business.  I want this place to stay. More...


Tracy M.

1 November 2015

Excellent food with excellent flavor. Large lunch buffet. The staff is excellent and friendly! They have a full bar and large dining area for groups.


Brian L.

19 October 2015

Best Indian food in Birmingham.  Worth the drive out Hwy 280 near Greystone.


Stephanie C.

18 October 2015

This was my first visit. It was for my birthday & the food potion,service was great!! My family  is from West Africa  so I was so impressed  with the bold very well seasoned food. Will definitely  be returning.


Joey D.

2 October 2015

Food is awesome! Service staff is very friendly. Ambiance does not matter when your food is so good. Best Indian food in birmingham


Sarah J.

1 October 2015

Great food, staff and pleasant atmosphere. The eggplant appetizers and mashed peas in delicious fried crispy pockets were great, as suggested by the server. They were very helpful in recommending foods and my chicken curry was perfect. More...


Heather B.

30 September 2015

Best Indian food in Birmingham! Try the lamb Xacutti (It is a coconut-based sauce. I got mine mild but if you like spicy, try medium). Their chicken makhani is fabulous, as is the lamb rogan josh. I have never had anything here that I did not like. My husband is not an adventurous eater and he loves this place, as well. Highly recommend! More...


Joel M.

28 September 2015

Excellent food and even better service. Me and my girlfriend have been multiple times for Dinner. Always a great experience. Give Bay Leaf a try. You will not be disappointed. More...


Rs D.

6 September 2015

This is a great place for Indian cuisine. Large variety on the menu and our waiter was so helpful with our selections.The naan was great- especially the one with garlic tomatoes ( we minuses the chilies). I had one of the dinner specials- the mixed grill with coconut soup. Had to do a to go box- generous portion. Will definitely return here. More...


Paul C.

4 September 2015

I made a little piggie of myself. The lunch buffet is huge, and it includes a wide variety of dishes. Everything was delicious, but I don't remember the names. So, let's go with, I liked the green (spinich), yellow (chick peas), brown (eggplant), and the red (chicken). My only suggestion is I wish there were entrees that were spicy.Bayleaf offers the lunch buffet every day including the weekends. The staff told me the dishes vary each day, and they serve goat and fish on Fridays and Saturdays.I will be back. Oink oink. More...


Preeyam P.

21 August 2015

Great location and excellent service. I hope they are here to stay! We went around closing time so they weren't packed. but that was good for us and we had the entire place to ourselves. The buffet is ENORMOUS but I ended up ordering off the menu. They had great selection with reasonable prices. Quality of the food was also fantastic. They let us stay a little after closing and even warned us a few times before the buffet was going to close to everyone ended up getting what they needed off of it. I accidentally powered down my phone instead of getting the living social deal for this place but the owner was nice and redeemed my deal off of his phone. I would go back in a heartbeat! More...


Camille M.

9 August 2015

This is not the same place it was before and I mean that in a good way! Ever since the new owners took over, everything has improved significantly. We usually come here for lunch on the weekends and they have a wider variety of dishes to sample in the their daily lunch buffet. The service is now more prompt and friendly as well. The buffet is very reasonably priced as you can eat all the delicious Indian food you want to your heart's content. More...


Genny D.

6 August 2015

Went there for the lunch buffet. Amazing and just the right amount of variety. Everything was hot and always replenished frequently. I sampled every single thing they had on the line and it was all absolutely delicious. I would recommend this to everyone I know! More...


Grant M.

31 July 2015

Excellent tandoori chicken, coconut soup, papadum, and garlic naan. The lamb vindaloo was flavorful, but not quite as spicy as I like it. Our only complaint was that our server was not very attentive. I will definitely be back. More...


Sarah M.

30 July 2015

Always great every time we go. My 4 yr old even loves this place. His favorite is the tandoori chicken and whatever everyone else is having. We usually order panera bhurji, Chicken Tika masala, and spinach pakoras. The lunch buffet is also outstanding. The staff is always friendly and accomodating. More...


Angie Warren Dutton

21 July 2015

Awesome food! The buffet is great too and the people are wonderful!


Patty Carril McLain

21 July 2015

Great food, good service, super friendly staff. I had left over chicken but not rice, he brought more rice for my dinner tomorrow. I didn't even ask! We are always looking for a good/different restaurant on the 280 strip, this one will be in our group now. Go, you won't be disappointed! More...


Scotty L.

16 July 2015

Best Indian food in town. Sprawling buffet at a reasonable price during the day.Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite. Also Lamb Pasanda. If you're afraid of curry, get something tandoori. More...


Neal Clayton

12 July 2015

By far the best food on 280. This restaurant changes the standard of what people should define as "good food". My parents have eaten there twice a week, I would if I could. There is always something new to try, always a new flavor to experience. The food is so flavorful with prices that don't make you question if it was worth what you were paying (very affordable). In short: I love Bay Leaf! More...


Rachel G.

12 July 2015

Tonight will have been our 5th time, and we cannot seem to get enough!!  We had the buffet the last time, and it was AMAZING!  I was able to try things I had never had and would not know to order had I not tried it on the buffet.  What makes this place, even more than the delicious food, is the staff. They are top notch in every way and aim to please.  They are so attentive and so friendly.  They really go out of their way to be helpful.  We especially like the manager Kiran, he is such a personable guy and so friendly.  We had an awesome server tonight named Vijay, who is a great guy as well. We enjoyed hearing tips on his favorite food and about his home in India.  Very knowledgeable people.  We will be back and HIGHLY recommend. More...


Marilynn F.

9 July 2015

My 2nd time here and had excellent buffet.  All dishes I tried were very good and freshly made.  Bread good too.  The Only Indian restaurant I love in Birmingham. Puts Taj to shame.


L. Z.

3 July 2015

Missing Indian food and tried the buffet here- a nice surprise to have such a good quality Indian food! Being a South Indian, am pleased that they were able to bring in some authentic South Indian tastes in the goat curry! Can improve the biryani though! Will definitely be back for more - they are also planning to introduce dosas- can't wait! More...


Theresa Brown

1 July 2015

Went for the lunch buffet on Tuesday and was so pleased. One of our group loves Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Tandoori but is allergic to bell peppers so they gave us both without and didn't charge anything extra. The variety was great; the spice and flavor good without being too spicy or too bland. Unfortunately, Indian restaurants in BHM seem to start out good but then bland out the food to try to appeal to more people. Problem is, then you ruin it for those who love Indian food. A must try for everyone who loves Indian food. More...


Meredith M.

25 June 2015

This place has an excellent lunch buffet.  The staff is friendly.  The buffet is clean and well stocked.  But most importantly the food is incredible and fresh.  I'll go back again and again.


Bhavin D.

14 June 2015

Have tried A La Carte which was really good. Nice staff. Good ambience. Recommended. Best one in Birmingham.


Darryl L.

29 May 2015

Excellent lunch buffet. Good selection that changes daily. Good atmosphere and service. Under $10.


Alan J.

8 May 2015

Excellent food and top notch staff.  Owner was very helpful and informative.  Buffet and Togo food have been excellent.


Terri Higginbotham Hartsfield

1 May 2015

Had the buffet there today and it was seriously good! Looking forward to going in the evening sometime soon!


Robyn Davis

26 April 2015

Delicious food! There were so many choices, that I cannot wait to go back to try other dishes.


Amanda Hambrick Martin

22 April 2015

Great staff, awesome service, and delicious cuisine! The staff was super helpful, and our server patently answered any and all our questions. Additionally, we were able to make modifications to our selections without an up charge--something a lot of places won't do. The menu is extensive, and the portions are huge without the accompanying price tag. I personally always have a large appetite, and I was only able to finish half. The other half I took home for later--nom nom! :) The food was awesome, some of the best Indian I've had, and they have a nice drink selection as well--though I mostly focused on the wine options! You must go!! More...


Amanda M.

21 April 2015

Great staff, awesome service, and delicious cuisine!  The staff was so helpful, and our server patently answered any and all our questions. Additionally, we were able to make modifications to our selections without an up charge--something a lot of places won't do.  The menu is extensive, and the portions are huge without the accompanying price tag.  I personally always have a large appetite, and I was only able to finish half.  The other half I took home for later--nom nom! :) The food was awesome, some of the best Indian I've had, and they have a nice drink selection as well--though I mostly focused on the wine options!  You must go!! More...


Thomas H.

20 April 2015

Ate there last night.  The food was very good and we had excellent service.  We're definitely going back.


Vishant P.

18 April 2015

Visited Bayleaf today..!!! Amazing food. Real taste and outstanding service. The staff is very knowledgable about the food. Will be back when in town. Found my spot..!! More...


Jennifer Kirkpatrick Salmon

11 April 2015

The best Indian food in Birmingham! My kids love it, they want it anytime given a choice of where to go. The staff is amazing, I highly recommend!!


J D.

3 April 2015

First impression... 5 stars!!!  Walked in and went straight to the bar at the end of the room. Vjay (spelling?) greated me and was polite friendly and helpful.  I was looking for a chicken dish and he recommended the red chicken (cooked in clay oven). He also recommended an indian beer that was tastey (can't remember the name but it's the only one they have). I was getting to go and it was quick. He recommended I come back for the daily buffet which looked very big. Starts at 11 every day of the week including Sunday. Food was excellent. Service was excellent. I will be back! More...


Jessica C.

22 March 2015

We actually went here twice today! Decided to try out the buffet for lunch- there were many more choices and variety compared to Mughal Indian (the name of the restaurant under the previous owner), and they were all absolutely delicious. There were the usual staples like aloo gobi, mattar paneer, and chicken tikka masala. The samosas and goat  curry were excellent too. Appreciated that they had fresh garlic naan. Also tried a few desserts that I had never heard of, a semolina pudding and rasmalai, a sweet spiced cheese with pistachios (sounds weird but was awesome). Then tonight, my family wanted Indian food for dinner so my BF and I decided to pick up take-out. We had the methi matar malai, which was my favorite of the night. It is a creamy curry with peas and spices. I was hoping that it would have fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves but it was still great with the dried herb. We also had vegetable patia, super tasty with mango; vegetable korma, the usual creamy fave; and chicken chilly fry, boneless chicken in a spicy, slightly sweet sauce. We were pleased that they actually provided enough rice to go with all of the dishes. They also threw in some papadum and chutneys, a nice surprise. With naan, it was enough food for 5 people. The staff was very friendly and the food was ready to be picked up in 25 minutes. Overall, very impressed with the food at Bay Leaf. We will definitely be back for both lunch and dinner in the future. More...

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