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Barry Zecca, M.A.

Bridgewater, New Jersey, Somerset County

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Barry Zecca, M.A.

Bridgewater, New Jersey, Somerset County



Barry is an AAEH-certified hypnotist, with a Masters' degree in Psychology from the well-known New School for Social Research in New York City.

His career began in 1973 when he was fortunate to meet and begin working closely with Harry Arons, a man world-famous in the field of hypnosis for more than 50 years.


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Liz Shults

25 May 2018

Barry is an absolute joy to work with! I saw him while I was at the end of my pregnancy for help with my upcoming birth. I was nervous because I would be attempting a VBAC, and wanted to go into my birth without fear. Barry is such a kind soul, with a very calm and welcoming personality. He had me feeling right at home immediately. He was very generous with his time and energy... you will know that just from the conversation you have with him when calling to inquire about his services. We worked on my anticipation for the birth; and I truely was excited and anxious (in a good way) to go into labor! I did indeed achieve my VBAC, and I did it completely naturally, with no pain medications (which was one of my goals we listed in the first session). I could go on and on, however, I am now a mother to two little ones, so I don't have much time! I can't recommend Barry highly enough; and if my insomnia crops back up again, I will most certainly be heading back to him! (Although he teaches you skills that you can then apply to any area of your life on your own, forever!) Thank you so much Barry, you have clearly found your calling in life! More...


Veena Ramani

25 May 2016

I have had two major fears in my life, one being a great fear of thunder & lightning since I was small. The second was a fear of driving since I moved to the area 16 years ago. Barry Zecca was able to completely eliminate BOTH fears within a few visits. Now I am able to drive anywhere without any fear or concern, and I am no longer afraid to be outside in bad weather or thunder & lightning. My confidence & my life have changed forever for the better because of the help I received from hypnosis & Barry Zecca. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart! • More...

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For over 40 years I have enjoyed helping others just the way I have been helped, utilizing hypnosis. I changed ONLY the way I thought, yet I changed my whole life. Let me do the same for you!

After graduating from college I faced a very difficult time because I was overly negative. In desperation, I sought out a world-famous hypnotist (Harry Arons) to help me. My biggest problem turned into my biggest opportunity, because it forced me to find a creative solution. Utilizing hypnosis, I overcame my negative thinking and turned my intentions into reality. Inspired by my success, I teamed up with Arons and worked with him for 10 years until he retired and I took over. During these 10 years I returned to college and obtained a graduate degree in Psychology, and have been helping others ever since, utilizing hypnosis & behavioral techniques to help people succeed, just as I did so many years ago.

No one in NJ has the background, training or decades of experience that I do.......let me put my 40+ years of experience to work for you immediately. I'll turn your intentions into actions & your dreams into reality!