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My name is Barry Harley and I am a photographer with more than ten years of experience.

I specialize in commercial, architectural and portrait photography.

My photographs have been featured in Open House Magazine and Arlington Magazine.

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28 October 2019

I really enjoyed working with Barry. We needed images for our new built and he responded very quickly and the numbers offered were in line with our budget. He is passionate of his work and will do anything to ensure you are satisfied with the results. A million thanks! More...

25 May 2016

I'm an owner of a local HVAC and Plumbing business. We've used Barry Harley many times of the years and he always exceeds our expectations! I highly recommend Barry for all commercial photography needs you may have! More...

25 May 2016

I had the privilege of having a portrait session with Barry recently, and could not be happier with how the pictures turned out. He was not only professional in every way, but very courteous and down to earth. I've never worked with someone so intent on having something done right, no matter the effort involved. And the end result attests to this fact. His work speaks for itself, whether you are looking for a portrait studio, commercial pics of your business, or architectural pics of your house...he does it all, and well! I am looking forward to having more sessions with him in the near future! More...

25 May 2016

We are very impressed with Barry Harley! He has worked with my family on more than one occasion and we are always 'wow'ed by his photography. We would recommend Barry to anyone looking for a photographer who does amazing work. More...

25 May 2016

Barry Harley has a great portrait studio in Reston, Va. His pictures have a warm feel to them, so that Corporate or Commercial portraits don't feel so cold and informal. He has a pleasant shooting personality, making everyone around him feel at ease and comfortable. For a photographer in Northern Virginia, Nova, you should call Barry Harley. More...

25 May 2016

I've worked with Barry in the past for portrait photos and had them done again recently. I LOVE his work! He always makes me feel comfortable which results in amazing photos. Would I work with Barry again? Absolutely! More...


Creating a good composition, Using the light to reveal the subjects personality. Capturing the intent of the designer or artist.

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