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Courtney Mattie

16 August 2019

We needed 250 programs printed in just a few hours. They responded quickly to all my concerns and were able to get all our programs finished in time! And they were beautiful!!


Minnie Adams

30 June 2019

Paul is awesome and so is the entire staff. I had a tight deadline and I was assured they would make it and they did!!They are my Go-To from now on!


Mary Tedesco

4 May 2019

Barrington Press has been my go to place for printing Banner stands, biz cards, mounted posters etc. Great friendly service and pricing! Thanks for always being there!


Schuyler Polk

4 May 2019

I cannot say enough great things about Barrington Press. Leah and team are wonderful to work with. Attentive, compassionate and great quality work! I have used Barrington for envelope printing, die cut projects, and label printing. More...


Scott Rosenberg

4 May 2019

I have used Barrington Press for personal as well as professional printing. They have printed and binded books, done banners for teams, printed pens, and more for me. Simply said, you cannot beat their price or their service. I would never go anywhere else More...


Steve Hertzberg

4 May 2019

Paul and his team are the best around. I have had nothing but a great experience time and time again. I have been dealing with them for the past 10 years and would recommend them to anyone for their printing needs!


Gregory Andres

4 May 2019

In searching for a new printer for trade show graphics (posters, lightboxes) and brochure printing a few years back, I struck gold. After years of shady account managers, increasing costs and decreasing quality with a myriad of other printers, Barrington Press has become a trusted partner for all of my printing needs. Timely, helpful and all around awesome, I cannot say enough how much I enjoy working with Paul and his team. More...


Ann TenHoeve

4 May 2019

Loved the banners ~ they came out great! Thank You!!


Arielle Elad

4 May 2019

A pleaseure to work with them! Quick, professional and always helpful


Faris Matalgah

26 March 2019

Great service


Gregory A.

14 December 2018

How often do you pick up the phone, call a place you know nothing about - just found the number after doing a quick web search, and the business picks up the phone? Or calls you back? Or isn't terrible, horrible, no good and very bad in every possible way (just like Alexander's day)?Let's flip this around from negative to positive and go from books to movies. In 'Happy Gilmore', Happy is taught to go to his "happy" place to calm him down and help him beat the evil Shooter McGavin. (There's also a lot of talk about Red Lobster in there too, but I digress.) Previously, the printers I had worked with, big or small, were all Shooter McGavins - they were out for themselves and themselves alone. Quality of the product? Meh, not so much. Price? Hmmm, let's change it on a whim, after we already have your work and it's almost the deadline. And, let's not even talk about shady business practices or surly employees. (*Shiver and Shake*)And, then, one day, I found my happy place. In Paramus, New Jersey of all places. But, for me, unlike Happy Gilmore, this wasn't a fantasy or a dream, this was real life. Paul and his team are the kind of people you write home about - the top banana, the cats pajamas, the bees knees (so many questions - how does the banana get to be the top one, what kind of pajamas and knees? really?) - these cats having been hiding in plain sight since 1983.My business partner and I have thrown a little bit of a lot of everything at Barrington Press over the past few years - crazy client requests, short timelines, last minute "can we even do this?" questions - and you know what? We always make it work. Together. We get Barrington what they need to produce our posters/graphics and they turn around gorgeous, top-notch quality items at very affordable prices.There are phone calls in my life that I may perhaps regret. And, then there's the phone call I made to Barrington Press. That call may have just changed my life. More...


Travis Nowatka

30 November 2018

Barrington Press is the best!!!


Christina Basile Magill

25 May 2018

I was a little hesitant at first using a commercial printing company for my wedding. I made the right choice with Barrington Press!!!! The staff was absolutely phenomenal, and exceeded my expectations in every way.I had to make last minute changes to my tent cards, as well as invitations. I called in an absolute panic and was told "no problem". Within moments, the changes were made. I also had stickers and programs made, where the fonts kept screwing up. Not only did they fix this issue, they guided me on what to pick which resulted in something better than I ever could imagine.Everyone complimented me on the quality of the paper, the sharpness of all of the graphics used, and just had wonderful things to say all around. My wedding details, which were so important to me, came off without a hitch all because of Barrington Press. More...


John R.

27 October 2017

BP was a pleasure to work with.  We needed brochures in a hurry and they were able to deliver before we needed them and with great quality and professionalism.  I'll admit, being a novice at printing I initially went to Staples :( but they were not able to print the size we wanted and it would have taken over a week because they ship it out to a third party.  I called Barrington and they were very helpful and had everything ready to go in no time.  100 brochures, cut to specific measurements, and professionally folded.  Not to mention, they were CHEAPER than Staples and it's supporting a small, local business.  Would definitely work with them again! More...


Andra Hoffman

25 May 2017

Barrington Press prints the highest quality work. My digital prints come out looking fantastic... nice, strong, bright color on quality paper. They always meet my deadlines ( which is yesterday). I am so happy I found them! They are the best and they always come through, making my work look great. More...


Bnoname Ranon

4 December 2016

Super high quality; very patient with constant, back and forth changes; very responsive; very attentive.

My company has been using Barrington (formerly Pip Printing) for over 20 years, and we use this company again and again because we demand the best for our marketing compaigns. Barrington delivers that best.


Ksenia Dobreva

4 October 2016

These guys are awesome. I needed to print color brochures and to ship them meeting the certain deadlines, and also I asked them to rush print some sticky labels as well - they did everything exactly as I asked, and Paul was so kind to send me the pictures of the stickers. All in all, they printed and shipped my orders, while I was on the other side of the globe - very convenient! All I can suggest here is being a little bit more proactive with updating the customer with the order state, but if you drop them a question, they answer it pretty fast. Also, the prices are pleasantly moderate if to compare with the offers I've got when researching. Best of luck to you, guys! More...


B.T. Klemensowski

27 August 2016

Hey, can you travel back in time and print something yesterday! Yeah? Oh... ok, cool. They saved my butt on numerous occasions and I have grown attached to my butt, so win-win.


Denise Mercier

1 February 2016

Barrington Press is quality service. The whole team is great to work with !! Look no further !


Jason Wood

21 December 2015

The team at Barrington Press were phenomenal. Thanks for getting our marketing materials designed, printed and drop shipped against a tight deadline for a price that was much more reasonable than we had any reason to expect.


Pat V.

26 June 2015

They always have been tops with customer service and the quality of work is outstanding. The best part, is that they always work with you and know your needs.

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