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Jen H.

5 September 2019

Great ambiance, drink specials, and friendly service! My boyfriend and I stumbled into this place last night while walking around Rino and were very impressed. The owner was there working and was extremely friendly, helpful, and welcoming. They specialize in Negroni cocktails, which I had never tried before but thoroughly enjoyed. Their French onion dip was delicious! Wednesday nights have some happy hour specials and it sounds like Friday/Saturday they have a DJ and 90s music. The interior was super cute and they also have an outdoor patio. I don't typically write yelp reviews but we were so thoroughly impressed and happy with our visit that I wanted to spread the word! They are also part of the passbook if you have one. More...


Josh K.

22 June 2019

Bar Helix is incredible. Creative cocktails, small plates packed with flavor, and a staff that is just genuinely friendly. Highly recommend for date night or night cap. The comfortable, intimate atmosphere is enhanced by the private dining/drinking areas. More...


Mary S.

1 June 2019

Black woman owned bar in Rino... say no more! Fantastic craft cocktails, great happy hour specials and they have WCW specials too!


Deja A.

20 May 2019

I love this bar. It has an intimate setting that makes you feel 100% attended to. The bar owner, Kendra, also makes sure to speak to her guests and check-in on how your experience is going. This place is best for cocktails and grabbing a complimentary snack to go with! More...


Chris N.

18 May 2019

Absolutely brilliant. There are no amount of words I can use to describe how much I appreciate the love and thoughtfulness that has gone into this establishment. Have you ever been to a negroni bar? If not... Treat yourself. This place is the star of the neighborhood. I have been to 112 countries and have yet to go to a negroni focused bar. They crush it.Flavor, style, care and more.We tried every single negroni on the menu and my palate is still blown away.Music was a bit loud, ambiance was a modern mix... But the focus on the drinks and service leave this place as a 5 star all day and night More...


Naomi A.

16 May 2019

A must try! Classy and easy going at the same time!!! Best bartenders and owner in the area! If you want sometime to listen. To what you want and give it to you! This is your bar More...


T y.

8 April 2019

We went to bar helix for the first time and it's become our new favorite! The staff was great, the bartender created delicious drinks, the food was delicious and Kendra was delightful. I loved the pretty details right down to rose gold silverware. Looking forward to going back! More...


Rd D.

1 January 2019

Loved the food, cocktails, bar goddesses, and décor. Enjoy!


Laura B.

14 December 2018

Stopped in for a late night snack and the food was delicious (deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, and pigs in a blanket) and the cocktails were creative and tasty.   On top of that - very attentive and energetic hospitality.    We will be back and recommend to others. More...


Shawn M.

26 November 2018

Still new to Denver and looking for places that is relaxing but exciting, upscale, diverse, and great food and drinks.  Bar Helix provided a great staff, above average food, delicious drinks, and small dance floor that fits in nicely with the DJ and great sound system.


M M.

9 November 2018

Let me tell you..... Great spot!  Awesome drinks, good staff... and best of all, woman owned business!  If you like Negronis, this is your spot!  Tots? yep, they got em......   I think the owner really knows whats up with customer service and appreciating patrons of the establishment!  We had a minor, very minor mistake of a food order not being put in, yet the owner acknowledged a mistake and made everything right!  No hesitation, and with style and grace....  I will definitely be back.  You should go too. More...


Adam R.

3 November 2018

Been to this place twice now, love it! The atmosphere ranges from quiet and dignified on a Tuesday night to a thumpin' club on Saturday - and I mean that in the best possible way. The cocktails are superb - try the Fernet About It if you're a fan of whiskey drinks.The real treasure here, though, is the staff. You can tell they love their jobs, and it shows in how they interact with the patrons. Everybody I spoke to here has been friendly, engaging, and competent. Really appreciate them. More...


Anastasia D.

24 September 2018

What an amazing, female powered bar! Decor is classy, drinks are creative and delicious, food is simple but well crafted, and the service is stellar. On a Friday night around 730/8, the bar wasn't too busy, with plenty of seats to be found, which was a pleasant change to the overly packed Denver night scene. Our server was attentive, friendly, funny and personable, as well as every other employee who touched our table. The owner was present and made sure to stop by, to bring us food and check in.Drinks are pricey, $12-14 range, but they are well worth it. The beet vodka cocktail tastes like biting into a perfectly roasted beet, yet refreshing, slightly tart and well balanced. The option to have two mini negronis allows the indicisive patrons to try two options from a list of 7+ types of negroni riffs. Of the food, most things can be made gluten free. The salmon crab dip is a must, as are the deviled eggs. Skip the tator tots though, as they aren't anything unusual. The pork belly buns and the caviar and bubbles are what I want to return for, as well as to try every drink on the menu. It's so great to see women behind the bar crafting drinks on par with any other craft cocktail bar in Denver! Can't wait to go back! More...


Holly N.

8 September 2018

The naughty waffles were absolutely amazing!!! If you're looking to try a new place in Denver, this place will not disappoint!!!!!!


Thomas James L.

27 July 2018

* This review is for drinks only, I didn't have any of the food.I came in just as they opened on a Saturday evening.  I tried a few of the Negronis (The Negroni is an iconic Italian cocktail, made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel.), which were great.  Josh was my bartender, and went into detail about all the different styles there are in terms of Italian Negronis.  I'm clueless on all this, but he was really friendly and open with explaining it all.  Zero condescending type attitude, just friendly and excited to share the differences in the drinks.  He let me sample a diff style as well, which was really cool.  It was a great experience all around, my mind was pretty blown at all the styles of Negroni.  I'd definitely check this place out again. More...


Dave S.

2 June 2018

First time here.  Really liked this place.  If you like Negronis they rock here along with other great cocktails.  Great staff, Josh, Victoria and Mickey were really helpful and attentive.  The drinks were spot on.  Wishing I didn't have to drive so I could explore a little more.  Josh is a pro with the drinks, on and off the list.  I had the Devilish Eggs which were clever and really tasty.  There are many other great menu items to try.  I'll be back for more.  Next week is Negroni Week, who knew, so I'm there for sure. More...


Mark H.

18 May 2018

Josh was forgotten by the Romans, clearly, because he should have been a God of Negronis for all the mortals to worship. Are you looking for a religious experience? Struggle achieving orgasm? Have a high tax bill?The answer is Josh. Allow him to fill the senses, the soul, and order anything from him (but the Negroni Experience is honestly the right answer). Allow yourself to fall into the next dimension, with... Josh. More...


Brian P.

24 March 2018

Absolutely amazing service and incredible chefs. We sat at the "chef table" (bar adjacent to food being prepared). The two chefs were AWESOME... Angie and Jeremy. Their attention to detail, and quality of food was SO impressive! It was really fun to watch. It was like watching food network competition show live. Devilish eggs are amazing! We will absolutely be back! And soon! More...


Reggie W.

2 March 2018

Great food, drinks, and atmosphere. This bar/restaurant is up and coming. Contemporary yet elegant.


Shawn B.

2 March 2018

This bartender, Josh, is amazing at his craft. He's making drinks we've never heard of. Made our night, this one.


Alexandra W.

12 February 2018

My husband and I recently tried Bar Helix and I have to say, we were pretty impressed. The space is quite small, so be prepared to stand for a while in order to get a seat. On a weekend night the music is bumping, so if you're looking for a quiet drink with friends - I'd suggest somewhere else. But, we absolutely loved the upbeat music! We each had a cocktail that was very VERY well done. You can tell the cocktail menu was put together by professionals. We didn't try the food, but I will definitely have to go back. We sat near the open kitchen bar, and it smelled great! More...


Margaret T.

31 January 2018

I loved the bartender.  I love when you can go into a place and the bartender starts a normal conversation with you. Not flirting, not trying to get you to order another drink, but a normal conversation about the neighborhood, where your from, where he's from.  And the cocktails were amazing. We also tried the chips and salmon dip, which was a great appetizer.  The menu played on elevated junk food.  Love it. You can sit at the bar in front of the chefs too. Oh...did I mention this is place is owned by a female sommalier...ladies night! More...


Chris A.

30 January 2018

Went here on Saturday and it was awesome! Not only are the cocktails super creative and delicious but the service rocked! It was busy but I never felt ignore by my server, Mickey. He was friendly, knowledgeable and cute! Can't wait to go again to try the food! More...


Dawn W.

27 January 2018

I can not get enough of this spot! The originality of the menu, the beats when DJ's play, the stellar list of bubbles and the cocktails are just good without being over the top. The staff is professional, friendly and skilled. The kitchen has a focused menu and the Baller-ific Caviar service is my fave, with tots, all the fixings and Pringles!Recently voted one of the top fried chicken places in town - and yep. It is. A super place to chill with great friends and I always have great luck with parking too! More...


Darika S.

23 January 2018

The average star rating for this bar is below what it should be.  For one: this is a cocktail bar with well experienced bartenders, two: this is RiNo, please don't complain about a $12 cocktail, and three: this is not a dive bar, if you want a cheaper drink, go elsewhere.Bar Helix has attentive bartenders and great cocktails.  There are several negronis and other cocktail options.  The drinks are strong and garnished to make them attractive.  Again, it's a $12 drink, the liquor used is of high quality so lessen the chance of a hangover.  I enjoyed  "bad b*tch" cocktail a lot, great balance of rye and aperol, not too bitter.I did have a slider, which I thought was okay, but I would really just focus on the drinks here.  Adding this bar to the list to one of my 'regular' bars to visit. More...


Tiana U.

3 December 2017

This place had a great vibe and was pretty packed by 6:30 or 7 on Friday night.  We had amazing cocktails that were completely unique yet delicious.  They were also able to cater to our 2 friends that don't drink but wanted to feel like they were part of the party.  The custom made mocktails that were on point!  We tried a few dishes and they were delish!  We had the tots, the chips and dip, Rangoon and the deviled eggs (my fave).  I didn't realize until we were leaving that we could have seen our food constructed.  Will be back again for sure! More...


Chris C.

2 December 2017

This is Denver's coolest new spot. Love the vibe, the artisan dishes, the cocktails and the mood. An upgrade to Denver's nightlife scene.


Michele V.

28 November 2017

Obscure but interesting drink list, really wonderful and also somewhat obscure food, and a fun and relaxing ambiance.  Overall, learned a lot and had a nice time!  Desperately needs outdoor signage.  Great place, will find it again! More...


Nils T.

15 November 2017

Had an excellent experience here after stumbling across it during a walk. Bartenders seriously knew their stuff and the manager made sure I was enjoying myself. I highly recommend stopping by.


Eden B.

4 November 2017

Kendra and her team have created a wonderful space and experience!  The cocktails are carefully crafted and well balanced. I tried the rangoons and they were absolutely wonderful.  Only wish I still lived in Denver so I could make this my regular haunt! More...


Joe S.

2 November 2017

Fantastic cocktail. Try the fresh to death. A bit higher prices but that comes with quality. warm bar staff and great ambiance comparatively to the rest of rhino. Give it a few months to work out the kinks mentioned in the other reviews and I think they'll go far. More...


Leigh Anne M.

27 October 2017

What incredible food, but even more so - a phenomenal atmosphere. I almost didn't want to write the review just so that I could keep the place a secret for myself (and I don't know the owner and didn't get any free drinks). They have truly managed to balance casual with class while adding an imaginative twist to their food items with the end result making you yearn to try the next yummy on the menu. I am eager for them to add more temptations to their menu! I would definitely recommend. More...


Joey G.

20 October 2017

I'm a fan, the bartenders and service was on point! The drinks were great and the atmosphere was cool.  The crab Rangoon with real crab was also really tasty!


Emily M.

20 October 2017

Everything about this place was great. The servers were attentive. The drinks were strong. The food was tasty. The atmosphere was swanky. The interior decorating was spot-on. The cardamom-fig whiskey cocktail was unique with a strong cardamom flavor. The side piece had a subtle  blood orange flavor. They were out of the tater-tots, but that just meant we got to try the crab rangoons instead - which were light and fluffy and overall delicious. More...


Emily C.

12 October 2017

Just what Denver needed... a sexy, moody little spot with the best craft cocktails and small bites.  The baby burger and tater tots are everything oh and the deviled eggs.  Wait staff are knowledgeable and friendly and of course the owner Kendra is a BOSS!!  Stop in and check it out you won't be disappointed... More...


Nicole M.

11 October 2017

Fabulous food and drinks.  This place is nom nom.  it is a bit of a splurge but well worth it. So many great food options. Just tell your server your food and drink mood and they got you 100%. More...


Megan R.

5 October 2017

Lovely little addition to this block on Larimer! Bar Helix is where young and fun meets sleek and sophisticated. The bar itself feels very loungy, but their offerings--pringles with caviar, dirty popcorn, and a full negroni menu--are super creative and playful. Had a drink here the night after opening and will definitely be adding this to my list of meetings-over-wine spots. Bar Helix is on the smaller side, dark, and intimate--perfect for smaller groups or date night. The drink menu includes funky cocktails, yummy wines, and beer (including Miller High Life, my secret fave). I ordered a glass of Cab Franc and really enjoyed it. No food this time, but I'd like to give the devilish eggs and tater tot waffles a try. One more thing I dig: this fun new spot is the brainchild of Kendra Anderson, a total cocktail lady boss. You can tell she put a ton of thought into this concept and I'm excited to see it develop! More...


Kristin A.

3 October 2017

Sexy. Spot on. Spectacular. So so........just go before it becomes the next big thing.


Jaclyn F.

3 October 2017

Awesome new lounge in the RiNo area! Sexy and innovative. Great place for a date or catch up with friends. Kendra and her team were attentive and knowledgeable. My fave bites were the devilish eggs and creamy balls. Denver needs more places like this! More...

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