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Sarah Bullock

6 April 2019

Shout out to Sean Rich and the swim Masters Program! Thanks for letting me workout with you in your gorgeous pool!


Carol Florey

15 March 2019

Special Olympics Swimming was so Special for Swimmers, parents, and all attending.


Elaine Morgan

24 February 2019

Early morning Aquacise!! Also Second Wind potluck and movie monthly.


Christopher McLaughlin

21 February 2019

Bangor is fortunate to have this new safe and supportive resource in our region. The Bangor YMCA has created an amazing place for teens to hang out, do some homework, talk with caring adults, and learn some new skills and hobbies. Drop by and check it out!!


David St Louis

19 January 2019

several months ago I joined the Y. I had been at another gym for many years. the Bangor YMCA has exceeded my expectations.The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. the cardio and weight areas are great, the sauna and locker room is clean and comfortable. also it is conveniently located with ample parking More...


Alexandra Denise

23 October 2018

My husband and I have been traveling the US and utilizing our wonderful Nationwide Membership. We have been in Bangor much longer than anticipated, and I couldn't be happier with the Bangor Y! The front desk staff are extremely kind, the equipment is always sparkling, and I've been loving the fitness classes (especially led by Jen and Tom!) Thanks to all of you for being an impeccable example of a cause driven Y! More...


Randy Tompkins

29 December 2017

Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. If you have a question they're there to help you. Always greeted with a hello and a goodbye have a great day! Always a positive experience.


Hannah Rae

24 December 2017

Merry Christmas to my Y family! Thank you so much for the opportunity everyday to grow!! This is truly the best place in the world, and it comes with the best people as well. Thank you to all the employees for all you do so we can come to the Y and become the best versions of ourselves together. I'm grateful for the Bangor Y this year, that for sure!! ���� More...


Randy Menninghaus

10 December 2017

I am in my 2nd year of membership. I find the staff really cheerful, and helpful. I will comment when there is something needing repair or a shortage of something and I find my voice is heard. Good job Y...


Jesse White

9 October 2017

Cool place but a YMCA without a basketball court is like Halloween without candy.


Melissa Rhodes

1 September 2017

As this preschool year comes to an end and our little one is heading into Kindergarten, I am beyond happy that she was a part of the Ymca preschool program. We will be forever grateful! A huge thank you to Mrs. Colleen who was the calm in any storm the entire school year and all the teachers that have stepped in and out throughout the year, you have been a true blessing. We tried clinging to Mr. Eric's ankles, but Camp Jordan needed him most :). A little girl petrified of water when she started to now swimming with as she calls it "zero bubbles" this is huge! Thank you to all the swim coaches for all your amazing support as well! Thank you Beth for the initial tour that first day and easing our minds that she would be okay, you were definitely correct! We love you all! Thank you Bangor Y! More...


Cindy Franz Reid

25 August 2017

My daughter could not have had a better experience this summer than at Camp G Peirce Webber. She tried so many new things and her swimming skills improved exponentially. An amazing camp with amazing staff!! We will back next year!! More...


Jake DeFilippo

20 February 2017

Its got everything you need except tha passion, determination, and dedication! It all can be found @ the Ymca


Ann Ross

31 March 2016

I go often 3/4 days a week and I like the size of the gym. It's small not so over whelming for new comers as myself only complaint is they need their tread climber fixed and to add another !


Sarah Jaimes

18 December 2015

I love the yoga, zumba, and group groove classes! Tracy, Heidi, Sara, and Emilie are great instructors!


Ben Pooler

15 December 2015

I love that I can work out in a kid free environment


Sally Nason

3 January 2015

I have to say that I love Group Groove! Heidi is an awesome instructor and makes exercising fun!! i highly recommend this class if you want to laugh and get grooving while shedding weight! :)


Adam Lauer

22 July 2014

Bangor Y is awesome! I love this place !

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